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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Cut Stuff Out In Picmonkey - Introductory

    • 2. Setting up your workspace

    • 3. Cutting stuff out

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About This Class



Do you want to learn how to edit your own graphics but don't want to use or pay for fancy software like Photoshop?

This short class will teach you in just 10 minutes how to cut stuff out in Picmonkey.


* Learn how to use Picmonkey's FREE software and edit your own images for projects like; YouTube thumbnails, profile pictures, blog posts, Instagram posts, product display, the options are endless!

* I will teach you quickly how to navigate the Picmonkey workspace, knock out backgrounds like a pro and display your new images beautifully, all in Picmonkey.

This is a handy skill to learn so join now and get started today.


FREE fun stock images included to work on for your project and use freely after the class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zara Martina

Surface Pattern Designer + Crafter


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1. Cut Stuff Out In Picmonkey - Introductory: Do you want to learn how to cut stuff out? Impact Monkey then joined now and find out how in just 10 minutes, learn how to take images like this will come from out and use them as your own in your own projects. So join now and cut out staff in pic Monkey. 2. Setting up your workspace: So when you first open up the pic monkey home page, this is the This is what it will roughly look like. We need to go to the top here and we need to click on to design. And when you do that, it will open up this box below of different dimensions that you can choose for your projects today. I'm just going to use this square because Theo image that I want to cut out is roughly okay to put into a square. So I'm just gonna click the square and that will open up this new workspace here for us to start working on Andi on the left hand side, you'll see a tall ball here. Andi, if you click onto each one, will have a menu of different things that you can do. So a first thing that we want to do is just to get rid of this canvas color. So some people like to work straight away with a transparent canvas, and you can just do that by kicking the transparent canvas box here. But actually I like to work with the color background first and then remove the background later. Onda reason I do that is so that I can see if I've missed any bits out, basically. So I'm just going to click on, um, like a It's like gray color, which is quite pleasing to the eye, and I'm gonna click apply So that's applied that layer of color in the background. Now we want to bring in our image that we want to cut out. To do that, we need to go here to the tall bar on the left, Click the Overlays image, which is a butterfly, and this will bring up this new menu of different things you can do. We want to add our own image so you can choose where you add your image from either your computer or from Facebook. Drop books where wherever I'm going, Teoh, take it from my computer. So click my computer. Choose your image on going to choose this'll love heart, fruit ball, click opens. Wait for that to work on immediately. It will bring your image up on. Also with your image will come this little toolbox and in the next class and going to be showing you how to use this tool box and use the A razor to knock out the background. See them 3. Cutting stuff out: So when we open our image into pick Mulkey, you'll find that this box will come up alongside and just click onto the box with your mouse and you'll see that you can move it wherever you like, so just move it around to wherever you like it to bay, just to what comfortably. Andi. This is where you'll find your razor. So if you could come to your razor on just quickly, you can see it's a very simple menu. You have your razor on. Do you have the different sizes for your razor? On also hardness, you could mess around with the hardness. What that does is it just makes your your brush, either with like a softer edge or very crisp, hard edge eso. You can mess around with that the closer you get to your image so you could be very accurate with your room with the A razor. If you make any mistakes, you can click onto the pink brush here on what that would do is just simply paint back any the image back in that you've you've knocked out by accident. I'm going to start with E razor. I'm gonna take up to the largest size 100 I'm just going to start knocking out the background. I like to work from the outside in on. Just get rid of all that excess so that we can get started straight away and start working close, closer to the image. Okay, so that's done. Now what we want to do is want to be out to get right close in, and to do that, we need to be able to see what we're doing. So there are a few ways you consume, and you can either use your your mouse stroller and zoom in. Or you can use the tool bar at the bottom, and that will zoom you in and out. And when you start zooming in and out, you'll see that on the right hand bottom, right hand side. Here it will open up a panel, and it's like a navigation panel, and it will just just take us in a bit close, and you can see how it works. Just click onto that that square panel with your mouths on. Just navigate around your image where if you want to be working, so I'm going to start the top here in the middle on gonna take my a razor, and I'm going to start working closer to the image the back into the navigation panel. I work as close as I can and get as close as I can, And then I'm just gonna bring it down even smaller. Make a little bit softer, the edges with e razor hardness you can see from really good. Quite close. Now, see here. I'm gonna make a mistake deliberately. I'm going to take the ah, the paintbrush Click onto that and I'm just gonna paint it back in where I've made that mistake. And you can see how easy that is just to go over like that. Alternatively, you can just print press the back button here at the bottom if you make any mistakes, and then I'm gonna go back with the A razor, and then I'm just going to continue all the way around until I've finished now and just go into probably some fast forward and I'll see you in a moment. Okay, So the images has been cut out. Now we need to do is to save this image. But before we do that, remember, I put the image on a colored background. But if you want to use this as it is, a za cut out on just a transparent background, we need to go back into the menu here on the left hand side and go to the basic edits. That's just cross off this toolbar here, go to the basic edits panel, click onto campus color and just made the canvas transparent by clicking this box. Click apply. And then there we have our image on a transparent background. Now just resize it. Whichever size you you like. I'm just going to fill the fill the workspace and then go to the top here and click Save. Now you'll need to, um, save your image as a PNG. And to do that, just make sure that you click onto this box, not J. Peg opinion. Gee, if you say that as a J pig, it will come back up as a white with the white backgrounds who want to save it as a pea NJ and then click save to wherever even your computer or dropbox wherever I'm going to save it to my computer. So that saved and excuse me that say, and now I'm going to just open it back up just to show you how it's been saved on to do that. We're just going to, uh, go, Teoh, add your own again in three overlays finds the image that I am safe, which is fruitful here, That's a P and J on. You can see here. Um, there is a new image Now. What you can do is you can use that now for for anything you can use it. If, for example, you're using another program on Do you want Teoh? You know, just just pay sis in or put it onto, like, a different background. Here in pigment monkey. You can Earlier, I actually cut out few images and put together a little composition for some something like an instagram post on. To do that, I just cut out the images and the night popped him on Teoh A watercolor background, um, by just simply going toe overlays on. There's the watercolor background that I found on, and it's going to enlarge that on and probably turn it around this way bigger and then right click. You can just send it to the back and then that will be behind your image back onto the fruit ball and you can see you can position it wherever you like. Make it bigger or smaller, and then also you can add more images. Um, like this one, for example. This could be nice. We could just quickly cut out the background just to give you a quick idea off how it would look, I'll just put this on fast forward and I'll get back to you and you'll see the finished results. So there you have it very quick and simple way to remove backgrounds from your images on doll in a free editing software. Hope you enjoyed it.