DASH : Living Your Healthiest Life Ever | Charef Bekkouch | Skillshare

DASH : Living Your Healthiest Life Ever

Charef Bekkouch, Medical Doctor & Diet Expert

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12 Videos (33m)
    • What is the DASH Diet?

    • Why was the Dash Diet Created?

    • Who Should Go on the DASH Diet?

    • What is Hypertension?

    • Complications Associated with Hypertension

    • Why Go on the DASH Diet?

    • Characteristics of the DASH Diet

    • Dash Diet Food Groups

    • Tips to Make the Switch to DASH Diet Eating

    • The DASH Diet and Weight Loss

    • Shopping Guide

    • Sample DASH Diet Menu Plan


About This Class

Change your food - Change your life

U.S. News and World Report chose the DASH diet as:

  1. the best overall diet, 
  2. the healthiest diet.
  3. the best diet for diabetes for four years in a row.

It is estimated that hypertension or high blood pressure affects over 1 billion people worldwide. Not only is high blood pressure the leading cause of death, it also increases the risk of stroke and heart disease.

The DASH diet encourages reducing the sodium in your diet and increasing your consumption of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and fiber by eating a fabulous selection of delicious whole foods that lower blood pressure. Eating vegetables, fruits whole grains, fish, lean meats, low-fat dairy and healthy fats is all part of the DASH diet healthy eating plan.

The DASH diet works if you work it

The DASH diet is endorsed by the American Heart Association and is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Research has also shown that the DASH diet is extremely effective in promoting weight loss which has popularized it as a weight loss diet.

In a step-by-step way, The DASH Diet - Living Your Healthiest Life Ever! is going to teach you everything you need to know about how to successfully apply the DASH diet to your life and the recipes contained in this course will help you maximize your DASH diet efforts and they'll take the thinking out of what to cook!





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Charef Bekkouch

Medical Doctor & Diet Expert

Charef Bekkouch is a medical doctor and diet expert with a passion to help people eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.

A doctor who is only wishful to help others finding the most strong and effective ways to lose weight and get the body they want.

In addition, he is a successful entrepreneur having stated and run his own nutrition company and several other businesses.

Teaching is my passion and I am so grateful to be able to teach others ways to improve their health...

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