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Cute Owl using gel pens

Kaylene Hitchins, Artist

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    • 1. Cute owl with gel pens introduction

    • 2. Cute Owl with gel pens supplies

    • 3. Drawing the cute owl

    • 4. Cute Owl outlines

    • 5. Colouring the cute owl

    • 6. Cute owl wings and tummy

    • 7. Cute owl feathers

    • 8. Cute owl branch

    • 9. Cute Owl is Finished


About This Class

Learn how to create a cute owl using gel pens.

I designed this class to be fun and creative, whilst learning to draw with shapes and colour blending.  Gel pens can be purchased easily, not requiring clean-up so you can "art" anywhere at anytime.  

Art is a wonderful for relaxation or it should be, so do art for art's sake.  It is not about creating a wonderful artwork that will sell, it is about enjoying this moment in time.

Together we will make a cute owl using gel pens... enjoy.




1. Cute owl with gel pens introduction: I it scaling. This is acute. Our that we'll be doing in our class will be learning how to draw. Have to do our outlining how to color it in blending and using other colors and maybe other steps just using every day. Jokin. Well, every day begins. I like the ones that runs smooth, but it doesn't really matter what use that was really keeping. But I may or may not be obsessed, but this is what we'll be doing in the class. So come and join me. See, they 2. Cute Owl with gel pens supplies: Hello. This is our cute l. They were going to be working on surfacing. I'm going to show you is the supplies that you will need so to draw. These were going to actually made some pencils to start off. I like HB because need leaves a nice line without being to ruffle too hard. And we can actually race that really, really nicely. And I like a white of razor. You can buy colored, but they might leave a little bit of residue on. We don't want residue on our outward and pin pins in any shape or form. Some of them, like this one's my favorite. You can see a little bit of type on there because it's a nice decline. It's actually a signal, and it says it's one. They are under the type and see how that is rather lovely. Let me just that up, and it's putting a lot of in Connie, so there's so many different types and different on places that you can buy them that's quite met. So that one I probably wouldn't use for this artwork, but it be nice for drawing. Well, that's lovely, not think, and that's an impact to you nibble. I use a lot of unit ball only. Probably because that's what's available at the local stationery shop and you can get them newsagents and things like that. Now that's a drawing pin. So I probably wouldn't use thes for these artwork, but I would use it for others. Okay, after that, these shapes that we can actually draw with. So I just got some everyday items. This He's my sons. He doesn't need it anymore. That's OK. It's mine now. So using a Tim plight like this, I can actually get my l shape. But again, that's what this is off. But it's cute. We could do around the or even coins, right. They will give lovely, lovely shape so we can use all those No problem whatsoever. The next thing will be opens for coloring, and there are so many different varieties and so many different colors. Some like this kid. This is one of my favorites. I have a few out at the moment because I'm using them. It's great. It's a little travel pack, and it has sparked please. I, like spa, agrees and met, and they look almost like paint when they go on, and then it is a lot of these again. I got them at my stationery shop. What I'm looking for, though, it's something that puts a lot of ink on so you can see there. That's a lot of ink, so it's almost like a paint when it goes on for a lot of the stationary shops. Have a little bile where you can try them, so go ahead, try them, see if you're getting a nice flow out of them, because that's what's important. You'll also need a wide, because we will be embellishing with other colors and what will be one of them. Lovely, lovely, lovely Couple These aside now we need to look at the surface of withdrawing. So this one here It's a watercolor paper, I think, and that's lovely to draw on. Thesis one that I did. He's just kind of stuck. And that one's a little bit you know, you can use drawing, um, hands like this one. This is, but we think it's bigger than a photocopy paper, but lovely and smooth to draw on or are quite often use what I get at a supplies, or sometimes you're a little bit expensive at what's at a discount store. This one was a discount store. If you can see that, there's actually a bit of texture to it. It is a watercolor that's quite thick just because of watercolor. Will need the little grooves for the water collect to go into May I like this side. It's nice. It actually looks rather nice to go into and you can see is a background. It is lovely. Next we're going to go. Want to out drawing of R L. It's all the supplies that you need I will put down in our project section so you can actually go through and have a look at it. 3. Drawing the cute owl: it's time to draw Al Cute l Now what we're going to do. Get your selected paper, your HB pencil and you're right, sir. We're going to draw to Cipel's. It doesn't matter what size what shape, because when you actually draw them, even if you use these without circles, it's going to give out a lot of character. So using this, you can see that there's a little circle here about the same size. The It's a little circle here, a bigger one day, and he looks like it's fluffed up. And then all these other shapes go. Actually, this one here looks like looking forward, but see how the personality comes out. We like the personality standing with two circles. Then you add the eyes wherever you would like. Um, we're going to do around the icy, But then we're going to do a bigger one. They can see the placement of that is not perfect. I can change it as I go. I've probably pressed a little bit harder so that you can see it, but have a look at the different eyes on a ways even color. There's one team, they're all totally different, and he doesn't matter again. It's a personality like personality, so good to draw my ease triangle for my beak in size and it doesn't matter. I like to draw like a little skirt down there from the side of the head down to here. So I hit that he for a wing, that's no. And then a branch, that girl. So, as you can see, that is the beginning of our Al. Next we will go on to is putting out line work on so that will be the next video. 4. Cute Owl outlines: Now we're going to do the outline of al Cute Al So that one aside and this is the outline that we're going to be continuing with, he's the one that we drew. You'll grab your choice of pin piece of paper that you've tested it on. So it's the consistency you like. And now we're going to start without drawing that just because you put a line that doesn't mean you need to go over it. You could change your mind because this one's a little I I'm gonna color the whole lodge, which is what I did for this one. But this one I did they see, like in bubble writing that we used to use the out of line. You could see I haven't gone perfectly over gonna make this one a little bit because it would be smaller. And then the outside line, this is when it will start Having personality. I even made the other one bigger. So once you've done that, now do your feathers around again. It doesn't matter what size your feathers are, because that will give personality, too. But this one did all feathers a bit wonky on a big, big this one. I made the smaller ones in here and bigger ones around the just gonna put them inside when it goes in behind the other one. That's lovely, lovely. And a big so I can work out with the rest of the feathers will go It holds the other films coming under the Oh, look at him so good. So but they hate across And then that comes down around the bottom with the wings. Start if you like a smudge and I'm not worried about that, even got on my hand now what? What? That all I don't smudge it even more. Just be careful when you're drawing that you don't smudge. It is the little feather bits in there that'll give it shape. That's why it's a road down here, almost like triangles that have fallen over, fits around the ease or rather cute. Then Then he my wings one side, other side. I like that. Now we have to do the middle bit. Which is that Tommy? So this one, because this one looks like it's all fluff gap. I just did the first line across behind the peak, but this one because this one's a lot longer. I actually took it down further, and the big was a little bit small for that one. So now we just work out where we want to put it. Because the as a matter Well, that looks good. Now start with my Chrissy cross ease of my tummy. I think of my put one, Maureen, But sides. Yeah, that looks good. Now for our feathers Could see the 1st 1 here is actually tucked in behind the in these a quite long So I might start here and do the 1st 1 across here. Nice long feathers. And they know maybe I start the next one here across Come to he in the tuck in under the working with another one day in the next row. I can sort of start half. Why? They halfway there make him not long. I like that. Oh, yeah, I think one more. Oh, he is looking gorgeous. Then I'm going to start. Actually, I'm doing one more. Oh, longer, I guess because this is a bit longer. Do you know just what came out of the pain the ISS wrote on during smaller ones? They would just tuck underneath probably another couple of the little ones, then at the end of the last one. So it actually comes in a beautiful. That'll give the body a little bit of shape. Well, I think I might do like what I did on this one. Where did the bigger ones underneath, But this one cause yours all fluffed up. I just did the ones under the exit I didn't plan. It is just the white case. But these one, I think I might. I like that. Then I might do a few more just around the side. So they're blowing in the wind. A little cute now for the fate curve on either side, Probably almost just below the wing. He can move them in if you want his fate together in the middle there. Well, that would look good. So we have some and three toes when they just join it up. Come three and then just a little bit to join up to the leg and the branch will come underneath. So don't draw the branch through the foot. This one will just come wherever it comes across. Then we draw just a little bit of monkey wood grain. So just a long guidelines. It's a space is here, there and everywhere. Oh, he is looking great. Just before we finish, you make sure it's charge really dry, so I won't do that. But I'm not. I need you up here. We get a trustee, watch of Racer and erase the lines so you can see the lines are now gone. Ready for coloring. Now, I don't like these. I hear. I'm just gonna Kurt around a beat, maybe Colored Interviewed. More lovely. So what you can do now is you can take your project and upload it to a project file so we can all see how we're going, and then we're going to have so many cute Els, you know, project file. The next lesson will be coloring. I, like, come up. 5. Colouring the cute owl: it's time to add a bit of color to L. L So sure you with this one, This one. These were the colors that I used. So I wanted to just do a couple of colors. I didn't want to do too much, but you can see where they've blended together. We've created another color in my outline. And then I used to be to watch just as a little bit of decoration. It's just okay, So they were those ones. So for this one, naturally, I wanted to do something a bit different. What? I love these ones. Yes, they are paint, not describe it. Oh, I see. Quoting spies us. I like to do a little swatch of my comments and then I get to see how they work together. What colors I like. You don't think I like that one, but I do like the bright green. It's nice. Oh, that's a lovely one. Read. See, now do I go for similar to that? Oh, that's lovely. So do I go for, like, similar sort of colors and then add something contrasting with it? Or do I go for a whole big thing? Well, other than the grain, but then high A still might use that one. Gonna SAR bid conceive what I like the best. First, I'll start off with the ease. I actually might start with this gorgeous one because this was beautiful. Excuse me, I just have to popular. So when a color green look at the flow in there that is beautiful, it's just like coloring in with point pain. You can cover the whole year while that's drawing a little going to color across the top of my head and then the other you. Now that I've now that of colorful that year, I can go back and do a little circle Max or I can do lines to look like feathers. Careful when you hand over the you don't go into previous that works. I regularly do that, and then I have to wipe it off. My hands See him now, but almost sort of looks like this thing. Just say a little bit of line working there. Okay, scenario. Have a look and see what sort of colors I want next, like the gold. But I think I might go for this one doing Yes, I'm going to do the feathers out here. A swell because I've gotten the colors there. I could not choose what color I'm going to go into. I want to see if this green goes across here. Lovely. That just drawing lines with it. Then you might get a little bit of a buildup. Was that the pace of Piper at the side? A little bit of buildup that I had Then I could go back in. Okay, So do the other side in a bitch. Might use this same one for around my eye. Say, I'm going from the outside. Sorry, the inside out. And then I think you said corgis of love Picture. It's working at line. Why around? And they just feel in taking it up. Close toe way the pink ended. I don't have to be precious by curry in Perfect. This is a good Then I take that in across my pink. Be careful this way. Sometimes I put my hand down and wrist while the hand over the top so that I can reach you . Let's take that data as far as I can. I'm gonna grab this pink again and do some lines going out. It is just gonna help to make it look a little bit rounded. Look at that away. That is lovely. And then that beautiful green again, I'm going to color Well, the way I ran here. As you can see, I've gone over some of my black line. But that's okay. I'll get my favorite pin, and I will go back over that at the end. When I do some other embellishments, we said like, I really like that. Okay, Mr Beaky, Let's see what color was gonna do for your beat. He broadens. I like to outline. So I've got something to go up to and then just color the rescue. Go lie down. One liar of color for a big when we're gonna go back. However, with the rounded sort of stripes because the big snow favorites I just want to give a little bit of texture. I'm not pressing hard. Just living Discover over the top so you can see this. A little bit of texture. They now I'm gonna grab the blue, put some lines in the side, walking up in again. This is just give it middle with a shake to make it look like it's curved. Some lines into the middle minds into the middle and getting that Bruhns just going back the other way is, well, it looks good. Okay, so now I'll finish off the other side and then we'll come back and we'll do. 6. Cute owl wings and tummy: So I finished off. Yeah, the the other I We're up to doing our wings. So in this lovely, cute l we had the feathers going down the side. So now that I've got my shape, I can actually just put those in because they just curve lines coming down Lovely. Now decide what color I'm gonna do. Well, I'm actually going to continue with the pink downside. And I'm really loving that rose gold. It is on the ease. They can see what I'm coloring you. That I want this shape to cope, so cope it around, but the outside each make it look like it's feathers using that lovely. But I know it's cold. Brides goal, but I'm calling it writes gold just seems to have a read. And then you look another way. It's gold gorgeous. Okay, so just like we've done in here, I'm going to take this is lines up through the rest of the week. You could see what color on that that is. Make magnificent. So finish the rest of the wings like that and I'm going to do the tummy. Exactly The sign tummy, because we wanted to go around this way he and around this way. So I came out line behind the big because of that line that I could even outlined a little bit more. I could do these lovely long line T, But again, that doesn't met up because I could always just seemed to go back, go over the top of my cover lines when I got back, give myself some papers. Only between that and when I'm doing that, there is too a little bit of what in between, especially in the head. But I think that actually adds to us. That's why I like the nice paper. Okay, what pins at mine. I'm gonna have to go back and buy another one of these because thes so delicious I could see myself using this for quite a few projects. Then my lines up through That's random. Not perfect. Now, if I did too many, I would take my first color and then go back in. I'm pretty place with anything that looks from Robin. So now I'll finish it off and then we'll come back. I will finish the rest and me 7. Cute owl feathers: We've done two rows to these four in total use. Quite looking quite, Doc. So I think I might change Now it's having this one To the light of blue A couple of right, dude, Amazing When you goingto really smooth flowing pain which is a delightful people I hope you're finding was just is relaxing as I am wonderful Especially when you have a really sweet pin like this. Like that Like blue actually, because this is my last row Oh, the long bigger fitness a nature decide Am I going to continue to do the smaller feathers when I change? I think one might be just enough. I'm going to my grain check richer. It's flowing nicely. No, that's not that balances that'll Who could green up? The blew up the But I don't have to use all the same colors. I can just use rainbow if I want 8. Cute owl branch: like those green for this down there. So now we're going to do the branch on the fate. I actually think I might do the branch first because I'm going to do this in a Bruns. You sort of kind of just see if it's working. Could be empty. Do you like this color? Actually, it's gonna do half of that in the Oh, just one. Oh, open what side of it? What do that Every second. - Not really the sort of love that you see in nature. But that's okay. No, I have chosen Bronze. Find out how to actually get it. Basic brand. So when I find one will probably have to get a few. But in the meantime, this is quite not. Sometimes I'll actually do a yellow underneath. I'm not coloring with the yellow and then add a bronze on the top for embellishment. I might even I read sometimes even a blue on top, because that mixes will switch her. And he's the blue and just a little bit of blended back in That just looks like a shed over the There is no right or wrong. It's do what you're feeling at the time If you don't like it, it's doping. You can always go back over the top because I did the other side with blue. I would be side with blue as well. Just one work back in with the other mark. That one through is to the law raises. Well, that might be nice. Okay, Just finishes last big at a bit of these gorgeous rise gold cover. No, I gotta think what we want for our fate. I actually do like the Rose Gold. I think what I might do is is the right goal with Charlie, then lovely pink with risk blended in the prone, but its good name, Burma. Give it out little great. Okay. Turning around just to make sure that I don't put from my hand in What about already done, Which I do on a regular basis. No. No. Okay, there is. Or colored in. That's amazing. Moore's justice. Fabulous. And you've had just a good time. Now we're going to go onto the embellishments, so I'll see you back for that 9. Cute Owl is Finished: Dalits finish off. Al Cute. Our, with a few little embellishments, always makes it nuts. I've done that a few to start with. I've added some little dots. It's with that lovely rise gold. You could see the difference that made just at the bottom of the feathers. I had it. Cem watch, just like a little a little. Let's make sure that's flowing. I want to hear he's dark rhythms. Then I used a bit of the grains to do some random adults over that it's well, you're not winter. Read them dots. He driver puts from what? The side of the head sitting round. I put some white here, so Martin there then to get a really strong watch depth, that beating there as well. I actually put a couple of layers on my truck that works and then beautiful blue. I've added dots. Where Europe? The pink. Yes, you would've been a shade. Make it look circular along here. No, we're not going for realism, but I think it's rather really that's really not a little bit of blue. Top of the then I didn't get that gorgeous, radical Randy I as well the same time it a little bit of a leaf. They were lovely. Oh, here, Blue election brain Just carefully at lining these little bits, too. Stunned away the well. I was just give it a bit of a lift, I think. OK, 40. Wait did that a bit before, but just highlighting more gives it a little bit more dips. Don't forget to sign it with your lovely pin. Keep working on it until it's way you want to pay. It doesn't matter if it's real or not, because that's not what we really going for. The l is definitely not really. I do like actually just a little bit more. Add some green. It's across that booth. Just all the little things that might could bring it out. Cut the other thing. If you make a blue book, we can always fix it. So I'm going to use these. Have actually done a little bit, or reading to show you what I look like going outside the black. I'm looking just water on a paintbrush. My particular paper just quite a long one, and I real weight with that pin went and then I dragged out into space re with my brush stepped up, get rid of the exists and just gently bring that into space. And you can see that if I had made a blue blue that that would hide it a little bit is well , so I've done a little bit. He just gives him a little bit of color around it, so I could actually take it all around if I wanted to. But I quite like him like that. I think that looks really good. So hopefully you've got some Els to upload so that we can all say, and any questions or any feedback or anything like that. I am more than willing and will give it to you. What I wanted to do was just a sharing a little bit of the other things that I've done with Joe Pitts and Ink love because well, so this I into my background first. Then I drew some circles around, and then I worked into it, going on my little shoulders with pin something on the this one again on unease background , and it's just a pirate every day by road, and here it was a little bit more white. You consider his white patches, so that's where I put my flower so I probably could put one there as well in this one. Actually used a product called Russia, and it's like Appel dir that you had toe water. You can add it to spray bottle or something and spray it or I with these paper first. And then I just sprinkled it over the top and highway glorious so you can see some of these beats here where it's just mixed beautifully. And then I just use groups through me, oy every type in just a Byron to work back into. So this is the one I'm working on at the moment. So that's how I stopped again. I just you can see my lines for drawing, and then I do my outside and then I go back into it. Stop working with Justin every day pain, so I prefer cheaper by rights for this sort of work. But I can always do a class later on for that, coming back to thin to see if he's actually dry if you want. If you want to remove something, you can get a cotton bud and we're back into that and get rid of some of it. Don't go too deep or hard to see how the paper can come away. And that's pretty much it. That is how wonderful. L and thank you for joining me. I've had such a fabulous time. I'll see you in another class. Goodbye.