Cuties in love - watercolor illustration | Olesya Turchuk | Skillshare

Cuties in love - watercolor illustration

Olesya Turchuk, Watercolor addicted :)

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4 Videos (20m)
    • introduction

    • pencil sketch

    • painting

    • last details


About This Class

Hi everyone, welcome to my new class! Let's paint a cute couple in love!))) I will show you step by step how to create such a beautiful illustration!

For work I used:

  1. Light  weight paper for sketch
  2. pencil, eraser
  3. masking tape
  4. watercolor paper Canson Arches, 100% cotton, cold pressed
  5. round sable and squirrel brushes, 3 sizes
  6. watercolor paintings (cerulium, cobalt blue, ultramarine, pink, pink quinacridone, umber)
  7. clear water
  8. tablet
  9. palette
  10. napkins
  11. white pen

You can use different art supplies, it's up to you!:)

I highly reccommend to watch this class with basic exercises.

Here is brief information about choosing art supplies, you can read description :)

P.S. Sorry my accent, English is not my native language and I do my best!)))






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Olesya Turchuk

Watercolor addicted :)

Hello, friends! My name is Olesya. I'm russian watercolor artist. I've loved art ever since my childhood. I studied Fine Art in art's school. Painting enrich my life with harmony and beauty. I draw inspiration from my family, nature and beautiful music.

Thank you for visiting my class! Hope my art will inspire you:) my shop on Creative Market and my portfolio on Shutterstock

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