Cutting Edges #2: Behind The Scenes - How to Beat Creative Block with Photomontage & Pop Art | Hester Jones | Skillshare

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Cutting Edges #2: Behind The Scenes - How to Beat Creative Block with Photomontage & Pop Art

teacher avatar Hester Jones, Artist, Photographer, Film-Maker & Yogi

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction to Behind The Scenes & Photomontage

    • 2. Optional Mantra Meditation

    • 3. The Photomontages of Martha Rosler & Pop Art

    • 4. Tools & Materials for Photomontage

    • 5. Final Project 'Behind The Scenes'

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About This Class


Would you like to learn mindfulness techniques to help boost your creative flow? Then this class is for you! It's the second in a series of creative tutorials 'Cutting Edges' in which students can explore creative collage and mindfulness techniques; inspired by important collage and photomontage artists and art movements. 

In this second class we will look at the photomontages of Martha Rosler; a female artist from the USA who made work during the male dominated Pop Art movement.

If you have not already taken Cutting Edges Class 1 – Mindful Montage – then I suggest you give it a try before this class #2 as there we discussed important ideas behind collage & photomontage and other useful tips to get you started!

Taking you through my creative process step-by-step I will show you:

  • How to be more playful and mindful in your creative approach
  • How to keep organised with a collage materials resource bank
  • How to use simple materials such as paper, glue and scissors to create a Pop Art movement inspired photomontage
  • Composition, cutting and tearing techniques

The class is suitable for beginners as well as those wishing to further explore and develop their creative approach; using a variety of creative techniques and processes. Moreover, it is geared towards those who wish to be inspired by important contemporary and historical artists.

The class aim is to inspire students to explore and employ a variety of techniques and resources to boost creative productivity, play with new processes, and help alleviate creative block.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hester Jones

Artist, Photographer, Film-Maker & Yogi


Hello! I'm Hester a Visual Artist based in London and I'm so happy to be part of the Skillshare community! I'm passionate about teaching art, photo collage, photography and film-making. I first became hooked on photography while living in Italy for 5 years around 15 years ago!

After my adventures in Italy I studied Pg Cert Photography at Central St Martins and MA Photography at London College of Communication. 

I certified as a Yoga Teacher in The Himalayas so I'm also creating classes on Skillshare to incorporate Yoga & Meditation with Photomontage, Photography & Film-Making: to help boost creative productivity with a mindful approach.

My experience includes leading a photography course at The Photographers' Gallery and I'm trained and dedicated to t... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Behind The Scenes & Photomontage: Hi, I'm history. I'm a visual artist based in London, where I teach photography, filmmaking and college as well as yoga and meditation. This class is a second in a series of tutorials I've created to inspire experimentation and the development of collagen photo montage techniques and processes inspired by contemporary and historical collage of photomontage artists, different art movements, the glass AIDS. To help boost your creative productivity through photo montage and a mindful approach, we will start the class with the short guided meditation. There are many benefits to meditation of mindfulness, which have been scientifically proven, such as improved concentration and focus, stress reduction, controlling anxiety, improvement of mental and emotional health and sleep, and can also decrease blood pressure amongst many other benefits, including creative productivity. If you haven't already taken the first class in this serious, I recommend you start there with my tutorial mindful montage. In the first class, we covered how to build a collage resource bank and other important tips and techniques to get you started. In the second class, students will look at the photo Montargis off American artist Martha Rosler as well as the pop art. As we develop out playful and mindful approach. In creating photo montages, we will use simple materials such as paper, glue and scissors to make the final project, in which students will create a scene within a scene inspired by Martha Rosler's creative techniques approaches. Let's start with a short guided meditation to help the creativity to flow. 2. Optional Mantra Meditation: a mantra is a sound or word that we can repeat silently for the purpose of focusing our mind mantra. Meditation is a powerful way to achieve deep states or relax ation on meditation, and it can positively affect your life. Three of the most well known managers from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions are Oh, so, um oh, money pap me home. In Vedic tradition, ancient SAGES were able to hear the subtle vibrations like appear in nature the sounds of thunder, wind, butterflies, the seal rushing rivers they identified all as the sound that represents the universe on infinite consciousness. For the purpose of this meditation, we will use the mantra. Home arm is also after news with the word shanty, which means peace to all. Being repeating the mantra while meditating is a powerful way to silence the mind and disconnect with your thoughts. The mental vibration that it creates allows the mind to experience deeper levels of awareness as you experienced deeper legislative states full short from worries, drop away and you experience the quiet that always exists. You need a noisy internal dialogue off the mind. In this stillness, you may feel oneness with a life and profound peace. Find a comfortable position on quiet place in a darkened space away from the girl, right? Right, But no one is likely to disturb you. Sit in an upright position, legs crossed on the floor on a question or folded blankets or on a chair with a straight spy. Eyes closed. Feel free to lay down. If you're unable to sit upright, rest your hands on your lap, palms facing upwards, one hand cupped in any other. If that feels comfortable, we'll bring your hands together at heart center in prayer position. Now set on intervention. Take a few seconds to dedicate your practice to something and someone intention doesn't come to mind and something a simple assed lecher Go supplies. Focus on your breath on the feeling off each inhalation exhalation, the more you practice mantra. Meditation, the easier it will be to let girl you can practice for a set period of time or for a set number of repetitions, traditionally 100 on day. Now let's begin to repeat the mantra in our minds silently over and over again for the duration of your meditation practice or, if you prefer, you can chant the mantra aloud for the purpose of this meditator, and you can follow the sound of arm chanting about trying to help me. It's as your charge. You should fill the matches vibrations in your lower belly. Make sure to keep your spine strike. Inhale deeply. Feel your chest. Rise on the exhale. Begin to China arm in your mind silently or aloud for the full duration off your outburst in hell again. Then exhale and repeat your mantra. Avoid trying to control your breath. That's it. Come and go black waves moving gently back and forth over the sexual. Also, let your thoughts come and go whenever they arise. This will help you to focus on let go of anything you can't control when you have finished chanting your mantra, sitting silently and become aware of any sensations that arise in your body. Sit in silent meditation for as long as you like. For deeper relaxation, focus on the sounds around you. Maybe the hum of traffic in the distance amounted, but passing a child laughing far away or a bird singing outside your window. Any time you need to refer crucial mind you come. Repeat that with every information and go with every exploration. Meditation takes consistent practice. There will be good days and bad days, and except in this is part of the meditation journey. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes, maybe have a big stretch and enjoy the rest of your day. 3. The Photomontages of Martha Rosler & Pop Art: Martha Rosler was born in 1943 in Brooklyn, New York Rosler works in video photography, text installation, performance and photo montage. Her work focuses on the public sphere, exploring issues from everyday life and the media, architecture and the built environment, especially as they affect women and their oppression in patriarchal society. Feminism is essential angle in all my work. It does not replace or supplant other considerations. Feminism is a world view, a viewpoint that demands a rethinking off questions of power in society and thus has an undeniable potency. Russell has produced works on war and the national security climate, connecting life at home with the conduct of war abroad, in which her photo montage Siri's played a critical part. Rosler appropriates elements off pop coach in her artwork, such as advertising from TV and magazines. We will now look at a small selection of rustlers. Extensive artworks in Woman with Vacuum, Martha Rosler Highlights said Marginalization of women in pop art. The work shows a woman vacuuming a corridor replete with famous pop art works made by male artists. The vacuum in woman appears resigned to the fact that her invisible, subservient role in patriarchal society in the Siri's body. Beautiful or beauty knows no pain. Rosalyn disrupts representations of women in mass circulation magazines In her serious cold meat, one called me Too Hot May and damp May women's body parts are merged with kitchen appliances, positioning the commodified female body within the domains of food preparation and consumption. I adopted pop strategies to bring together mass media images of politicians and political currents on toe offer. An eminent critic of advertising featuring women, I also began making anti war images whose pop influence is apparent the only to my mind. At some remove the purpose of this tutorial. We will focus on one of those syriza photo montages. House Beautiful, Bringing the war home 1967 to 1972 in which he produced at the time of the Vietnam War. She combined and contracted images of Vietnamese civilians and U. S soldiers at war with those of the macular ideal homes from home and life magazines. She then distributed copies of these artworks are antiwar rallies and publications. It was the first war in history that was brought into the homes of American people through the new TV set from which the horrors and brutality of war could be witnessed on a daily basis, often described as the living room war. I was looking for a way to express in public fashion my opposition to a war that seemed to be brought to us in the living room on TV on which posited a Here under there, I had been using the montage form to provide a collision within a frame of things we think about when we unconsciously positioned women as essentially home appliances and passive objects of desire. And it occurred to me that I should make antiwar flies in the form of montage tabler drawn for mass picture magazines. I wound up making 20 of them over a period of years, and they acquired that serious title. This work, as well as woman with Vacuum, are important examples of Rosslyn presence in the pop art scene demonstrated through her refashioning and reinterpretation of images from popular culture such as news, home and housekeeping magazines. I felt that most things I was doing that weren't Abstract Expressionist painting or straight photography. We're directly influenced by pop art, had an internal debate about pop and decided that its advent men that style was a matter of choice. No unconscious expression. But no, I wouldn't have labeled myself a pop artist. Pop art is an art movement that emerged in the fifties and flourished in the sixties in America and Britain, drawing inspiration from sources in popular and commercial culture. Different cultures and countries contributed to the movement During the sixties and seventies, it began as a revolt against dominant approaches to our own culture and traditional views on what art should be. Young artists felt that what they were taught at school on what they saw in museums did not have anything to do with their lives or the things they saw around them every day. Instead, they turned to sources such as Hollywood movies, advertising, product packaging, pop music and comic books for the image area. Pop art was widely dominated by male artists, as has been the norm in history of art. Pop artist Richard Hamilton listed the characteristics of a bar in a letter to his friends . Pop art is popular, designed for a mass audience, transient, short term solution, expendable, easily forgotten, low cost, mass produced young aimed at you witty, sexy, gimmicky, glamorous, big business modernist critics were horrified by the pop art issues of such low subject matter on by their apparently uncritical treatment. Off it, in fact, pop both to car into new areas off subject matter and develop new ways of presenting it in our and can be seen as one of the first manifestations of postmodernism. 4. Tools & Materials for Photomontage: These are the essential and non essential materials you will need for creating your photo montage. The essentials. Some scissors, big and small. A glue stick magazines. Sick white paper or white or colored card, non essentials. A cutting mat, a craft knife spray mount, a protective mosque, a cutting rula, a pencil and pen. 5. Final Project 'Behind The Scenes': In the final project, we will create a scene behind the scenes using images from magazines such as Homes and Interiors, Time magazine, National Geographic or Life magazine. Anything you can get your hands on, We will incorporate Ross. There's creative techniques and processes into the final project piece. Let's look at rosters, composition techniques and recap on what's beyond the surface off her work. I am interested in contrast and collision and with that means to thereby poke a hole, a conceptual tear in unacknowledged ideas and images in cleaning the drapes from bringing the War home House Beautiful Siri's 1967 to 72. We see a woman dressed in 60 style who is cleaning curtains with her vacuum cleaner. But in the same beyond. Outside her window, we see a troublesome black on white scene of soldiers on a rocky terrain, replete with guns instead of a beautiful garden or similar, seen as one might expect. So Rosler has cut out the window view of an interior scene and replaced it with something more Harrowing. Guns pointing to the sky are mirrored by the suction shoes off the woman's vacuum cleaner. Photo off from her new Siris in 2000 and 4 to 2008 is a reworking off her earlier, Bringing the War Home House Beautiful, Siri's As a critic of the war in Iraq, we concede contemporary comparison with the War of Vietnam, reconnecting the reality of a distant war with the living rooms of America. She underlies the relationship between the spoils of war on a consumerist society. A young and attractive blond woman is in a new, immaculately designed living room, wearing a skimpy dress with her mouth wide open, Woman appears to be posing for a selfie on her cell phone. A mirror image of the rib replica of this woman is doubled up. Besides, as if to reinforce rosters, political message in two chairs. At the back of the room are two little girls who appeared to be dead on victims of war in Iraq or Afghanistan. The scene outside the window is again a harrowing Warsi with fire engulfing silhouettes of soldiers and their weaponry in lounging woman from the Bringing the War Home House Beautiful, Siri's 2000 and 4 to 2000 and eight, a casually dressed young woman is relaxing upside down, hanging off a comfortable chair and on a ferry rug with a copy of the newspaper on the side table. This scene is juxtaposed with the soon from what appears floor to ceiling, window behind or open view of another room that shows shoulders in combat. Inside another building that has been demolished by bombs, the women's eyes are closed. What do you think this may signify? Her elbow leads the viewer's eye from the bottom left hand corner of the image upper torso to the mid left of the emit and across to the gaze of the soldier looking up the right with his gun loaded, ready to shoot the enemy. It's also worth considering the color palette in the works and how colors come work together to create a visual aesthetic on a deeper meaning to the artwork. What social issues do you care strongly about? They could be women's or animal rights, environmental issues, homelessness, racial discrimination, disability or LGBT rights. How might you incorporate these issues into your final pace? Maybe you will find some images with the message that you care about and use them in your final project, but your final project doesn't need to have a strong political message like rustlers behind it. It could be something more lighthearted and intuitive without thinking too much. While you create, you can simply have fun. Be playful and get scissor happy. First, select some scenes of immaculate homes from interiors or home magazines, preferably with a window view or similar. Be playful, mindful in your approach. Now select some interest in backgrounds from Time magazine, National Geographic or similar. Now select a personal people who could be potential character on your stage. Cuts out the window area like this are the using scissors or a knife. People are individual person like this. Your background images and experiment with different positions have cut pieces before blowing your final. Don't forget to share your artwork in the class Project gallery at the comp way to see your ex.