Curate Shareable & Likeable Content: Content Planning for Bloggers and Start Ups | Mark Espanol | Skillshare

Curate Shareable & Likeable Content: Content Planning for Bloggers and Start Ups

Mark Espanol, Startup Accelerator Alumni, Bootcamp Instructor

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15 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. How to choose your topic

    • 3. Understanding the Skillshare Handout

    • 4. Google Trends Tutorial

    • 5. Googlle Adwords Tutorial

    • 6. Understanding the Purchase Cycle

    • 7. Content Producer Compilation Tutorial

    • 8. Content Compilation Tutorial

    • 9. Why Automate Content Coverage?

    • 10. Google Alerts Tutorial

    • 11. BrainSTORMING!

    • 12. Why Template?

    • 13. Templating Example

    • 14. Beginning Using Google Calendar

    • 15. Building the Editorial Calendar using Google Calendar


About This Class


The objective of this class is to learn a time-saving, simple, effective, and robust method for blogging and online research to get you from topic all the way to a detailed publishing plan. 

This class compiles the most successful practices of bloggers, inbound marketers, content marketers, seo specialists, and digital marketing research institutes BUT it is put into a simple step by step method and uses free tools.

The key components of this method include:

Keyword List Generation: You will develop a keyword list that will help you define what people are searching for regarding your topic.

Automated coverage on your topic and online community: Instead of having to review the work of similar blogs, thought leaders, and companies who contribute similar content, you will learn how to automate this coverage and allow the information to come to you.

Templating different formats for your blog: Formatting content takes a lot longer than you think, especially if you have to deliver many posts to your readers. Never compromise your consistency with administrative tasks. You will learn how to build templates for the different formats of your blog posts so you can spend more time on creative thinking rather than where to put the bullet point.

An Optimized Editorial Calendar “Publishing Plan For Posts:” You will learn how to plan out your posts, map them out on a calendar, optimize your content variety, and streamline the publishing process through the tools available to you on Google Calendar.

What is the class project?

You will be applying the class method to develop two months of planned content for a blog campaign on a topic of your choosing. You will go from a topic idea all the way to a responsive publishing plan of amazing content.This two month content publishing plan allows you to track the progress of the campaign/content production cycle. Ultimately, you will have a disciplined approach to your online content production efforts.

Who should take this class?

This class is built for anybody who wants to understand how blogs work, why they work, and how to get them to work, without the fancy digital marketing speak. You will learn the theory by doing!

  • People who are brand new to blogging and want a simple framework to help them learn the inner workings of online interactions.  

  • People who want to learn about the "magic" of inbound marketing that promotes online traffic to their blog and sales pages.

  • People who want to learn how to do in-depth research on a single topic and be able to understand the online community that revolves around it.

  • Online marketers who struggle to get the results they need from their blog and who want to learn how to leverage their company's blog to promote their product and their industry

  • Content marketers struggling with writer's block.

Skin in the Game

During the class you will see how I apply the method by showing you screencasts of my progression.You will see how I go from an initial idea for a topic to an editorial calendar for a blog campaign. I will be completely transparent, so if you ever doubt the lessons you are learning, you will be able to SEE how I applied this system. I want to make sure you do not give up!