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DESIGNER'S ESSENTIAL (How to Sketch Cars in Different Perspective)

Ken Gan

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    • 1. 1. Promo

    • 2. 2. Tools you need

    • 3. 3. Front View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 1)

    • 4. 4. Front View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 2)

    • 5. 5. Side View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 1)

    • 6. 6. Side View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 2)

    • 7. 7. Side View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 3)

    • 8. 8. Side View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 4)

    • 9. 9. Rear View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 1)

    • 10. 10. Rear View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 2)


About This Class

DESIGNER'S ESSENTIAL (How to sketch cars in different perspective)

Hello fellers. If you are struggling to express your idea in different views and perspective, that keep drawing plane side view or other orthographic views? If you want to set free from this situation and sketch your vehicle concept in any direction?

This course is for you! In this course I will teach you the easiest way to draw you vehicle in perspective, and what you need is just your orthographic view sketch and some patient to finish my course, sketching your concept in any perspective you want won't be an impossible task anymore.

What are you waiting for, let's jump in and I will meet you all in my latest course! Enjoy! 


1. 1. Promo: hello there. If you are struggling to express your idea in a three dimensional way and always limit yourself in just a plain photographic view, like a site view front or back for you, this course is perfect for you. Because in this course I'm gonna teach you how to transform a ultra graphic view like a site front back view into a three dimensional perspective Butte. And it's really simple to do if you follow me in this course, you can easily transform any sketch, any cartographic sketch into a perspective sketch and always some three dimensional perspective. Sketch is a lot easier to read the surface, and people will make a much better impression on your idea on a design and is a lot easier to sell your design as well. It's this presentation skills, So in this course I'm gonna break it down. Step by step, I'm gonna teach you how to transform a ultra graphic view into a perspective view sketch and, as always, I'm using a pencil. So, um, Penza is a preferred toe that I used to sketch, and I think it's a very good tool to express your ideas onto the paper. So how you enjoy my cost and I will see you in the rest off my course. Thank you 2. 2. Tools you need: So obviously these courses about our sketching with pencil rather than normal barrel pencil ink. So let's introduce the tool, which is only the pencil and paper. The pencil Web we're gonna use today is a color pencil. It's been different from the graphite pencil when we normally use. So this is the one I'm using right now. Eyes called Chris McCullough. Response Connelly. Just one of the brand that. So this time off color pencil. And I've used it Sens. Last year, and it's been really good for these type off a professional car sketching The biggest difference between normal graphite pencil at this one is XP. Is that you know, when you normally sketchy of graphite pencil you when you shake really heavily, you tend to see a lot of reflection under different lights. Oh, and it is very different eyes very easy to do. Smudge it so you would be like dirty everywhere. And you will get onto your back off the hand on being messy everywhere. So with this, um, callup Enzo, you don't need to worry about the problem off being dirty and guess much everywhere. But the one thing you do get used to is, you can use eraser to rub it out because, um, it's the wing. The one downside about it for the graphite pencil you can. But for the benefit you get for the color pencil, you can really get it from from the normal graphite pencil and also no erasing. We'll give you a good habit off my continuing your sketch not to not to go back. I always at things on without Do you certainly think so? We just do like work with what you have right now and not look back. I think it's own. Ah, very good way to improve your confidence. Why you're designing or sketching anything in the future and you can get this kind of color pencil everywhere. It's very easy to get to if he goes to any art shop or even just normal shop. You can get the color pencil, and this is the blue one. You can have blue or black or any kind of your life, But, um, for this kind of sketching, I know be just use single tone is so it's one color only So a black or blue already of you prefer 3. 3. Front View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 1): Okay, so let's get started then. So obviously this caused about how to draw a sketch, a car in more perspective, not just limited to the off side view or front or back. So when will teach you for this section is about how to transform a front front and view into perspective, so they start from just sketching up a normal front and off. Let's say it's more SUV. Always start from drawing a center line. So this is the center line, then kind where the hatch will be. So now why car I want to be and always start very slightly. Make sure proportion. That's right. I mentioned proportion in my my first course. You can always click back to provides that this is gonna be a greenhouse. It's gonna be exaggerating perspective because you wanted you be more expressive into this , um, in the guise of sketches, because it's not our final render it just sketch to express your idea. Being up, bring just really simple feature. Single element. It's a man of your fuel. I get a bit too messy because if you start lightly, you can always go over some thicker, heavier line to cover up. Um, the lighter line that you don't want. Uh huh. And then you only draw one inside, mostly because it's kind of difficult And time waste little time to do the other side Exactly the same Symmetrical to the other side. So let's don't waste Islamic always Stewart in photo shop to copy. And that febrero just have somebody to hint just this morning. Nothing too much So to make it more deliverable. Okay, so what we're gonna do next used to transform thes octo graphic for interview into a perspective front view. So before we go into more detail, I'm gonna do some just basic perspective. Principal are just little tricks. So let's explain. So let's treat this vehicle as a cube. And then what? You see, this is a photographic reasserted, going see? Hey, square. Yeah, and I said, this is a kinds of cube and then smaller cube on top. So this is the front at this site. Fun stick greenhouse. And then what we're gonna do is just to turn this cube just a little bit just a little bit . You don't even need to draw the site food again. It's still fun. Ah, Front view sketch. But if you just trace a little bit here, looks a lot more three dimensional. Alright, then, just like a flat view because some surface to explain explain better in a three dimensional to so just trace a little bit. So what you see now? So if we just traced a little bit so that's a it's gonna be like this. What is this steel front and but you can see is it's not so squarish animal, and then you can get a little bit a top surfacing that strong a whole perspective. It's gonna look like this if you draw the surface that we can't see so imitated that one looks a lot more, uh three dimensional than this one. So what we're gonna do now is to transform this one into this one. So let's get started, and then I'm gonna do now Just that says a before so very, very lightly. And as I mentioned before in my first course Ah, in the perspective principle, um, the far sites always looks smaller than a closer site, so that one applies to here. But something Teoh think about is because your front end it's no life you look from the top down from the top down is no Your friends never gonna be really flat is gonna have some, um, corners. So these line won't be totally, totally flat. So you always pick up So the close this part won't be won't be here You be moved to decide something like this Then this long ago go back Can't buy the proportion because that's always bigger and the size it's more It was not that different from this, but you just kind of ah, proportional. Um, scare it up this I down on this site then draw a very simple greenhouse and the greens, as always, to decide. Uh, not sure are straws center life in the center. I won't be in the center. You be divorced the far side. You can make it more extreme even to make it moved del aside more extreme okay. And then outlines some key features and we joined the element on the car. Always remind a route to make far and a bit smaller and clothes and a bit bigger. And because you got tumbles of this sigh off a greenhouse is quite so obvious. One. Okay. Emphasizing the lines that you want to show the most. Some small feature. If you wish winking Uranus. I want details, and I think someone will use something about I like about drawing SUV's because it always a century that we was a lot more. You don't even need to draw around it wheels then just to express, to stand, draw the far away on the far side. But in reality, you don't really see the fast. I will. But, you know, design sketches, ideas always draw. It's a little bit just to show the stand off it. Okay, so this is how you transform a front friend, an flat view into a more study. More perspective, front, front and view. In the next part, I will try to shade it in just to make it looks a bit more realistic, a bit more three dimensional. 4. 4. Front View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 2): Okay, It s comeback Teoh Essam shading one. So that supply, let's say it's Ah, there's a lot of source from here and then light source from here. So where the shadow will be will be somewhere around here would be the darkest area. So you can always set up your own my source just to are your preference. Five. I ate it up, And if you check on my first cause, they're being more, uh, content about, uh, how to manage light and shadow. This will be offices. Light is bar because this is where, as closest to order to the light source, it's always handed to prepare a few more pencils small. Do you take Hannah cooling here? - Emphasised of clear office address. Andrada Windows is always because it's a very reflective material. This I always have a really clear etch between the shadow and the light. And also you can't even draw somethingto detail. I don't the seats oh, interior that you don't just do at the secondary layer into the shadow. Anything just fade out when you're close to the match between each other in the light. Okay, always Assam. It's more detail off. Some offer Oh, we was tires. Exactly. Yeah. So this is the first part off these course. And as you can see, this one looks a lot more with that name. It looks a lot more through the imagina. Look a lot more believable compared to to this one. You can always shave this one up, but you're gonna read it. Tout a difference. You see a lot mawr surface here, you just explain the surface along or a lot better. - Yeah . So still, you can tell the difference between this one and this one. Okay, so I think you and we will come back in the next session. 5. 5. Side View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 1): Okay, welcome to dispassion. So this one we're gonna dio we're gonna transform the side view into a perspective. You in my first course from I did, I did a front 3/4 transformation from a side view. But this one, we're not gonna draw the front end, That's all the back. And we're just gonna simply trist a little bit like how I did in my friend and session and let's do it. It's really easy, and it makes a lot of difference. So first of a way to have a side view sketch. So, uh, just receivable front and side view. It's proportion, right? Make it muscular. Exaggerated. I don't need to be to hesitate Teoh to make it two down to the ground. Always think century The perspective one hour, because the same any time before it is it just something you It's like a translation between the idea in your mind and something visible on paper. I don't have to be very precise. Always strike very loose in the beginning. After a lot of detail, the form is more important at this stage. Then slowly, some details in for SUV a black car park, plastic pies quite important just to exaggerate the wheels. Some G r O graphics. Yeah. Have to be very personally stuff to be every detail. Just some basic proportion on some surface in your mind. This is just a some much especial your your your idea very quickly. Okay, so we got off basic slide, Vivian. And let's just change from this into a perspective. Perspective. You. So s, um, as I mentioned before, treat the whole vehicle s a as a cube, but this is a cute again. And this is the site for you. This is the front. Some what We see this, like this is this the site service and we just trist a little bit. And this is a photographic view. We just tress little, but you will get into our become a perspective views so similar to what I did to, uh, fun. And this is what you are going to see You always Maybe at a little bit off the rear surface on the front depends on you. So you can choose to do it or not. This is the order surface behind or we don't do to re a surface. Just something simple. Esther, This is gonna be all he didn surfaces. Either way to make your car looks a lot more three dimensional, so less transform this into somewhere. Something like this. Okay, um, so we take the basic proportion and some key features off that car. Always apply the rude object as closer to use. Always speaker. Then then I wonder is further away. So for the way, as you go along that side, So it's always smaller. So is bigger scale. Yeah. This position where we're gonna be on roughly exaggerate the objects that constitute to hear this summer, I'm gonna do I, um um Arria, uh, bias. Say area focus perspective. You So you can always see a little bit off the RIA. In effect, I mean, the RIA's service should be expressive and always remember, just to relax your whole body when you're when you're sketching, you make everything a lot easier. If you care about too much, I just want work. You two election your relax yourself. That idea comes out can really exaggerate a were rush of ria ria wheel? Yes, this is where closest to you and the front. And you don't see you that much. And I could always push the front and a bit further too fast. I This is where the axle will be. But this is where Axel will be. Make sure perspective ists mostly correct. Still, we heart details on and front and can basic ages picked Are you don't see that much of it. If you want to make some correction in terms of proportional perspective, this is the time to do it before you're too much detail on when I'm checking them. The schedule always half closed my eyes all. I spent my stand back. So you see the hole pictures. You take a picture from further away. So you think of things you don't normally see. So this is gonna be the wheel more details on. And this this is where the other side, where the theaters and the boy is Because you see this to be off the top surface helps to tell, um, to tout a whole volume and also to make it more believable. Yes, it's kitsch. Okay, so this is roughly how the view is gonna love life. It might not be perfect this time, but I'm just doing a demonstration. Quick demonstration off how to transform a side view into a perspective Christie View. So that's come back later for more on this catch when I'm gonna push him treating. 6. 6. Side View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 2): very. Let's come back to do some shooting just to make a sketch a bit more dynamic, a bit more believable can always set life source on the top. This is the easiest way to do it. Livesay. In my first course, the area where the light and shadow meats are always the darkest and area in between, you can live with a little bit lighter to show that a reflection about the surfaces is a new weapons. I'm just gonna go windows. Let's put some. It's a detail. Enjoy the Kimera, then some. Some shadow. That's very likely. Can you don't have. You don't have to do this. We always leave. Scared should be cleaner. And this time I'm just gonna do a very simple single room. It's a very quick way to do it. Every lace you made to do it. A lot of people doing it the size where the actual wheel artists emphasize where light area. Okay, so you can see it makes all the difference between just plain side view and nothing out. Little bit of perspective into into the sketch reading makes a lot of difference. Shadow from the heat of the way box him your supplies. These It's got a simple spoke fun to hear. When should I? Don't want to draw very fancy friends. Dream ago is doing this kind of things. Shady's one on Just to compare a bit more directly. How? This perspective of you, huh? How much difference to make contour lines on? Okay, so this is I look like in the end. Okay. Thank you for watching for this session. 7. 7. Side View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 3): Yeah, And then you're gonna start to it can be the shadow off the the front wing on the other side. Really emphasizing volume. That criticism casts shadow from here. You always help to describe the surface better than anything else. Tambien shadows well, also applied to here. I think I just fade out in here, emphasize a little bit from this match that's here. - Okay . Okay. China on here just for fun. It'll be a shadow, Of course. Makes a lot of difference really make the whole sketch counter life. Okay, so this is the end of this session. 8. 8. Side View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 4): Okay. Welcome back. So this session I'm gonna do another site for you. Transformation. But this one is slightly focused on the front axle, the front after coward and the rear end off the car. So that started. I'm going to do something a bit different this time. I'm not gonna do SUV and more. I'm not gonna do anything. I might do something a bit more after. Let's try something a bit different. A bit nowhere. Something maybe from, like a concept car. Like so the speed more like, um, one box Sackman. So it's not fine. It's not that obvious. So that easy to separate different, um, part off the body is small. Like I'm one box one whole session. Sinful. But against you see the volume of it. So let's do something like that, but transform it to something, um, to be more perspective. So we're gonna focus on the front end. They stand. This is the front end. Okay, but and as usual, we're gonna do a big box a bit smaller. This is the other side because it's like a boxy boxing after eso is a bit easier to draw. Actually compared to some other more conventional. Um, call a little bit off. Top says, What a way to you. Still don't need to draw the front front surface because you don't really see it. Then handing the volume in and to be confidence drawing to do any sketches. Really more relaxed, More confident you are, the better it gets. - You can still make it big, muscular. Even guys like unconventional support. Gypsum, do you tell her Good camera, right? In a conventional when Mirra, my prism center after what? Yeah, Onda conned Cape surface. So just do pretty much a side view. But you still bickmore for top, but mainly just a side view. But these a bit focusing on the front axle right there. Just like a plane. Ultra graphic. Gordo, Axel line. Okay, See you. Diarrhea is to sing a lot more than fronts. Do I have to draw the real action here, Actually, make it look more conception 9. 9. Rear View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 1): Hi. Welcome back for this session. I'm gonna do a review and then transform that into a sightly perspective. You dislike. How did? In a front view of session. So let's get started. I'm going to do a very quick review sketch first. Again, this is a very simple photographic. Real. There's no perspective whatsoever. And I wanted in front of you perception, um, always don't forget to cool to stand to the and then, um, outline your basic prospection, your basic proportion greenhouse home of it. Some we'll fix home have to be very, very precise. Every detail. It's about life. About one I always like. Game. Nice light bulb like , uh, cooling vents. Sorry. No wheels. Something really simple. Doesn't have to be very precise. Just doing a quick demonstration here, okay? And it always apply the other side of photo shop. Just copy, then flip it to the other side. Okay, so that's a before in the front video. Uh, this is a a perfect square. And, Justin, you interested to make a little this before this one? Then we do something different, so I'm gonna get some top service in dance. Well, just Teoh, because front and back are kind of similar. So if you know how to do different and trick in my friend and session, you can always apply the same thing to the Rio and this well, but I'm going to do something different here. So what I'm gonna do is Teoh, uh, also show the top surface. So it's gonna be like something a bit like this is this Do you don't you don't steal, Don't see the science surface only see diarrhea in the top. So if you draw the hidden surface, it's gonna look something like that and also makes a lot of difference. That's well convent you, Jess. Area, surface. So this this, um I always do start relying. Just imagining you're drawing a the bunks. Make sure you draw very likely, because none of those line would be would be using the end there just some basic guidelines where the perspective is. So this is where the roof like of key features. You also don't see too much off the bone, It or the yes, I have the car always helpful, who draw the center line. Some key features graphic to help you to get to shape, right and the same the same brew applied to or kind of perspective. There are things that is further away to you. It's always smaller, and the thing is always bigger to object that is closer to you. And for this view, this is the area where is the closest to you, especially this point, because you saw that going that way or that way or going away from you. And this point is where its closest to you. We're standing right here and all the graphics. What's more detail for apply the same room and the thing that is further away and just kind of fade out don't have to be very detail on there because he always got other view under sketches to support. There was other other views. - Shouldn't you just center like I always do? So Okay , so this is roughly what a shame you look like 10. 10. Rear View Sketch Perspective Transformation (Part 2): supply some shaping to make it look a bit more realistic. And it can be a life source from this side. So we shape from here on this area because it's facing upwards. Would be lighter, lighter than the areas that it's freezing downward. Life like this surface next to it, this would be a shadow, and they took were details. Don't have to draw too much because you can't really see too much after. Well, ain't going to draw the site The far end to file side of you because you don't really see that we're now for the axle will be Okay. So this is the end off this national popular something. Thank you for working.