Curso Completo de Ventas. Aprende a Vender en 1 Hora. Aumenta tus ingresos en ventas, paso a paso. | Jorge Morral | Skillshare

Curso Completo de Ventas. Aprende a Vender en 1 Hora. Aumenta tus ingresos en ventas, paso a paso.

Jorge Morral, Winning the Sales Game

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21 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Técnicas de Venta

    • 2. El Juego de la Venta

    • 3. Los 7 Pasos de la Venta

    • 4. Conocer el Producto / Servicio / Idea

    • 5. Identificar al Cliente

    • 6. Establecer las Necesidades

    • 7. Cómo Contactar

    • 8. Contactar +

    • 9. La Entrevista / Presentación

    • 10. Entrevista y Presentación II

    • 11. Objeciones y Cómo Vencerlas

    • 12. Objeciones y Cómo Vencerlas II

    • 13. Objeciones y Cómo Vencerlas III

    • 14. Cómo Cerrar Ventas

    • 15. Cómo Cerrar Ventas II

    • 16. Técnicas de Cierre

    • 17. Técnicas de Cierre II

    • 18. Técnicas de Cierre III

    • 19. Señales de Venta / Compra

    • 20. Seguimiento y Actualización de Clientes

    • 21. Despedida y Cierre


About This Class


El Arte de Vender. Cómo Ganar en el Juego de la Venta es un Curso de ventas profesionales en 7 fáciles pasos para la formación de Vendedores

Curso de Ventas Paso a Paso. Aumenta tus Ingresos. Cómo vender más y mejor con este curso de formación para vendedores.

Saber vender correctamente es uno de los conocimientos Clave en el mundo Global en el que vivimos hoy.

Aprende en 1 hora y paso a paso las técnicas más importantes para incrementar tus ventas como un profesional de la venta.

  • ¿Te has planteado alguna vez por qué razón algunos vendedores se llevan todas las ventas (y las comisiones) mientras que la mayoría sufren para conseguir unos ingresos menos que mediocres?

La respuesta es que los que consiguen resultados extraordinarios siguen unos métodos probados, eficaces y de alto impacto, mientras que los demás van intentando vender como pueden sin seguir método alguno, o en muchos casos siguiendo métodos poco efectivos.
Ahora puedes aprender las técnicas de venta más eficaces; técnicas probadas y utilizadas por los mejores vendedores del mundo. Y puedes aprenderlas en menos de una hora siguiendo este curso.

Este es un curso Paso a Paso, fácil de seguir para cualquier persona que quiera triunfar en el apasionante mundo de las ventas.

Este es un curso de ventas dividido en 7 partes, cada una de ellas hace referencia a los Pasos Fundamentales que todo Vendedor de éxito conoce para obtener el éxito en su profesión.

En concreto en este curso aprenderás a:

  • Plantear la Venta como un juego y ganar en él
  • Prepararte para conocer tu producto/servicio y lo que hace para tus clientes
  • Contactar de forma adecuada: lo que los clientes quieren de ti
  • Superar las Objeciones de los clientes
  • Establecer relaciones rentables con los clientes potenciales
  • Valorar la importancia de los referidos
  • Presentar tus servicios como un profesional
  • Cerrar casi todas las ventas "cerrables"
  • Incrementar tus Ingresos manteniendo a tus clientes

Apúntate ahora a este curso y mejora espectacularmente los resultados de tus ventas en sólo una hora!


1. Técnicas de Venta: although many laws come on are in a quiver, the 11 also they've been touched by a bachelor. It's different. Crucial Pacifico. Don't the separation tender school. My mentor, the Lavenda, Get your nephew a key for this happening there in my pocho tempo in a panache. One hour Lasting Nicholas Brassicas case utility. Thank Carol for correct I'm in the Winter is the field Perrelli, the form Africa. You know, winter come get in a commercial given this proto to share with you again. Body the Here's the crucial artistic. Also value The hero principal Monday Ackerman. Fearless The cortical sector can take a said he got in there Comet Feely's contract years before they went up to the field Person asking recon Eloranta looking no gin and lawyers who covers the renter K years experience Communist atletico on where was been the Lawrence that Damascus Unity and camp for the last month. 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Okay, A speeders to us there is still in the womb Metro No time pressure The time will be in a statistical So she lives in a person A product AEA proactive itchiness, confusion Fine team is more like Wallace Indispensability barrel figure in the tambien they arrested quotes from Genesis and Dino Seediness Black tea to look am I am attracted to have in there. Then if he'll in tow she has more carried after last coursers They saw the municipal name Intel Iniesta proficient mechanistic Osho Even though Carver was testing you can bellyache companions that 22 Ossetia Marshall Talos for the unity that I must not pretty piers bicycles Pianistic would show that Pakistan from Koshalek, Fiandaca et une mackey passions for Kelowna Fashion line before for my possible post balderdash, horror meant us to profession it to partake in and monitor 11 when you kept it in their nationalistic also me and mystical shopping in the rest. I'm forgot, Lavenda. Do not for him out another look. What that you around to Russian tells me and learned If I Yes, he don't need no five years there. You gotta maximise are probably got Is them in there? E apple in the rest. Ambien negotiated passes, Passwords impressing Ulis. Happily Cab lish. Equal care event. Amenable In the attack on us. Off with eunice percent. And for part of the lost Gillian, this I sequel. Martha, have iniesta crucial Masai elephants have intel. And I said here 11 years in crucial Marsico Quarto. Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, they were gonna ask. Think Nicholas Spiro killer is fruitless 2. El Juego de la Venta: it will The love inte Poor kid, if you must. Member Gate Pincher dilemma Court for my I never forgot you not professional New India est Amanda is to Costa on the mother. Or like I'm beefy Kathy in question witnesses. Antigo is the marshal. Wherever they live in that commercial is commercial equal. Until this in the market ended in Quinta. Okay. Is that whoever CEO a part of in their car Korcula course acacias stipulate seven near proceed with. But what I stick with will until this is the will constant nationally the parcels tenemos get anything went up. Marius Coast Premier I must important this gives you know I'm or special special Tenderly most problems give you a feel k a Mostly pasando they won't bash electro the former Escalona it see no beer lost pastors and terrorists The former coach Ian just there then very muscular has been that safe athlete and Moochie seem to respect under last. Normally they can't have now lost parcels Teniendo claro cologne. Were those passions in daughter of having you know they haven't decided for my natural or social. Then it must be said professional is better known. Got Omar knows it will Come on. Go personal. Put the commodity thin. Triangle up Atlantis Business is business, Definitely a rattling. Whoever parlamento they were most Bashar Libyan Colonel Weaver seven. Professional is Pedro 10 delinquent taxes that quick When a coalition that recklessness they want office quiver constantly see it their passions See it is cologne is getting the most pick or not there Getting the most picture of a heart Eket and re, Most people respect that. Paranoia passes but the trash, the local union Or then determine now Well, important, innit? Stick over the winter is your last a little demo Passion People took Obama's pastor passion you know a lot of yesteryear Altimo Passion El Paso Then they must give him another few peers. They got a partial. Even the most get completar calabash on is the Bashar Al CNT for Casino Thomas are lost castles or no longer have a hammock 50 and they re most probably much said a problem in that can no travel very much love inte are you not picking out fee on the shelter? Doing Pashawar is the theme of this. Alternates are gonna will of passes people very much material in the case In his Gasol, the Last Journalist they went Cuando vi Most Poor party guilty and the innocent in tothis esto prayer meeting in Salto There's they called care Pasha Hostels here is relevant pistola very much I landed in my your pro for India My mom push I could not sit out Wallace on estos passers the relevant 3. Los 7 Pasos de la Venta: negotiated passers in, the lavender being coma vemos for anti too low. The state capital o euros passes that where relevant. So she it was put in motion. I do feel a city yesterday Incan greater show, no matter who you know, Going off their separate look toe possibility stores evidently, but I mean, there are able to remain TNS kick on a 30 being Tina's in performing case Locust are looking started in the case paper looked open A cashier que characteristic of Kevin If you Justin in its stated tennis way bean to go toe to toe with your parcel Post that I mean, like, I'm just over it, you know, made a loss started Targeting is a fit conocer likely anything gonna directly entering if you cannot lt in deporting feel Akin s la persona or personas who embraces point stick with Eunice it's on. Let's appropriate has been there less toe product or to sit with you in the film where you start a list of all opinion told an official, Alex is if you ass off here to producto last necessity that escape without in there In the end, they put in it yet Yes, for my fucking that lovin miserable quarto pinto is contact Contact significa in Latakia a conductor Connolly in Okanagan Cartago una persona physical para tratar even deadly toe problem It came to pass trata Deauville and Arista apparition Mafia Little broke toe at the end. You never asked conceding contact or party too You, Alan and Katie Katie push asean departures present. Totally. Look, Akira Spindle. It's the Syrian national momento. Finkel Personal middle stays a safe here at 11. Momento, Wallace Morelos passers, collaborator and mental clarity. You know, in a gala material, even the arrest file Inferior 11th person whom associate is saying Mento Gillespie antis. So you mean to the recipient, Is it okay Motors in the official Wigan? He can't know if And it just went that she will be under TNT below the hon. Eso excluding mobile? Yes. Another of fundamentalist. My silent My mom was our I can affect you know there especially the stick with 11 4. Conocer el Producto / Servicio / Idea: When a primer paso common Once we start this corner getting if you gonna set it for a little on services significa severe case Exact time in decades, given the most case exact I mean, they look it in the ocean. Then I must be going off their phone. Last characteristic us dinner stroke broke toe that's characteristic of the inner structure with you just no significa que is looked after Nuestro producto Baron was strictly into cm Brittany must transform at looking athlete Nuestra proto barrel TNT is, if you must continue transmitted alertly end there lot of any 50 years. Kate Upton there gonna last characteristic as specific as the Nostra per group toe or the infrastructure with you. Nobody wants a few likely And this implement there is de producto guinea. Yes, that's correct. It is because our baby thing I see no levity. Most Ambien but this does connected is because you care. You like Kevin. If you're pointing up tentatively and the Kelowna they stash characteristic it issued corn of cameras Nostra proto deacon off camera escape with the third most popular look toe. Byron was strictly anti gave in a few years for their planet No struggle into potential. I totally thought Al Combat Half a thorough show, No stripper look toe all the infrastructure issue Istanbul Internet dilemma A really does mean Doris. So the total is no Atos failure. There's an you know, least interminably. The characteristic of Magnificat that's was provoked us better known callous, decent giving If if you're splitting up thinner layers you know no Inter al glutinous K for me, dear, it's like an activist Icka. Okay, I'll planted No important Angeles characteristic occurs the to provoke toe See no second Burton and has been 1/5 years clatters by pro tanto cm. Pray trata they will. Scott. Kevin, if you feel concrete, toe the applicability to clean this up Tenere corn to broker a Cessna format Clavin para conocer to Peru toe eat pineapple. They look in their posterior make 5. Identificar al Cliente: it's bustle. No major loss is gonna tear Alteon. I feel like there. Lt antipathy. If you got that interrogating, then Mr Oprah look toe. If you need the former DeLara in a key Boca Akin Bama's having their proto back in Mama's having very proto pork a cell Obama's having. I have shown our group well in patients. Look, if you're gonna think I'm one happy, an important office gave in difficult, almost just being this dominant anymore. Skates ever, don't they? In contract, as they can estimate, Lee and the Penguin throw Ice Stickley and commercial affects the person we fasted. Question. Deep respect feel, Philip. Respect you, Nicky. And this on the market and clarity can no notion Mako Shark, then the most investigators in escape Will Scott. Okay, you've got terrific. India's anti was being this in the most couples international thief. Eunice. The most people are in Internet in years. In between, a summary yes, for contact with more Does that was unity and difficult. Mostro collective are likely in the sport and fearless e the Finnish, don't they? For the most pink on travelers, esto giving a few kornafel Clinton is if you can is most likely And don't stop me. Pork A Deanna, you know, And if they see that Mr Mr Laugh acquainted Passion Ontario Khanafeyeva proved now with Sarah. Most lost many fifth year scare up dinner No strop intake on Mr Proto Italy Carlo thing contract Deepa you muti place for much linguistic Half unity in the upper intimate is factually Seymour. It is not for my rapidly see mining contract Call it t was and contract targets Baron Mr spoke just a transformer It I mean, I get in a caper much Internet getting asked No May or May Hartley in the back In case Farida Perrotto stimulatory most of the mother's testimony there is more important taken off on a struggle and a Maryland encontrado He was scared. Laugh former They can cleaned it. They gave it a lot. Oh, you know the year a lot has to look at you cannot Cuomo preference, You know im a putting green day stop Allow that they are poor person Moment of those case in India 6. Establecer las Necesidades: be a committee to under your mental partial numero tres his startling third last night that she died. Yes, place we important parquet when I have gone off the emotional plea and they must give in a few years before they they they're not stripper looked open. I'll the name of a clear catalyst are beneficiaries. Lt Andy. The radio is important. It and their simpering quinta until the Bashar al contacto quality and efficiency and the pasha then weaken cuenta que Clinton nunca Hamas Cabrera She know Kerry Kennedy Togo toe for Toronto after he and I could clearly see that the mostly black rarely is turning Machida When I was conducting most Cornell nunca boy, there's a feeling TNT necesita broke two years in a row. Typical Been there poker, experimental. No porters. I feeling guilty and take it to Producto is necessary Care learning she Embry as the Dennett formula as they prepare rt to entry start to contacto two proto to present a feel for market said Yeah mismo punto, can you guys stop conclusion? Take anything she think that you are meant to producto, but I look like I'm in the remote screen. Derek's heart porters Problemas dello sport is clean this capable in Pakistan teniendo careful with the honest for the most support that lists call more third lists Where the former Clarity afanah back a your Miss Morgan. It's the broken Esposito. It's important issue most The parcel e We broke a handle open locally from solar tolerable . Dempo Ban Dundas Frequent Alec is the partial possessor Papa Yamaji was full moment that establish 30 last night this year Scared to own a formula Personal security there 30 Where are totally And they cancelled the percent ghetto broke toe low necesita Yeah, yes. Then I love it Any David Kilauea level considered Quinta indicates looking in Lanka Official photo for Colonel Castle To love America s E trash look while difficult terrain Muccino Winter posterior for a dental training Glinda the prayer on a formula But I started it there that inequity. Others took click on the whole veto. Baracus, you'll assist Alaska. My most push past conduct 7. Cómo Contactar: when ever possible moment. Quattro Miller's Passos Mass important this total para state in a When there is no question case he'll contact the passion. Kim was a Seattle. There's a GP Mui Mui importante I contact our Canadian currently in department. Feel she imprint that we must be in their land. Revista in No April Rapido she m pray I came in their perimeter. Landry stop in oil producto No cut a present that, frankly, in the port and feel contour broke toe Oakland to Campania. Ben They seem pretty entrevista learning the school. Yes, so it's a partial numero Fenno. They contact that it's almost conceded. Three. Middle then you know that. I mean, there's nothing is more. Premera wept. Unknown at present. Yeah, I reliably fear toe in toe. She has more cases around character into when they kick on official product. Took a corner office company office America Los problemas problemas directly into Putin's yet gets. Thus in indigo. This person is given there to accompany a present Arctic on in corn. A companion around Bala Pena Companion develop in that speech are locked up in a tin ear in Quinta Company and Brescia Short CFTR locus Yakis. There's been, you know, you put 20 more you have in the past and provoked bit of a perimeter recording. Romero It's been their land revista your pastor city in been the 30 misma been there a companion. People will be more than their product. Is the wood memorial over? In what must our Romero I give in their language? Vista Qinglian chiaroscuro chart? I don't think But again she would permit for wedding cake on a cast of character. They said Pass along I don't know. See not a hambre shintaro Better that I love India Toughest emotionally and I cannot be in a probe economically. And we've been last night FC Dallas and said there was a 1,000,000 tests. You know, the fancy, not the school champ. Well, okay, it's clean The normal meant that are trained in the field. See what will happen as coach active Lo tanto, I tape recorder the call care former interests are lt Andy the call Mexican siesta Wascana Graham was we chant This present under the Vienna team is more. You have a funeral, Alba attractive. But I am actually didn't feel Help me tp look a second ethical moral and soil. What? Christina scapula party alone and follow present movie in the former The Rapida former showcased year Barrack Etienne deporting Feel geological HRT Okay. Been aware me. Okay, she learned Get the in Isparta. Me etcetera. Important eczema bending entrevista Noel producto Brooke Yeah, You gotta tomato bending landing places that they have black. Until then they see that Get Ian and Nick. It is scooting. Eso is impartial numero thorough they conduct that. 8. Contactar +: continue Our must perform defendant Boco mash pronto in the past Quattro contact at practice impairment Important it the social contact challenging people low Imagine actually Parlamento performing mash community to I get in there and raised a trapper even there Laundry list. I know, but I looked up but we're not going for this. But I want out of the Camara West. Well as established that this will bring CBO Lapa she really that the Casa Latina in problema? All this satisfactorily one Anything Clinton he by your tomato Tina skin Bestia Hi sticky anti Dennis Kelly will feel capable Fuel is necessary Dallas keeps us probably Masti any he gets pushed Finish gettin Adam vocal and steamed out I mean the steam toe there in the market in Europe Okay, Would you defend under strict experiencia? But there who did Savary mosque in Trenton? Windows Then a muscularly lay there lt Inter potential. They keep all the most surreal. You mister Splashy Corti Entity Nicotine Ally Perception Dig a hole in it Member cental will keep with severe me There you keep with it I learned me I can fact Mr appears open People's gets told us being This is looking mass balance. Eileen. Keep whether are you that list? I can't see you Prop. Here's a pretty goes. Yes, sir. Philip Seymour, Stockton, Ella Mae and Edna name bestie after him perform DNA. Many internally look fumed in it this time in common millions they don't believe. Have your dinner strikes variant here a little, but I'm in their land. Revista But he made a tennis cake. Rarely lame professional TNT in parentheses, Windows Romano's The Cape Way. So you gladly I couldn't save. 9. La Entrevista / Presentación: your personal middle. Think all this was a contact. We begin our strictly into Bottenfield Nausea. Each of perceiving host ever made luminous, alive social. A manana. He's Palmetto State. Have you noticed a lot of issues? They look again. Avalon May was being located. And Travis take on a clean elaboration. Tasha, we look in a mirror, get any most Catholic almost be trying test. I'm an expression misma unethical. Move in there now. Yes, Tokamak frequency when eso is No question that the import is not question it and they're clever. It was conflicted. Christina's reason hombre cannot innocent recent know that everything that was well for a given and vocal of teachers know middle where I can they know. Start I put on the most are seen Patty Cannon most right now are a lovely personal nearly that a game of threatened me in on a professional. Yeah, the numbers on a professional sports when we start attacking Speeder confianza que lo que ella case competiting taken out in a tattered Colombian bestie. Look about being at a level they are saying Allah, Allah, Allah, character committee and the casing separately. And there isn't a problem common with each other than our absolute oil. The important yet she to Nora's patiently Tim politically and extend hospitality. 11. Yeah, I think communal defenders allow a pro Quit on oil A reality. The motel on the planet. The most Russian place in Paktia. Personally, Loudly. That push may be in the same place into your common. Can you tap into Phyllis Capital Prison tonight? Well done. So you're either poor seven. Llorente fairly fell apart. Therefore, market love Romero and maybe stop is mender say I don't know. 10. Entrevista y Presentación II: continue Our most personal Milutin Coca spent three Bristol apparition, top quality and day. Mr. Brooks, you know I love I'm where they've been dishing Thomas more They they don't have a person that, you know, I probably parenti and take on Fisher. We have to me. And next time I need a abla of kings intake of early bush into doing what they're meant in a 1,000,000 weapon in the help island in there. Educate constipated Question T Oh, come on. Animals without lemonade. I compose the compartment under the and the the heart level. Our little school charge. You bet. You don't know. Done. No mental mental last push You listen. It's a cigar is compliant in the rough with the Indo Come from Charla That filter the most escaped Darrington they're gonna Mulindwa effect you keep with Amos said Listen you know several have sort of pieced touched no intent there the languish in to get the name of Robert of Absolute Does he know you thoroughly in Guatemala? Probablemente key fast fit No problem. Intent Muslim place up with Acela uda is poor Cibulec and also the resting on a sort of feeling escape with and cuales parachute in the coffee O Donnell with problem What? You wanna square don't want oil Potentially It said in a fit in and around the national feel the flexi really professional Kill Korean table Belorussian Dola I k Observe artemisinin affect Eunice Bill Cleon the ant illustrates comentario, Sierra Tarnaud, Salish electric fiinished graphically and the new conference size for piano DNT If you are looking live programming, note a linguistic a Yemen Farrell list this painful in a strictly intern. Okay, so you got Ambien. Tenemos una Schiano's days were units, but for much even speak angry local Paluch took away after porridge The uniform a Dracula. You undernourished They they must Raffi Honest, I don't the testimonials there tragically interested in in Manchester Testimonials E Erin Boco Life story and in Mr Broke toe get the most random gift in few netiquette play solo Canalis was probably much but given dorky and the Afula party the little quick finish given ran out with Eunice. She embassy present that. But then, Doc, I think it's not pretty. Miraval Dorothy on the north straw provoked last. You actually put in no fly directly and they would feel offended. Nostril and wow. Hey, flexibly Your party, April emotion trivia in it that I mean, does the last healthy, honest locus represent impartial party? 11. Objeciones y Cómo Vencerlas: you don't really stop. Started out in Bereano. Surplus interim. Last pretty honest. Work out for particulate Lee and it over. Women there there stop paper. But I later said he's a killer up Raytheon. Okay, not airbrushing down. Upgrade fee on having Daniel Comienza, the former K electrician ish. A lot of the year are clear and there's still no after she I think Amazon Quint. Doc. You know, if you own okay, you got lucky. And the nurse transmitter Cuomo in very meant about the stripper hooked on a social issue. No, significant. This argument can. No. So I really love it. You know, case Communist Party that come in equal, most communes having that fat said look and was given a special bonus. I don't think in a possibly Then you must get started being prepped by others. But then it Yeah, poor and demand wanted people Larrys post Daschle last deep because the NRA stripper looked old and enforce it with you. We did it in the castle was you know, ABC on Clara. Look around in it is if you put it Ballymun off. IBM, intel and revista last in a city and not least the colossal Quest units mash communities and what's proper look toe on a stretcher with you asking mass Paris internal experience This loss problem as well as they really are escape without in there in a variance and Mr Proto but a poor contest are uniform Amass Prepa ra who Never representing for particle Cleon Ecstatic with unit Last in the most previous stuff in quantum Calgon last McClary most last very much. This does apart them. We important Tip Arabia Lepre, parathion, kettle of in the door The nicotine it Hartanto parroting Nelly Stop Goulash Mass important days off. A few honest respect to producto e gators forced up Pallister back along away Yes, the form accurately and it get it all men feel. 12. Objeciones y Cómo Vencerlas II: being in the lab. Martello Emotional Apartado, then three star represent a throne and Bartoli operaciones I think I might think when that I mean moving. We present this Embry estamos in direct one dramatically. And the came Inca farmers from the name of the school. No longer it was winter and dia de la Renta for a tanto Nikes Kotil Cornell See no KKK in Cal for currently in the Barlow Kathy Endo Push city This cool bohemian Kill me some Andre Rand I mean the lock. If you're really particular plant is then moved schools as much as 50 Honest keep motors But it's not on the realest, but I ve Terrapin Will or Private Arc 11 and all We are still relevant para in fundo push Are we entitled when they're they're not focused on the most killers Cooley Funeral guilty and they para four There been fella congruent? Yes, I don't think would really thunder technique of the Korean Duffy on push bully Most Rafinha off your pref, Eunice Maspeth Isa's Martian rallies Latina commercial teeth. I must import serum income. Or, I mean, we're repetitively you have in common, Baranova or interfere on your craziness Polo Danto care Look at animals Catherine and they create finished dinner strokes. Clear this. Yeah, a party that they need. People are honest, Massive. That's important. This much community Look at the news Cafe Sarafina is Camembert told us less of a few honest cannot planted TNT Emperor want us? Told us less of a few knish cannot frantically and the Emperor Parlamento proto When I wasn't she implant. There has been generally on coaches. You'll be in the d. C can. Coaching is automatic. Oh, the legal system and will converted a most s talk with your emperor Junta Del A former killer If you stay okay, she'll she'll coaching for that? Manuel I think that is area compatible, but a simple you don't Zaki and cleaned the notion caffeine and a guy with mashed in a spoiler or dropped Raytheon allowable Ramos opinion for my brown Yes, even diary. And under clean the after a few actual 10 tika Carpathia who never never out in the very much a fina into mash notes letting Nikola in Torino don't the notion fish 13. Objeciones y Cómo Vencerlas III: my last one important. This came a cork Obama's kosher post a concussion course. Owasi coy in federal court. Bean soup is important and everyone has contact with Qantas. Concept or respect. Allah. So pretty honest, Porky up with Eunice. I mean this Munis questions populous. Pero para Alec been their expert toe. Sorry, I've been there. Expecto Savic in Veria, mostly Videla. In Solo Ghost people. The question is yes. Where you going to teach him? Or allow rather than our love inte allowed only no pair. They're saying in the yellow chronically and people their dreary and dark just as that has the group. You know, Larry, let us help. Looked awkward Regency either. Lovely lady Rush Allah help review CLR competence. So that's a yes commonly chanted last combat. So the question back Lamberti and look at past teniendo solos group. They're pretty honest. It's moved. Thomas Fact They are covered there in the corner strictly and dip Woodstock Savary Most exact. I mean, they don't establish you know very much in pushing a preference they call ore that bluff or they've been touched. The then in Chile coaches Manolo tomorrow because you know Casita, she is a relative. All producto McAlary Moshe pro bono start has pushed us. She is a relative. While breath you bury most people the most unfair in express years, areas have a most Decatur and not be samples. And Gasol the game or Hamblen over feeling like on Adelphia CME brand partial first. Like a offer affair. I hear you're a stalker. Kur Nostra proto should with your Kayla competencia No off lately U S polio cases important in Laporta numero uno Kanda felt provoked. I cannot say la competencia k characteristic Aston and Mr Brooke talk. Okay, Lily for in the la competencia say I Stockwell say they will see imprint anymore. Okay, off letting Mr Proto no or threatening You hear stuff over. Mark went under seven. Oh, no. Pantheon Relative competitive Savary Most don't get out much either. Directors a chaos characteristic of even if he fix ministry broke toa que la competencia? No playoff record. A round of competitive. You are really a lower the 11th. A quantity and departments yet um but, uh, finale Farrell Tamerlan feel honest. The field in Castle and Noah Bearup unissued Clinton know Deanna Pretty honest fellows on castle. There were 11 $0 I get believe in here that I mean, I can't believe I get there. Kepley and feel me Utah Conditional. Vigorous. 20 more partially secular and Kiowas. Also this 1,000,000,000 or sample of sterile. No, no, no, no. She know you're Christiane. I get a relevant if you stay not in an emasculated feel. Lenotre Proto separate Fabian Keating was still formula Feel mellow part of our economy star than the competition will be the most proto in Mary Atomic. I can't There are love India. It'll mean tendering Glinda can evil personal esto. It's important to have a really serious when their professional was 10 in England, takin no over love interest if I moved us get not a theater, he came not Cythera. Bulletin the hemoglobin in Ethiopia. Not a little Miss Camargo picture being sexist. We'll Ikeya federal ash or just 14. Cómo Cerrar Ventas: being a partial called me and then partial stays Everything. I told them I a prison tat lent revista do you understand? Come on with the turf. Another demo capital She and Billy I cable scar a theory seem bread I can lower than lower than the combat in a straw producto frustration with you She Embree told the women that are laughing a little when Mendel or is there a total of India as the African TV in the field? Mila compra let Mr President you But I you It was a Choctaw will drive 100 parlamento ssl Kuhlmann demonstrate fair 11 not a completely broke a rock Asia fat Really Seymour Fatty Listen. What? They're 11. I am blessed us. I've been the orders given was formally is completely see most. They are another murder. Intimate? Yes, Well think ill clean the Bottenfield into the yellow inter your Cuando una ble choksi. European media started at three and 1,000,000 History has been normal called Qala finally say meaning their fellow bilateral? Yeah, came in looking like a pencil Dental, you know perfectly in the half The Rallo told him I asked a rather to love will team up with you and the former Satisfactory? A. I would dramatic I mean, the bill. It loving the Beetle. It's the former being a little bit okay para loving on a more detailed caviar analysis analysis The compra case Arsenal is a fiend. Personally peripheral, Impartial. I felt various pressures here. Yes, the signal is the Compra and Shehab Chaplain Ingle Experience and Karasik Torpedo Simply Acre Gonna fare class he actor in Guantanamo Paris has a theory in Quantum Sherice National The copra Guinness Okay, Act wearing consequences e baby Here, Llorente. Exactly Entertaining approximately thinking local other been circuit myself Prefinished boil will start with told Damon Russel Quick, Younus converted a lot simpler. You know, if it's 10 minute Thea's, it's been an emotional event that open your immediate I mean, if you're 11 poor people simply internationalist the Kumbela It's estrogen. If you got the studies poor stuck on back in bulletin ticket There are in Mariehamn nt Yes , That's in a letter I must support in our state in cualquier momento. Put this in your strength. Deputy Minister wonders completing the intra incantation audio coaches She do notice that you just touched another women tell us. There is more Pacific Extra. Page 11 total. The president of Fiona's. You could ask general interest on TNT. She'll get their arsenal Is the winter pianist Clara Gay Caroline The Innocents is more moment very much our and she And this Capito, The technique of mass was well, is part that last little experience. Yes, we'll karaki get this hog gun before matematica Symptons are you know what? I think the guy in the under came to the last few on either match Forest of Tomatoes in Santiago. Super Wells. Who now that it's in the last three on a perfect I meant the people in communal national non profit group, for that matter. Atlantean kick When she steps on move Africa Children mandate many but in dish easy. And so they think Fullerton dough simply ghastly. Linda Latino Catholics couldn't feel fear cm broken here. The credit lab alone day theory was LeBron die Theories have bring Montag were exposed after Mattia, I think. Okay, She complimented Clinton not going back 15. Cómo Cerrar Ventas II: we're under as they continue our contributory Dany cash, bilateral agendas. Clara, of course, US game. You're importantes. Come up with a hamburgers. You must get slippery Winter Olympic spherical Jackie complimented. Likely enter Compare. I kept very loving. Yes, well of passers on the matter in the forest Fire Belief 11 or populist a court there picketing in middle order It's awful, tells the young king. No, no loving claro like Well, esto the little men, they're professional. East isn't well Penis believe love to get to where this de la Torre get asked whether she not to know Mark unanswerable elemental because we will hunt them or or part of India Compromise even mash toe policy in place for a terrorist. That alone doesn't here put a brain and for malaria personal, maybe bake a city and a horse is a commercial for malaria. Nor she sitting in Coach Chip was shooting a familiar personal coach, Marlon. They located much back in your shell. Okay, the party will get a familiar looking Yes, to win in Budo, gather together and this area Compare a median note mass The mass arsenal Loanee cook it in a Catholic land is feel Marlowe Halle Berry yesterday Because I cannot one everyone Dalit here, This rather there until phone Dr. Low Medium, you know, be politically independent. Er, cape fear may lower than Nikon formula. Yeah, I must have it. Less distant. Elastic knickers. Never. Territorial mask on Monday, the technicals a fear really in touch. Nike wants explanation. Left Must be caskets, one environmental, as much portentous young kids. And we could not see that I'm in different cure and movie. And well, gentlemen, my child will be staff are to Russia years form Arabia. 16. Técnicas de Cierre: Mama Salvatore has this thing casting knickers. Okay, there's least interesting because a theory Iraqi in concrete thing need us when we cannot see that each applicant there there nothing will took the import, he say, Sorry, that's terrific. Give me that. This does this interestingly Cash Sean Commune Abolition Trey Ashes this year in proportion to the last is simply means more case. Year E in concrete. Oh, last See anything? Nicolas Cage, Ramos Contino Offiong letting *** dealer does up finish letting Nika They'll hero in Desperado letting Nica de Laval AMFA letting Nika Della Pro Carpathian Lighting Nika They love interpreted either La Technica The last element Victoria's People will anymore, letting Nikola Pinscher did in your mentee. 17. Técnicas de Cierre II: being coming from a school. Napoli me Nothing. Nika, letting Nicholas also finish the violently and the door shop. The owners don't really hear the exhibitions starting one or something because about in Kasi cleaned the place must feel you have a match. And Dahlia Look, a stock. Korean was killed there. Really? He didn't read the shop finish. They don't know where the hell interrupt they know compared to take it out for another, like with your local health in their care, if you support another last loss Lay smashed Pathogen unveiling constantly. A hero, Kayla Haruna can no separation. Tackiness! Taka, Mr Castle is locked, you know, Compare. I see poetry, Amazon, CPLP and the refugee coaching a fool. Oprah Feeling and Rojo are pretty prophetic. Paragallo in cash over a few contact. Likely to be perfectly parallel. A police official would, before Manuel Parla, mentor mentee It said it said it sit there. This that I think he got the last few nations. Let's see anything. The last technique us is largely feeling this pain now being esta Yellen was restock on until you realize that in a conscious state there's nothing you can consist in competitive and brave Montella Pref Unity and it only under Linfield Ottoman era I feel no, Casey. Only annually are really fella compra pushed. Okay. The Amazon with national press converted in Rwanda Tripathi on a famous Kilmister Contra no control If you see the four main course TNT moochers with is a clean diaper Fear it I felt like compra I stopped. That seemed belief. Chicago Galliano stores Mr. Sneak a support area problem is far more traumatic. Intimate apparel model Bashiqa Mokoena Third Latino without a practical issues within the castle Very quickly and taking rcck Cochin oliwenstein drop a temporal Colin Cortina Busta They will start hammers and cholera for in this take a so form a company Yes, the coach Our Shia playoff reversal in a full international Oh, or it means more magical ago You don't see it in the end A say we only got other Another sports That bullshit Even it's important Istok Iraqi on a question Can I must restore Ikea Israel maintain we important case questioned Elaborate Winter is here. You know, I think what really follow you. Napoli wanted us to feel it, but I starting Nika. They're he finished product oil actual trusting because they fear she may Well, come on now is not really follow up. Don't I see it right? It's important. Mantener knows the famous Tahar Castle. TNT imprimatur Nebula Particle Definitely See compra Alkorta CISL offer a famous enough fuel in a minimally locus demography and is only at level. Are people attend talks? Sierra Morton Massively Kathy Honest. Even the most mass nuestra proto isopropyl from Confucian letting Nick appeared effectively that yes, simply I command more insulin. Feel absolute. I'm in the insulin. Fia SPR accurately ended. Nothing matters. Poster. It's nothing. You got a killer Finished, though it's theater Case took Fiona alone for Maruca, condo fiend, all clear and then threw soap. Healthy, Honest asked on Bhutto and gave a most clam and tell our Christiane Cuales is locked up healthy under Al Getting a clean. But I must report look tortured with you. You Nesic moment his shoulder in the same momento. Lovely. Want the field theory? Me and I must have it. Our power lessee into Technica case, letting Nikola Lebanon Carmona's restoring this come in business. Nothing, Nika, conscious in imbalance imbalance has been that has the lotion comedian There's a comparably Nuestra producto, the foreman Masatoshi Embry Carigali. More clean the sink are gonna they carry out Latona. There's been talk of a part of the level and fell on this. Tell us partitioning that Iwas. He's also pretty honest. Would you like thunder lasting Like asking What happened to you? The name of the year. Kelowna National Unity Party Party, Party They are a fairly well contented calories. A moment to kill as many as the compartment. Everything on my superiors. Alas, this meant that people were present in its the casual before they must convene a flat, technically level in fact collecting Nika The last shot. Finish your story. You know, I am a novel or a few on the task your faith in Austria Come on. You know, if they're almost paralyzed a lot Feel alone. Allah is the one with the most. Splichal can deport Temple the last opponent, and they don't quote him. And while coach automatically and throughout that and anyone caught him and we'll see emotion, fear Stop with you Push Wilmont enemy and told me, nor control much minority fitted at city. You know, if I squint, apply most aptly Technica. There are honest people want that lets you know pedophilia and Rocco all Oprah theory. Enough This stuff for my combination. The last loss. They're your sting knickers theorist Moto Mart. Effective, inclusive, very emotional. Let em, you know, not a hero in a spirit she lets see most Philip Afia and row or in a full year, really sick and local Akira Negro And they said Castro thing. Nika the futon Desperado. Dispose at that level and come on the most lasting the cash this year. Putting Camino Unesco not Rush Isha Allah Practical like a negotiator have a meaner, tormented toe. Assistance is the thing that got people there last utilities are calm, Opiates are the level. But on roasters Propios intereses I mean, let's see inter lasting Negash. It is a little apple bath. You It's nothing like absolutely Thamel! Joe in said with years Should we feared for a friend blow camera entirely say water you can see state in I really thought nothing Academia the comedian Poco Emil Aleppo Carpathian practically and psychologically anticipation Poco in the Fisher said, threaten the most trapped the Steel Castle fund and the realist castles in case of an emergency like a theoretically and this can't bury the opportunity is important. This for no comparison. Oh, cancel, feel Perry. That's important. This for no comparison with you is a technical, typical castle window or the shoulder gave on clean T E. And on the other you barely levy sec a spot in cualquier momento de years. Nokia por Dios. Take arsenic, Iran Person breath or eat polar intensity. Napoleon Trabajar Grant Do not important companions. There's, you know terrorists. Trammell's e un poco poco. The matter will stop. Not really. That different funeral will be an elephant 80 and they are so fierce conditions. Is he a little risky Entering the thesaurus last Kistane KCK No letting you guys that broke apart from Poco Bush, being them will be in Para Federal Castle. My 60 this. The people live in top Auriemma's We're learning moving for Matic O'Connor's videos. Now you carry on anti. You asked that case world another carrying victor. Intel says Bush can acquire care Pref, you conferred with the un producto Okay, less really help problem being a stocking Mostly star. One of the last thing because you are my country noviembre most interest or anything, because this year 18. Técnicas de Cierre III: being country normal goulash technique, as they fear. Read your obamacare. Where? Premier Latin. Nika Yamada, The Living Notorious. Make sure nothing. Nikon Leica moon. Well, you deal? Yeah, I'm Astaneh drunk. Oh, come on, Corn. Interestingly, Coscarelli Musharraf. Quinton Portis. Obama tried perimeter Study the enemy notorious A technical eliminate or Yash country. Stay in prison internal alky and you know with not allow body s quit. Theo Nish, ease in your Allah Coimbra Nautical Minton or strap propuesta Liberal dumber. Direct. Um, in case you can only satisfy dinner. Stop Western por que no esta Comprendo. Maestro looked on. Esther should be here. And it's the Cashel by myself. Even though I live in a few reporting necessary that prevent us in Kelowna as they fear the paramilitary case looking No lack of men feel in their strap. Propuesta a printout. Asi, though for the temple said we hear technical and really comenta, initially thinking no country normal's a single breath. Theo, She knows beef Econo. Continue ambush actually. Okay. For our love for my ankle oppression Tahoe Generally figure no continuum ocean. See, You know you try with Aston Contre la Pantheon Fina you never been in love with your final liberal on most likely and Kendra's Law, Splichal and Weber is they feel they own explica fee on the pork A Issac wealthy on his lucky last time being the complaint normal men take Wanda Ocurre esto, Elke and the explica. Por ejemplo, she a single breath. You push explica kill breath You lapolla field marshal while toe Mashallah hope are locally here in every moment. Ole Miss Motion Eloquent advocate Tampoco Tina 10 type for toffee in normal mental Low Cafe is my hard last venture in Kuantan Compatible producto e muito must fulfil a theory we now have not as political will drop Kathy on for the most more than 30 like elastic Nick asking more troubling you and they'll happily old items for modern Pregunta The applicant real hero in Desperado Corner Equal your ram off a thier Opara Fear this dies but she come in the last thing Nika for moderately third letting Nika in the last year eliminate or yes, out of it. A must continue last trusting because of us and loco en la misma as a field and we deal with our una thing Nicobar encontrar la lock Raytheon final. Really? Bill Clinton in its day Cashel polymers Where I continue if you're locking Nika in the love in top area I think I love interpreted consisted in their poor poor Viva la Venta is the super near K A clean talent and they're all clean. Take care. More lamb in type or intensity. Look at the most politically incorrect. I mean, take a look. A motion tomorrow AKI looking terrace eyes thatl impression Nick A and very motion poco they're being a portal. Part is, I feel that land in their que no se nt most parlous putting rather poor. You're really very in love inte but a temple by molecularly military on north If you are a much food mostly in this SPK members step off our case Locator map Look atyour Malik almost a proper there is Think of penguins. Aqap will permit me trabajo she gnome ahorro in Misrata years Llorente It said that it as they see that lengthen their samadpour purview. 11 topic Unusual story A concert last culture for Alice. Okay. And Barkley Anti few. You know, compared No structural looked on Western Sit with you. There's not for my motion. You are Mintel a python final either? However much lab that I think we do name experience gets along. Cannot Speaker and Webo. Okay, tha cumber TV is apathy Ambien professional in Rwanda affair than we were here In it all up alone die theory cannot coming that much in the same momento. Hear, hear! It's more utility Saleh estar technica In the love in top area he level escaped from fear. Not more, more even liberal demo Normal lighting The candle opens today that technical open Sorry. Latin Nika Absolutely. Thank one Dunkley antennas we say, when are studying getting willing for Matthew and Peto Lope insulated. And I meant it should be a locust are carrying the turkey intonation. Momento No articulating occupants are pretty evident. Demented. Not in the weapons are most market analysts that look a serious can Nokia company And it's the castle. Look at the name is Catherine is border. Wait, I'm Beth. Harold E for my fellow Hammash Far feel is the silly made Brazilian logos Theresa Indian looking mystery fiend. Oh yeah Get in ST Olaf Satoshi Last opportunity and three MPH. The amicus exact I mean, looking at the stars there's nobody a few ankle moving into the victim in the story is a fillip. Rwanda. Most case looking only at satis fatal Easy, known as owners Costa Clara for the motion in Limine Hattori as the Syrian issue Black outta the plethora couch with Oprah looked like outside. I'll call or how she cannot pariscac appalling motion in limine. Ando Generally Mina Doria para obtener la Raytheon FINA. Starting the cattle open Shot it and I'm in the shoe trees and much more post. Okay, Al Finality and the Derailment See Kinnelon officially that they compare e troppo talking blue concentrate picked at the wash from the former. We were not the animal, really. Actually, they feel are complex in or moment. Cynthia Rowley, former West. And if I feel convinced that technique being a stocky, must be stolen see it a princely palace thing. The cash. The theory that last moment US occasion. Key fella. Massively Farrah's the last mass portentous 19. Señales de Venta / Compra: the vendor. We're coming. Don't want a skill Nationalities. They went there. So on last night s game, you take it to the end. You can find anything. Turkistan is pushed complaining You get an image construction Blame. We've been the interest, but I detect terrorist. That's analysis. And get in there. Israel Arconic toe course sentiment. They went in the strength Revista Yes, there percent er portal for locomotion. I think that if people manage that scenario, more support in the car on a partition. If Anita depend in the car industry Alec Elastic tour Inclusionary, cocky. Anything either cannot in the world. The perception guessed it yet, but worst of that experience here. And there's no problem with that in that year. Okay, You know one thing The coverage cannot pottery and stashing analysis. Topple. Put a simple Dunkley Andy Commendatore look area she had Taubira said producto. Yeah, this Bush era probe. Oh, yet we and March I say said with your Cornell she come in DeLuca Rio that Kathy honestly look a pottery affair. She had to wear a proto freshman class in the winter. She's been provoked office ico he when they rupture of a kilo start a condor of start. Right on the money. Orlando. Oh, he found the commotion for special time. Initially cloudy. She must no idea Really like him in death about a temporal shield. The end about Anthea be the Kasich Clara ago Mobile que est explica? No commentary area Solo, I said would actually get a year's as he push a stop tambien maxing out there in time. Wikler podium of continue our they studying Finito. I have been eating window less experience. Yes, Bacillus He done me in I will take you on this Nationalities allow this that much Simply thing I'm watching Glinda case water my horse Emperor pronto Get out of it is if you in Quinto Bama's this nationalist a complaint for party They can t even lost the victim in the competition on the con formula They have internal stripper Look toe for the most Rochette 20. Seguimiento y Actualización de Clientes: be in your heart, you know? Say Amy in tow. Different but so full name in this impartial Can you tell when their orders community charge this The 100 level with really central winter seven. He should be ended. Planting Yes, yours. You never are important in error in gravity We'll kill every other women that are Moula beloved I'm which will transport tanto CMB she emperor simply I can't shake Amy in tow. The mistress playing this Uncle Ben Simo skin. Oh, and I compatibles newcomers The name of the most training the rest in a strictly anti on this push there were really fellow connection toe Benavente have been somewhat cannot share a patina Determent animals K program Arpaio in calendar You they see that school contact us Converse Trotskyite School nurse Travelocity hunted area Been symbols kill of my Whoriskey And this tambien lost nothing timeless Shona usually and repeated una your travel. Yes, I much contact are complete and takes care. Sean Forman, party than Western. Move much faster. You must barato contact Our convoy was pretty intense. Yeah, they must taste experience this enough Referee Dan or trust my waspy And this couple emotion contact our star Depression type thing that you have been there for, Lieutenant. Oh, the battle will be more personal negotiating They locked. And there they say, Memento. The ghostly entities in normally they must know Been Samer Skipper Kay Emery intact. It's the satire. Me No, no. Now indicted. They're meaner. Gonna say Amy in tow. Trailers cleared people a tanto no terminal was the case to say a mento. Continue. It seemed like every year most candle was cleaned. This siendo I start models clean this. 21. Despedida y Cierre: being yucky. Mark equality in Dutch, the whole show, Carmona and hold the line. Kipapa Poco Police here a simulant Total concept is put stockings on 20 years with some factories they trust is on course Basic. Oh, don't say present a licensee a little. I went I look I Catholic for simplemente struhar car murder Possibly too much on Sadio, Hamas. This any march? Yes, there's another last Claridge's The Levington know this any mercy in common with the turbulent figured crucial Esther's whoever ekhomu It'll get the most capable poco the minister the incompetent constant day I want to startle the competent. Here in course, Yankee is their feet with much passion. Belounis tonal quality survey Most cannot animals much experience You can know the name of national interest. Why we actually begin Demand a problem on a panel. Large 11 Industrial Roger should handle people before but a poco a poco passion Emotionally stable the competently in coarsened inequality No shot for my natto. It started 11 times shall rise for my not really best are contactar when their land released the oppression Turner's being event There producto have been the rattle Christiane ish I think there are the nearly stint of the Failaka. Another last minute. Touch me asking those present demos what I mean and LRT they know this honey Mariners, they say in Atlanta, when Thomas Practicum was told of passports and there's lots of similarity the trans crucial in Lhasa manners I was going to Tahoe Carson theory most towards his destiny. Gutsiness worth up almost about to issue a style anti fell so I can't have a heart. So you get a marshmallow going into she Romo, come with more Congonhas. That being a better course. Yeah, she would be less the crucial he plays well, I m break elected. I support the case for large masses. Comolli Rocca termina left calf like Constanta is like travel. Interesting galleries would have been better meals.