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DESIGNERS'S ESSENTIAL (How to Sketch Car Like a Professional Automotive Designer with Pencil)

Ken Gan

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    • 1. 1. Promo

    • 2. 2. Tools you need

    • 3. 3. Difference between pencil sketch and biro pen sketch

    • 4. 4. Perspective Tips part 1 (basic cube)

    • 5. 5. Perspective Tips part 2 (other object)

    • 6. 6. Lighting and shadow part 1

    • 7. 7. Lighting and shadow part 2

    • 8. 8. Automotive Surface shading part 1

    • 9. 9. Automotive Surface shading part 2

    • 10. 10. Side view sketch part 1

    • 11. 11. Side view sketch part 2

    • 12. 12.Side view sketch tip (simple wheel)

    • 13. 13. Front 3/4 view sketch part 1

    • 14. 14. Front 3/4 view sketch part 2


About This Class

DESIGNERS'S ESSENTIAL (How to Sketch Car Like a Professional Automotive Designer with Pencil)

Hello fellers. Have you ever wonder how the professional car designers from the companies like Porsche, Lamborghini and Polestar do the official sketches that are shown on social medias and website? Or are you struggling with being stuck as a beginner in automotive design that needs a break through to the nest level?   

This course is perfect for U!! In this course I will teach you some tips and tricks in the automotive design industry as well as some useful fundamental knowledge inside a professional design's mind. I understand there are a lot of courses out there for beginners and they are Great! But how about after that initial kick off? Sometimes you need some more advanced ideas to help you to move on to the next level and stand out from other beginners!

If you are a designer no matter what you are specialise in, this course WILL help you. Car design is a very important part of industrial design and if you can master this you can probably master other areas.


1. 1. Promo : hi, everyone. If you are a designer or simply just a patron. Had that love sketching cars? Have we ever wonder? How do the professional designers do these very emotional and very realistic sketches that you see on the website on social media? Or if you are struggling to improve for skew, trying to get yourself out of being just a beginner that can only do simple line drawings are just simple science views. This course is perfect and different from the beginners cause out them. This is a more more in depth and more advanced course compared to them in discourse. I would teach you how to sketch like professional automotive car designer step by step. And in this cost, not only I was showing the process off during these two sketches, I also teach you the fundamental knowledge that is in the mind off a probe professional car designer, For example, I'll go through the difference between a pencil sketch and a bank or borrow pens sketch and also include basic perspective, lighting and shadow principle, and not to apply them onto your car sketch. And by the end off the course, you all be able to do a sketch is like this in 20 minutes time. Why I did in the course and how we enjoy it and have fun with it. 2. 2. Tools you need : So obviously these courses about our sketching with pencil rather than normal barrel pencil ink. So let's introduce the tool, which is only the pencil and paper. The pencil Web we're gonna use today is a color pencil. It's been different from the graphite pencil when we normally use. So this is the one I'm using right now. Eyes called Chris McCullough. Response Connelly. Just one of the brand that. So this time off color pencil. And I've used it Sens. Last year, and it's been really good for these type off a professional car sketching The biggest difference between normal graphite pencil at this one is XP. Is that you know, when you normally sketchy of graphite pencil you when you shake really heavily, you tend to see a lot of reflection under different lights. Oh, and it is very different eyes very easy to do. Smudge it so you would be like dirty everywhere. And you will get onto your back off the hand on being messy everywhere. So with this, um, callup Enzo, you don't need to worry about the problem off being dirty and guess much everywhere. But the one thing you do get used to is, you can use eraser to rub it out because, um, it's the wing. The one downside about it for the graphite pencil you can. But for the benefit you get for the color pencil, you can really get it from from the normal graphite pencil and also no erasing. We'll give you a good habit off my continuing your sketch not to not to go back. I always at things on without Do you certainly think so? We just do like work with what you have right now and not look back. I think it's own. Ah, very good way to improve your confidence. Why you're designing or sketching anything in the future and you can get this kind of color pencil everywhere. It's very easy to get to if he goes to any art shop or even just normal shop. You can get the color pencil, and this is the blue one. You can have blue or black or any kind of your life, But, um, for this kind of sketching, I know be just use single tone is so it's one color only So a black or blue already of you prefer 3. 3. Difference between pencil sketch and biro pen sketch: So the next part we're going through is the differences between borrow pen sketches and the pencil sketches that were going to do today. So here are some barrel pans. Catches. I did before, As you can see, um, because to do, ah, very effective sketches. With the barrel pen, you can do a show to forms and the shadow very effectively. But there's ah big disadvantage about fire. A pen sketches is is that you can't really do very soft and very graduate transition off the surface is okay if you do some very edgy and a boxy design boxy surface and you spoke when your yard come to disarm every soft, very curvy design or some very organic design you need some softer transition like, for example, this is designed did before. As you can see, they come to a very big radius off curvature. You can really show the how that other curfew kind of compressed together, expand to make a bigger radius like you can really tell how how the curvature goes and you can if I softer transition desk, which you come is difficult to do with viral and also like like in here is very easy to tell the form with a big radius. And you just hope so. More than a normal pyro sketch and some more examples that this, and also, um, pencil sketches make looks more refined than a normal barrel sketch. One of the reason is you can draw very lightly with with a pencil, but there's a bigger level off darkness in pencil sketches stand the barest, then barrel Ben. That's because you can press really like the onto the paper with very light lying way, but with them with the barrow pen is very on off. So the lightest lying and gays yes, hi this book become the line doesn't smush together. 4. 4. Perspective Tips part 1 (basic cube): this session is mainly about perspective, as we, most of us, we know. Um, there are one point perspective and two point perspective. One point perspective is normally used. When you're drawing, they say the front off the car or the site off the car, off the front and top or sigh on top. So, obviously one point perspective. We have one vanishing point. Let's say we're sitting here and withdrawing. This is like a horizon line, which is parallel to your eye level, and then and you're drawing some things be below your eye level. They say we're joined a cube, so we draw a square first. It can be a very perfect I 90 degree. You can even draw the surface that you can't see by extending the vertical lines. And then you connect this this that edge with the vanishing point. It's basically connecting points. Okay, Acute? That asked a perfect perspective, but obviously the real world perspective doesn't exactly like this curse. If you do, ah Mawr exaggerate perspective like this wouldn't work because the principal off perspective is the closer that objects to you, the bigger it seems, and further away, the object is the smaller it gets so like in this Cuba say so this lying his edge is the closest to you off the whole cube. So this is should be the closest one and the bigger one. As the object s gets further away, you get smaller. So this two edges makes sense because he's this drinking and this line is shuttered in this world. So in theory, that line here is also further away compared to this. So this should be a little bit shorter, but I say here and then that shouldn't be a 90 degree perpendicular lying to this tragedy issued string string a little bit about this. This actually makes more sense than no way we normally do it. And this principle also works in a two point perspective as well. If you want to make your drawing sketches more realistic, more believable, just to exaggerate the perspective always is always useful. And then two points Perspective obviously got to finishing point again. This is your Harrah's online, and then you I say, Rejoice. I would turn rotate the cube by, say, 45 degrees. So you get and actually you and connect them. It's the two of vanishing point. This is the other two edges and again just connecting adults together to form like a wire frame in object. This the same work above or at the horizon. 5. 5. Perspective Tips part 2 (other object): but obviously in real life and you're designing something is no. Always, um, a symbol like this. As a cute, it's more complex. And maybe when you're drawing something, that's one thing that on the other. So how do we do it? So there are a few principal off how I approached her perspective on So obviously, that's a redraw. Another tube without drawing all those vanishing point. So let's draw a cube fuel lines on this medical lines. Political exaggerate perspective here. One here for another one there. You can probably tell when I'm drawing the 1st 3 lines, the further away it gets, the flatter, you guess, the anger off the line. So start from here. This is the furthest line. As you go along. It goes deeper and steeper. First, like that has compared this lying to this one. You can see this angle between the two. The same principle works here. This is steeper. As we move further away, it's getting flatter. If you free exaggerate even more toe really, really, really extreme perspective, I say this one still looks at Cube, but the the difference in angle is greater than compared to this one, so that's compared anger again. This is the furthest line off the whole cute. And then come to here s your going there is terrorism, um, angle here already and come to the bottom line again. That even greater angle. So this is how I approach it. The further away, the line, the flatter amore horizontal it is. So when you come to less safe, come to the actual hall eyes online, it can be totally flat, and it still makes sense. Perspective is really important when you draw anything and for any curve is do work the same. So let's say we, um withdrawing the key with that need to be a curvature on. So I say we Yeah, yeah, it is closer than the product or cars that redraw. Normally, it's the same story of you kind of to line its do a straight line in a straight line, and this line is is steel flatter? Then about a month You, uh if you want a friend, you Yeah, that still apply to any more curvy objects of this that made this curve, um, with cover just about. But this one as because you can't really see the curvature on this angle versus direct onto it, so you can't really show it from contour lines. And those are the further away you get the curve you get so like this straight. That would be a curve mocha and more curve that you go that way and for any circle, any cylinder, um, you can. There's only one way to change or circle, because he only either get a full circle or you get a very over night shape. So let's say you're drawing. They can So a cylinder, the closer it gets to the horizon, line the flat get. So if the surface around the surface is exactly on Horizon line, it's just a flat. Just one line. And as you go down or go out, Horizon Line gets more around here. Brandi a randy around you to the point is, almost you can you can never go to full circle because full circle looking top down A. Unless you're drawing this circumstances. Otherwise it doesn't really go four circle unless you really exaggerated. I can't. This is like a very extreme perspective. He doesn't normally go that far. Just let me go with that around in here. It's a different level. And for Sofia, everything is the same. You just one circle know whether what angle it is, no matter what perspective issues is just a circle for for perfect Sophia. 6. 6. Lighting and shadow part 1: as we got so many different kind of shape here, can try to put some color on which has come to the lighting and shadow pounds. The reason off shadow. The reason we have shadow is because we've got lights without lights. That's no A shadow. So let's say that set a light source. So that's a from from this one. That's their life. Sources from the left It doesn't make too much different on here cause it's one point perspective. You can only see two surfaces here by another you can see 3123123 123 one This is fear and then the surface that is facing to the light sources always slighter than the one that is not facing to life source so we can start shaded in with a pencil. You can really put some great you can saturate shaded in parallel to the edge. The press Honda when you are closer to the dark edge and then can fade out. Jim, you to make it feel more area to make a Grady because you always got reflection from the floor. Anything you know is light always bouncing around, so you can get any sort off reflection that here. So it this is No, this probably is. No start has this part. And then you can have some shadow because it's going slightly towards left. So the shadow this slightly tossed or right something like this and the shadow is stock are stocker on average, that test attached to the object itself. And you can start afraid out to fade out like this. This is no final, so you don't have to be, um that's straight on. Okay, let's come to the next one. This is ah to two point perspective coupe with three surfaces. They said light source from the bottom. That top right. So there are order in terms off doubtless. So the 1st 1 is the lightest one. Because death is the most like facing toward Stals son the most competitive, the other two. The 2nd 1 is here is starker them here They're in the top surface because it's not facing to the top. You sufficient to this site? But because the light sources more troubles. Right? So this surface as you get more sunlight than the 3rd 1 the thought when Mr Darkest One you can always start from. There are many ways to do it. You can start from the darkest one and then go over again. To show the secondary shadow shows, start from the darkest service. Stop start shading from the darkest two edges, which is this point that's slowly start to fade out. It doesn't matter if they were gap between your lines in your hatching. This feels more clean. If you have some count, I don't have to merge them together as a gun tower, The Grady in the Grady and after Off the Darkness This is again the magic off pencil, because you can really start to fade out. Ray Dalio shadow Like you and then because this is a secondary that the second, darkest surface into other shape that you know, that made the contrast between this one and a top surface. Let's have a new pencil is always handy to prepare a few pencils that's already shopping so you can just put vary every light tone off gray. Yeah, then call over the other out of science world like this, and just remember not to make this surface darker than this one After a shadow. The thing I'm talking about right now is a bit closer to define outside. But he also applied to design sketches because who doesn't like a mall Refine the more accurate, um, shading off your object off your off a form. Okay, so this one is done. 7. 7. Lighting and shadow part 2: move to the next one can do it. A cylinder, this thing, them there many ways to do it. But it's easier just to shaded when How did when the surface going? Just the surface is going that way and that way. So we might as well shaded in this direction just to show with continuities off the surface , the life source, Let's say from here. So this point is slighted in here, but the darkest edges. No, it's not here. It should be somewhere around right here or here. And let's know, on the edge off No, on the Celera off the object. You make it. You make the object more realistic If you shade it, No on the edge. So shady, even a little bit off. Great home the faster and leave the light is public. So we already at some I mentioned to the shape If you go over, if you you feel shaving style going out off the Siragusa Mela if you and just go over your outline and nothing to come back to it because I would catch the darker line deadline to light and then perhaps, um, shadow around it can the same method the edge that is closer to the sun Source. Stocker. Okay, this one stuff and come to this one. This one is slightly trickier because you got kind of hard edge and some soft transition here. So let's set the light source is going this way. So obviously this is stewed. The light is area, but because he's got curvature is going craft that way that way. So you might smile, show some curvature by some light shading. But first off do the doctors surface first and because these part off the surface is facing slightly more up with compared to the bottom one. So the bottom ones actually darker than this part, so shade this part of it darker. This is a bit similar to the sender. There's no very definite, um, start edge on here. You can put the dockage soft and by the middle part off the surface. So Comptel it's got some curvature. But soon, because this is still a hard edge. This is still hot at year two. Make the contrast very clearly between this service and that surface, Then down to this one. It's basically the same thing to this one, but slightly lighter nothing to see when I'm shaving. I'm trying to make the lines suit I'm trying to make the line follows the surface. I also have to treat your owns that that service, actually curvy? No, a death flat surface. I can tell you already got some curvature on you, emphasizing Always use a sharper edge after pencil to emphasize the darkness. Okay, Come to here because that part is the closest to the sun to this should be. The light is part off that surface and just have a very like shape from here just to show, uh, very dark, flat surface definition off that match there. Dad again, going over outline. There's a temper sense. Really simple shadow. Okay, so this is the shot upon five course. You can choose not to have a very, very dharris serious. Very full on tone off object again. Just for a very life. One depends on your style and how you can. I want 2% your your surface. You can go really lightly. Yeah, And then maybe forgot about Sophia. Just a feel looks very tricky, but actually, it's kind of simple. So that's set the life source from the top left again because his sephia is made by infinity number off circle. Basically So everything is circle like the shadow of the highlight everything. Shadow, light. So we can even Shea this a fear with with around it curve by this. Nothing like a doctor The doctors should around around the 3/4 I say this is a scale around a 3/4. Oh, down to the the boy Cold off the outline. Hey, now you're getting food is shaded, Sophia. 8. 8. Automotive Surface shading part 1: Okay, So before we start to draw the whole come, I decided to make a section that only, um, for analyzing the surface on account. So I cut our life pieces off the section off a car that might appear in your future design or in the sketch unity draw. So to analyze the shading of it, how the light works and if any shadow to be apply on a surface on how to create potentially some nice reflection on this kind of surface by using pencil so like stuff on the 1st 1 from the top left one. So I create this kind of surface. It's got a big radius on the left side and then narrowly coming down to the right, become a really a pinch e point. I've become sharper, become a sharper edge. So how Teoh using use pencil to tell the surface how to explain to other percent the surface to other people. So presence ful. Um, I presume the light is coming from the top. So is coming down. So the surface on facing up boots will be lighter than the one day is facing. Downward has three say before so normally like and start from the potentially the potential lights that separate the two sides off the surface. Because it's a pencil, you can really start really slowly and well. The darkness of it, Remember, start really light. And when it comes to come to this path, it's lighter grant, because he's facing, I would that you and then it comes to really sharp edge at the bottom. Never can do that later. So it's a very pinch points of and get really, really dark here, every definite transition. But come to this side you've got because you got bacon radius. So, trance, isn't this a lot a lot softer than the right side? Slowly spread out and gradually increase your your effort. Increase your pressure on, uh, on a pencil. So that s a very clean transition for a natural and also is another transition over here, I think also do something you to show the transition just very lightly. People can tell this a surface comes also, there's a tip when you're drawing contour lines are shut line. You can always make the shot line be Dhaka at the transition area. If uses a transition there, this and then the bottom both saying just my dog on the engine and fade out at the bottom. So now it is very three dimensional emphasised outline. Sometimes you can even put little bit off donors on the very top of it. Just to emphasize the high line on you can. Yeah, so I can make a surface like this and then down to this one, this one's tricky curse. This is in in and out surface again. But with, um, bigger death and also is a cut off on here. So on the size, a very simple surface, but come to deal aside involved because a cut here So it involved some shadow actually project from this surface onto the onto the service underneath it. So I'm going to start from my each side like either. Either way, I do this spot because actually you can you figure if you can see the contra line here, the death of it is a lot greater than that. Science was actually fading out. It's almost like a C shape. Get a C shape, emphasised a condom again, get darker. And where the when the surface changes emphasized dark apart. You've been chef line. Yeah. Okay, then we do this side. It's very And thats Atticus. This line is actually where where would edge the Sauvage off the surfaces on? A very lively because there's no so in death and at the bottom, it's another. So, yeah, just to make it look natural. Okay, come to the most exciting. But which is the shadow and the shadow really makes to service Pop out, really make us sketch pop up a ghost like a con by the contact line The shadow, the CASS The cast shadow is always a good way to show the surface. And then yeah, because in this path, off the surface to surface actually attached together, it only start to detach from about here. So asked a live project down. I was sent to ask the difference. Bidding to surface a greater the area off the shadow be grated too. So it's gonna gonna come down of this and then that because this is where the chances star it comes back down. My dish just joined A shadow on can always make different darkness in the in the shadow to show to show How does surface all of service works at the transitionary can make a doctor did the cash shadow. You're gonna make it, Doc. And you can almost faded our little bit and they're not so not really intense. Area only emphasised top. The bottom will start and finish. She looks very natural. 9. 9. Automotive Surface shading part 2: can move on the next one. This also have a cutting on the surface and it's got like a gentle, gentle, soft edge here. So again separate to surface because the whole this area, uh, are facing downwards. So the whole thing you can give a light, light tone first and then separate of Major and also you and remember not to overdo it because otherwise the whole surface you look too, if the contrast is to better locks of it. A natural sites got two different materials. Hard edged, don't you? Don't even you just think about it, Make it read it off. It's just a really hard transition here and then the cutting. That would be a secondary service over here. So I should leave this one blank, then cast out the shadow and then ends goes back on this side, your shop, a pencil. At this moment, you need to make this, like, really clear really sharp, really crisp. Then we come to the bottom. You can let loses and come back to this. I It always makes some Ambien shadow to make a few that something actually going in the surface, Yeah, emphasised teach at so we can tower. This is a positive surface days facing up. But here and come to the final one. I make this one because other people find very difficult to how to treat the wheel rush and area around. We watch. So I make a very simple surface that you can see most of the production car. Right now, this is a real arch. Make it. Lots of cars tend to have a little bit a positive surface, even this Kong cave mostly, but have a little bit a brew up the, uh when it gets close to the well arch and this is a flat surface, the flat service facing side would. So it's not facing to. The Sunday can almost start to gray out from the beginning, and this is no if the sun is shining from the top. So obviously this part and this part mainly lighter thats where to surface transit. Let's start to turn in this way. Joined to just take it depends on design. You can decide how shop the two this two edges join together. It's a bit similar to when people teach how to drove the barrel. When you have a very very sharp horizon life being here. We can make it softer to make it look more natural and more believable because no, every common history about chrome. So is some softer transition going on again? You to emphasize the light catcher? Sorry. It's always used for the show Contour lines, Just in case you shading is not enough. But most of the time, just a job to get a sign, okay? 10. 10. Side view sketch part 1: Okay, so after the teaching, how to draw other shade on complicated surfaces, we can apply those skills in those shadow and cast shadow onto the actual camp. So I'm gonna start from my profile, which is to side rear sketch for now. So let's start from sketching. So first of all, you decide your purported off the car, Then it will base the real base, decide the character of a car and recite my movie. Proportion is very important. It is a matter if you take longer on a proportion than detail. CAS without proportions number. How much detail put on the cast you off. So we start from to say, SUV because SUV is kind of very popular right now this, um, city, mid sized SUV sea surface, - you have to draw the whole well you can. You don't need to draw a perfect circle. How a number do we just make some straight lines and cut through the woods to make general foam? As long as people understand what it is, it's finders. And after being doesn't have to make everything 100% perfect, the form and proportion is more important. Just because we're doing a profile profile you assign for autism doesn't mean we don't need to put perspective because people is a bit of perspective in just to make it differ from some amateur site drawing because you still want some volume in it to make it more realistic and more presentable. And then, yes, I used to put a roof can be anything anything from your imagination. Emphasize toe were a bit more even. Don't hesitate to change and these are halfway through. It is nothing's perfect. Something about so much detail right now goes, coming surface is most important, but I know be a hard edge. What? Ej Yeah, then go softer. Come out again. I'm past it. Like how making more robust Hi grandparent's Because his SUV. You can even make some extra surface on the on the wheel, too. To emphasize this, bigger tires is off road tires, sending a lot of too short dio and this camera percent toe we use on the other side because to the left of one point perspective, when we draw through a cube this you can actually see Eliza bits off the the weirs on the other side just to make it more believable. because remember everything for the way is smaller. So the wheelbase actually smaller then the close I April 2 draw well on Get a sigh just a little bit. Don't have to be a lot. This is just a trick Car design and reviews and this other tires Tony to draw the bottom side. That's some trick designers use the industry, doesn't don't know why, but maybe even make the car looks lower. More artifact, okay? 11. 11. Side view sketch part 2: so finished the basic outline. You can start to put some shooting in, and you really want to emphasize the muscle off the car, especially over two wheels. So you make you make I go, um, Khan case by putting some shading over around and when your shading don't forget your thing about the service that is connected to it. So when you're doing hear anything about how the surface will run from here to here and this if it's gonna go how going against? And this is a hard edge of hard edges slowly fading away into softer edge. And maybe this to we're joined together some half a leaf, a little bit off positive in here because it has not the transition here. Relying shaving district show. There's something going on my little bit messy in the beginning, but India and everything you pay off murders goes to pick it up. That's the good thing about pencil, because with the barrel ban, every line is so definite when you join to patch off line together. If they have different line directions, it doesn't look natural, but in pencil you can actually merged them together, and the size surface some details. Somehow I don't need 1/4 of these are front or back because you don't really see much off the two surfaces and the overhang. Maybe you want bigger overhang, but it actually doesn't look that long because he's got slightly perspective on so the main focus on the site and the front and back. You can do it at a front 3/4 or the direct front view later. Now I just have a few under over a proportion of the car and how to sigh service runs. This is the black car park volume on when they put heavier lines that where the surface trend to yourself is joined together . When the service turns Magnus and because it's just the blackout plastic fighters and mean you have to make the whole part very dark. You don't have to make the whole thing. Dr Tony just need to make the lighter area would be darker, and that will do the trick because plastic part don't normally tend to have a strong highlight off every of a bright, very sharp hi life, so you can just even make the highly less bright. You would do the trick again you trying to overcome Decatur service only show the one you want to show them. Scott. Very lovely like patch. Everything was coming alive, but I'm psyching black. How the wheels but a far sight for a little bit on the window because it's very closely so it does have any soft transition. Normally weaken. Just draw like a simple horizon line like they do on a barrel pen. Just very sharp edge. Slowly just fade out. That would do for some details to make it more believable to think. Is this actually a piece of glass? The whole picture doesn't have to be very, very clean because section lines sexy flying, making more, more emotional and emotion is a good thing. No design sketch Always go by emphasised place that you ve to social, and you can even draw the shadow cast shadow off the mirror. That's a good way to show the surface 12. 12.Side view sketch tip (simple wheel): okay. And if you don't want we look to born, have some simple spoken I know we just draw a contour after dish will, but you can't If you you have time again, just have some really simple Just draw a fights book. We now have a little trick to make it look very professional. Looks like the press a process official sketch. It's a normal simple five spoke. Well, you can draw 6464 years even easier than if I spoke. Don't you think about the tire tracks in the thickness of the profile for now, cause you to exaggerate everything. And then this is where the trick start. I'm joined. Be upside service off the rain and inside of green, the blackout area. This is where normally to break this and bring Clapper ago because, you know, exaggerating it. You may the room service really big. Just a blackout bit connected back to here. If you got time given person light shadow on the top half off the wheel just to make it more believable. Some shadow on a spoke Besides, service do the same thing. The front to be a cash shadow top. Okay, so Now you get your lovely side view sketch the next session, we're gonna convert the site Provo into a fun 3/4. 13. 13. Front 3/4 view sketch part 1: Okay, so in this session, I'm gonna teach you how to transform. Ah, site service. A profile real into a front 3/4. This is a very difficult part because I've seen the little people can draw really, really nice site surface. But when it comes to a 3/4 they just go back. They can't. They can't do it outside a piece of cardboard stuck on the wall. So bottom, like understanding the volume off the skies for important. And this is very simple way to do it is to the flat front 3/4. So you're basically take out the side. Provo. Were they ignore this power Spacey squashing this part and fit into a 3/4. I mean, the reality is not a simple, but you can do it. So first of all ages understand proportion. So whether we will go, they used this bottom line is the bottom line off chassis, not another ground. So you can play with the wheel a bit more later. So you place the wheels. You can always put the really, really far back. So, like you show your No, you were a friend of your muscle weight goes on the front is always. You can see more well in the front than the back, because is in a perspective you Seymour either friendly speaker than Rhea, but because it's a flat one, so that one that's really applied, but you can make their you can exaggerate. Report, exaggerate perspective by making the re will be still like Oval down. Yes, even most of the time, you don't really see the tire on the were on the other side. But in the design sketch you can always see, especially in SUV's off road vehicle, people put draw, farce. I we will, um, besides the front face just to exaggerate the stand off the car to make it more emotional. This is the other side of the wheels and then compare where the key elements off in a car. So that's where station lines or go. Yeah, can't you around here White House surface? This time we get set where the center line of the vehicle is jazz roughy. What about roughly mark comment of rules? This one off the tricky area is the a P er on the closest side because, um, not only is got the angle, not only has gotta angle going to the back on this direction, but also has got a tumble. So tumble. Who is when you when you look at a car from the front, the site windows not totally flat, you also go in a little bit, and that anger was caught. The tumble imagining. Do you have a pencil? It's going that way, but also that way. So when you turn around that 45 degree, it's kind of in a weird angle. Is I can. It's almost horizontal vertical designed. Which kind of angle you have in relation to the rest of the cough. - Maybe designed your own things. Just draw very generic faith here. It's for the need for these tutorial you get put a lot of whatever you want on the front face. You can be very, very creative. Uh, the center line goes where it should be. We got a Black Cup on the fun part of drawing SUVs. You can really exaggerate the will, and we'll come to that later. Inco really outboard 14. 14. Front 3/4 view sketch part 2: I'm gonna make this part fade out, so it's gonna be really sharp here. But story fadeout going towards way are then shall we start to shaking the surface? This line always draws, um, contour line for yourself to understand where water service goal. This will be a big radius going on again. The sharp edge slowly fading out into a very big a radius Sauvage that here always move around in your sketches so you don't get bored. Could be a sharp edge here, too, to make a doctor. It is a start for transition feeding on kind of side, then it into a two mile area. Really let loose on the far cycles. You're gonna You're not going a lot. You know, you're not going to see other stuff things on the far side going to sleep mostly back just to emphasize one or two key features. Nothing off by this again. That's just a blackout area can make it a bit DACA the wind shuhn harder reflection because glossy surface, we'll get here to show the muscle in the production guys. Never gonna be that Folke on a real fender. But in the design, of course, it's very common to to exaggerate the real friends in this part, so idea better. And if you feel you have overdone it, I always pretty in the photo shop to retouch it does. The wheel again can exaggerate if we were alone in real life. The wheels are probably not that our board on this, but in the design sketches very common to do so. Even the city, as you be against you, emphasize the stand of the car once they stand. Means is how you position the wheel off the car. It's like where you put your four legs and a on animal. The sand makes a great big impact kind of cycle outline defining where follow signs. We wish something simple to show whether wheels is same with diarrhea. Stuff are so I will do the same trick. Yes, we did. One down side of you dish will the same trick to show the diamond ring up the spoke show. The thickness I spoke really makes your car pops because in a photo shop, people just tend to you. Some picture off a concept car off of a production car, but in the sketch already do it even just to put some really simple spoke, make sort of different. There were a bit more around you because, like a wheel and for some shadow on the wheel, show that this is Dr Will on the phone. Silent doesn't really matter, can great out farce. I will to make a stand back, do the same thing on the front. Does it have to be really? Don't just kind of showing where there. And if you think that anything you want to emphasize any lines in the character lines, any edge emphasize going to India just to retouch it. Any shadow thing you to emphasize, you always do so and no idea on the side profile, we can light shadow on a top half off the wheel just to show some more death and also a lot of these. And we'll make the farm site Henneman any enemy. The mask the groom a bit smaller bits slim compared to the closest I'm just to show just just basically the perspective principle, the further the object is, the smaller it looks just emphasized perspective a lot more, and Indiana always I don't bother produce through a box. Ask the background to shake it in. Okay, So this is how we transform my side programmer, even into a fund. Three quarts of you stink. Please wait.