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Custom Typography - Design abstract type

teacher avatar Tom Appleton, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating the type

    • 3. Manually tweaking anchor points

    • 4. Warping

    • 5. Final Touches to type

    • 6. Composing

    • 7. Thanks for watching

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About This Class

Learn how to create custom abstract typography in Adobe Illustrator. 

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Tom Appleton

Graphic Designer


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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. Welcome back to another school share tutorial. In this video, we're gonna be looking at typography on more specifically metal typography on and angular, jagged letter phone, then how we can use that in a composition. So we'll take you through the basics of how to make site that looks like this far more simple than it may appear on we can create some really interesting results with this video is not specifically for designing for metal music or anything like that. That's just where this the inspiration from this video's come from. We're more just looking at that style of typography, how you could use it in in any kind of design that you want to create some interesting custom type fault. So if that sounds interesting to you, it's good to be back, creating more skill share tutorials. I know it's been a while, so I hope you guys enjoy this one on. Let's get into it 2. Creating the type: so just get into it. These are two examples that puts together beforehand. I will talk you through how I made them on there. They are somewhat detailed or nothing too crazy. You can push it as far as you like, but I'm gonna so keep to what done here and just talk. You guys through it step by step, so we'll just get straight to it. So it's not off. Just take your type tool and just write something out. So I'm gonna go spikes like before. And when you choose in a typeface, it obviously doesn't matter too much because it's gonna be distorted anyway. But just make sure you do something with with Sarah, and that's gives us something more to play with later. It gives more income points to be distorted to just use him in, like times New Roman or Baskerville. It doesn't matter what it looks like. I've gone with a free, open source type face called blue. Next, we shall link in the description to this video. You've got your word type town. I just make a copy of it. You need it. Why? No, uh, we just want turn into outlines. So just one selected object expound. Okay, we're ready to go. So we're gonna put it through a couple of effects. First on started as much Sof through illustrators we can like automated on. Then we'll go in and refine it ourselves. So the first thing we do is go effect a distort, transform Andi tweak. So it's just condensed preview. You can see the tweak, its very rounded it sort of looks maybe like it's been painted. Doesn't think, not really what we're going for, but it is. It's a good start to start layering effects on top. So with your sliders here we've got horizontal and vertical. Obviously horizontal distorts it two sides and vertical up and down. We mainly want on vertical. If you can see on my examples here have not got much going on to the side. It's mostly uh, creating a sense of vertical distortion so you don't want too much, but just enough to get you started when we're layer in these effects. Whatever we do to this now is going to get started further. So, like this massive chunk ounce off my and may or may not work in my favor, I can change it as we go, but it's just once be aware off someone's going to go with this. There's lots of little bits coming off a tiny little loose, untidy anchor points which usually would be, you know, no helpful. But in this case, it's exactly what we want. So it looks, but we're now, but it will get there. So, you know, select it. Hold don't make copy and drag it out of my way. Looks kind of nice. Just like that. I also like that it hasn't completely, uh, done my s in the same way, but times like they'd looks like different. And that's great. That's the next thing I wanna do is go effect stanchions for Andi Ruffin. I come back down to preview and if you make sure that your points is on corner, that I'll stop you from getting in any smooth curves on, Did you just want the detail to be way down on the size again? Not too big oil lose all sense of the word, but enough so that you can so tell those on I was gonna go with something like this on the final step for filters. You just wanna go effect to start transform zigzag on. This will create our, um, angular spikes. So again, turn the bridge is down a preview on corner on just one. Play around for a second. Okay, so it looks a little bit strange for now, but we'll get there. So again, I'm gonna make a copy of this. And now you've got your word with your three effects on. The good thing about these effects is that they actually stack. So if you go window in appearance, you can see you've got the three effects here. Andi, they were just I photoshopped layers so you can toggle them on and off. You can go in and change them, and you can also reald serves. So play with and you can also reorder them. So you may find that the way your words turned out, that it looks a little bit better if you change the order. So just to give you some sort of insight as to how this was looking, when I create these examples on, we were here. So this looks a lot different to what we're working with now. It does look a lot more angular. A lot more spiky, whereas this doesn't so maybe I've put in too much detail on instead of being his bold. So you may find your a similar stays to May on Do you just need to tweak? So I'm gonna tweak for the rest of this part, and then we'll go into the next bit in the next part. So it seems that way. So just to quickly add on the end, I just gone back into my Roughan and turn my detail down. I think it's made a lot of difference, and now this looks a lot more like it's going to create some interesting jacket type Contam house it did before. 3. Manually tweaking anchor points: see, if you got something that looks a little bit like this in this part, we're going to start to really turn it into you know what way what we're making. So it's gonna make new our bod on making a copy of this. So the first thing I'm gonna do with this is turning to just stroke. Um and that gives us a really clear idea Of all the faults and the interest in distortions . You can see it really, really easily. So this little bit here, I'm gonna have to deal with that because that's not much good to may. So one most. One more small change before we started to play this further and you may see you have some bits like I do here where it's cut off, and it's not a nice spike like it may be here. One way to get around that is to just come over to your stroke panel here on turn the limit way up to maybe like, 30 and you can see that just made some really nice spikes. And the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna again make into the copy. So now that we've got this solved This template we just want to go in on expand this so that all these become outlines on from here. It's now our job to go through on just to mess with each of the anchor points and draw out all of these spikes depending on how it's come out for you. By adding the filters you may find you haven't got that many changes to make are somewhat fortunate last time. But it's coming out like this. Um, but I think this could create some really interesting. So don't be put off by and having to go in and do it for yourself. So what we're gonna dio is first off one group, everything objects on Greep. I'm just gonna zoom in. I'm just gonna start to lean some of these unnecessary anchor points. Something to use my, uh, to the ankle Pontell Just start to go in. Yeah, you may find you've got areas like here on Dhere, like I do where it's sort of got itself turned inside out, and that is an ideal. So you just want to go through on manually mover. Just select your anchor points on just mover. You may find it useful. Teoh Just delete some. So again, the same things happened here. So this line here is overlapped. So I just want to bring it round because I don't want that overlap. I want it to look like a solid shape. I'm just gonna come in and just add in Cem some spikes on some angles. You know, a lot of these nice, crisp angles is what we want. So I'm just gonna go through, keep checking back in. I'm going to go through it. I'm going Tidier this whole thing. Okay? So just come back. I've been playing with my s. You'll see. I find that the more anchor points you can delete, the better it's gonna look. And then you can come in yourself on maybe add used the ad ankle won't tool, maybe, like, you know, here on, then another one next to it and then come in with direct selection tool. I make some little spikes on bits, these tiny little details. They're gonna really make it look impressive. A nice little trick is to if you see some angles, maybe Like what? I have my p here. It really looks nice just to make sure that those a lander on it just makes it Makes it feel like, although is old crazy. There's still some structure to the left phones, Um, and it also just makes it looks more like a P. If you've got maybe just the occasional little bit, that makes it really strip shin way . Just less thing. So I saw just finish off bending the spikes like this, so adding to anchor points before a corner like this so that I can take this one. I'm just bend it like that, and that's really nice touch e. Okay, so there we have it. It's not perfect, but it's a good start. I'm sorry. That was boring. Just watch, you may, but there wasn't really much. I felt like Eckerd's add in, but I couldn't show you. So in the next part will do some finishing touches on. Then I'll show you how we could use this in a design. So once through this stage, let's move into the next 4. Warping: So it's a couple more things we can do. Just sort of stylized it further. First, they want to bring all in together first. I just want to bring all in together. So I was gonna hold shift. Andi drank everything in a bit. You can take notice of these little smart guys if you like. I, um Well, intentionally do, since through I boom, I can't stop. Feel slightly better. I'm just gonna make a copy of this so that I can come back to it if needs be. And then it was sunset. All on command. G control, G Evan, uh, objects and group group altogether. The next thing IMEs going to do for mine, you don't have to do it for yours If you don't feel like it's necessary. I want to just structure out vertically a little bit. I like it. Feel a bit taller, Feel like just to compare it. This one feel like, has more presence on the page, just being slightly taller. But that's his personal taste. Definitely don't have to do. And then this is a good point now, now that you've stretched it to go back in and make any changes So in my example, before this one here, you can see how I've put a warp in it to make it larger in center. And to do that, you just have your tab selected. Go effect, walk and bulge. And then it's this bend. But we're here. We'll see if you have horizontal vertical in the center. Moving it to the right mix of bigger in the middle of moving into the left makes it smaller in the middle. Um, this isn't your only war option. There's all of these and I fully recommend you go through and just play with everything because although they can seem a little bit tacky in some cases, for type like this thing adds a level of dynamic Teoh to the type. And although the warp options just sort of frowned upon, I think the in a situation like this can really add Solin Interesting. And so go through play with these twist and squeeze and all. Just completely disregard them. If you'd like it is, it is just gonna play for a second and then I catch you again when I'm done. Oh, and again to edit it and again to edit the Thank you, guys. Have it selected to come over to your parents tab here. Oh, go window and parents Andi to change it. Just click on, walk on. Do you can change again so you don't need to make a 1,000,000 different copies if you don't want Teoh. Okay, So just like that, with great is, you know, a load of different ideas that go beyond just the type as per plane, so got so squashed in the middle bigger on the side, which is one I particularly like this'll ones real nice as well. And obviously, if you're working the same as me, you're still an outline. When you select it and turn it to full, you get a different look which may or may not look better often. When you do that, you realize you've got some really clunky bits. Like I've got that just would look a 1,000,000 times better to be cleaned up. So I'm gonna pick one of these. I'm going to clean it up, and then the next part will look at how we could use it in a post to design 5. Final Touches to type: So I just ended last part, saying that I wanted to put some extra time into just making this. How I wanted it on does exactly what I've done. Um, I've really just gone in on, you know, spent time on each and every anchor point, making sure they look how I want them. There's still bits that I may tweak as I go, but for now I'm pretty happy with it. There's a couple more things I want to do before it's completely finished. We really just want to be going in with the white selection, cool and just make and just spending time looking at each and every little bit because it's really noticeable when you've got bits that just don't look a strongest as others, just adding as much detail as you want in my case, quite a lot. And so this room out so far, if I group us all together on correct, it looks a lot better, So as you can see, I haven't used any of the warps on that was shown before, mainly because the specific thing that I want to dio it's just a counting to make it work with the warp So I'm gonna do it manually and I'm going to show you I'm gonna dio It's nothing, you know, too crazy. So although one is to my s is to face each other unto them to be larger than the rest of the text. So to do that in our own group, I'm gonna Celeste, my right hand side s gonna object. Reflects, transform, reflect, reflect vertically Andi already it feel slightly better, but there's definitely adjustments to be made. Firstly, this s now looks really far away. So I'm gonna bring this one in. It becomes so obsessive to make sure that every single little bit looks good because it becomes so noticeable it just stands out. Okay, so I'm happy. So it must like both my ass is hold all on day shift and re size in both at the same time. Uh, maybe about that. Bring them back in. And then at this point, I may decide, Um, to make thea other to, you know, the next character slightly bigger, and then bring those in a swell. It looks very Halloween E. Yeah, I don't not alive as much, so I'm gonna go back on that Just like Mass is bigger. Okay? Yes. Oh, that feels pretty good to May. Perfect. Okay, So really helped with that. I'm gonna make sure that they feel about the same size just by drawing two rectangles cause to May this s feels and is much bigger. So I'm gonna bring this in like that, and that is perfect. So just gonna a copy of this tape outlines. There we go. That's my finished spikes text on in the next part. We're going to think about how we can use it in a composition, so 6. Composing: So finally, we're going to get into how we can use this new piece of type in a composition. I mean, it's quite a statement on the pages, you know, It's pretty out there so it could be good just to play with it and just start, see what works. And just so you guys know this part of the tutorial is going to be somewhat improvised on of me, you know, playing around with it on the page, Andi coming to conclusions, riel. Time on me explaining to you guys while I'm doing that, if that doesn't seem like it's for us. So we're looking forward to skip to the end on DSI What we do with that. If you guys are familiar with my work outside of school shot, you'll know that I am a huge death grips fun. Andi, that's spikes. Just so happens to be a death grip song. Um, so we're just going to go with that just for some content. So feeling with the touch base like this, it's clearly got like a mellow steak. Teoh it on. We need to be on black for me anyway. I'm definitely gonna start with black. Put up behind on Bring my text to the front and schooler it white. So it looks pretty good on his outlines. You can read it. I know a lot of the thing with metal. Loga is just that you can't read them on. It is intentional. Um, you can still read this to its some degree, which I'm happy with. Uh, let's just try and full. Like I say Looks pretty good. You know both ways. Probably try and just use both, because it'd be a shame to know because it does like, you know, I'm thinking for the heading. I quite like this outlined version at the top. Whether that means I need to tend stroke up slightly. Yes, that feels good. And then maybe just this small, the bomb might look good By making small like that, I feel like would lose the detail. Yes, of that small is impossible to read, but in full, you know, is slightly easier. So keep this nice small at the bottom. Go big time. And there was suffering in these images across just lifted from Google. Please forgive May on, but you know, sometimes just to mess around, it's just so quick to just grab some stuff off Google. This is all just say, acres experimentation. So it's just tables top. I think I'm always gonna want my white text on front on top story. You know, even though these images us kind of lying, especially this one and it does get lost, it's still nicer than hiding it. Just have it going over laid slightly. I also have the lyrics here. So ready to go, this one, uh, EMC ride Pride of place in the center. What just breaks in Texan for now, I definitely think I want some center text at the bottom. Um, and then we've got, you know, since it had a scented subheading, some center details at the bottom, And then maybe just to balance out these images maybe some little details of texts and shapes, uh, bouncing around a couple of details at the top, and that might be all it needs. So we'll go with that for now. Um, just bear with me. Take this little bit here, bring it through. I think to, you know, just to throw back to where we started with the glue next typeface. I think we're going to bring that back. It's always gonna be difficult to balance a typeface out with this. So we may as well try something so different to just the usual Swiss e thing that made Dio Okay, so I can't like this. I think I'd like this to look more like pleasures. The clothing brand? I think that would look really good if stressed out you bring the sin. I'm thin again. Just gonna make it clear next. Andi, just if you've ever seen me work for it you'll know. I, uh just to really quickly show you guys how I'm put a loose competition together. She's in rectangles just like this on Do you know, really quick and simple, just like that. Make sure that is the same. So let's just go, um, Spikes that perhaps 2018. Just just trusting little details, and then I'll use this again. Bring this down. Have this down the bottom. Okay. Centered in center. You know, I think it's it's getting somewhere. He's still of empty space, and I know that's not supposed to be a bad thing, but in this case, it is on. So I think what I do want is to add a couple of little shape started around like some angular shapes. So I think what I'm gonna do for that is come over to my shapes part here and use the polygon toe. I just want to draw, like, hex again. 123 Yeah, And then I'm gonna use the same way. But we started off alternate text. I'm going to use they Ruffin Tool, bring the detail way down size. This is something I want. Just some shapes. Um, just to bounce out the little bits of tech start around. So I think what I would let's do is add substance of noise and grain to this. I'm just gonna unlock my black background layer on, bring it crosses, make a copy of that. I'm gonna go effect. Um, and I think gallery from here, I've got a few options. I could choose film grain, but there's also articulation on. So, you know, just see whatever works best for you. Probably very dependent on your background color. I'm just play around to these different levels for around core density. The fairly, you know, self explanatory, easy to use. So just try those out. Okay? So once you've got your greatly late. You just want to expand parents to flat. Um, the articulation of the film grown remembering across on may be Sensor it on your outboard on the align panel and then just open your transparency panel on If you didn't black on black like me with a white grain, you want to go on exclusion for different cars, you're just just quickly go through the blending modes and just seeing what's gonna work. But again, if you do black on black exclusion on our son's feeling, we're about that one last thing that you could potentially do to your type. If you want it to really just go crazy with it, you could do command C and command F to paste a version of it directly on top. Then do command to toe lock. That version selects the late the version underneath and then do something. Teoh. So you know that could be a simple is protecting around. I'm putting it behind. You may want Teoh if you do. You do that. You may want to put a black, you know, fill of some kind in the original text on. But something like that, I just adds the whole of the layer of, uh, chaos to it. So that might be certainly looking for it could even turn the one behind it. Four color, get something totally different. And that again looks pretty cool with that. You could also return it background and used that as, like, a shudder. Get on the facts like that. So that's a calls are different effect. Uh, you could also go back in again on try roofing again just to see what happens may be turned back to a stroke. It's not It's not great. But so if you were going for something intentionally, illegible, it looks really cool. Especially when you've got the actual one down there. So I'm quite tempted Way. Okay, so I'm happy with this now. I'm gonna leave it here on just finish off in the final part. Video 7. Thanks for watching: So if you've made it to the end of the video, thank you for watching. It's been really good making the school show to toil again. It has been a while. This has been really fun to make. This is something I've been playing around with for myself, for kinds in my own time. So it's been nice to share this with you guys on. I'm excited to see how you use it. What I like about it is it's no aimed at a metal audience. I'm not massive found of metal music on, but I like this typography I always have done on having recently figured out this method of how I can make it for myself without hand drawing. It is fantastic. So it's been cool to share that with you guys, and I'm excited to see what you do with it. I think we should have a go at really pushing it in, creating some really crazy ones on If u s have drawing tablets or anything like that, you could definitely push this even further on on with the layouts. Don't worry too much about making like opposed to design. Maybe try making an album cover try using this typeface with something completely unexpected, and I think it'll come off Grey. I'd also like to see this with color, maybe animation. Really excited to see what you guys do this. So it's good to be back. Thank you for watching. And I hope it's been interesting and useful. Andi, I'll see you in the next tutorial.