Cute autumn illustrations in Procreate with lettering practice for iPad | Elena Maslova | Skillshare

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Cute autumn illustrations in Procreate with lettering practice for iPad

teacher avatar Elena Maslova, Digital illustration, iPad Procreate

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Autumn illustrations in Procreate

    • 2. How to download and import files in Procreate

    • 3. Lettering practice: draw elements and letters

    • 4. Lettering practice: draw lettering compositions

    • 5. Create first illustration: rain boots with leaves

    • 6. Second illustration: latte cup (tumbler)

    • 7. Third illustration: envelope with leaves

    • 8. Fourth illustration: cute pumpkins

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About This Class

My name is Elena and I am an illustrator and Procreate addons designer. I love digital illustration and also I love teaching. My teaching expirirence is about 6 years. And digital illustration it’s very inspiration part of my life.

In this class I want to show you easy way to create cute autumn illustrations in Procreate

We drawing 4 cute simple autumn moos illustrations and adding some lettering in our cards with illustration.

You can used them for stickers, printing, poster decoration, for social media and as a gift for your family or friends.

Materials you needed for this class is iPad, Procreate App (version 5.0 or newer), pencil with pressure sensitivity.

Happy creating!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elena Maslova

Digital illustration, iPad Procreate



Hello, friends! My name is Elena and I am a Procreate addons creator, illustrator, lettering artist.

With the arrival of the iPad and Procreate in my life in 2018, I began to draw more in digital and completely immersed myself in digital illustration. Later, I began to create author's brushes that imitate working with live materials.


You can see watercolors, paper-textured, pastels, as well as stamp brushes and grids for lettering in my Etsy store:


I have a teacher experience in University and in kids club and now I am creating classes about digital illustrations on iPad for Skillshare and Udemy


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1. Autumn illustrations in Procreate: Hello friends. Today I want to show you easy way to create cute autumn illustrations in Procreate. We creating cute simple illustration step-by-step: sketch and coloring and details. In this class, you can find Procreate color palette with autumn colors is named Happy fall. And my special brushes for this class is maple leaves and the pumpkins. Let's create! 2. How to download and import files in Procreate: How we can download files for drawing in this class. It is color palette and brushes, with pumpkins and leaves. We need to go to, find my class "Cute illustrations in Procreate" and the section "Projects and resources" (About, Reviews, Discussions and Projects and resources) and tep on See more and find link to my Procreate sources You can find "here" and tap on this link. And we go to my Personal website and we need to login, enter our password, AUTUMN 2021 and tap on Log in And now we see our files is Happy fall brush set and Happy fall swatches And now we need to importing this files in Procreate. We download files, tap on Download button and whole project tap, and download. And you can give me your feedback for this products here, if you want or close the window And we need just waiting for downloading our files. And we can find these files here in zip folder and go to downloads on top of all this zip. And find ZIP Autumn illustrations here. Tap on it, unzipped it automatically in my folder Photos 4. And here we find it and we need to select files for one-by-one. And import to Procreate: can this tap on fire File - Share, find Share in Procreate, importing, find in Brush Library up. Our Brush library Happy fall. And go back The same - Tap - Share into Procreate. And find down here our color palette set Default. And can drawing now. 3. Lettering practice: draw elements and letters: Anyway. Okay. Right. For your hard work. Okay. Hello? Yeah. Hello. 4. Lettering practice: draw lettering compositions: Yeah. Hello. Hi. What? For our work. 5. Create first illustration: rain boots with leaves: And our first step is creating a new canvas for a work: 2048x2732 px, 300 dpi. And for the first I want to start with my sketch and draw some boots and leaves in it. This is calligraphy brushes and the Monoline. And I want to draw with my blue color. Drawing my lines and fill my illustration. And now I want to draw another silhouette like this Whoops I want to duplicate my layer and used alpha lock and change color, and fill layer and move it for this side. Okay. And now I want to draw my leaves. In this plays, some yellow color. Simple forms. You can draw another lives - what do you wont to draw I think it's good. And now I duplicate this. Change color for darker. Use Alpha Lock and Fill layer and move it. Flip And I want to create a group, duplicate my group and flip and move it for my second boot. Now I can move my leaves. Now I want to group layer and resize it. Because I want adding some lettering. I wanted to draw berries. I choose this and adding new layer. And draw my berries here. And choose darker. And draw brahcnes And now I won't adding some leaves and we can just choose a Happy fall brush set and the color. And just on a new layer, we need fixed size size of our brush and just tap on it. We can move it layer here and this color And these leaf Biggest, smaller, draw and up. Now I am adding some details on our boots in new layer and with this darker color. Choose Monoline brush from Calligraphy. Is my favorite brush for drawing. Draw some heart You can adding details for this leaves. And I want adding some lettering. I'm want to draw "Happy autumn". With Monoline brush and Brush pen. Change size You can adding some texture on boots, with my favorite brushes for sketching, and the Bonobo chalk. For this we need to go to this layer and use Alpha Lock. And we see we drawing here. You'll see only on the layer on our books. Can change size brush, getting some texture. You can adding some lights on our Monoline brush on berries. Here I want to group our illustration, because we needed some elements from this, like this part. I show you later. And our illustration in new group. And we can share in JPEG and the send to your e-mail, or just save image on your Image library. 6. Second illustration: latte cup (tumbler): My second illustration is latte cup (or tumbler) with latte. For this I need again blue, Again blue color. And simple forms forms for our cup. And fill it, use eraser. And now I want to draw dark blue. Darken color for this side and feel my latte or chocolate. Here. You can adding some marshmallow. with white color. These in simple forms. Adding some details with a darker blue. I want to draw my heart. In another layer, and draw again and fill it. My latte cup is ready. Group, Move it. And adding some leaves. Choose this, maybe more size. You can choose yellow or red. And just sadding new layer and just tap on These. Maybe we can adding in new layer. some berries. Choose calligraphy, monoline brush, and some funny, berries this color. And I want adding some lettering. Maybe we need to move it together in a group. To move it in a group. And I have place for drawing my lettering in new layer in these group. And up, choose dark, Monoline, and Brush calligraphy Brushpen, Autumn Leaves and lattes, please or chocolate, Please. Brushpen used And we can move it 7. Third illustration: envelope with leaves: And now I want to draw my next illustration in new layer. This is envelop with leaves. I choose monoline brush. I chose these colors and draw. an envelope forms with simple lines and feel it. Next I create new layers Lighter color. First draw, then move it, like this and fill it, feeling my layer and moved And here we go to our first illustration and find layer and duplicate and to move it up. hear move it here and I forget (unmaker layer to invisible). And duplicate this group, move it and flip horizontal and go to the group. drag and drop, move it, changes size for this. And we can go again for these layer and move it up here. And I want to adding some detail on my envelope: new layer up, here and (draw heart). Duplicate, maybe, maybe duplicate this, fleep and erase. I think it's be better. Maybe we can duplicate. Again. Flip and removed here. This our group group layer in new group and move it down for our letting up. Draw something. with monoline Brush. Think "Hello, autumn", bigger. Hello and Monoline - draw Autumn. 8. Fourth illustration: cute pumpkins: We go to gallery and create a new art work with my dimension (2048x3732 px). Here. The same size. Create. And for my illustration I need my stamps with pumpkin. I choose this and this color. And just tap. And now I want to create this color, bigger this. And now I want to create background. Choose calligraphy monoline and just draw under my pumpkin, and fill the layer. In now in new layer I create another details. and use eraser in this layer. The same I want to draw another orange pumpkin in more darker color, monoline brush. I draw here and fill it, filling my layer and, drop under my pumpkin, Use eraser And these draw here and group. And now I want adding some leaves under my pumpkin in new layer for simple moving and maybe duplicate. Move it to group. We can addin some texture, on our pumpkin and go here, Alpha Lock layer, choose Bonobo Chalk in Sketching. Choose darken and draw. For this, go on Alpha Lock. Choose darken the yellow. Choose darken orange color and draw Some details. I want to draw Here. And here. Now I want adding some lettering, in my illustration: choose black, brush and draw: "We gaver together" Change size for my brush. Fixed my mistake is ready And draw some cute details like heart And for export our illustration - Go Action - Share choose JPEG and exporting to gallery or something another way. I choose save image.