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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. You Will Need

    • 3. Drawing Your Design

    • 4. Cricut Design Space

    • 5. Cut & Application Process 1

    • 6. Cut & Application Process 2

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

Still a newbie when it comes to the world of Cricut? Then come join this class! A basic knowledge of Procreate is helpful, but not completely necessary. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Angela Florence

Lover of all things lettering & drawing


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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Angela Barnes. Okay. And I love lettering drawing and crafting. Today I'm gonna show you in this school share class how to take your letter into the next level by using the crockpot explore too. We're going to use that. I had an apple pencil and procreate to draw a design between then cut into a final stick up and attached to a clipboard for a customized design. Basic knowledge of appropriate is required for this class. So let's get started. I can't wait to show you what I haven't stole. 2. You Will Need: to stop. Let's make sure we've got all the items required to take this class. We obviously need a cry for explore Air to now doesn't have to be this particular model. It can be the one before or could be the one after, which is the makeup. The settings and principles are gonna be pretty similar. You'll also need the crackup map. So this is the map we attach Our final to just the standard grip is fine. I have the cry cut tools, but you don't necessarily need them. So I've got the scissors, the Wieder, and this my job. If you don't have any of these than a ruler on some shops, scissors would do the job. I also will be using my iPad, an apple pencil, which instead of the apple pencil you could use its tallest. And on my iPad got procreate and crackpot designed space already pre loaded. This is a clipboard I'll be using. It's just a plain wooden one that we're going to put a design. And then, of course, we need a Vonna. So I've got a quite a collection of, but this is, for example, some of the bottle I have. It's no crackup brain. It's actually Oracle brand. And other than Bonnell, we need transfer type. Now that cannot be crap brand or another brand that you prefer. This is actually just contact, useful covering girls. And that's all you need. So let's get started. 3. Drawing Your Design: If you still getting used to procreate, you might like to find a capital block letters as a guard on Google. That way you can find the one you want. Try, sit and then fill it with your own design. So, for example, I like the look of this one here. I could maybe just screenshot it. Then you can import it into Perper create, so choose you. Can this import by pressing that spanner instead of voter? Choose your photo and zam it in by pinching. How big you want it? It doesn't really matter too much as we can adjust that later. Change the opacity so you can find it easier to trace. Then add a new layer. Choose your monoline brush. I generally like to draw him block. Anyway, it's probably that happy going it and then you can just trace it. So complete that, and then you can add your design so you might want to do hot. Or maybe you just want to do a little swells or anyway, I'll show you what I get up to. To start. I'm going to import my that. I've drawn myself previously. So just to the spanner, add insert of murder and said my And then I'm going Teoh create another way out and I think on a do geometric A So I'm just going to add some more nylon lines in. So I'm using my monoline brush. We'll just see how slightly thicker. Yeah, What I'm gonna dio I'm just going to add in some lines. So to get perfect straight lines, you just hold it down when you draw a line. So but she that again to draw you on and just hold it and you'll actually see you'll say, long created at the toe. And then I'm just gonna randomly add some lines That's going to give me all these random little triangles to my You don't have to be specific about it. This Adam in as he like, um, I like them to be a bit sporadic as well. I still like them to be perfect, but I've scattered them across the page randomly. So I'm just gonna work through that. - So I'm happy with my design so far, I am gonna and something else. But before I go on, I just want to let you guys know that the mawr detail you put in your design, the more tedious is going to be to cut out your vinyl and stick on your project. That's fine, because I actually secretly love weeding, which is the process of taking the positive space out of your project. But some people get a bit frustrated, and if you're a newbie, you might not want Teoh do it as crazy as this. So I think we'll add some little spots to my design. So what I'll do is I'll just draw one. This is a glide. Yeah, well, like the size of that. And I'm actually going to copy that. So duplicate Yulia. And then I'm going to move it around and just put it randomly amongst the joins of my lines just sporadically. I'm just gonna keep duplicating until I think it looks balanced. Just duplicating grabbing the ari and then just moving in. Durant, I'm thinking that looks about balance. So what I'll do now is oh, merge all these layers. I'm gonna call this layer dots, and I'm gonna call this lamp geometric. So there we get this my design. If I like now that every name, those layers, I could maybe just go with the geometric. Or I could just go with the dots. And that also gives you an idea. If you just want to do dots, is your design. You could do that, but I'm gonna leave it as that finance. Now that our designer is ready, we can import it out, save it to our photos, and then we're going to import it into design space. And that's where we'll cut out design. So to do so, we need to make sure background is off. That'll just reveal the grid within are going to save it as a PNG. So span a share. PNG. I'm just going to save the image just to my photos and then just double check or just go back into my. Yet it saved Iraq, so that's ready to go into design specs. Alternatively, if you didn't want to create your in design or you wanted Teoh use one of my rates, you can import one of the designs. I say to the resource is Paige. So just go to on insert of photo. Have it saved in your gallery, been imported in. I'm just gonna make it a little bit bigger. I have just done that going? Teoh, Grab my brush pin and I'm going. Teoh, add the little A for my initial. Maybe you want to add your full name. You aren't into lettering or if you're not sure how toe let out. We're still feeling you to it. You could insert Tex. So we do that by going Teoh the spender again. Add text top in the night. You can press, edit stall, and you can actually choose different fronts. I'm just gonna move that so you can see that a bit better. Um, so choose the fund that you like, or you can even import your own, um, fronts in. Well, that that that's quite cute. So just for example, we use this one and we were just imported at as we would normally, I'll make sure you turn a few background, save it as a PNG, and that's ready to go into the design space. So now that you've got your design ready, but I've been designed space 4. Cricut Design Space: So now we're ready to import. Add design into design space. So Danley cry cut designed space from the APP store. Make sure you update it. If you already I know. Make sure it's the latest version and you can create in the can. Um, you can either have a paid membership or free membership. I just have the free membership. But the paid membership allows you to download a whole heap of projects. And resource is so for example, this is your home page, and you can download any of these projects to use, but yet a lot of them have a cost attached to it. So I'd rather make my turns to start. We're going to import a project in, so we simply go to new project. We're going to go to upload down the bottom, select from Freddie Library and import out design in. Now, this will show you if you want to clean up anything. I personally never used this, but I think you can arrays and things like that if you born into. But I just keep it as it is, are rather just headed everything in procreate first and make it perfect that way when we imported in. We don't really have to do anything you can. Also, if you like a crop, the image. Um, sorry, if that's a bit hard to see because it doesn't have the backdrop. Um, but yeah, you can crop it if you live just toe get to the right size, but it doesn't actually matter too much because we adjust the size for how big it's going to cut the image anyway when we're in the canvas. So anyway, we're just gonna go next. That looks pretty good. Another tip is sometimes when you import lettering in for some reason, edges look really rough. So if that's the case, go back into procreate and just usual monoline pin and just try to rand out those edges. I find it mainly when I'm like writing the letter G or anything that has a really curvy one . Sometimes the design space doesn't quite pick it up, so I just find just smooth the lines out on bond that tends to work. But it's all you play with it. You adjusted as necessary. It's anyway, we're just gonna get next, so that's gonna show you what it's gonna look like when we cut at a design, so that looks really good. So we'll go next. We can save it, whatever we like. So I'm just gonna call it G A. And it's gonna bring up all the ones in my canvas. So I've made a whole heap of stuff. Obviously, I do a lot of names for people and personalize a lot of presence. So you save it'll in there. But for now, we'll just choose their design and say import now when it imports it, it's going to import it as the original size, which isn't always gonna be the right size for what we want. So if we just go down the bottom and get at it, it'll actually show us the width and height. So, as you can see here, the heart of it is almonds. 40 centimeters. That's longer than this. IPad. So obviously we don't want to make that that big. So for our design, I'm gonna put mine on the back of my clip clip board. I'm gonna make that a little bit smaller, so I think I'll make it about 15 centimeters high, I think Bit of it's trial and error as well So what I'm doing is I'm just adjusting that, and I'm watching the value down here. You can actually change it if you like by just clicking in. But sometimes I like Teoh do it that way. Just grab the edge and move it because I can actually visualize it a bit better, but putting out just we'll just change it. So, yeah, it's gonna be 15 centimeters high and it's gonna be 14.3 centimeters wide, so that should be a pretty good saw as to put on their campus. So that's it, really. You don't have to do anything else. There's heaps of other options in here that you can do. I still learning us. I'm going. But I, as I said, I prefer to just make my design inappropriate, imported in, and then I'm ready to go. So next you go to make it, and it shows you your Met. So this matter is just your standard map, and what it does is it shows you where it's going to cut. So because it's shiny that it's 15 centimeters by about 16. I need to pour the vinyl in that space of my map. So I'll just show you that 5. Cut & Application Process 1: to call Giovanna. We're gonna look at the measurements. Obama. So as you can see here this 30 centimeters that way and 30 centimeters this way, this is telling me according to what we just did in the previous set. The our design is roughly 50 15 centimeters high by 15.5 centimeters war. So that's actually slightly bigger than we originally planned. But that's fun. It's not going to make much of a difference. So you would cut the vinyl to that size. But I tend to make it a slightly bigger just to account for any overhang or just in case it cuts off. So this is my design ready to go? Then I can go to continue now. Yes, sometimes this happens. Sometimes my machine comes up on the Blue truth. Sometimes it doesn't so make sure you Bluetooth is turned off. So if you don't know how to do that, just go into settings gated Bluetooth and turn it on. But see, it's told me that my pencils connected, but the machine crackpot machine isn't so what I'm gonna do, I'm just going to click it and it's gonna tell me it's connected. Perfect now go back into design space. Go. Continue. And it nah, should register your machine. If you're having trouble with, just do the usual. Turn it off on that kind of thing. Andi yet just play around with changing Bluetooth on and off, find that generally gets it. So we're gonna do this with vinyl, so vinyl is selected. That's a setting that's tracing on the doll off the machine. If we were using a different material, we would set the machine toe a different doctor. The second step is to load the map, which I will show you in a moment and then we just press go when it's ready to go. So this is the cry cut, Matt, and you can use its the standard grip one. I recommend this size as we're only doing a small project. But if you were doing a larger scale project, you can actually use one that's double almost triple the size. Um, my extended one here is a bit worse for wear, so I'm actually going to use this one today. I wouldn't recommend it for the small project, though, but just because the stickiness is a lot better than this one here, so I'm going to use this one now. I've already cut at my vinyl of measured it out, and I just recommend when you do measure it out, um, measure it a little bit bigger than what? Originally you made it on design space. As I find sometimes it doesn't always line up. So I'm just gonna put that together. Now they just rip off the thief and this is now ready to put your Von along. It doesn't have to be perfect. As you can see, my edges are a bit rough, but whatever, that doesn't matter, so just line it up. So in design space, we had it to the top left hand corner. So just do exactly that. Wanted up is best. You can make sure you don't get any bubbles in it and just smooth it down. There we go. So that's ready to go into the machine because we're using vinyl. We're going to choose vinyl on the setting. If we were using iron on you simply just changing toe iron on paper, custom, um, hips a different options there, but yeah, we're doing vinyl. So we're simply choosing vinyl on the dog 6. Cut & Application Process 2: she was flashing the two sided error, said, That's the Lloyd Bottom said, That's telling me I need to light my So I just wanted up and impress that. And it will actually wanted upto with the blind needs to pay. Now that we've done that, we can press guard and go. It is the little crockpot lawyer, and that's actually going to cut out design and for us. So press that. And off we go now the cut is complete. The machine is telling you it's complain because it's obviously stopped and the double headed error is telling you you can remain so There is a cut out designs. Sorry, that's a bit hard to see, but you're seeing in the moment when we read it. So what we're gonna do is we just carefully remove the final from the map, so just peel off the edge just very slowly. Don't worry. What's no as in its curling up or whatever. And what we're gonna do is we can either remove your excess vinyl first. A. We can start to wait it Well, I'm going to start toe. We'd it. So I'm using my wieder, too. Um, it's a crack art branded one. You don't have to use this, but I just find it like super easy. And what you do, she start to weed your design. So you literally just pull off the bits that aren't part of your design. You can either put them to the side where you put it on the piece paper. I just put it away from my design for now, um, and just be very gentle because sometimes you might accidentally go too far. It doesn't matter if you cut through the bottom off the transfer, she But this is a very, um, I find this a really satisfying and therapeutic process. Like I feel like it's up there with popping bubble wrap. Just be gentle again. It's removing all those sections. And what I'm doing is I'm just going near the corner of each of those areas that just helps toe lift it a bit better. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to peel the rest of that off, so I just find the edge and just very slightly on an angle. Just peel it off. But yet very slowly and very carefully. Some plans it doesn't peel off this non sleep and you won't get the whole shape might come with it. So that's ready, todo and I'll grab my transfer attack. So the next step, it's putting transfer type on so you can either use the crockpot branded transfer type. Another brain is castle type, apparently, is really good. I have personally used it. But a lot of people on the Internet say it's good. Or you could just use regular contact that used Teoh covering your books with so well, that's what we call in a strike on. Sure, other countries pull it, but yes, so I'm going to use contact, so just kill it carefully peel it like you did with you, Ronald, and just stick it over the top of your design That so then the next step, once you've put your tape on, is to smooth it out, so I'm gonna use the smudge it to again. It's a crock up brain. If you don't have one, you don't have to use it. You could just use a ruler instead. And what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to make sure that every bit off the vinyl is sticking to that transfer 10. So, just very carefully, Denker. Too hot. Otherwise you'll actually damaged the Bonnell underneath, and I'm just gonna try make sure it's stuck. It's actually a lot easier when you're using a dark color because you can actually see the contact like the bubbles and way you have rubbed in. Haven't I just go over it a couple of times just to make sure. So once I'm satisfied that I've definitely covered bits, flip the diet and very, very carefully, and slowly peel back your design. Now, if you found when you're doing this, they're not coming off. Just flip it back on her again and rub it Perfect. So that is ready to go on your design. Already near for the fun part. So this is my clipboard. I just got it from Kmart, but you could get it from Target. Big W office works. I'm in Australia, so I'm not really sure bet internationally, but basically anywhere that sells generic kind of stationary and craft stuff. It's just a wooden one. I thought it would look nice on DATs what I'm going to use. I did think about putting it on the front here, but I think when you have your paper on your clipboard, it might be too bumpy underneath, so I'm actually gonna put it on the back. So we've got our transferred tape. We've got a design. It's ready to go now. You could either be really specific and measure it out. I'm really lazy. I hate rulers, so I'm just going to do it. But I so wish me luck. So basically all you do is grab. Your design is now just stick up and you place it on your product. So I'm just going to try line it up this But I things roughly the middle incentive again. I'm not that fussed about it. Roughly Get it in the right spot. Think about there is fun. Absolutely. Maybe I should have ruled it. So she I think that looks with that broad. So I just made it down a few fingers slightly get you smudge again. If you don't have it, user roula and just lightly press to smooth down the vinyl again, making sure there's no bubbles. And again, don't go too hard on it. We don't want to damage the vile underneath money. I really liked the way the mint looks on the brand. It really Popes doesn't. So I think live. Put that down. Enough. Pettitte. Dan, Enough. That's good, huh? Just let's meet it with my fingers and just again Very gently grabbed the corner on an angle. No, we're just gonna peel that off sometimes. It doesn't always come straight away. Oh, see how, When I went to do that, then it was trying to come with it. That tells me I happen rubbed enough. I'm just gonna go over it again. Sometimes this process can be quite long as you think you've got. You put it down enough and then it's still not enough. But again, just go slowly. That's where I don't just press it down with my fingers. Well, that one's not liking it just again. Just rub it. They can see what I mean by it's a bit of a tedious prices. Sometimes if I can't get it to go one way, I'll just go the other angle to see how that works then. But in general, you should take it office and at an angle we'll never get currently wanted to go left Toronto right toe. They go look so again just make sure you just rub it over with your fingers. And there's my final product. I'm really happy with that. Looks really good. 7. Conclusion: so they have it. Here's our completed wouldn't clipboard. I hope you realize how much fun and best it all the crowd cup machine is. There's literally thousands of projects you can day and the opportunities with the product . Vagenas endless. You don't have to necessarily put your finish or even again so that you enjoy the class and that she'll get as addicted to this machine as I am. And don't forget Torto stool projects to discussion page of love to see what you guys tonight. And if you have any questions, please are the awesome on the discussion page. Or you can email me directly. Hello, Calligraphy at ID Love Teoh from you guys say thanks so much for doing this class and I hope to see you next time. Thank you.