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Cute Owl using gel pens

Kaylene Hitchins, Artist

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9 Videos (47m)
    • Cute owl with gel pens introduction

    • Cute Owl with gel pens supplies

    • Drawing the cute owl

    • Cute Owl outlines

    • Colouring the cute owl

    • Cute owl wings and tummy

    • Cute owl feathers

    • Cute owl branch

    • Cute Owl is Finished


About This Class

Learn how to create a cute owl using gel pens.

I designed this class to be fun and creative, whilst learning to draw with shapes and colour blending.  Gel pens can be purchased easily, not requiring clean-up so you can "art" anywhere at anytime.  

Art is a wonderful for relaxation or it should be, so do art for art's sake.  It is not about creating a wonderful artwork that will sell, it is about enjoying this moment in time.

Together we will make a cute owl using gel pens... enjoy.



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great teacher for drawing an owl
Tania Dalberto

Learning to get creativity

Wow! I had a really good time! It was my first creative project with gel pens and I learnd a lot about using them. I'm looking foward for koi fish class :) I sincerely recommend this class if you want to have some gel pen fun drawing CUTE owls.





My name is Kaylene and I am a watercolour and ink artist who dabbles in anything and everything colourful.  I have been creating art forever and love watching an artwork come alive.


I want to share my love of colour with you and take you on a journey where we can challenge ourselves to discover something new.  It may be with gel pens that act like paint or with watercolour or ink.  

Lets play ...



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