Cut it Out: Learn How You Can Isolate Anything in Photoshop (Without Layer Masks) | AJ Burt | Skillshare

Cut it Out: Learn How You Can Isolate Anything in Photoshop (Without Layer Masks)

AJ Burt, Learning is Living Better

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4 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Isolating Landscapes

    • 3. Isolating with Transparency

    • 4. Isolating and Adjusting with Product Photography


About This Class

Being able to isolate objects in images is an essential skill every Photoshop user should have. Unfortunately, many tutorials on object isolation will tell you to achieve this with layer masks, which are time intensive to make well and become pixilated when scaled. In this class, I'll show you how to isolate objects with clean, vectored edges. Then we'll dive in deeper and play with transparancy and adjustments.

Happy learning!





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AJ Burt

Learning is Living Better

Learning is my passion. I've always pursued learning outside of traditional academic settings. I've taught myself programming, graphic design, marketing, business planning, investing, cooking, ballroom dancing, yoga, animation, and so much more without a professional teacher and by paying next to nothing. I've used this to turn my degree in anthropology to a career in business and marketing, and it's been so rewarding yet easy to do that I realized I simply had to share it with others. That's...

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