Cut it out!: an introduction to paper cutting | Kip Perdue | Skillshare

Cut it out!: an introduction to paper cutting

Kip Perdue, Paper Cutting Artist

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7 Videos (40m)
    • Cut it Out!: an intro to paper cutting

    • Paper Cutting Materials

    • Positive & Negative Space

    • Quadrilaterals & Curves

    • Circles & Compound Shapes

    • Text - Cut It Out!

    • Final Project - Jake the picnicking squirrel


About This Class

Explore the unusual and expressive art form of paper cutting in this 40 minute class where you'll learn how to use a craft knife or blade to produce wonderfully accurate and intriguing paper cuts. Join Kip Perdue, a London paper cutter from Kartegraphik studio, as he explains how to handle a blade, recognize positive and negative space, and how to approach any paper cut shape you can imagine.This class is perfect for beginners, focusing on techniques and how to approach paper cut work. No previous experience is required at all. The materials are almost all guaranteed to be laying around your home, and as inexpensive and impressive art goes, this is certainly one of the most unusual. 

You'll Learn:

  • What materials to use to create a paper cut
  • Basic paper cutting techniques to handle lines, curves, text and pictures
  • Proper craft knife handling and safety skills
  • An understanding of positive and negative space and how this works in paper cutting 





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Kip Perdue

Paper Cutting Artist

I am a paper cutting artist based in South London. I moved to London after living in Chicago, Auckland, Oxford and York. I began to teach myself paper cutting in 2012 after recognizing that my previous creative endeavor, creating replica chain mail armor, was not terribly portable, so I switched to paper.

Much of my work focuses on what I would call personal cartography. I like exploring new places, ideas, and techniques. Much of my work is about maps, as they've always fascinated me....

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