Cyanotype Photography 101: Making Your First Sunprint | Ben Panter | Skillshare

Cyanotype Photography 101: Making Your First Sunprint

Ben Panter, Expanding Photography

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7 Videos (25m)
    • 3 Reasons You Should Try Cyanotype

    • What is Cyanotype?

    • Supplies

    • Setting Up Your Print

    • Exposing Your Print

    • Developing Your Print

    • Reviewing Your Finished Cyanotype


About This Class

In Cyanotype 101 you will learn how to make a sunprint, otherwise known as a cyanotype. Cyanotype is unique in that it is a form of photography that does not require a camera! The sunprinting process needs very few supplies to create a stunning final work of art with its signature blue color. Sunprinting is also a family-friendly art project and a great summer activity.





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Ben Panter

Expanding Photography

My name is Ben Panter and I am an artist and professor teaching for Rutgers University and Rowan College. My art is photography based and I enjoy experimenting with and combining new and old media. I've been honored to have several artist residencies through the National Park System over the past few years, including Rocky Mountain National Park and Acadia National Park.

You can view more of my work on my website,, and follow me on Instagram @bpanter.

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