Curiosity & Relentless Observation

Carolyn Wiedeman, Artist, Illustrator

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    • Observation to Unlock Innovation


About This Class

This class is part of Skillshare's Creativity & Innovation series. We believe curiosity is a crucial skill for cultivating creativity since being curious will open your mind to new observations and insights you'd have otherwise missed.

In this short class, you'll learn to integrate observation through curiosity into your life everyday, unlocking innovative ideas and adventure. With 5 key exercises, you'll deconstruct perceptions and discover the story behind an everyday thing that usually goes unnoticed.

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Short but contains good detail and inspiration - it gets you thinking!
This is the second class of it's style that I listened to, so I'm gonna say pretty much the same: Honestly, I am only recommending this on the premises that ideas come from all over and it's just 9 min.....but, it's just to short to call it a class. Too little info, but in the same time too much info without a specific application. The discussion seems too hypothetical and vague. I love the subject and the core message, but not the course itself....probably because it's not a course.
Emanuela Dadarlat

IMA | Designer | Founder of ART'EM





Carolyn Wiedeman

Artist, Illustrator

Carolyn Wiedeman is an artist and illustrator based in Brooklyn. She is a professional freelance illustrator for a wide range of weddings, brands, and special events.

Previously, she was a creative education producer at Skillshare, creating exciting learning experiences for lifelong learners and partnering with hundreds of illustrators, creative agencies, and brand partners to create compelling online classes and creative video. Key partnerships included working with illustrators Olimp...

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