Curiosity & Relentless Observation

Carolyn Wiedeman, Education Designer, Skillshare

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    • Observation to Unlock Innovation


About This Class

This class is part of Skillshare's Creativity & Innovation series. We believe curiosity is a crucial skill for cultivating creativity since being curious will open your mind to new observations and insights you'd have otherwise missed.

In this short class, you'll learn to integrate observation through curiosity into your life everyday, unlocking innovative ideas and adventure. With 5 key exercises, you'll deconstruct perceptions and discover the story behind an everyday thing that usually goes unnoticed.

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Be mindful, stay curious. This was a great lesson. A quick reminder to always observe. Thank you!
Nagranee Channa

Travelling Designer

Good tips to learn how to be more mindful, creative, and embrace new experiences.
Jeffrey Fermin

Trying to learn one thing a day





Carolyn Wiedeman

Education Designer, Skillshare

Carolyn Wiedeman is an Education Designer at Skillshare, creating exciting learning experiences for lifelong learners in design & creativity. Previously, Carolyn was a graphic designer at and Global Prairie. She graduated from University of Michigan, where she studied Printmaking and Environmental Science. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.