DIGITAL DETOX - DAY ZERO - MINDFULNESS 2017 | Philip 'dm' Campbell | Skillshare


Philip 'dm' Campbell, Decentralised Your Life

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3 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. START - introduction to digital detox 2017

    • 2. MIDDLE - 7 minutes, january 1st

    • 3. END - time to reflect


About This Class



we live our lives now at a million miles an hour, data dashing into and out of our lives. I've noticed this especially during the last month making the advent calendar of courses in December of 2016. I finished 31 days of digital skillshare advent. I spent the last twenty-four hours reflecting about it as I transitioned into this new year.

I've been thinking about this idea, to add onto my existing output I put out for a long time. little, incidental video clips/courses where you can take my digital courses but also take time out and be mindful. it might help with the following list and I intend to put them out as often as I can..

  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • regain some mental clarity
  • stepping away from work to find balance
  • self-hack you by using a similar technique

it's my intention to put these together in some interesting places. it's my mission during 2017 to improve the quality of the recordings, length, and audio and get some nice effects, tracks and graphical animations in there as well.

don't worry, I'm not changing what I've been doing away from the technical knowledge share we just need to have the capacity to absorb it and so we need to be able to tune into that inner frequency





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Philip 'dm' Campbell

Decentralised Your Life

I'm Phil (and this is my lovely daughter) from England and I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet!

an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and cov...

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