Cube that Square: Put a Flat Design on a Cube in Illustrator

Victor Langer, Logosaurus Rex, Graphic Designosaur

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7 Videos (44m)
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    • Isometric & Extrude

    • Lesson 1: No Rotation

    • Lesson 2: With Rotation

    • Lesson 3: With Rotation

    • Lesson 4: With Rotation & Reflection

    • Goodbye is not Extinction


About This Class

In this class we will be looking at how to put a flat design on a cube. In Illustrator this is called “mapping” to a 3D object. This technique looks scary at first, but is actually pretty easy once you get used to it. You make a cube using the Extrude 3D Effect, then MAP--meaning APPLY--your flat square design to it’s three visible faces, and then recolor or add shading. What starts out as a not very exciting flat design can become something great on a cube.


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Very interesting techniques!
Dawid Tuminski

Logosaurus Rex does a great job putting together tutorials in showing a skill and taking it from the bare minimum to providing examples of more complex results based on the skill acquired. His style of teaching is well thought out and his dry sense of humor matches my own.





Victor Langer

Logosaurus Rex, Graphic Designosaur

I've been a freelance graphic designer and logomaniac since the days of B.C. That's not Before Christ--it's Before Computers. How many of you colleagues out there remember B.C.? Rubber cement paste-ups, photostats, Linotype, Maylines, adjustable triangles, Letraset, Rubylith overlays, cutting compasses. Yes, positively prehistoric. But it takes a dinosaur to fully appreciate the newfangled wonders of Adobe Illustrator and the iMac. At first I resisted evolution, but after I got a whiff of it ...

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