DESIGN Spring Flowers on Adobe Illustrator. Create a Botanical Coloring Book | Aerie North | Skillshare

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DESIGN Spring Flowers on Adobe Illustrator. Create a Botanical Coloring Book

teacher avatar Aerie North, Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Overview + Class Project

    • 3. Lesson 1: Crazy 8 Flower

    • 4. Lesson 2: Pointed Flower

    • 5. Lesson 3: Flowers 3 + 4

    • 6. Lesson 4: Creating Your Coloring Page

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

WELCOME to DESIGN Spring Flowers on Adobe Illustrator.  Create a Botanical Coloring Book.

My purpose is to help people achieve their creative goals.

This class teaches how to design 4 Spring Flowers that you can use in your art practice.

I send free weekly art to my email list (not spammy) You can join the list on

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Aerie North

Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education


Award winning artist, maker + teacher.
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1. Intro: designed spring flowers on Adobe Illustrator Create a botanical coloring book with Ari North. I'm an artist, art teacher and creator of coloring books, meditation journals and surface pattern designs. This year we launched the Ari North Project. Airy North Project is a philanthropic incubated supporting creative communities from education on project based initiatives. Current projects are art therapy resources, providing free coloring pages to mental health clinics. Hashtag bring back the bees created the book Wildflowers North America, available on Amazon and in art galleries, boutiques, design classes on skill share, incurring artists to grow their creative business and free weekly art and coloring pages to everyone on our email list. You can join that list at ari north dot com. In this class, you'll create four spring flowers on Adobe Illustrator. You'll learn how to scale resize, Rotate, copy and paste. Fillon Stroke That's to do with color and the circle tool. This class is perfect for creating your own botanical coloring book. Botanicals, geometrics Mandalas are the most popular themes for adult coloring book genre. If you don't already have Adobe Illustrator, you can download a free trial on adobe dot com. Your class project is to create the four spring flowers and share them in the project gallery. Also, let us know where we can find you on social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Please join me in class. I look forward to seeing your art project in the art gallery. 2. Overview + Class Project: overview and less than one, we're going to learn to create this little blossom spring blossom using basically, just depend tool and rotating and lesson to again, we're going to take this same sort of shape, but then we're going to reverse it. So instead of having the nice, curvy pedal, we're gonna point the pedal and then add a circle in the center. In less and three, we're going to take the two previous lessons and alter the flower a little bit so that in less and four will have a total of four flowers, and we'll just arrange them on our sheet for a really attractive coloring page. And then we'll have some final thoughts. The class project is to create the four spring flowers and sharing your project gallery on all. Also, let us know where we can find you on social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. So just using the's circle tool the pen tool re sizing. Rotate, copy paste, filling, stroke. We're going to just use these two shapes to create all four flowers. Please join me in the next lesson. I look forward to seeing your artwork in the Project Gallery 3. Lesson 1: Crazy 8 Flower: Hello. Let's start our first little spring. But we're gonna go to file and then news. We're gonna open a new file and name it. We're gonna continue to work with our just letter size page in inches. So we've got our 8.5 by 11 and press OK and voila! There's our art board that we're gonna be working on today. So where could have been Just take our pen tool with our most and just click give it a little clique and then just let it go and then click again. But now hold the click and drag until you get half of a teardrop and then go to the top again and click and we've made our first pedal. Now, the colors that we wanna use are just the the line or the stroke is gonna be black and the Phil or the inside is going to be white, and we're gonna go to transform. And here what we want to do is just create another one. So we're gonna copy this, and we're gonna put it on top to create a kind of ah bit of a crazy eight here. Nice eight. Now we're gonna go but our select tool and select the entire thing, right click to get transform and then go to rotate and we're gonna rotate 30 degrees and we're gonna copy, and our image is going to move 30 degrees. And then we hit control De or command D, and it will just repeat that. And then there we go. Voila! We have our very first spring flower. 4. Lesson 2: Pointed Flower: welcome to lessen too. So we're what we're gonna do now is take one pedal just with our selection to tool. Just select one of the pedals because we're gonna be using the same shape. We're just gonna manipulated just a little bit, and, uh, just get this here, okay? And we made it just a wee bit smaller. And now, with their freeform tool just rotating a little bit, this is just you don't have to rotate. I just like looking at it, um, on the vertical. So I want to make another one and have them just kiss. So where we have the eight before now it's reversed. So instead of the two points together, we've got the two rounded areas together and just do the same thing. We're just going to rotated 30 degrees and then controller command D, just to copy the last thing that we did. There we go. So it's a little different little saint, but little different. We want to fix up that center a little bit just by covering it up with a circle. So just with that circle tool, you can select the size, or you can just click and drag on eyeball it and just selecting that. I'm going to bring that into the center and voila! Odds are second flower. 5. Lesson 3: Flowers 3 + 4: welcome to lessen three. Okay, what we're gonna do is take these two flowers and manipulate them just a little bit so we can create our third and fourth flower. So let's see. How do we want to do this? Okay, let's take the point here. Flower on just coffee. That and let's make the inside circle a little larger and see what happens like that. You just play with some trial and error, okay? Mm. I think this looks a little too much like a son. Let's see what we want to do with this. Let's try it on this flower. So I'm copying and pasting and let's try that circle. Let's go for a little flower power in this I Oh, I think that's gonna look nice. However, you could see the lines of the pedal through it. So we're going to make sure that the okay, the insides white. But let's bring that forward. So we go to our arrange and bring the centre forward so that the white circle goes in the center. Now for this flower, we definitely need a circle there and a little larger than the 1st 1 But not as large as the new one that we made. Oh, yes, I can tell us a little, Like very good. Okay, I can live with ease. So you see, with just the circle tool and making that teardrop, we've created four different, um, spring flowers and what we're gonna do now let's just take them off the art board. And in the fourth lesson, what we will do is resize these guys and place them on our art board, which is our, uh, our letter size sheet so we can get ready to print that out. Excellent. OK, I'll meet you in the next lesson. 6. Lesson 4: Creating Your Coloring Page: welcome to lesson for our last lesson. So now that we have our four flowers were going to skill some of them down and place them on the art board. So here, I'm going to use the rule of thirds. Are threes, actually odd numbers and threes being an odd number, very pleasing to the eye. So instead of having even numbers where I kind of doesn't know where to focus in when we use the rule of threes, it's very pleasing. So I'm going to re scale or resize by scaling some of these flowers down. I'm gonna try and start with the bigger ones and then but some smaller ones just moving around on this is just place that you just use your intuition on how to best use the space . This one I want to make really small. I always imagine this one tiny So Aiken Group the mop. Don't try and keep these in threes. But let's see if if if I move them around a little bit and was selecting with the selection tool and then copy paste, move them around. I'm quite liking this. I think this is going to be very pleasing. Coloring page 7. Final Thoughts: thank you for taking this class. I hope you enjoyed it. I enjoyed teaching it. I look forward to seeing your artwork in the Project gallery. If you are considering creating your own adult coloring book, I hope I can help you. Please let me know in the comments or by emailing Ari North at gmail dot com. Every week I send out free exclusive illustrations to my mailing list for coloring. Please visit our e north dot com. Join the email list. See you in the next class.