Customer 4 Life: The Formula to Get More Raving Fans

Julio Lara, Simple Steps to a Solid Foundation

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20 Videos (1h 45m)
    • Introduction

    • Who was Disney?

    • Disney Parks

    • Disney's Formula

    • What do you do?

    • Do it so well....

    • Why do it so well?

    • Who are the people that see you?

    • What do they see you do?

    • Make them want to see you do it again...

    • Repeat customers

    • Make them bring others.

    • Referrals

    • More referral

    • The way to more referrals

    • Put it all together

    • What is Unlimited Abundance?

    • Recap

    • Extra Class

    • Plan, Implement, Evaluate


About This Class

It is no secret that Walt Disney has been one of the most successful innovator, entrepreneur in the world. He was able to dominate the entertainment industry for many years, to the point where the name Disney has become a brand of its own. The name has become an icon in the family entertainment world.

Walt Disney did not become successful by mere luck. He always followed a system, methodology, a formula that predicts business and personal success. It works so well that if it is followed it will pretty much guarantee a change in your business and personal life.

This course was developed by using Disney's formula. It is not rocket science or difficult to follow, instead it is a very simple but thorough method and process. If you follow the formula not only will your business soar but it will give you the tools needed to gain personal success. The formula will give you the confidence of knowing exactly what is needed to succeed in your personal business.

The lesson is not just comprised of theory, but it takes you through action steps and items that will help you take action as soon as possible to generate business results. If you follow the action items and apply yourself to the process, your business will be much more successful.

By the end you will have a clear understanding of:

·Your Business

·Your Ideal customer

·How to keep your customers coming

·How to get quality referrals

Plus there is a BONUS lesson that will equip you with the 3 stages in any successful endeavor.

Don't hesitate, take action now and take the course, it will change your personal and business live.


Again don't hesitate... Enroll in the course now....






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Julio Lara

Simple Steps to a Solid Foundation

My main goal is to help others become better. Better in their personal lives, in their businesses and in their finances. I love to learn and I learn the most when I help others by teaching and learning from them as well. I am always looking for an opportunity to learn and to help others reach their goals. I hope that I am able to help you by motivating you, inspire you or that you help me in the same way.

"Some people come in your life as blessings. Some come in your life as lesso...

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