Customize Without Code: Intro to WP Bakery | Kara Ferreira | Skillshare

Customize Without Code: Intro to WP Bakery

Kara Ferreira, Websites for Creatives & Coaches

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7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Is a Plugin?

    • 3. Installing WP Bakery - 2 Ways

    • 4. Using WP Bakery On a New Page

    • 5. Shortcut: Working with Demos

    • 6. Saving Your Own Templates for Future Use

    • 7. Conclusion & Support


About This Class

In this class, I’ll get you on your way to designing a customized WordPress site without code. We’ll review how to use a front-end page builder that will enable you to customize your website, and you’ll put this plugins to use in designing out a page on your own website as the class project.

This class is perfect for anyone with a basic WordPress website that they would like to take to the next level in terms of design. You should have an introductory knowledge of the back-end of WordPress, but advanced knowledge or extensive prior experience is not required. In order to take full advantage of this class, you will need to use a WordPress theme that is compatible with the front-end page-builder WP Bakery, and be willing to purchase WP Bakery ($45) if your theme does not come with it.

By the end of this class you will be able to create your own page designs and templates to take your website’s appearance to the next level.