Cutting Edges # 1: Mindful Montage - Explore Dada Photomontage & Collage to Help Creative Block! | Hester Jones | Skillshare

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Cutting Edges # 1: Mindful Montage - Explore Dada Photomontage & Collage to Help Creative Block!

teacher avatar Hester Jones, Artist, Photographer, Film-Maker & Yogi

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction to Collage & Photomontage

    • 2. Optional Guided Meditation

    • 3. Art History on Hannah Hoch & Dada Art Movement

    • 4. Materials & Tools for Collage & Photo Montage

    • 5. Selecting Images & Resources

    • 6. Cutting & Tearing Techniques

    • 7. Final Photomontage Project

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About This Class

Would you like to learn mindfulness techniques to help boost your creative flow? Then this class is for you! It's the first in a series of creative tutorials 'Cutting Edges' in which students can explore creative collage and mindfulness techniques; inspired by important collage and photomontage artists and art movements. In this first class we will look at the photomontages of Hannah Hoch; the only female artist from Berlin's Dada art movement.


Taking you through my creative process step-by-step I will show you:

  • How to be more playful and mindful in your creative approach
  • How to build and organise a collage materials resource bank
  • How to use simple materials such as paper, glue and scissors to create a Dada inspired artwork
  • Composition, cutting and tearing techniques

The class is suitable for complete beginners as well as those wishing to further explore and develop their creative approach; using a variety of creative techniques and processes. Moreover, it is geared towards those who wish to be inspired by important contemporary and historical artists.

The class aim is to inspire students to explore and employ a variety of techniques and resources to boost creative productivity, play with new processes, and help alleviate creative block.

The guided meditation is optional so if you prefer to dive straight into the Art History & other sections after the introduction - then feel free to skip the meditation! But I recommend you give it a go!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hester Jones

Artist, Photographer, Film-Maker & Yogi


Hello! I'm Hester a Visual Artist based in London and I'm so happy to be part of the Skillshare community! I'm passionate about teaching art, photo collage, photography and film-making. I first became hooked on photography while living in Italy for 5 years around 15 years ago!

After my adventures in Italy I studied Pg Cert Photography at Central St Martins and MA Photography at London College of Communication. 

I certified as a Yoga Teacher in The Himalayas so I'm also creating classes on Skillshare to incorporate Yoga & Meditation with Photomontage, Photography & Film-Making: to help boost creative productivity with a mindful approach.

My experience includes leading a photography course at The Photographers' Gallery and I'm trained and dedicated to t... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Collage & Photomontage: Hi, I'm I'm a visual artist based in London, where I teach photography, filmmaking and FOCAC Ah, large as well as yoga and meditation, the main mediums I use in my own artworks, photography, video and found images. This class is the first in a series of tutorials I've created to inspire experimentation and developing new college techniques and processes. Class aims also to help boost your creative activity, photo montage and mindful approach. We will start the class with a short guided meditation. What I love about car large is the physical act of cutting, tearing, selecting, arranging a plane with images. Above all, I love re fashioning and disrupting the photographs we are bombarded with on daily basis. I also feel completely immersed in the present moment when I am collagen, not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. In this class, we will look at the work of Hannah Hoch, the only woman artist in the Dada art movement. I will also show you where to get inspiration, for example, but charity, bookstores, eBay, markets, interest, etc. And how to build an organized college bank of resources and materials. We will also look image selection composition and Darda photo montage techniques and processes Way will finish by Great in a fun class project that I can't wait to see you share in the final project gallery. 2. Optional Guided Meditation: Before we begin our creative practice, we would do a short guided meditation awareness of breath. This guided meditation on the breath will help you learn to simply be on to look within yourself with mindfulness equanimity. Allow yourself to switch from the usual mode of doing to a mode of north, doing simply being sitting in an erect posture. Five on a straight back chair or cushion as you allow your body to become still, bring your attention to the fact that you are breathing. Become aware of the movement of your breath. Has it comes into your body and does it leave your party? No manipulating the birth in any way, trying to change it simply being well that one of the themes associated with leaving and serving the drinks deep down, feeling the abdomen has to expand January and as it falls back toward your spine on the outbreak, being totally here in each moment with the play, not trying to do everything, not trying to get to any place simply being you, giving full care and attention to each thing going to eat house as they follow one off to be over in a never ending cycle, he will find that from time to time, your mind will wander off into thoughts when you notice that your attention is no longer here, I'm without judging you. So bring your attention back to your breathing. I'm right the way you're leaving. Very conscious of the relation of each breast from moment to moment, every time you find your mind wondering, just getting it, but to the present, back to the moment moment. Observing slow using focus, we're going to bring you back to the president whenever you notice that your mind he's becoming a tool for react. Using your Breck, help you tune in to a state of relaxed to wear still. Now I feel I feel praising. You may find from time to time that you're becoming aware of the sensations. Terrible. Do you maintain A. When it's your craving, see if it is possible to expand the build of your awareness, so that includes a sense of recorded a whole city feeling your body from head to tug on becoming aware of the sensations in your body so that now you are not only the flower breathing, but the Senate's of your ability as a whole. We get feelings. Sensations come up in any moment without drugging them without reacting to them. Just being pulling here, fully aware, turn to be present with whatever your feelings are. And we feel a great sense of your body is home on the game. Whenever you notice that your mind is wondering, just bringing it back to you, really? And you're like you say, Hey, no going anywhere not doing anything, just maybe simply sitting moment to moment being fully present. Three with yourself establishing You're wearing this on the body as a whole on down the breath as it moves in and out of your body, coming back to a sense of forests of each member on the fullness of beach out. If you find yourself at any point drawn into a stream of thing and you notice that you are no longer serving breath, just using your breathing on a sense of your body toe Thank you and steak issue in the present. Just being with your breathing from moment to moment, just sitting in stillness, looking for nothing, being present, just definite ease just as it unfolds. Just being right here right now, complete as the practice comes to an end, you might give yourself credit for having spent this time never seen itself in a deep way. What well, in in a state known doing in this state for having intentionally night time yourself to simply be who you are and if you move back into the world and into your creative practice, allow the benefits of this practice to expand into every aspect of your life. 3. Art History on Hannah Hoch & Dada Art Movement: This college workshop is inspired by Hannah Hawkes, use of simple materials, magazines, paper, glue and scissors, and the fun and creative possibilities of cutting, arranging and sticking images to create portrait of people inspired by Hannah Hawkes. Political photo MONTAGES Hannah Hoch was a German feminist artist who was born in 18 89 and died in 1978. She was the only female artist in the Dada art movement and said to be one of the originators of photo montage. The doctor. Our group was responsible for naming a men's urinal fountain and turning into one of the most influential artworks off the last century. Hot hung out with stars but Pierre Mondrian, but they never saw her as unequal. Artist Hans Richter once described her merely as the girl who procured sandwiches, beer and coffee on a limited budget. At the time, it was very difficult and unaccepted in society for women to become artists. It was not very easy for a woman to impose herself as a modern artist in Germany. Most of our male colleagues continued for a long time to look upon us as charming and gifted amateurs, denying us inclusively any real professional status. Working with women's magazines influence hot awareness of the oppression and misrepresentation of women, which inspired her work. Och also made work that's untested racial discrimination and marriage. One technique she used was fusing male and female bodies together to transfer the so called power of Man woman on disrupt gendered identities. I have always tried to exploit the photograph. I use it like color or, as the poet uses the world need. Other artists were quickly pulled off the dominant social structures and political strategies that led to World War. To them, the carnage of war was proof enough that the rationalism and order civilization was an illusion. Two critic. The systems that shapes aside Teoh, they turn to Newark, making strategies. In their attack on rationality, Darda artists embraced chance, accident and improvisation. Such forces figured prominently in their creation of collages, assemblages and photo montages, and suffered elements that have long defined artistic practice that craft control and intentionality. It was a form of personal protest on a tour for critiquing the increasingly mechanized violent world in which they lived. Drawing on such methods the news and imagery from magazines, newspapers and other printed mass media daughter artists could attack the bourgeoisie with distortions of its own communication imagery. The man on the street could be shocked to see the components of a familiar letter off. His newspapers have posters run in a month. If you are wondering what is the difference between collage assemblers? Photomontage. These interpretations may help Large derived from the French call their meaning to groove College refers to both the techniques and the result in work of art, in which fragments of paid from other materials are arranged and glued for otherwise thick supporting surface and also include other media such as painting and Rouran, and contain speed dimensional elements. The same blood. A three dimensional work of art made from combinations of materials, including found objects or non traditional art materials. Photo montage, collage work that includes cut or tourney and pasted photographs for photographic reproductions. A montage is an assembly of images that relate to each other in some way to create a single work well, part of the work of art. A montage is more for more than a large and is usually based on a C 4. Materials & Tools for Collage & Photo Montage: Now I will show you the essential and non essential materials and tools I used for creating photo colleges. Essentials. I mostly use a small pair of scissors like this to cut out the final details, but also a large pair like this to cut out large areas. A glue stick, a selection of magazines, some white card or six white paper you could get from any good art shop or local shop and the magazines I have a collection. So, for example, interiors, magazines, Elle decoration, a vintage vogue, some National Geographic. But you couldn't have any magazines with the newspapers, postcards and non essentials. Cutting mat is another useful tool with a cutting craft life like this. But these are no essential. I have this larger cutting matter and smaller cutting. I also use spray mount for a cleanest it. I'm careful to keep the room well ventilated, and I wear a protective marks like this so I don't breathe in the toxic fumes. Rulers and pencils and pens also come in handy, so I have a couple of times and pencils and they still edged. Ruler is good for cutting with a knife, OK, but these ones are non essentials. I also have a little book of sticky tags I couldn't use to mark out, for example, photo that I might like to report light. Okay, it's affected tigers or to use if I'm looking into collage books. Insurrection. 5. Selecting Images & Resources: we will now look at selecting images and building a koala results is back. I have a selection of magazines, which I've sourced from friends and family, eBay, charity or thrift stores. Recycling bins, supplements from the weekend newspapers, free magazines you confined on the underground in London. You can also look in markets and in public spaces materials. He's useful to start building and organizing a collage resource bank, especially if, like me, you start to get addicted to large images that you select couple tearful magazines you may or may not use in this mindful montage final project. So you can always save them for another day and another Cuellar's. I find a cheap and simple A four project folder likely spot with some sticky tax is ideal to start with and to keep your images tighty and organized in between tutorials. As you can see in my phone, I have a selection for nature images, a sex and for animals, a section for ladies, wonderful interiors, M foods and so on and so forth actually start to look in magazines and select images. You come first, turn them out like this. Then, when you've gathered several images you can start the cutting and tearing process, which we will go into more detail in the next section. But you will find your own preferred method of selecting and saving images. Why don't you start to build your resource of magazines These nights, images are told from National Geographic magazines and rises from women's magazines. 6. Cutting & Tearing Techniques: there are a number of ways to remove images from your sources. I will show you some examples of images off birds I have selected and removed from third and nature magazines. Do you contend magazine pages out like this? I use the large scissors to cut around large areas of paper to make it easier to cut the images out. I used the smaller scissors to cut out images like this. I use the craft knives to cut very fine details, but this is often possible with just a small pair of scissors. I even have this cute, tiny pair for sewing, but come in handy for smaller areas. It's also fun to use your hands like this to tear images to give a different effect. Play around the different compositions. Juxtapositions of images were intuitively in the present moment without thinking too much. Focus on a mindful and playful approach. 7. Final Photomontage Project: Inspired by Hannah Hawkes. Photo montages This project idea is to create a portrait off a human animal hybrid, selecting and reassembling the body parts of a variety of people and animals. I will now show you my own creative process in selecting and claim with images to create a Darda inspired portrait. I begin by looking for images in magazines of people with different ethnicities, skin color, eye and hair colors, men or women goes or boys and animals. I use my scissors to cut out the images like this. We'll tear the paper like this or I years a craft knife. For the really tricky part, you can experiment with different backgrounds using magazines or colored card, incorporate hawks creative techniques and dot our processes into the final project piece. The important aspect for May is to be playful, mindful in my approach, it's a good idea to experiment, have fun and play around with different compositions before you actually stick the images down with glue. After you have made one photo montage and you are still feeling creative, why not have another go? Don't forget to share your artwork in the class Project gallery at the end. I can't wait to see