Cube Sections And Planar Changes I (Technical Drawing Advanced) | Michael Neatu | Skillshare

Cube Sections And Planar Changes I (Technical Drawing Advanced)

Michael Neatu, I Teach You How To Rock Arch Drawing

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4 Videos (31m)
    • TDA Cube Sections And Planar Changes I

    • Cube Section 1, L=6

    • Cube Section 2, L=6

    • Cube Section 3, L=6


About This Class

Look, you already know technical drawing and are confortable drawing a cube on its spatial diagonal and simple constructed shadows or barrel vaults. (If you’re not that person, then I strongly recommend my beginner course on technical drawing)

Now it’s time to get you to advanced level of technical drawing, so the change in your imagination and perception takes off to a new level.

Look, technical drawing can be the best part of architectural drawing, if you understand it.

If you are a beginner or completely new to it, then the doors will for ever be shut on getting that precise, intelligent, problem solving part of your mind up to standard.

You will just be average.

In this course you will learn:

  • Short recap of the essentials of technical drawing.
  • Intermediate exercises to develop key technical problem solving skills with intermediate exercises that feature cubes, tetrahedra and spheres.
  • Spheres tangency problems that will teach you everything you need to know about sphere tangencies.
  • 2d problem solving exercises to get your smarter in understanding basic planar geometric constructions.
  • Ultimate guide to hexagonal and pentagonal pyramid and volumes.
  • Develope ultimate spatial vision with cube sections and planar change exercises (over 8 exercises in triple projection, volume unwrapping and isometric axonometric).
  • How to draw and design a complex roofing system.
  • Six exercises with dodecahedra and icosahedra – this will expand your understanding of technical drawing even further.

How you will change after finishing this course:

  • Become architecturally smart and a much better problem solver for the technical aspects of design.
  • Develop advanced architectural spatial vision, understand and create complex technical drawings.
  • Get powerful technical drawing abilities – outsource all technical work back to the drawing board.


Look, I want this course to be the best investment you ever made in your professional career. I am most definitely not perfect, but I do believe my courses are the best in the world!


With technical drawing you got two possibilities – you either are naturally good at it, so this training will be a piece of cake for you…

Or you are naturally more of the artistic type, so technical drawing and descriptive geoemtry seem like ‘alien talk’ to you.

Whatever case it may be, you can do this – I will personally guide you step-by-step to the next level…

Either become a technical drawing smart ass genius, or make technical drawing something you are confortable in doing and can thus rely on it in your architectural pursuits.

This coure isn’t for everyone though – if you think you already are ‘smart’ and do not need to learn anything more, then I am happy for you. This means you are self content in an average tech drawing skill set and I can only wish you good luck and send you on your way.

If you really are genuine about  getting better and unlocking the true technical prowess of your brain, then click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button and I will see you on the inside!


Michael N





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I Teach You How To Rock Arch Drawing

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