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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. o.o - introduction

    • 2. 1.0 - taking a look at

    • 3. 1.1 - what parts will you need?

    • 4. 1.2 - is kodi legal?

    • 5. 1.3 - limitations of kodi

    • 6. 1.4 - vpn always a good idea

    • 7. 1.5 - future plans for nas and plex

    • 8. 1.6 - the roundup

    • 9. 1.7 - want to get in touch

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About This Class




thinking about getting rid of another monthly bill?
heard talk about the 'kodi boxes'
wondered how easy it was to set one up?
have lots of media and you just need a media player?

then this course is totally for you!

I use a raspberry pi 2 for my kodi (xmbc) box. I would suggest getting the raspberry pi 3 as it's a little bit faster and has wifi and Bluetooth onboard without having to plug anything additional in and it's a little bit faster than the box I have as well and that's worth having to make the experience as smooth as possible!

you could also build one and take it on the road with you for the hotel room! - drop a bunch of content on your USB stick and you'll be good to go! :)

in this course...

  • we are going to take a look at v17 and installing add-ons today
  • what parts you will need to make this happen and how much you can expect to pay
  • is kodi legal? discussing topics around piracy, torrents and tracking.
  • walking through the kodi interface and discussing limitations with the system
  • setting up and using a VPN with - always a good idea!
  • my own future plans for my media player with local NAS plex server and media everywhere

Meet Your Teacher

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Philip Campbell

web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow


brand new for 2022 | let's decentralize our content into web 3

i'm an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet!



hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative m... See full profile

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1. o.o - introduction: all right. So today we are going to look at Cody Cody versions 17 years the version will be talking about. It does change very rapidly. Also gonna be installing some Adams on it to make it a bit more powerful. I do it apologize. If you hear lots of bird night noise in the background is very difficult to mute out the birds in the background, especially when you have a really loud one nearby. 1.1. What parts you will need to make this happen and how much you can expect to pay 1.2. Is Cody Legal discussing topics around privacy? Sorry, piracy, even on privacy, I guess. Torrents and tracking 1.3 Walking through the Cody interface on discussing limitations that I found with system, it's not complete perfect solution. Unfortunately, we'll put for setting up and using a VPN, especially these days. We're hearing more and more people, especially from the U. S. Senate, talking about on bundling on locking eyes, piece ability to look at log files and therefore the government look at the log files using a VPN we Cody TV is a good idea. And then finally my own future plans. What I'm gonna be doing with my current nasty networks attached doors moving up to another platform called Plex and the reason why I'm moving over from Cody Duplex. Let's get into the course. 2. 1.0 - taking a look at 1.0. Then we are going to look at Cody TV Version 17 to check out these other courses that I have made on skill share. So Cody is a open source piece of software that turns your hardware into immediate play. Now I use it on a raspberry pi. That's the kind of cheapest option of doing it, I would say, especially if you try to get it working on the recipe Pi zero. Because those are, like £5 to like, $6.6 or $7 1 of the cheapest computer I know off. It's probably cheaper map or not with the same kind of power, you can get this ruling on an old laptop. I think they support Mac windows. Maybe there's Lennox in there as well. But the version that I'm gonna be installing on is on the restaurant pipe because you can get up a ruling for a reasonable price. So it gets a lot of bad press Cody, believe it or not, mainly because are being l've toe watch illegal movies on that is because off the plug ins that comm plug into CODIS that Cody doesn't come with this archive of higher, it'd content. It's actually a media player. It's been around for a very long time, built itself up big legacy off lots of contributors who originally came from ex NBC. And it's progressed one of its today, which is this amazing media platform, which is free. I think people forget about the free component that somebody's group of people have spent a lot of time perfecting and getting this right. It's a bad image at the moment. Cody. The Cody box is the box that you need to be able to do pirate software. Actually, it's the plug ins that provide that additional support for that kind of content works on many platforms. Windows, Linux, Mac, Google play. Believe it or not, you can install it on your Google Android device resident. Hi IOS And believe it or not, BSD, if you're still a BSD user out there somewhere in a basement in the world using FreeBSD, getting the add ons is very easy. I'm not gonna do a video on that because there's so many YouTube videos out there that do it much better than I could do it. Adams dot coded up TV is the place to go to find all the different adults that you might need from sort of keyboard map in infrared fuel for your keyboard or your mouse playlist stuff visualizations. There's so much stuff in there. Like I said, it's the most complete media player that I've used over the last 10 or 15 years ago. Everything bolted in there that I need and I just All I regularly do then is update the hardware, probably thinking, Well, I want a solution is going to last 10 years. Well, unfortunately, we don't live in that kind of world anymore. Where we have hardware and software that lasts for a period of time, software tends toe move along, but hardware is rapidly evolving. Technology is rapidly evolving. We're gonna probably get the recipe pie four in a couple of years time because they pretty much hit the limit of what they can put on that board for the price point. And they've got We really need, like, faster GP use and probably more memory on there, and that could potentially bump the price up. So if you wait a couple of years, then the price will be right, because the other electron ICS will have reduced in price. So it's an interesting thing to watch. And the thing is, with the raspberry pi is well, you can swap it out with whatever you've got on it, like Cody with something else. And therefore you've got a box that you can use for something else, whether tracking or whatever you want to use it. For other component. Using Cody on a raspberry pi is it has these repositories, and these repositories are places where somebody's compiled a bunch of begins together as a pack, and then you just log into that repository and pulled those things down. So Super Repo Dog is probably one of the best ones of one of most popular ones. You can find all the add ons in one place there instead of digging around ad on stock coded up TV. Super Repo. You can add it as a NFS location, so a remote location, and then you can pull the the falls off. This you don't have to go to a website. You can do all three Cody box when looking for hardware for running. Cody, what? I would suggest that I didn't know about the beginning and I think it's a valuable tip to give across. Now I've learned gone through the learning curve myself. I don't want you to spend money and go through the learning curve. I found that very difficult on arrest, replied to at least to get hates to 65 playback, which most video files are slowly moving towards because even though it takes a lot longer to encode it playback, it's half the size off 6264 which is massive for storage. Obviously, for saving files onto your remoteness, you're gonna get twice as much content on there. But you need a hardware. You need a piece of hardware that can decode that age to 65 files because they're very heavily encoded. So my restaurant pie to does not do that. I don't think that recipe price three years hardware encoding. I'm not sure if it doesn't, software will be testing that. Try and get a box that is Cody supported that says on it that it's 265 decoding on full red up to four K because you want a future proof yourself a little bit, and you probably would only pay a little bit more money than I did from my restaurant pie, which was around 34 £35. Definitely look around for hardware. If you're looking for a media center to sit in your room, that's always on on the man that you can go and watch YouTube go. What twitch, you know, going What should your media from the Web Then I would say Go and find the best hardware that supports Cody First, because I kind of hacked away at it and try to make it better. And really, in hindsight, I should have waited until the middle of last year to pick up a four K box. So look for hardware that could do 86 46 5 decoding for Kate to be some kind of level of future proof. 3. 1.1 - what parts will you need?: one point where what part you will need to make this happen and how much you can expect to pay so you could buy an android 6.0 based. I think that's new guard based hardware unit on eBay for a really good deal. So around, you know, £50 less than £50. There's so many ones out there a little bit wary of the ones that are called Cody Boxes, because it's obvious that they're trying to put a lthough different add ons and Pirated stuff on there to be attractive to the buyer. I don't know if you're going to get your box. I know a lot of these places of being shut down across the country in the UK has lots of raids going on in terms, off people installing this stuff on the boxes, and then you can pick the box up because they're trying to get around subscriptions and licensing. Moving to this rather than having a skybox on a monthly. They're just worn off payment of this and then stream everything through the web. So do be careful where you buy it from, but there is some great deals out there that you can get with H 265 decoding and four K support. The raspberry pi three is a good option. I think if you want a toe, if you want to later use that hardware for something else. And maybe you want to give that to your kids or your your relatives after you finished playing with it for, like, six months or a year, and then you naturally progressing to another one. Maybe it's a good hand me down president or a birthday or Christmas android phones or reasonably cheap these days. For higher quality screens, you can get good I PS screen with 10 80 p on it, and they're fantastic for video playback so you could install toady from Google play, and therefore you haven't got much expense there. A tall it's worth going, the extra step as well, too, to get combined keyboard and mouse controller. With Cody, they're pretty much support. Maybe I know 10 or 15 different devices on you can operate those via Bluetooth or infrared . Obviously, if you're gonna do the Bluetooth and infrared look at the restaurant pie three because that has blue tooth built in, you don't have to have an additional USB if it's match with reasonably priced a Bluetooth speaker and screen. You know you could have this as a great portable option in an RV or van, because resume by three, for instance, very low power. And if you've got a reasonably low power 12 off screen as well on a speaker system, then you could bring it in the car or all the van for a very, very long time. Even parent off a deep cycle battery. Aunt have that linked up to a solar panel. T could watch it in the evening, let it charge up in the day and never have to pay for power. If you don't want to spring for remote control, you can also get pieces of software. I've seen it on the iPhone and iPad. I'm not sure you can get a fan drug, but I'm sure you can so that you can remote control it from a Web interface. You just connected a lot through the Cody interface. Very, very simple, and then you can control it from your phone. If you if you don't want an additional remote control or the hunt for the remote control across your house or your your vandal, your RV 4. 1.2 - is kodi legal?: So 1.2 is Cody Legal, Discussing topics around piracy, torrents and tracking Cody As it stands, stand alone when you get it is free to use and legal. It's only when you start at on certain plug ins that give your Cody box the ability to find illegal content on the Web. If you don't have those plug ins installed on your Cody box, if you don't have those files downloaded on your box and you're absolutely fine, it's completely legal. Cody comes floatable with No, none of these plug ins would know Pirated software, and it is completely legal. It's not the plugging itself, really, that's illegal. It's when you access that stream copyrighted content. So you're streaming that content from our website somewhere on the where to your home connection. So you actually sending data down your DSL line? If you like to your house, which is coming from legal server now. At the moment, shops are selling ready to go Cody boxes on. Often they're breaking the law by doing that because they're kind of supporting and empowering piracy by adding those Adams into the boxes. And a lot of people are buying them because that means they don't have to buy subscription for that for their satellite. That can just stream up today, literally just been released a few days ago, Week ago film for you to watch. And obviously that's against the law on your I S P and just a whole bunch of institutions could shut down your connection, send you a couple of letters to tell you, cease and desist and ultimately find, you know, some people are using VPN networks, which are virtual private networks to try and protect themselves, which I think is a bit of a mess state. Really. VPN can only do so much. You can wrap your internet connection in an encrypted connection so that you can't see what's going inside of that tunnel opened down to that server. You're still moving data from somewhere to somewhere. So don't just think that by having a VPN that is gonna make you ultimately anonymous because that is not the case. Also switched from bit torrents, cause bit torrents really started to go really slow in some areas. And so they switched to using things like a private seed box and the VPN You can get private, see boxes now, which are on 100 megabit networks and even 10 gigabits per second network so that you can download torrents to the seed box and then from the sea box to you in a very, very fast manner, FTP or that transfer from your seed box to you that's still able to be seen the amount of traffic that data that was moved. But it does add another layer of encapsulation to the download. The truth is, you will be found. You can be blocked by our eyes. P. I'm seeing it all over the world. Now countries are imposing fines or heavy abuses of data connections people they want to make an example off, especially if they're downloading all the time. Using lots of bandwidth, your I S P is gonna notice if you're streaming a movie every single day or watching a Siri's moves have a single day because you're going to be using a lot of bandwidth while doing that, especially if you're watching high definition content 5. 1.3 - limitations of kodi: so 1.3 them walking through the Cody interface and discussing limitations with the system. The media player is broken down into easy sections with add ons and plug ins in each part. Very, very simple on the left. Inside, you got a menu option to move up and down from video to movies. Toe audio. Very easy. You just use left and right up and down a Logitech wireless mouse from your hammer. That's how high control mine you should be out of set up your own remote control really easily. I just have a Logitech with a USB kind of wireless connector. Did these 2.4 gigahertz for five years? It's just got its own A TV Logitech Wireless adapter. I just use it on a little stool from my hammer can on be able to control it remotely. Totally that way. The ability to download subtitles and cover art is a really nice touch of the Cody immediate player. It's got all integrated, so you click on a button while you're playing their video. Click on subtitles and it goes away to the Web. So you do need Internet access and just a search through a website to find you The subtitles. The SRT file, which once you've downloaded to machine on once you stop the video playback and play again , actually put titles on screen a lot. People have gone to a huge amount of work to make sure that subtitles exist for a hell of a lot of films out there in the world. If not, you know, 90% of them. Also real nice touch of that as well is that you can get cover art as well for video. So few out a bunch of videos, DVDs at home that you've kind of bought and then ripped and put on your Cody box. You can also do a search for those, and it will find you to cover up for my box on the restroom pie to. And maybe it's just an issue of my hardware that the wife I can drop out when the box goes to sleep, which is a bit foot frustrating because you can forget the WiFi password as well. On my WiFi password is about 2025 characters long, so I have to go through that and moving the mouse and clicking on the buttons to do it. I've noticed when it's not been powered off, it seems to last longer. I think it will get fixed in a future update. It's just something to be aware off. If you can have an Ethernet connection from your router, that's probably gonna work better than having to type in the WiFi password every time. Not found a really easy way to recall things for playback later. Yet there is a bunch of Bolton's there for TV or information. You can buy a PVR piece of hardware to put into your restaurant pie, which then gives you like a TV guy. You can see here on the left hand side gives you the died for when the programs are gonna be on. So if you're looking to cut the cable bill and move across this, that the stuff does exist, it's things that I haven't necessarily played with. I have heard good things about it. My only issue really is. I would like a manager almost four kind of torrents. The open source torrents that are out there, and there's a great load of video out there is being put on the Web in Torit formatting BitTorrent former and love to have a guide for that. I think that's the next stage for me is to look for a really good way of integrating the guide. I have not been enough to really play four Kay or hate to 65 decoding as I don't have the right hardware outputs, although we do know that there is boxes out there these days that can support for Cane Hates to 65 Well, the interfaces on our android or not Cody Natively may have Cody version 15 or 16 in their burnt into the firmware, so that could be a little bit frustrating. If you want to run the latest and greatest version of Cody, there is boxes like the Vivo. I think it's called the Revo RV. Vote to On that comes with four K support and hates to 65 on. You can install code to that with an updated version of Cody is well worth shopping around for If you want to find a solution to cut the cable, have four K have to hate to 65 have the ability to connect a torrent and have the ability to also connecting your PVR. It is a little bit off hacking around. It isn't unnecessarily, completely program plate, but I would say it's probably 90% there. 6. 1.4 - vpn always a good idea: 1.4, then setting up and using a VPN with Cody VP ends are always a good idea, especially with the U. S. Senate hearing recently, So I touched on earlier. But using your coding necked worked with a VPN might be a wise idea just in general. And the reason why I say that is that we're seeing lots of DDOS attack see days, seeing a lot of Internet off things being hijacked and taken over. And to be honest, I would really like you to educate yourself in terms of using a virtual private network because you're actually helping as a global citizen other people around you. If you're in a coffee shop, not using a VPN, you're on a public WiFi network with no password, people on the network and surreptitiously still the information Yule log in your details and cause you just stress, which then builds up through the network of other people. Banks, banking system help desk people spending more time on fixing problems than actually developing new ideas. So one of the good ones is i p vanish dot com to common popular VPN service that uses of Cody appeared to be using a lot off do shop around there. You can get a good deal on a yearly VPN subscription to use on more than one device. You definitely want to find something whether giving you a deal or subscribe to the newsletter and just wait for a few months. I found that even just signing up, going through the check out process, then quitting at the very end on the check out process, I tend to get an email 24 hours 48 hours later saying, Hey, you got to the check out but you didn't do it is 20% off. It's kind of a power tip for them to onboard you. But I also use that to get a discount VPN connection, undersea box subscription or another level of security with the added benefit of a speed bonus. Seed boxes are very fast. They're hosted on very fast network. If you're using a see box on the VPN and you've kind of got a double layer off protection because you're not out there on the public networks, you kind of connected to the public networks through deceit box, so you can also get these days. Additional service is one service that I've been playing with is one called IBV PM, which also supports double VPN security services. So you can bounce through two points of interest instead, so you can go into one server out into another and then out onto the web. So instead of just one level off Obst ification, I think that's the way you say. Instead of just having one connection from from your I S P from your Internet connection to a VPN, you can bounce it into two places and then out. If you've seen all the old school eighties hacker movies where they bounce it around, the world will end VPN. All that stuff is possible if you know what you're doing. You can do a round Robin VPN system around the world and be like one of those on the ground layers. Kind of bad is, if you want to do that, you can always use your unlimited tethering on your mobile phone as well separate from your higher speed. So if you want to watch something through your say android device, you download this from Google play. You can watch that tethered on your phone on your for G connection so you do have a backup 7. 1.5 - future plans for nas and plex: own future plans for my media player with local NASA plex server on media everywhere. I'm actually moving away from Cody. I love Cody, but there's a reason why I'm moving away. Flex has some of these features which I'm gonna do a whole new course about plex. Want to get it up and running? I don't know Plex at all, Really. I've used it probably once or twice, and I really do want to get into it because it has some features that really fit in with what I'm doing now. And the equipment that I've got are moving away from a three terabyte NASA attached drive, which is attached via Ethernet into a switch. I'm going to look at a dedicated gigabit unit with Plex Server, and the reason why I'm doing that is one for the network speed to because Plex server I can connect to it from anywhere from my tablet from my desktop. I can watch it from anywhere in the world. If I have access that content. I can use Plex server across the network from iPad. Like you said, they stopped media player Andi. The biggest thing it has Alexa support, so I bought Analects Airport, echo dot and Amazon echo dot a few months back, and I really like the idea of being able to talk to Alexa and say, Find this actor in this film and being able to look through my collection and be able to find the film that are looking for it just speeds up the whole process. But it does open the doors also for building applications that link into media in general. So if I wanted to share my courses through Amazon Video Direct or YouTube or Twitter wherever I put them on the Web, if I've got some kind of application hooked into this that can then call on plex to get that content and pull that back, retrieve it back. That makes me a little bit more future proof in terms of people aggregating my content. So Bolton, on additional devices on the network to deal with see box downloads or torrent sinking. There is a whole bunch of add ons for this mass box that enabled me to do that, so that would be easier to do that than just connecting my current mess, which is kind of a standalone Western digital one I want to fix that element of my network are still maintain a copy of Cody. I'll still be able to connect to the Nass through the plex of Ah, back end. I'll probably use it as part of a rest, replied Cluster. It's one of the projects that I'm gonna be working on in 2017 is making a cluster of 10 restaurant pies doing different functions in and around Caravan. And at some point, I wanna wanna sell that as a whole package device to be used in car or in a static caravan . And I'm gonna be testing that on the road. So it's gonna have my music player on there. It's gonna have the video components going. Have streaming components in there on audio server. Might have might have a RT MP server for video streaming. Gonna have a whole bunch of different services spread out across all the different devices . Another thing as well about the future. Off my nests, I'm gonna be multiple incoming cellular networks bonded together using software or Hard West, which is one of things I want to do is increase the capacity or the redundancy or than anything off my Internet connection if I don't have my one iPad tethered at the moment my Internet connection goes off and therefore my my dot on the raspberry pi on my I Mac don't get any Internet. So I'm looking at solutions right now to be able to bond together whatever connections I've got be Ethernet or WiFi or maybe five different for G. Sims together with software bonded together, which is up all the time and has fall over support. So if one network falls out, then the others can pickle, and they'll be using different providers as well. So in the UK, we have three Vodafone T mobile hot bunch of other ones e from connecting all those together to make a bonded faster, bigger, more redundant connection. 8. 1.6 - the roundup: so the round it then cut down on those monthly bills that you have going out. There's no reason to have a TV, to be honest, watch like so much TV on the so much out of this really a project about stopping, watching that television on, educating yourself a little bit better with things like Ted. Yes, okay, you're still watching the program, but you can watch it on the go. You can watch it on your laptop. You don't need to have a monthly subscription Teoh through your local TV station or your local cable provider. And actually, if you're trying to save money because things are getting tight, you know you want to cut down on those monthly bills. I'm not telling you to go and stop watching television, but there's a lot of content out there on the Internet now, which you can download for free. You can watch for is very high quality, and we're starting to see that the blurring off television and Internet you won't know where that content is coming from. That video is coming from because as soon as the Internet guess is faster as a TV set and it will just all be Internet. It'll be just content coming streaming from somewhere really cool project to put together with the kids and show them how to use open source software. Why open source software exists. Whites free wire can just download it and grab a piece of hardware and put a USB stick and put it into device. And Pareles explained to them the process of what you're doing. Hauling the software down, put it onto your burning it onto the USB, stick for it to boot up with that gold on it, and then how it connects to the Internet from that and why somebody would build on open source software how it helps millions of people around the world watch video content video content, which then obviously educates them how to do a skill or a service or talent buildup. That talent Bassem, Skill based communications in general. How communications were everything works like I said at four K really nicely. So if you make sure you get a hate to 65 box and four k box to be able to decode and upscale your content, it doesn't work on mine. So got resident pied to, but I do know that that Cody TV does actually support resolutions. Off to four. K. H 265 Please remember that some plug ins are illegal on you could get hold off or a hard slap of the wrist or stronger from your I S p on above. If you're streaming copyrighted content, do be careful about the content that you watching the plug ins that you use. 9. 1.7 - want to get in touch: media Play 2017. Have you enjoyed that little kind of tease, of course, about Cody to go and grab it and downloaded today. Very simple software to install and use, especially if you wanna have a media player connected to one of your hasty might imports on your TV. Just sitting there to use whenever you want. Get my automatic updates of new courses. If you got a team humbled that link four slash me, you can sign up for 99 cents, which gives you three months access to make sure that you he subscribed before the end of the three months because they will charge you for the whole year. After that. Get behind the scenes. Email updates from team humble dot link for slash BTS would love to see you on the live show team. Humble dot Link Force National Livestream on for live streaming event. Facebook Notifications Got a team? Humble darling four slash f b. Thanks for watching. I'll see you soon