DESIGN Watercolor Painting in Adobe Illustrator. Repeat Surface Pattern Design. | Aerie North | Skillshare

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DESIGN Watercolor Painting in Adobe Illustrator. Repeat Surface Pattern Design.

teacher avatar Aerie North, Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Overview + Class Project

    • 3. Lesson 1: Set up art board + work space

    • 4. Lesson 2: Watercolor on the Vertical Lines

    • 5. Lesson 3: Watercolor on the Horizontal Lines

    • 6. Lesson 4: Fill with Watercolor Paint

    • 7. Lesson 5: Create Your Watercolor Swatch

    • 8. Lesson 6: Create Your Repeat Surface Pattern

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to Watercolor Painting on Adobe Illustrator.  This is a Watercolor Fusion class where we take the beautiful flowing tradition of watercolor painting and merge it with another creative modality. In this case we blend watercolor with the technology of Adobe Illustrator.



Lesson  1:  Set up art board + work space

Lesson 2:  Create vertical design

Lesson 3:  Create horizontal design

Lesson 4:  Fill in the pattern

Lesson 5:  Create the swatch

Lesson 6:  Pattern the swatch

Final Thoughts


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Aerie North

Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education


Award winning artist, maker + teacher.
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1. Intro: Hello and welcome to design watercolor painting on Adobe Illustrator in this class will talk about repeat surface pattern designs with Ari North. I'm an artist, our teacher, creator of coloring books, meditation journals and surface pattern designs. This year we launched the Ari North Project. CRE North Project is a philanthropic incubators supporting creative communities through education and project based initiatives. Current projects are art therapy resources, providing free coloring pages to mental health clinics. Hashtag bring back the bees created the book, while Flowers of North America, available on Amazon and in art gallery boutiques, design classes on skill share, encouraging artists to grow their creative businesses and free weekly art and coloring pages toe everyone on our email list. You can join that list at ari north dot com. In this class, you'll learn to create a repeat pattern from a watercolor painting that you do on Adobe Illustrator. Some of the tools that will be using copy move, make a swatch for your repeat pattern. Repeat surface patterns are found everywhere. Fabrics, textile, stationary wallpaper, wrapping paper, floor coverings, cellphone cases and home decor. If you don't already have Adobe Illustrator, you can download a free trial on adobe dot com. Your class project is to create a repeat surface pattern using the techniques you learn in this class and share it in the project gallery. Also, let us know where we can find you on social media. Please join me in class. I look forward to seeing your artwork in the project gallery. 2. Overview + Class Project: feel review of this class is in less than one will work on setting up your art board and the workspace on Adobe Illustrator and Lesson to work on and create the vertical part of our design in less than three will create the horizontal part of the design. Lesson four will fill in the rest of the pattern. Lesson five will create a swatch and in less than six will create an entire pattern from the swatch and then some final thoughts. The class project is to create a repeat surface pattern with your watercolor painting using the techniques you learned in this class and shared in the project gallery. Please join me in the next lesson. I look forward to seeing your artwork in the Project gallery. 3. Lesson 1: Set up art board + work space: Welcome to lesson one. We're just going to set up our workspace and create our our board. So we're gonna go to file new, we're gonna just name it, and then we're gonna custom make the board will select custom and will work in pixels and will make the art board a square. 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels. Click. OK. Wow, There's your art board. Okay, let's pick some brushes and colors, so we'll goto windows, go to our brush library and pick the watercolor brushes. Here we go. Let's go back to windows and we're going. Teoh pick pastels will use, um, pretty pastels. Okay, there we go. Our board is set up, and we're ready to create our pattern. And I'll see you in lesson to 4. Lesson 2: Watercolor on the Vertical Lines: welcome to lessen. To this is where we're going to start creating our design, just using one side of our art board. So on the left side, vertical that line, we're going to create our pattern. We're gonna start it. So I'm just picking the brush and the color that I want, and I'm gonna just try my first stroke. I'm just gonna do kind of some blue waves. This a little thin. So I'm going, Teoh make a little bit bigger. Okay, Happy with that now? I'm just going to start drawing as I see fit. This will eventually turn into really pretty wavy pattern by creating it along the left line. The left vertical line. What I'm going to do once I'm happy with the pattern. I don't touch the top line. I don't touch the bottom line, just leaving it on that left line. I'll eventually copy all of this and I'll want to copy and move it. So it's the same thing. Exactly the same thing on the right vertical line. Because when we create a repeat pattern, what we are actually doing is just taking the inside of our art board and multiplying it a bazillion times owns beside each other and on top of each other. You'll see how that that looks. So I'm almost done again. I'm not touching the bottom line. I'm not touching the top line. I just want to make enough waves. So it fills in, but still leaves. Um, white background. So now I'm going to select the entire thing. My select tool. Right click. So I get transform, Go to move, and we're going to move it horizontally, but not vertically. 100 pixels and click. Copy. You pick. OK, then. Just the whole thing will go. So here we are. We've started the pattern. 5. Lesson 3: Watercolor on the Horizontal Lines: welcome to lessen three. And this lesson will be doing very similar things that we didn't lesson to lessen to. We worked with the two vertical lines in less than three. We're gonna work on these horizontal lines on being very careful to work closely, toothy horizontal top line. And I don't want to interfere with what I've already put on the vertical lines, because again, our pattern is just going to be the inside of the art box. It's okay. We work on the outside because when we create the pattern, it's going to make a lot of sense. When I finished this and select it all and then right click for my transform when I move it , because I'm moving from the horizontal to top line to the horizontal bottom line, what I'm gonna do is select zero. So here I go to select the whole thing, and my horizontal will be zero. And when I copy to move, I'm going to copy minus Yeah. I had to make those lines, Vicar, I'm going to copy. So here I go with the move. Zero for the top and minus 1000 pixels and copy. And there's the outside of the box. This is really important now, so let's move on to the next lesson and do some filling in. 6. Lesson 4: Fill with Watercolor Paint: welcome to lessen four using the same watercolor brush, the same strokes that we've been doing and the same color. We're just gonna fill in the rest of the art board with waves and when this is all done, will continue in less than five. 7. Lesson 5: Create Your Watercolor Swatch: Okay, here we are, in less than five. When we finally get to create a swatch, we are going to start by creating a rectangle exactly the same size as the art board. 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels. We want to take out the stroke. No stroke, no Phil. And with the our just the selection tool, we're going to bring that box exactly over the art board. It can't be one pixel out or else the pattern doesn't turn out. So for this, I recommend that you control Plus, to get as close as you can so you can see the new rectangle and place it exactly over the art board. Then we're going to right Click a range. We're going to send that new rectangle to the back. Okay, Now we can look at our pattern again. We're going to select everything and then take actually, I want to bring up the colors swatches, So we're gonna click swatches. And now we can take everything and bring that into our swatch gallery. And then in less and six, we're going to create that pattern 8. Lesson 6: Create Your Repeat Surface Pattern: welcome to lessen. Six, where we get to see our pattern become a repeat surface pattern, creating a rectangle and just click that swatch that we've made. Let's zoom out a little bit. Look at that. Isn't that lovely? Let's try a circle. We've taken that really pretty traditional flow of water color and made it a repeating pattern. TriStar. You can do any shape. You can use the shapes that are provided. You can use the pen tool to create your own shape. Let's try a little pedal here will make a pedal, and now you have. Ah, nice watercolor pedal with a design. We're just gonna rotate it for Copy it, turn it. We'll rotate to create a flower. You can freehand draw with the pencil and fill it in and there we go. That's pretty 9. Final Thoughts: thank you for taking this class. I hope you enjoyed it. I definitely enjoyed teaching. I look forward to seeing your artwork in the Project gallery. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments or by emailing Ari North at gmail dot com. Every week I send free exclusive illustrations to my mailing list. Please visit ari north dot com to join the mailing list. I'll see you in the next class.