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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating Custom presets

    • 3. Creating Custom Title presets

    • 4. Custom Style Presets

    • 5. Color Correction Presets (Final Taughts)

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About This Class

Presets are premade parameters for further using in every soft wares and Adobe Premier like any other

Adobe software support presets in different part of the software . 

You can create your own presets from Effects , Title template and style presets and you can export It and create your own presets library for completing projects in less time .

In this class we will create our custom Effect presets , Title Templates and Style presets and we will take through each details of how to organized these presets for further usages in Adobe Premier .

Feature of this class :

1- Easy to follow .

2- No need for advance understanding of Adobe Premier .

3- Project oriented

Lets Get started and create our own presets in Adobe Premier :)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.

Chec... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys. Welcome to dis class industry class. Real talk about Castro. Presets in adult premium presets are pre made. Parameters are values that are pre made and ready to use. We will create Castro epic presets, custom title and also customers. Child who sits in at a premium. You can export and import these presets from adult premier and thes presets or invite your reputation for recreating same effect again and again. OK, my name is you to shade from piling in motion and let us get a start. 2. Creating Custom presets: okay, here. I'm an adult premier and I'm using adult premier CSX. You can use any version off at a premier above of CS five. And also, I'm just going on a new project and click new project and also creating a project. For example, custom presets pre scared and choose the location. Beautiful location is good. Click OK. And also for available presets in a performance and raise elation and using DVC pro HD for 10 80 p for best quality and sequins just using custom effect. OK, click ok. And them Now our schools has created and you see all those Nothing said that. Okay, the first thing that I want to do is import and forage for showing up these things very good and for better understanding. Okay, I'm going in here and start from this footage and import this to the timeline. When you drag this footage to the timeline, this Diyala disappear. It says that Do you want to change a second setting according to a footage? No, you just keep existent settings and it is a pure in here. Okay. For example, I want to create ab fast blur effect. And, uh, for example, in this area and also let's apply. And if it called fast learner when I apply Fast Bowler to data, for example, I'm just creating at this valley for fast bladder and also repeated h o I want to create a presets and see if these perimeters and also save this key firms. For example, if I create a key from in here for at this blackness zero and, uh, this way and it's animated already and I want these presets, I want to save this presets with all these keep rooms and all the cynics. How can I do that? It's very simple. Select your ethic and that choose safe presets in safe presets. Choose your pieces name, for example. I'm just choosing fast bowler Enter point or maybe inner emotion. And here you just select the type of that scale ankle toe in pine and ankle toe Alpine sit Skill is this tene form and this scale is good for creating presets. Adults in description, you can type any other description for example, created bye bye user and all other things. For example, websites and our staff, once all the thing is damn click OK, And once you click OK, go and effect. And in him, all those presets old, the priests that you have import inside of premier and and priests that you have made and create is listed in this priest folder. And on this fast bowler, an emotion is available in this presets. And if I delete these fast Bowler and applied this presets to my footage, you see that it is a ploy all those key frames and all those changes that we have made when we create the presets, as apply in this footage on the other things about these pieces that we can also export these presets. For example, if I right click in here and choose export presets, you can you can export these priests, for example in Dick stop and put a name on. Also. For example, I'm creating Fosler and once you create that, you can now right click toe presets and choose import presets. You see that when I import that is listed in here and it's very handy, it's very helpful. You can, for example, create a sits off Priestess and you can put it on the online in store only marketplace. To Aaron Mannion, it's very useful for your at production pipeline on. Also, you can create a new apiece. It pains, for example, customs and put all dues custom presets in here. And you have all those presets in your being, and it's very handy on you can also use thes already made a presets. And here, for example, fast bowler, painful, split out and also a conclusion. Kernels player and thes other staff. Okay, And the next lesson we'll talk about how to create a custom title presets in the title editor inside, if it'll be premium. 3. Creating Custom Title presets: okay in this. Listen, let's talk about title presets title custom presets. And for this I'm just creating a new title control teat and in here and just said my title name, for example, maybe lower TERT. And in here in a title, I'm just creating, for example, a lower TERT and maybe in beside also just ah, creator app, radial grand it and hip make it like this and also maybe changes to linear and a little bit brighter like this. And also I can create, for example, shadow. For that it's breathe shadow, and also dip lick eight this by holding Ault on Dragged in here maybe a little bit this site and also change the color with, for example, to a solid collar. Maybe, Uh uh, this color on also old other settings, for example, you can just lords and opacity and thes our staffs. You have your lower to in here and I want to create a custom presets that I'm able to a Eustis title presets in my next project, inside of Premiere. And it's very handy to use presets, a custom type of presets in our project, recreating thes m ethics again and again in our project. It's very time consuming for has and it's very good to create your own custom title templates and castle title presets slipped off your shapes and press control. J. I want you press control G in here. You see that we have used templates and also title a designer presets that you can download these pre system pilot from at a website and install it on your computer to access all the P made presets from adult and use it in pallet. We have all those templates that you have. Acevedo is goes in here and listen here. Okay, How to save that? Just going here and click import. Karen title has a template. Once they click on import Karen title as a template, I have to choose an ng for that. For example, lower tier tired and also click ok once I go in here and just lead this and for example, imagine I'm in next project and press control T click Ok, And when I press control Gene here you see that I have all my lava tubes and also templates in hand. When I slipped us click Ok, You see that the lower turd is appealing here with all those settings with old was grabbing , for example, Shadow Old is set up is appear in here, and it's very handy, and it's very helpful while producing videos and working either projects. 4. Custom Style Presets: Okay, let's talk about a styles and found presets in at a premier. Okay, For example, per schedule T and creating new tile and in tile. You see that in here I have title is tiles that these styles are pre made from adult, that you can use it. For example, I can just create and you fix called polygon at Polygon. Sorry, and you can add different phones in here. You can choose them, and you can also as setting up the way that you want. And also you see that there's a lot of things. But sometimes we need our custom title style to create and save it for future use is OK, let's, for example, make changes to this fixed, maybe user phone cold. Maybe this phone and a little bit changes and caroming and also and, uh, found and also maybe added out or stroke white on a little bit. Drop shadow in here Maybe by run no biker, not you See that I have my own set up. And when I slick that and go in here and click in this drop down meaning your you see, there was a lot of things and here I can just choose the new style to save this a style for future uses. For example, new style and choose, for example, polygon and click. OK, you see that, dad? His trial is appear in here. And when I delete that and create another, for example, fixed and put it in this side and when I want to apply to his style, just click on that and you see that it's already applied. And you can use that in different project in different sequins. Inside, a photo premium can also dip. Lick it this tiles. And also you can just apply style with found size, and you can apply style with color owing, for example, and just the color of this a style or I need to phone size. I can apply that with this. Apply side with foam size, and also I can duplicate this style in here and also rename a style deleted style on. Also, I can just save a style library in here, for example, disk top, and also I are maybe title and click OK, and you can always open that as style library that you have in here. For example, click in happiness style library and choose title dot p rsl. And you see all of those in here. And it's very helpful, very, very good to use these presents in your production pipeline to save time and the faster workspace. 5. Color Correction Presets (Final Taughts): okay in this. Listen, let's create a piece. It's for a color correction at presets, for example. I want to colorize and the color correct this forage and I want to save that presets used that in at a forage and at a project. OK, let's add a color corrector effect three vague color corrector on also applied to the footage and in here I have a friend adjustment, for example, Adjustment to the Shadow Mithun and highlight. Let's imagine we adjusted shadow in this side and create a cinematic look for our forage and highlight maybe in this side and holds a shadow and a little bit out of adjustment. For example, input level. Make it like this and also out of 11 like this and also okay, Now let's add a rgb curves in ham and also apply this to create a contrast in our forage and a bunch of other things that you want. Now I want to save presets for thes two FX. Select all of them and click on Save Presets and save presets. Let's try, for example, cinematic, cinematic and click OK on. When I go to presets in here, you see that cinematic And when I apply that to the footage, you see old deuce Multiple ethic is supplied in this footage and it's not a problem if you like one effort or you can like multiple ethic to apply that in presets. Okay, guys, hope you and dry from this class. And don't forget to put to review my name is you to shade from polygon motion on the issue guys, next time.