DESIGN Floral Wreath on Adobe Illustrator. Create a Botanical Coloring Book | Aerie North | Skillshare

DESIGN Floral Wreath on Adobe Illustrator. Create a Botanical Coloring Book

Aerie North, Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

DESIGN Floral Wreath on Adobe Illustrator. Create a Botanical Coloring Book

Aerie North, Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

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5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Floral wreath intro

    • 2. Floral wreath overview

    • 3. Floral wreath demo with narration

    • 4. Floral wreath demo 2 with narration

    • 5. Floral wreath final thoughts

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About This Class


Class Content


Overview + Class Project

Lesson  1:  Floral Wreath Foundation on Illustrator

Lesson 2:  Adding Details to Your Floral Wreath

Final Thoughts


In this class

  • Create a floral wreath on Adobe Illustrator.
  • Using one botanical design.
  • Resize (scale), rotate, copy + paste, fill + stroke, circle tool.
  • Perfect class for creating your own botanical coloring book.

Botanicals, Geometrics, Mandalas are the most popular themes for adult coloring books.

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I am an artist, art teacher + creator of coloring books, meditation journals, and surface pattern designs.

This year we launched the Aerie North Project.

The Aerie North Project is a philanthropic incubator (a nest) supporting creative communities through education and project based initiative.​  

Current Projects:

  • Art Therapy Resources ; providing free coloring pages to mental health clinics.
  • #BringBackTheBees ; created the book "Wildflowers of North America" available on Amazon and art gallery boutiques.
  • Design classes on Skillshare encouraging artists to growth their creative business.
  • Free weekly art / coloring pages to everyone on our email list. Join on


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Aerie North

Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education


Award winning artist, maker + teacher.
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1. Floral wreath intro: Hello and welcome to design a Laurel Reef on Adobe Illustrator. Create a botanical coloring book with Ari North. I'm an artist art teacher. I'm creator of coloring books, meditation journals and surface pattern designs. This'll Year We launched the Ari North Project. The Ari North Project is a philanthropic incubator supporting creative communities through education on project based initiatives. Our current projects are art therapy resources, providing free coloring pages to mental health clinics. Hashtag bring back bees created the book Wildflowers North America, available on Amazon and art galleries, boutiques design classes on skill share, encouraging artists to grow their creative business and free weekly art coding pages toe everyone on our mail list. You can join the mail list and also receive free art color in pages on ari north dot com. In this class, you'll learn to create a floral reef on Adobe Illustrator. Using one botanical design, you'll resize it, which is called Scaling on Adobe Illustrator, Rotate coffee Pace, Fillon stroke and the circum tool things. Classes perfect If you want to create your own botanical coloring book. Botanicals, geometrics Mandalas are the most popular themes for adult coloring books. If you don't already have Adobe Illustrator. You can download a free trial on adobe dot com Class project is create your own floral reef and share it in the project gallery. Please join me in class. I look forward to seeing your artwork in the Project gallery. 2. Floral wreath overview: and less than one, you'll learn how to create the Floral Re Foundation on illustrator and listen to. We're going to start adding some details to fill in your floral wreath and then a few final thoughts in the class project. You'll create your own floral reef and share it in the project gallery. Using the circle tool, elongate a circle to create an oval to make a pedal. Then we'll copy and paste and rotate the pedals and add a center circle to create your first flower. Then will be re sizing, which is scaling the flower and place it in a circular reef shape, and will make that by using a temporary circle. As a guy to create the reef. You'll create the foundation using the arrange menu. We'll be sending some of the flowers to the back to create that legal, and then will be adding some more flowers for detail, and you'll end up with a beautiful floral reef. Please join me in the next lesson. I look forward to seeing your art and the project gallery 3. Floral wreath demo with narration: hi and welcome to design a floral reef on Adobe Illustrator. Let's start right off the backed by going to file, we're gonna open a new file were you name it and then decide on how large we want our art board to be. So that'll be our our page. Once we printed out, we're gonna make this just a regular standard letter. Size is most printers have that 8.5 by 11 paper in it, so we'll be using that. And if you are going to create your own coloring book often, that's the size to fit. Pretty standard size click. OK, hello are bored. All right, Now let's start right off the bat. By creating our first pedal, we're gonna go over to the shape tool and go along till you find the circle to click your circle, okay? And we're going to make a large in of circle to fit inside our page. And this could be adjusted as well that that's fine. We can just play with a little bit. We're gonna put it in the center. This is just our temporary circle. So when we do create, our first flowers are pedals. We can end and flowers. We can put it around the circle. Good object and lock that circle into place. It's already selected by locking it into place. You'll see that it's not going anywhere, so we can't accidentally move. It will unlock it. And backspace did delete it later. Go back to our shaped tool. We're gonna grab that circle, click and drag until you get a nice petal shape that you like, went to the selection tool. So we've selected it. And copy and paste by just control or command. See, and then controller Command, we're gonna play sit down opposite the first petal, go back to the selection tool and select the entire two pedals, right click. And now we're going to start adding more pedals by just rotating it. So we have a nice and even so we're gonna go over to rotate and we're gonna rotate it by 30 degrees. So if you pressed okay, this these want these pedals that you have will rotate, but we're going to press coffee and then if we want to repeat what we've done, we just do control or command D and it copies exactly what we wanted to make 30 degree rotations. So here's all our pedals that we're going to start with. You see how easy that was there all even. And now, as faras coloring goes, because we want to just have a nice black and white image toe, add to our coloring book, the stroke or the outside lines were leading black and the inside the Phil. Ah, lot of times, if you're doing something and you don't want to color, you just say no, fill that little stroke. But what we're doing here is we're gonna say that Phil is white and I'll tell you why. Later, click One more circle. We made one more circle for the center, and voila! You have your very first flower. Go back to the select tool, select the entire flower. We want to group this so we're gonna go to object and group it so that everything that we don't all those pedals and the center will group, and it will be one image. So now we can't just accidentally click and drag a pedal away. It's one image now control C control V for copy and paste. I like to have keep the original image that I'm doing off of the art board in case iconic it really into this project and then want to go back to go back a little bit. So here what I've done is I just kind of guesstimating how smart, How much smaller? I wanted the pedal. So I just right, clicked and on, then went to my transform select scale and put in the, um the amount that I wanted it to shrink by on depressed. Okay, Because I want it that image to go small. If I just want to copy it, I would press coffee so I would save my That would save my original image and give me a copy of the new thing that I want. I'm using the rule of threes here or the rule of the odd rules in design. And I've using these three same size flowers as kind of our focal point to start with. Now I want to scale and make another flower slightly smaller. Now, here's where we're gonna play with the arrange tool. So are right. Click. Get the menu, go to a range and I'm going to send this Select it smaller flower to the back. It's going to go behind the entire circle. But that's OK, cause we're getting rid of the temporary circle after, So don't worry about that, but by putting some of the flowers behind, you're not gonna cover up those bigger flowers, and it gives that layered look and that's what we want to go for. A bit of a layered look. So some are going to be in the front, some we're gonna arrange, send back while they're selected. Okay, good. Just play it by I You're the designer here. You decide how many flowers you want on how far you want them spaced. I want kind of a big group of flowers. And in this lesson, in less than one, we're just gonna put one circular layer. And in less than two, we're going to start to add some detail to make it a little thicker. And see what we've done here is we've just used one shape the circle shape. We made one elongated circle to make an oval for the pedals and then one circle for middle re sizing and just placing it on our circle as we see fit, arranging some of them to the back. Okay, Let's pop on one more, just for just maybe just to finish this lesson and get the foundation of the reef. Done. Send that one back. Otherwise it just becomes too crowded, a medical backup and to object. And I'm gonna unlock the temporary circle hit backspace to get rid of it. And voila! We have the foundation of our floral reef. 4. Floral wreath demo 2 with narration: Welcome back. Hey, what we're gonna do now is take this flower and we're going to scale it down. Teoh. The smallest size that we're gonna be using and we're just going toe copy and paste. Bring them around. Bring this flower around to the outside and some to the inside and arrange some of them to the back. Send to back some of them just to make this a little bit more detailed. Make our reef a little bit more detailed and just eyeball it. And you can use the image that you make in your botanical coloring book. Or you can play around with E pedals a little bit. Make the pedals pointy. Make them smaller. Make them rounder. Okay, Almost finished. Still, like having those three original large flowers to be a bit of a focus. Look at this. All created with the circle tool and one floral image. Look at that. That's pretty big. Okay, I think I want to make this a little bit smaller. I'm just going to scale it down a little bit smaller. Voila. It looks great. 5. Floral wreath final thoughts: thank you for taking this class. I hope you enjoyed it. I enjoyed teaching it. I look forward to seeing your artwork in the Project gallery. If you're considering creating your own adult coloring book, I hope I can help you. Please let me know in the comments section or by emailing Ari North at gmail dot com. Every week I send free exclusive illustrations to my email list for coloring. Please visit our north dot com to join the mail list. See you in the next class.