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Cute, Watercolour Bouquet Bear with Pizzle Paints!

teacher avatar Pizzle Paints, Ain't no party like a Pizzle Party!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Bouquet Bear!

    • 2. Materials...

    • 3. Colour Palette...

    • 4. Loose Techniques

    • 5. Illustrate Your Bear!

    • 6. Painting Your Bear!

    • 7. Paint Your Bear's Bouquet!

    • 8. Final Touches!

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About This Class

Welcome to my very belated Cute, Bouquet Bear Class! I am so glad you're back. This class is all about spreading the love, not just because it was Valentines day but because we should always be reminded to love others! Follow my simple, interactive steps and have fun creating a unique Watercolour Bear of your own.

What you will learn:

  • My go-to materials (Prima Marketing Inc. Confection Pallets 'Vintage Pastels, The Classics and Essence', Silver Brushes 'Black Velvet - Sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8') - Coupon Code: Pizzlepaints15%, Khadi Paper 300gsm rough
  • The colour palette I'll be using to paint the bear and two different bouquet options (Rich and Pastel)
  • How to paint loose florals, sticks and leaves (fillers)
  • Brush control!
  • How to illustrate your bear section by section 
  • How to paint your bear and bouquet using the Bold to Bleed technique (my most used technique)  

This class was created because Bears holding Bouquets are so cute - amiright? and I love the idea of spreading love. A great idea for cards, love notes or room decor. The possibilities are endless with these wonderful Bears. 

Thanks again for stopping by and taking my class. 


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Pizzle Paints

Ain't no party like a Pizzle Party!


Hi Pizzle People!

Welcome to my Skillshare classes. 

My name is Simela Petridis and I am a self-taught watercolour artist from Adelaide, Australia. My fascination with art started at the young age of 3 but I quickly hung up my brushes until the age of 22. Pizzle Paints became my outlet from my tertiary studies, becoming a high school teacher proved to be the most challenging adventure yet. Fast forward two years, I am now qualified and work as both an artist and a school teacher and always strive to live a full, creative life. Pizzle Paints gained traction and with traction came opportunity. In 2017 I signed my first contract with Prima Marketing Inc. as a member of their Watercolour Design Team and recently signed a second contact with Viviva C... See full profile

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1. Bouquet Bear!: Hello, everyone. Welcome to my Brok Biscoe share class for Valentine's Day. Not just because it's Valentine say, but because it's cute. It's easy waken Do it together. It's a nice way to spread the love, you know. Now I'll be talking to you throughout the whole video, so don't worry. You're not alone. Cannot wait to see your beds on that in no way to pay alongside you. Thanks for watching. I forgot to mention anything that I do or anything that I describe. If you have any questions, please let me know. I'm always here to help. 2. Materials...: now for today's materials, I'm gonna be using some of my usual. But before I do, I'm gonna show you some examples of my biz. Look cute for the rest of my materials. I'm gonna be using some of my usual prima pallets classics on the Essence Palace as well as the vintage process. I love things on Booth. You're gonna need a lead pencil and probably in a razor. Now, for brushes, I'm using an array of sizes. Sizes to eight silver brushes, black velvet range water on a paper towel to finish. I'm gonna use a hottie paper. It's about 300 GSM really hard cod stocks throughout the video. I'm using those sheets. Let's get started. 3. Colour Palette...: - Yeah . 4. Loose Techniques : now for some loose techniques, we're going to start off with the flattened peddled. Floro, I want you to attach color to the tip of your brush and water to the rest of your brush. Then you're gonna fan your brush very flat on the paper and you're gonna see this, Grady, and effect in the pedal is me trying to show you what I actually mean by that doing a great job of it, how we're going to do the same with the color on the tip of the brush and water on the rest . And we're simply going to follow the brushes shape by pressing it down. These are really, really effective, and you can do them in multiple patterns. Next droplets droplets a super great for filling space. Just with the tip of the brush, you're going to create little dots, or you can ruffin them out a little bit and make them mawr random in shape and inconsistency. You can see the two different types here. Now add some stems and see what you like onto the stick technique. I want you to create a track of water, just a line of water. Then I want you to activate the color of your choice. I've chosen Brown, and I want you to disperse the color in a few spots off the track of water. Once this drives, it's actually going to look like a stick. And it's very effective for when you want to feel space or if you want more of a dramatic effect job. Okay, next, some loose leaves. We're gonna start off by pressing down my brush with color into a diamond shape. I'm only pressing my brush down. I'm doing one side and then the other it meets at a diamond pick. Hopefully, you can see that pressing it down one side. I'm pressing it down the Elbe. Next, we're going to use the same technique as the flow rose by just pressing down my brush. And it's or in shape. He's a super lovely, and they used them all the time. Last level we're just doing sweeps off the brush in elongated, sloped lines at a track in the middle. Andi, they look wonderful. I'll see you at the next class 5. Illustrate Your Bear!: now no tubers air over the same, so make sure that you're being patient with yourself. Illustrating is a little bit tricky. Sometimes having a razor hand. It's gonna be helpful. You'll see me using it multiple times. I'm going to start off by drawing a round circle for my bears head, followed by 2/2 moons for the years, with little half moon sitting inside them. You don't have to be a perfectionist, but it's good to try to get a good balance between head and body. Next, I'm going to draw a small circle for my best mouth and then going toe. Add some of the facial features just so I could get a feel for where things are going at in the eyes of the eyebrows, nose on the mouth. You can also add the cheek features as well, if you like. Notice how all quietly I'm sketching. This is because I want my water color to sit nicely on top of the lead pencil, and I don't want any of the lead to come through. Now let's draw the best body. I'm going to draw a C shaped curve line, which is going to be his belly, followed by a marriage smaller. Say shape on the other side. I'm then going to draw two lines of the bottom for legs with a line that indicates the middle of his legs. Then I'm going to draw the boy straight under. Eastern on roughly outlined, where the bars. Little ropes. Then I'm going to draw some armed features on the bear to make it look like the Berries holding the break behind his back. You're going to do a triangle shape on the left and more off the back woods l on the right , proportions on everything. But I guess you want to try to make it look like a bear looks okay on its body. Head looks a cannons, buddy. Rather. So make sure that you sit there and you take your time. It does take time. So please be patient with yourself. - Okay ? My bed is ready to be painted. Let's go 6. Painting Your Bear!: Nuffer this lesson that we're going to paint our bears using allocate colors that we choose previously starting off without brown. We're going to use my boat a blade technique by outlining pigmented line around the illustration shape. Then all we have to do is bladed out with border. Don't worry about getting over the lead pencil. We're gonna go over that with DACA pain. Eventually, By using the boat to blade technique, you gain control over how much you want. You can always manipulate the paint by going back, adding more trying to create, even turn within the brown. This takes time also pleased. I paint the mountain. You will come back to that. Now. The same technique applies to when you do the best body boats oblique creating a frequented wine around the illustration shape and inflating. You can create a lot of dark patches. By doing this technique, you can also send you right pops of beds 40. Just by plating, you say may try to accentuate his belly a little bit to make it look a little bit tough. I like that once I'm happy with my bears overall finish and his head and his body is dry. I'm going to move on to some details. His mouth on the boy on his eyes and eyes, brows, eyes, brows. I'm using a diluted bed for the inside of his ears. Nothing special. I'm just creating 1/2 moon shape within the enough of the mouth. I'm using a dying to ground and I'm gonna cover the entire surface with wait for it to dry so that I can add his nerves News mouth and then using the tip of my brush with very concentrated drug accentuate some parts of its body. This is like outlining with tip of your brush. I wear belly is really important belly, but it shows that he's got a little bit of something something. So now I'm gonna add facial features starting with my black paint on the tip of my booth, starting with his house. Thank you, guys. I'll move down his notes and show you leave a little bit of wine in his eyes. This'll makes it look a little bit more now onto his cheeks. I'm just using a rosy red on the sides of his mouth. You can just do swells with the tip of your brush you could always manipulate the color as we go along. Now, using the Boto blade technique again, I'm going to do one side of the river. You see me outlining the ribbon and then laying it out. Just make sure the section off you've been sections so that they don't believe together. - I'm using some of the color that I used in the boat took century more of the cheek and more of this way that works is a case of base. Leave the inside of the bird toe lost raven to make sure that the inside is really bold. Moving on to tonight's, we're going to paint a bold, powerful shape murders with sections that I want. You can see me here creating different sections with my brush. It's really nice, honey, little specks of wine. Then I'm going to draw the line that connects the nose to the mouth on a little smiling things smell to make you look extra cute. - Now a big mental pain inside of whatever color your life. I'm just going to the same column, but a doctor version outlined mouths to finish and then way on. Of course, you can start adding the minor details, adding the lions in the bow lines around the insides of the whatever you like. This is your bear. You conclude, whatever you like, it's completely up to you. I'll see you in the next lesson. 7. Paint Your Bear's Bouquet!: 8. Final Touches!: