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Curso de Teoría Musical Nivel 1

Ilse Lozoya, Music teacher and Online Educator

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12 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introducción

    • 2. Pentagrama

    • 3. Clave de Sol

    • 4. Clave de Fa

    • 5. Sistema

    • 6. Figuras rítmicas

    • 7. Puntillo

    • 8. Intervalo

    • 9. Accidentes

    • 10. Compás

    • 11. Dinámicas

    • 12. Tempo


About This Class

Este curso de teoría musical nivel 1 está dirigido a todas esas personas que desean familiarizarse con el lenguaje musical, entendiendo la terminología básica para apreciar la música de una manera más completa. Si estas por iniciar tus estudios musicales, eres autodidácta o simplemente quieres ampliar tus conocimientos del tema, este curso es para tí.

Algunos de los conceptos básicos que aprenderás son:

  • Pentagrama
  • Clave de Sol
  • Clave de Fa
  • Figuras rítmicas
  • Tempo
  • Dinámicas

 Unete a este curso y comienza a entender este maravilloso lenguaje hoy.



1. Introducción: all. I mean hombres insula sorta Jeremy aka Tirana's I stake Also that area Musica Volumen It's the cool. So is that why he don't apple here persona? Could they say, Could you sell latam una Russia brassica bill lingua bullshit Open that the most quality stone as different This club this case from Pentagram a call no se different. CNN has notice Percival or three Miko tambien ultras concept is important this practice with us and then they're like to the party dollar esto info kado camblos So on any campus or not all stood until last lessons learnt illusory docs with the big American does McCord The cases that avalanche see to cure us make order to commission into really working Musical is the course. Oh yes, the number rescues in this or that. So it isn't General Magic and my son s Gusteau for their own party. Continue. There's the Yemeni 2. Pentagrama: bubbles, Ackerman said. And in the Indo case oh pentagram problem in the jealous be still just as a guest trata Pakistan knows, doesn't recycle total number or come explicar when la musica is reeling way Rahmatullah Lingua Hey, Dana! Symbols Characterise equals units The castle. That's not a sport, Templo says. Cleveland So right wing pentagram, one pentagram, a ISS El convento. The sink Alina's equal trespasses Estos locally among Muslim pentagram. Better attention Last Lena Solamente no significa que draconian sort the name Oh, sorry. Masika Sita name was not a mass last Llinas casting If you get with your seem look about you almost upon and I but I so existing last Claris l a musica i barrios Clever is but it's close Lemus Carnesi Very much akin to Latina Kamal Symbol on canal Della Musica is like love It s soul. Little time UNIX is still a clever the far Elect Lab Diesel It's important that families are nose cone, esto uncles in the world and most popular is like love this soul esto no seabed pennant in there going there It's tell us no Does it represent and the way that listening Templo make or whenever one does not Does says clean and sober Leslie Genius. He saw and losses pastors over lesson. Yes, you know, suspicious Cadena Ntarama. Brassica meant industry system A musical animals, doses Sony those they lost qualities and most extra you see it and notice Bassett those see it? Enounters brassicas The last Collison daughter Amy Fast. So last see our is important is to cabana key Kill some letras Sorry Well known realize Notice s c frell Isn't flower Letras case say with Lisa Penal del Inglis An English citizen Numbers and letters But I see it Let's not desperate importante him Organize a chronometer Letters por que No one was a start simplemente at the news and contract liberals and a Spaniard inquired here Liberal confirms Incontrera Bologna Lucila Sola Most Most intended as much as basis problema need last later sentences soup gladly compensate for all this in the last notice Inconstancy Justin, go Lana Toledo police are conducting Delattre, say Mutiara Farida Accumulator ASUs Implement a coma though Uncle stays Kato quality from all the letters I couldn't emotionally Templo NLP an assistant The cloud will PM intake Lopiano Tina does sticklers negus uterus. Grupos adores either. Heuristic less Negus Yaki style American in Broza qualities lanata dough Your party is very amusing. Contract during me fast. So Lessing, shoe salesman in the classroom contractors Barcelona to see me and authorize lanata. Yes, elastic Less negative is so General Mohsen poem assailant into the area. Element it in the most Kaplan, there s l number the last no desk corn Elsie for travel there later to stay sparring absorb artista in it's time North Anna for Reddick. 1% of the Latin most Arab. You will say they a If he does this, it's important that appear in their most ecstasy for our they last notice parable there we can lesbian and a foot or a motel versus is an almost Elizondo. Let us know where they'll normal directamente in a spaniel. Don't just spend a good I might Cases pentagram, a e quality city flour letters and more strap remain today 3. Clave de Sol: What sort of almost up? Assad? 11 years. I feel like a lot with this soldier, Terry. Most k differences, Clavius. Mostly callous. E n s the course. Obama's a printer. Closure. Equable for community. Here is the sac to sell my last symbols Mathon most of central and Masika E Llamosa consuming measure. Percent other poor. This is the same Locate like love, that's all. Yeah, be mosque A in lingual. Almost gonna systems have been diagram about a bullet. Asked me at last notice case ill people and tell us Let us into living Wacky. Buoying up was like loving soul Come upon directly Sirisena LSE Gwendolyn Yelp in diagram A get us your case doesn't want the loony bin Third, um, is Lana Bassole So you quintal soul them in and out Descendant it within their case. Soul fire me trey dough in don't wear than their care But I know that dough Sorokina AKI Exactamente r ist a cell door centralised was importante in 10 Delabar. Cassie Bear moss is the global plan about him Britain and most Kenosha lamentation though I different is those Serapio industry system Almost most daughter me fossil asi lo tenemos otra vez daughter me for Selassie Paloma's gravity Oh Mass I won't go into this in Mr Castle in in Dawson trial Deltek local over on muscle and the s the ISS assesses creepy Kildow Central in clever this soul It's important instances And then there s two years Most Rory him day lows the Electoral Musical Ya que tenemos and help in tournament enough for my mask Claddagh korma say it's got even less no does in collaborative Solis this important people most Bela sicker seizures one of practical Andalus Lean Yes, he does not describe Linnaeus less external, suspicious Yes, Talk knows where you are And in their Kayla clever soul it calm organisers know does then drove the agent 4. Clave de Fa: our homes happening there. Qualities like Lebanon that very same Mosca like lover, this soul that when a week, as soon and as not us enter pentagram. I people shot more often and Celtic a little piano. And then there most cape in Columbus on a stays Leno the soul kisser. Gina, your those introductory must when was like loafer. Look about said Escape back and b r E N c. Intellectual mom sent in The only colourless young days does this club Well, I love the fact a system Isoda hina sector meant a key in lock or Dolina lock or Selena Kayla and many list of those prestigious esta Lena iss for Atlanta and CSL Alotta Far Assyria was a fast Placido. Yes, your hopes family Randall. It's Tokyo. The Syrian towns escape in Dawson trial Kayla AKI at and she honestly doesn't work in Alaska. It's a confusion. A Rita the warm surveillance system Proxima Lecture Ambassador which must Farsi but always days. Let not the finest Alina I want justice for said he must console a c e. Though esta is tellinya, begin Alina Reyes una que se for an extension and a pentagram. A. You wanna post orchestra lanata though they collaborate secret Almost bare little issue on the dollar Pentagram. A boy in a place like this. That and the most a stack Cartolini is lack Seoul farm near a door. See Last So Mr Androgel Onel de for pour que Exactamente years Don't dare say Orangina, like lovely far in dances was almost problem. Society's so called more references is important Memory Serve knows well, Lary Cash. Soon they'll there one of the Athenians. A clever the fight product. Comenzar esto for him for a piano. Theresa. Clever, solely Cloverleaf Operalia, Organist Instruments. Kamala Behold. I mean, like lab the fact you start London, They're mostly she still on the core and less again the next year. 5. Sistema: el Sistema Damien is number welcome Grampa Ntarama gets masculine and the welcome o sistema It's slacken consumed the clever, surreal I love the fact stays of surrounding pretty durable a banana for Templo but running contract Kristan Qantas Anita's Parana Lena like love easily like lava FAC Also Master Akin Lame Marken E Lucas s K l promise. And then they're collect Love the solar Clarify neither Own eyes Cone extension The lower order, at least there is in Orlando. Does Central is there still does Central induces a party, they said, does central que ascended piano. But I can't blow so we Carcano is going to stay. Mackin stays in the central one of sociology Rachel in piano where most in contract cases, unless notice they like a lot of the soul. So not as massive Buddha's Bama Soviet checkpoint was a zealous care. The the number of Germans grab it in Texas Utility ceremony. Anonymous like lower the salt in their most care. Nobody mostly Caribbean Quiet. The warm sort of car intense is totally selected over the fact para that's no. Doesn't mass gravis is the seed Gildo syndrome is yes, it focuses Cleveland. This afford my an elephant. Takayama said OCHA initially were Delta Clell E Influences. Okay, most percent that Or like Larry Sole conditional that mass ago. That yesterday's license. Your idea they, like, ever saw the club Pakistan Tremont to need US National extension. The loader? Yes, import content. And that starts or a total Pakistan on piano didn't get I'm counted as the notice It says Love that and I will see it. It also really intense is t instrument, different flowers. 6. Figuras rítmicas: L. A musica existing Lucas and Moreno? Yes. Important intern there. Quality soon Last few with us. Dreamy guess one the most interesting and most one another is a not a teeny balances sonido secrets here. No lo mismo could get. Okay. Galaga No, Mamma's Linda. Uh, it's a technical Where? Corner Okay, Secured Express. Our either The local composition is the finances. You know, just a mama's last north as the owner. Misma composition can be Emma's legacy on the calendar. Have him Play is stopped by affect early basilicas implementing obamacare Consider number Secondly, my sister's causes in terms of Central England Musical Catalanotto Teeny Lappi Minimal doctor Almost happen. And did IHS lacked written on this implementation? She could I wanna stamp Okolo Issa Jama Redonda Is that Rwanda? Do the Quattro Tiempos Is that misma? Is that misma nada dnx who represent asean simbolo stocky the level the Rachel Yes, or represent the insulin circular issue confronting Quadra temples. No one was that took are now they've ever ceilings. Well yeah, I said on the him flow Keep one was lucky And up until it And most clever the soul it animals what are not as then it wasn't all that bull drink dough. Look, you said already dies. Boehlje tocar is does not us e Thomas Largely Quattro team post Paris away upon Osama Metronome. A syndicate A missile. And somebody stop. Pero esto by user content don't want. This is the best A level issues like almost got join tones is Boyata car e by most accounts are asked the quarter with a contract. Quattro Romero who know those press What? Yeah, it in the most elegant block they locates una trade on Tell me, Anthony. Most else again. Listen to foolery Mika case. You know not that Blanca come up. Almost there is the most Venelina Esther Leniency. Gemma Public is important. Huma politica e Guantanamo's esta nota Blanca. Most animals present assume they'll still in the nature. It was almost a karmic imprint. Insist they know Jasper Lange's most door to door. Ready. Kelowna. They're in those temples. Intense is boy opponent Elma Drama E Boyata car s stake in Pakistan. He escrito Yeah, tango is to him. Really not. Discuss Dorsten. Pascal, I wanna tell me Anthony. Most negatives. Last *** restaurant on campus. A few allies similar, like Oberstar regionally diamond start again. I'm everyone appreciates the CMA *** is on temple. L love representation. They'll see Lindsay. Oh, then Negra iss is the symbol of Obaseki Cuando Alan or the nature in tone says comical. Early on Templo toe condos implemented. No. Doesn't think that's the key. Lime? I can't Animals Door right door. Right. Me Read me. Doing this is where to cut our stake in blue. Ah, yes, style. I can put a candle. Naylor's under the Indian Pony Committee. Island nota negative, Howard at the normal school chest come a polar bear the name Moses communally. Grab Kristina Topic in l Union would back if I can. You know, the leverage He kissed a larger percentage chantome and they'll silencio like Corchia do that. Many of them. It's okay. Earlier this year, Okay? Soon in Ottawa on tiempo que a lengthy innocent temple Williams got a card. Those notice and where they have their own also took those sentences. Callen, attack a coach at Ballymena Temple. Kyoto. Callin trances. Este shrimp, Locust Ambien. Work in a market Guess daughter Rare. Ray me me door boy. Yeah, Cattle. Tokyo is Mastic from popular product person. You're lt Impala. Lucia is, you know, cause Chris Yes, that animals. Last night the school chairs Lassie. And if you would like about most of it, even their own choir, the temp is two killers here. Jesse in Tim Burton animals those core chest Howard. I've always said that, Quatrano. Thus yesterday's minister Quattro Doorless court Chest Islamic that Hillary, elemental bowlers and uncle chair. It's not like take a sellout representation del Silencio and lay makin no argument there. Buster Mottram, Pew Local Channel Astronomical Champ December 7 National Connolly Tiempo I love Lucy Actually, I wasn appears No told. Oh, I see. Well, no, no misma una novela temple lento al Oksana down someone popular and don't appear Mom's air quality him Florida The most Quattro in the most quadrille dollars Call chess Indoor Low threat Quatrano This injury quadrant isn't me. Quatrano dust and the dollar dollars co chairs into the same category. Quatrano doesn't carry a team level of miraculous Thomasina Syria. You know those Chris a lot. Just send a la misma below. See that I, like kill to the sale of secrecy is until you're Espada k Assoc in La misma Rhoshii Lefty who international Ontario. We had one of his mask. Pressey. Yes, that is this relic imploded. Old school chess. It's those important decile attaining K have run. There s Dessena. She and they assumed a moving in present a printer. Silver Lord Last notice. He sat DeLorean be still. Pull away. No, no, I still a mask. That loan. Amelia Pringle. Most perfect them indelible or it took me in ladder percent us here on this one. 7. Puntillo: Garrone's open their K s impotent Asia well was a la musica que Drenica either lowered HR policy making your point Does the report found that case epic and you're pulling Togusa. Liam appointed you now? 22 days of continuous in 20 years in Quinta Our level at this point and counterpoint to you at real by Hooper Significa Electrical second Really most It's tumbles being dorky. Continue Elavil. Yes, that s okay Tennessee. Okay. It's a continue vinyls Eataly Alan No Tele Calista and the coolest Ah, scientific data for yourself Esta kills your casino Neverland Valley Quattro Temples Wonder manually most open to you but Avalere Saiz tambien podemos annually continue El Silencio don't sitting on social into the quantity in porcelain amisom contagious on, say, steam post Portland Iraqi Put them in a moment when parents CSC Lewis and figures aQuantive , Aleka lanata origin element, the common variable or Cornell Point Did you cielo Shiran buena boys? A little Sotelo says he and they were not on the computer usually stays when I like. I could go into your wallet tres tiempos when a *** confronted. Oh, damn point. Maybe when I could check on 20 Eunice Kennedy and racecourses The temple Una double ical checking from the city and address book. That was the theme. Where is the employees? They came plunder leader procession of like I confronted a union *** company E LeBron musonye. Uniontown says corn report to your local at the resting Palanka. Ellen ***, back in that day, those temples don't even template made it Well, yeah, Look at look but because this bullet Merkel most when I stop, we're Quintana Quattro parking. And you know those press quiet I stopped wearing where? La Blanca, the rest in both land *** come from the other on temperament. We had took Alana rest miles, but I kept Boylan. You know those this What? Yeah, Yes, that Ellie Kemper discreet until this guy was open their nose bono and put the you Lana Islamic that they swallowed a basis that ornament up and some are still in your room. Dimple, Paranoia, Islam. It'll the l below it so I can make money. Said look terrible there even difficult. He took out of the car lamented. Okay, well can be a second thing and 8. Intervalo: And then there was all that case. Inderal, the name us. You know the stance here. Not for money. Many lay Stan centralised notice. Yes. So Sayama Interval Barrett in there Sticking platinum Most sinister caso tenemos aqui last no doesn't go quietly. Stands okay in terminal high Yield I was just a matter him Poland on the Tohono Tammy Kerry stands here. I did want me, but I want our party. Dylan, even the most k The door me and almost did is not this sentences for the most casual inter below there Sir, If there is no does, he s an interval did there's here que pasa sitting in most of the what does not us I then the us old The name was sync Tauri me for sorry intones is is in interval the kingdom cater relatively most very asi in the stick Assoc contact Muslim around me far so lazy son says notice Yes owning the Rallo the sixth our existence Those people's an internal battles while also trust Podemos in number 32 when I know that I have free will allow us that I could not support the Rakhine laying Mackin in Les McCann and earlier today most you know that they spoils the older Ouachita Musona for my birthday. Callous that morning. See manual dressed Ok, ridiculous. No Doesn't talk An enemy journeys to guess holding go. And on the sole C ray pedo stache took out I mean 19 point Don't use one of these dominator And don't support the Moses. Your case monitor below our morning Cuando i una stanza comedian pedal sandals No tester Kasserine Temple Isthmian Durable or Monica quantity Name Moscona Disposal Castle A mark in this sold in the most. So loading and we'll see. No, sir. Talk Armenia Tempo, Tommy Anthony Most own interval a per hour City Um I'm a lorry one does are minimal temples Noticed a cash minimum temperature. Monaco wonders when I know the disposal track. CMA Melo Rico Yaki Problem was where for him. Pluck K and l A handful of Monaco and not a soul of demand so low and the sea. And is that the government employees When I listen in Terminator is it solely in Sita covering 19 Lord and Mr Miller Rico? Okay, so you know not that this poison water and understand a mosque, a apple and their nose lady financial inter policy Simply contact a party they lanata or him 9. Accidentes: accident. This mostly callous L a Masika existence. Cierto symbols. Yeah, Greg Almost. Alice, notice Ikea as didn't laugh Foreman. A total total Cutlasses party. So, Casey Yemen accident does This isn't symbol locus traffic. Dandelion autos were like will stop oyster E. That is a so Barbosa upset grad assistant. The global piano. It wasn't in their care parties, the land, Otello, Internet as well. An artery in the most logically. When it was, they'll go Allah, pickle and ignorance. The castle When a logical asi and the Douglas he entered the door. Syria s a declining register. A solo the Rachel. When was the name? And in the most calado I said the clinic policy and the man you don't Samina Damian board Maybe a stone walls tambien the media for at And then we have fun No, I need Do not take Latin *** And maybe don't say they mean like the sea is fat in doses that will not take I like to see simple Ebola, maybe atonal Istana Cinta sisters important to record our pork a sexy intimacy Calles en este caso every middle ground So Brenda k c m a sauce The needle locates who say they escape Cuando Joe boy Agriculture is just You know that Thomas I liver maybe atonal in sonido their armies. My don't says Mr Castle Bombers happen suddenly. Go Sustenance, Nobelist agony and a little sustenance. Della Rachel, Alan no tells you. How does this does? Austin ego in orderto karsa in Indo records. Er many atonal arena is TOBA said Lassie. And they take land. *** Blessed Kenton take like in a circus with logical a ***. I esta jama circa issue for a logical he said. Ian. What is this? A donut? Well, yelled also Cimino is? Yes. Is Mr Prynne male accident? It mostly gone. Our at the name owes its index indicates be more mm. Or bar. It was the local tragi into this usual Agrio. I don't know that. Number one get a k 1/2 1,000,000. So you're the Okkoto Cattle Knew more. It was intense. Is where there were Elmi, Jebalya, Bihar. Um you don't know? Yeah, Whatever Said allow a skill. But a severe Was it allowed the return of the globe? Yeah, I love it. Said that I was scared. Bihar Yakis that Marco Konali normally jaquez Ariel me more. This isn't me. Give me a morning sister. Uh, better existent mass accidents and music artist. You know that the limousine that ever since Austin ego gets sewer me You don't know Tommy Intimacy Double sector, lovely suet Don't. Then I will say good morning came back and you don't feel the normal gas. Exactamente Lo que looks Winning those races bombs are you don't understand most won't? Oh, no. Very in denim was is the accident musical Calcium Natural Big Cuadra It's must be monosyllabic weather in a spaniel. Yin Inglis This community real natural Nothing. No, no Your interruption. But every quarter e look, Assist Accident the and Joola effect to Europe Ongondo Sustenance, fortitude Effective is the system The the Ballarat told compassion for See you pulling Wynton's is open window. Justyna will open. The Taliban will require It is your kid. I sing on the Don't know Bastard! So still this is important. The app randomness is so sexually until music Alice park it slogans and contract with America. Renta determined in a psycho social dramas Necesito print in their authors Conservatives Come on. This is that opinion 10. Compás: Thomas. Our family said. Gays compass When Istres upset around on a particulate, it's a love servant. Conduct enemy in Tokyo Sinus to cast supporting Burkett. Yes, which is noticeable because a pedo ships that my conduct any minute last North assistant separate Allah's poor Ciertos Llinas Pakistan Marcus and the money you're even opposes us Salinas CGM Embarrass yeses Barras istan DVD Andel la Musica in Sacramento's It's a Sacramento CMA compass is to ask him must facet in the when a question and manicured Cornell pool so yellow and put the pedal tambien a secular electorate Samos and see a post Turkistan dangelo northen Alas, notice, You know, city official this year. Ah, party bomb. So to cut a partier there. Circum Pascoe, Malaria, your battleship, don't they? Today in a ghetto, Qari? Yes, it's to our success. I own northern and then reliable. She got I mean, see upset McComb in your when you mean the polling? Most were chaotic. E I I don't love this sort of symbol on a stick as a president. When I say calculable number, when poor sistema Zenica get people, they come pass. Get the broken buses there. Stop! Yes, I get that. And also the camp Quanta Allah Clavius sold. The name also knows. No meadows Investigatory said. Towels Damage in the kitty Broken passes Point emotionally said, It's took home my little memento. Coulter. Alas, Clavet Alan Asia called an emotional flexion. It's a fraction No Sinica. Let me a compressed in the moral everyone No sister indeed. Candle like anti that they notice Mr Castle New model moment will come to that. Peddle the K They'll people are not a connection. Nickel and no, no moral. They were in this the castle, he said. Those cuarto skill issue comes out there and those not us. They lost quarters when it was quality. So when see Loredana Lanata? Rwanda It's your palate quality. Impressionistic castle is well known, and only that was, that's negative. Can I wanna common in a prolonged up, almost quaternary as well? In 1/4 Negress land Negra by a set, the Monday coma Referential Larrionda Maloney, a compressed Come along here on campus. Implement the reality in point LeBlanc videos Lap Negra So and does that scare this year can carry a compass, seeing because those quarters that whenever those Negress, also a volunteer for the most of your own. A blanca particularly adore samples for the most anywhere. Dinner does not rest in a quiet the aquatic or chest out of ammo. Sister Kim Blue Okay, said dress quartz. You know, the seed cane is the compressed. Then I was getting their dress and negative. Also, I keep violence for the most rare case. Luna Negra alone. A blanket Does that some other woman arena Blanca list on a kilo? Stress again plus K. Let's put it in a neighborhood of Lancaster. The interest Impose our Holt and most quadruple chairs even bigger than the insidious toe electoral. And the actress influences s the sunless Percival's community. Honest, I'm in, for the most part, insulin shoes. This was important until a Corvette. Obama. So where is the compassion, say, soaked up? Get us you continuum. Scott in their sales? No. Doesn't a lawsuit? That was but a quiet soon Also towels very muscular. Snake has some quarters born intense is less. Not us, like about limit. Elena s own accord chair. Does it get us? You can ask your chest. So not those and all Composite station That was necessary. Palestinian say school chairs fatal at and should by Mossad DVD It long. And those groups that escort CSKA is to get is you kill almost a condo. You know those strays. You know those stress? You know those units, Your combat? No. Said you that in what you do anything there? Pork? Yeah. This is one document beside after Carol goes up almost a salon one out of Valencian Cordoba came close. Director of MBA Secondary, Quinta Moon on those trays. Communes. And what? This is Quentin 1/4. You know, those straight squatter communities. And I was subsequent at those esto Tina Chemical. Amelia the compassion she'll appear. Sister interest quarters into contact trays on December. Set back A. It was Muzi Cosipa, Valencia. Obama's don't just take it anymore. Say so that was the rest group was, but those group was at the race course Escalona yesterday, a school Nike released. Then they must be una *** archipelagos. Won't monoculture usually really. Most ax Ikeda Agrabah does this is too is important. And in there but somewhere, co Moya's consequent on campus pork, a racist sisters, different districts 11. Dinámicas: L. A musica Leoluca Cinema Dynamical Yes, algo importante as intended for all I mean to say Sinus, which I was expressing. Uncle talk. It's a musical toe camera being took a common expression. Oh, I'm Crusoe and welcome us. Call a cab, little miss your cackle which sent the man. Don't win. This is just a Russian of corn. Locate musicology, Mama's con dynamic boil acerca past the experts Editor Nancy Meteor mask Local A said local composite or even poor kid, then trailing walking musical I de Cosio nous kistane relational Cornell boardroom. And they also need to trust most of Colorado case kissing collected. Um, we do will say more. You? Yes. It took a commercial shoot up for him blowing with Utd two camels in a cell for the was an article in our local composite or been so and it's ah, just picked us appears. Is this in Vegas, Eunice? No, sir. Julian, I ain't in their last expert Soon, Elaine, to production. That almost got me when I went that happen. And also through Scarola Moses from your suit release and palabras, an Italian Akesson dental. Facile, isn't it? I was inspired. Loss kennel Avlynn Espanola, Mass. Complejo, who so dearly some mutual last Palavela in Italiano Central among jacket. A lorry handle at the Embassy Consulate. Your former in Italian, which was a postmortem on a steady is the line that 1,000,000 people say films halfway with the sandals. He's ifwe listed on the left for my suited, the sample address and Italian when I was a kid that I must say after Cindy calories. OK, Sam Visto fan When a party to did you get the names God took our fourth in effect, a 42 significant for those safer significa fortissimo The safest 40. She sees him. It's commanders. He lived there safe. I mean, even the most love Lime eggs. Mezzo. Nothing makes you thing when I am a fan of vehicles. More 40 is Mets Afford that? You met satanic ever Consummated a la palabra piano kiss mass. We must behold woman, Does the CIA go to mix em with piano? My pianissimo killers, Your case Masback will hold existed Immunological important case are not regular voters. This when you see a black hole is not just a single engine is seen below kiss Committee for Fletcher. Does he get in a mosque. Every will Arab woman see last. Does it affect you? Yeah. This year gets a mask. 40 mass fourth sistan circa sponsored on location. Case must be in there. You know, Suit that lacks precision. They want crescendo. Gave me hope. Almost were case that's beloved. The last bullet Motion control prostitute Sievinen cl contrary. He said demon window is these amino General Honore El Din seems because I mean Demon Wonder does This is too important to poor capable, most in control on a prostitute Communistic as dominant assistant this Ian Quinn Trahant Understandings us Express Eunice the Namika for the most threes instead Gasoline Fourth day , Alan Isha, Piano Yoon, Grecian Minister six units My important Porky Cuando camels instrument Autonomous getting because he'd than any sort. Of course, it'll buy you that appalling. Interpret our mass. So this chemist express our influences here some. It's a composite person. You that I mean a express our master Ortho Me in lo que el composite Been so lt Pro corrected continent Lappi Sechrest almost account 12. Tempo: What a concept. Um, we important ticket in a musket intended in a Musica temple in effect, a CMA temple. No tiempo, even seven quality. 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