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Cute Unicorn Strawberry Cake

teacher avatar Deepa A.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Work

    • 3. Material Required

    • 4. Drawing

    • 5. Colouring

    • 6. A Word with You

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About This Class

Hello all ! 

In this class you will learn how to draw and colour A Cute Unicorn Strawberry Cake. 

This class requires no prior experience of any art or craft so anyone can join to learn.

Let's Start!!!

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Deepa A.


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1. Introduction: Hello everyone, Welcome to my class. In this class, I will show you how you can easily draw and color acute unicorns top Mary Kate. For this class, no brand experience of any kind of Acts is required. So this class is for all those who want to draw and color this cute unicorn stop Medicaid. I'm going to use only pencil colors in this class for coloring, but you can use any coloring medium that suits you the best. Also, I have shared your project for this class in the next lesson itself, so that you can complete your project work within the class and get submitted at the end. So let us start. 2. Project Work: So your project for this class is to draw and color the cute unicorns diabetic cake on your own as you learn in this class. Now, after drawing and coloring polygons, picture and upload that picture in projects and resources section of this class. You all must be excited to start. So let us proceed. 3. Material Required: For this class, we need a plain blank white sheet, a ruler to draw with, a pencil to draw with. And it is for corrections. A blank sketch pen for outlining. And for colorings. I'm going to use pencil colors. You can use any other medium if you want. 4. Drawing : Firstly, let us start trying. To start. We need a ruler and a pencil. Place the ruler and draw a straight line. Now, move this ruler a little low and then make a battle in line, but a little bigger. You can notice that the line is a little bigger on both the sides. Now joining these two lines, mount the points for about half a centimeter on this line so that we can proceed. Now from these points will have to draw a line that is about four centimeters long and perpendicular to the line we have drawn earlier. Now, with the help of a ruler, it says, join these two lines. Now, turn these pointed corners into round edges. It is the pointed corners with the head. But if it is a, now we have to draw one layer of stub bury bodies. I'm drawing this exact color green line from the bottom of the K for another layer at the top of this cake, I have to draw one more zigzag curvy line, but this will be less compact as we have drawn earlier. You can also observe the difference between the two. Now draw the two eyes, simply making these goes and three lines as eyelashes. Now draw a cute small smile with a town in it. Now, draw the two ears for this. I'm drawing this leaf kind of structure on these two edges. Now between these two ears, we have to draw a big ON of the icon. For this, I'm drawing the triangular shape at the center. Now for the conditions, we have to draw flowers. So here on the top layer of this cake, I'm drawing these slides. These are really very simple flash. You can draw any other kind of flower if you want. Simply draw the partitions in this Hahn of the unicorn so that we can color them, means this completes the drawing part. We'll move on to coloring part in the next lesson. 5. Colouring: Now let's start coloring archaic. Firstly, I'm using this pink color to fill in the upper layer of the cake. Be careful that the pink color do not get into the flask that we have drawn, as I have planned for these plants to be read. Make sure to blend the colors properly, even finish. Now, this lower layer with the same color as this gig is of stock beautifully rule, which means more and more of pink color. Be careful it as this curvy line is a bit tricky to take care of. So you can color slowly near these goals, especially. I'm using this same color to fill in the inner part of the ears as this will look really pretty. Dan for pink now, use red color to fill in the town. Also use red color to fill in three flies that we have drawn on the topmost layer of the key, makes sure that it could not get mixed with the pink collar. Collar the cell goes, as well as all the petals of the flower with the same column. And now the middle layer of the cake. In this layer, I'm filling red color, but very likely they shouldn't be dark red. So I kept this pencil color and tilted position and then very light pressure, I'm filling this shade in this area. You can now observe the sheet Hill, how it differs from the one that is in the town. Both are done using the same pencil. Now, after read, take light blue color to fill in the base of this cake. The plate on which the cake is placed. Make sure not to mix this color into the cake. Using the same light blue color to fill in the outer part of the ears. Using red color, again to fill in that topmost partition of this horn. Using to fill in the second partition of the Han. After this, using orange color for the third partition. For the fourth partition, and light blue for the last one. The coloring part that's done time to outline everything using the black sketch pen. Starting with the Han. Notice that I'm outlining the partitions also. This will make the drawing look more precise. Likewise, simply outline each and every line we have made. This outlining step was change the look of the gate completely. Whatever medium you choose, I suggest to do outline earnings at the end. This will make a huge difference in your drawings. I use pencil colors, so it was easy for me to outline it using the black sketch one. And the same goes with the watercolors, acrylics, poster colors, and some of these kinds. So if we are walking with these mediums, then I suggest to use the black pen or even a board marker for outline. But if you are using the colors like Wechsler ions, the pistils plastically on, then the Blake sketch pen or markers will not work on them. For that, you can use graphite pencil. This really gave you amazing family results. Now, in the coloring is also complete. This is the final look of the K-T. The cute unicorn stomach ache. This gate looks so cute and delicious, right? 6. A Word with You: So guys, now you know how to draw and color this cute unicorn cake. So it's your time to submit your project will also encourage you to review this class so that I can make my future classes based upon those reviews. And if you don't want to miss any updates regarding my newest classes on Skillshare, known forget to click the follow button on my profile. This was all. Thank you for joining. Bye.