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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Everyday Crystals

    • 3. How to bring crystals into your everyday life

    • 4. Energy at Home

    • 5. Crystals for Cleansing

    • 6. Raising and protecting energy with crystals

    • 7. Why use crystals for work

    • 8. Which crystals and how to use them

    • 9. Crystals where ever you are

    • 10. Crystals for you

    • 11. Thank you

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About This Class

Bring crystals into your everyday routine.

Crystals can help with a whole host of situations we deal with on a daily basis.

Whether it be at home, at work, or for you personally, crystals can be used simply and effectively.

This course focuses on these three areas in turn.

Discover how to cleanse the energy in your home and how to raise the vibration so that your home remains a happy, positive place.

Learn which crystals can protect your home from negativity and negative energy entering your happy place.

These crystals will not only benefit you, but your family too.

The workplace carries a lot of energy from many different people. Particularly if you work in a public facing role such as retail or hospitality.

You will learn how to use crystals, and importantly, which crystals, to use to protect your own energy in the workplace. To help you to not take other's energy home with you at the end of the day.

Crystals can also be used at work for energy, motivation, ambition and creativity. This course details which crystals to use and how.

How can you use crystals everyday to help you, inside and out?

We all have daily stresses, sometimes big stresses. Maybe some anxiety or issues sleeping. Or maybe you need a self esteem boost or natural pain relief.

Discover which crystals you can use for you and how. There are several simple, effective and discreet ways to bring crystals into your everyday routine.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katy Batt

Find your path and achieve your goals.


Katy is a certified holistic therapist. She has practised crystal healing for several years, working with a wide array of clients. Katy has now turned her attention to teaching others how to incorporate holistic methods into their lives, tune into their intuition, find their path and achieve their goals. This is through running many successful workshops and holistic retreats, and online courses. Over a thousand people, across six continents, have benefited from these methods. Katy releases a podcast weekly called, Crystals & Coffee.

Katy has a Masters degree in Philosophy and a Bachelors degree, with honours, in Psychology. Katy deeply believes that a healthy mind is essential to be healthy as a whole and this is the focus of her practice.



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1. Welcome: Hi there. Welcome to crystals for every day. Thank you for joining me on this course on. We're gonna be talking a lot about crystals over the next few videos about how you can incorporate them into everyday life. My name is Katie. I'm a crystal healer on a qualified crystal practitioner. I've been working with crystals now for about five years along out, along with other holistic therapies. Andi, I love being able to share my crystal knowledge with others so that they can incorporate these wonderful stones into their lives on d begin using their energies for countless different reasons. So we're going to be focusing on crystals for every day in this course. But if you take a look around Thekla stomach how to make my own line Crystal school. There are plenty of other courses as well, if you've no, you know, overly familiar with using crystals and have to look after them. And how is get the best houses them? There is a great in trickles. There's a course on how to use crystals in combinations and how to create your own crystal grits. And that's courses on, um, itself healing on self love or how to balance with crystals. Andi really just really embraced them into your everyday life. So the overview of this course is we're gonna be talking about crystals that you can use every day at home crystals you can use every day at work on crystals. You can use every day for you personally on how to how to bring them into your life in a really simple way. Very discreet way if necessary. You don't need Teoh. Other people don't even need to know that you using them. Andi. Andi, how you can get the best Out of the out The Energy by Jane Nous On how and you'll see how many areas it is possible to use crystals for Andi. Hopefully you will be able to fit them in in all areas on starting during their energy. I assume it seems possible. So let's get started 2. Everyday Crystals: so everyday crystals. What do I mean when I say that what I mean is that there are because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different types of crystals out there for many, many different reasons, some quite specific, some more general. So we're going to be focusing on some of the more general crystals in this course, very easy to come by. Very affordable to come by as well, because the very popular crystals Andi, you'll be able Teoh, slot them in in all different areas of your life at home. Work a play for you personally if you want, if you're interested in helping your own personal energies, which will then have a knock on effect onto every other areas of your life, too. So the reasons for bringing these crystals into life to benefit from the energy that they give off so each crystal gives off its own unique energy reparation. As with absolutely everything in this world, it's their made up, off mal accuse molecules buzzing together, giving off energy it. It's just that it's energy that can't necessarily immediately feel or sense, so you'll find that the more often you use crystals on and the more you get used to using them and maybe using the same crystals for year really tuning into that, you will start to feel that energy in. You'll start to feel that benefits. Don't worry if you don't feel it immediately. It's a process, and it can take time to kind of open up the error of yourself to be intuitive. Andi responsive to that. So that's how crystals work. It is a simple as they give off energy. We chewed into that energy. Andi, they And it helps us in many different ways, in healing way physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. So we'll go into more detail about certain crystals for certain reasons. Again in the main. The main focus is we're gonna have here in the schools are homework and you each section we're gonna break down which crystals you might want to use and how to use them to achieve that. Um, Andi, a little bit more about how they work. So we'll get started on the home crystals. Andi, how to bring crystals into your everyday life simply discreetly. Andi, you see me quickly 3. How to bring crystals into your everyday life: Okay, So bringing crystals in show everyday life can be as simple as having pieces in your home, as which will look great as decoration as ornaments. But they're actually having another purpose, too. You can have them on your person. By them is jewelry. Keep it in your pocket. Keep me in your bra. Keep them in your handbag. Purse, wallet. You could have them by your bed under your pillow on your desk at work in a desk drawer. Work if you want to keep them safe and hidden. There are lots of lots of ways that you can incorporate crystals into everyday life, though drastic changes. No one even has to know that you're using them if you don't want them to, or if you do want them to, you can buy the bigger pieces and make a much, much more of a statement and get people talking about crystals and maybe get them using them to Andi. Using them around your home in particular is a great way to ensure that your whole family and your pets they're all benefiting from the energy at the same time so you can use them. Uh, Marcus ETA's ornaments you can use them in. There are crystals you can use in the bedroom Christmas you could use in Children's bedrooms. Especially really. Young Children need help sleeping. Um, you can. There are different crystals that you can put in different rooms for different reasons, and we will talk about that in the home section in a little bit. Work that maybe that you want some crystals for creativity and motivation and energy on your desk. Or you may want to use crystals to protect against negative energy. If there's negativity, Gohmert work or as particular people that you don't get along with, Um, I worked in office for many years. I am aware that there are a lot of different personalities that could conflict in the workplace. So again, you may want to have crystals, um, to protect your energy and just make sure none of that negativity gets in as well on then crystals for you. We're going to talk about as well where again, you may want to protect yourself from negativity. In all it is, you may be very empathetic. Andi bring on other people's issues as if they're your own. It's sexual energy, and you need to put a bit of a protection barrier energy protection barrier so crystals could help with that. You may need crystals to help balance your mood, help you lift you up, help you sleep, help you meditate lots of different things that again will have a knock on effect in your everyday life. So there's lots of small changes that you can make, which will add up to some really big benefits. So let's get started on talk about crystals for you at home. 4. Energy at Home: So why might you need crystals at home? Well, there's an awful lot of energy that goes on in your home, but which you may not even be aware off. Or you may be aware of certain things but not attributed it to energy. So our homes are filled with emotion on a lot of different energies. And if you live with your family, there's a lot of different personalities. Every single person has the own energy field, and they're giving off, and it's spilling out all the time into your home. Even if you live alone, there are going to be other energies in your house when you have friends and loved ones over. If you have pets that bringing in their own energy, if you have cats that go in and out, bring in energy from outside. Um, there's just a whole hodgepodge off energy's going going on in your home. Andi. It's only natural. Over time, these energies could stopped stagnates. Andi, you may feel that there's kind of a heaviness in the home, particularly if there's been, um, some negativity going on or there might have bean grieving going on. There may have been fights going on in the home. Lots of things that can spark negative energy and negative energy is picky. It sticks to things. It sticks to you. It sticks around the home. It sticks to everything on when you walk into a room filled with negative energy, you could feed it on even on a subconscious level. You can just feel like you walk into a place and it just brings you down. And you just think, uh, I don't want to be hit or assisted oppressing, and it just doesn't feel right on it could be that it's because of all this energy that's been built up. It's been start painting, and it's been conflicting, and it's just hanging around and you don't need it. You need in your life just don't need that kind of negativity. You want to go so there are ways that you can cleanse your home off this negativity on. There also ways that you can. Then, once you've done that, you can keep your home at a higher energy vibration so that it's less likely that this kind of negative stagnation builds up again. It won't completely you will need them still be times you're gonna need to cleanse. Every home will need to cleanse out energies, but by having certain crystals around, you will keep the energy vibration higher, maybe repel a bit more of that negative energy and stop that build up on also, by having this lovely energy in the home, it can change people's energy and change moods and balance moods. And maybe it will help everything run a little bit smoother in the home to. So we're going to talk about in the next video about that cleansing process and how to get that started. 5. Crystals for Cleansing: our cases and cleansing crystals we can have around the house will help to clear start in energy, and these could be in one room. It can be in all rooms. It could be throughout the house if you wanted to be. Or it could be that just the main living area just gets bogged down with lots, lots of energy. So you may want to focus on that start, but it's completely up to you. You know your home. So it's about taking this guidance in this advice and applying it to your situation. It's very flexible, so crystals that could help cleanse energy in your house. Ultimately, my absolute favorite that would recommend to anyone to have in the home is clear. Quartz. Now clear courts is what's known as a master healer. Master stain. It can be used is like a wildcard crystal. It could be used for pretty much anything you wanted to if you set your mind on your intention to it. But clear quartz Primary primary use is cleansing because it has this ability to draw in negative energy. It draws it out of places. Andi kind of converts. It gives out this great positive energy, bringing the energy level ruler nice and high. So it's kind of just doing a during a recycling energy for you. It's drawing in negativity and gives out positivity. So it's a really, really lovely one to have in your home, particularly in the main living area, because that's where all of it all goes on so you can use clear quartz. There is also crystal of quartz crystal snow courts, which does things in very much the same way as clear courts, but ever it's slightly more gentle. ITT's an opaque stone. It's brilliant, white. I don't have my one to hand to show you right now, and it's it's It's a beautiful, milky looking stone, and again it does everything it does. It rules in that negativity, gives out that positivity and brings with it a very soothing and calming energy as well. So that is a great ones having the living area. There's also a bit more maybe a gentle one to use, maybe in a child's bedroom, teenager's bedroom. Just if you, if you want to place it in that to have that cleansing effect, another great cleansing crystal have for a slightly different reason is a crystal good unit kites. It's very easy to get hold off, and it's sort of a detox crystal. So it's also a great one for you to use for yourself as well. If you want to cleanse away toxins and things like that, having unit kite in the home around it about in places again, it claimed it will cleanse energy. But it also brings a very cleansing energy to your own energy field, to ridding it of toxins and ridding it of activities. That's a lovely one to have another great crystal for home for cleansing is adventuring beautiful green crystal. Um, venturing is well, I call is like a like a hug in a crystal. It gives you that kind of content. I'm safe. I'm comfortable, peaceful feeling, so having adventuring in the home. Whereas it may not be immediately cleansing in the sense that draws up negativity. But it's very cleansing in the sense of the energy that gives out gives out some very comforting, very soothing. We're all very safe and content in this home energy with it so but what I would recommend before you start bringing in these crystals into your home, you're going to need to clear what they're. So if you've not been using crystals and you feel like you've got this build up of negative energy in your home, just um, bringing crystals in almost like slapping a band Aid on it isn't isn't going to have the best effect. They'll they'll certainly do their thing. But they won't have the best effect because you need to clear that back. Look, um, first of all, so the best thing you could do pretty easy or you need to do is use. Open up all the windows, all the doors of the house on. Just let even if it's freezing cold. I know it's really cold here at the moment, so it's no exactly the greatest, the greatest, like thinking. Oh my gosh, little. This cold air is my home, but every worth it, I promise. So open up all the windows, particularly back in front if you can, because you want to get clear Channel blowing through the home on both on front and back doors as well. Just let despicable minutes. Just let everything blast through. Just let it all out. Just let it go on bond you can. Also, if you want to as well, you can just do that. That's fine. If you also watch that once you've closed the windows and doors again, as you may want to burns and incense Teoh just burn off what's left or just freshen up. Just kind of refreshing the energy in the house now that you've let, it will blast out on a perfect incense, Did you? That will be white sage? Or you can use a white sage smudge stick, which is basically it's like by these much dick bunch of dried sage. Light it so it starts to smoke. And you just watched smoke very similar to incense smoke. Just watch the smoke right up into the corners of the room to really get in there and just get this negative energy out over from the wit. Just open a window again. It's little kind of flow out once you've done that as well. So once you've done that, you cleared this backlog on this stagnant nous. You're probably for you'll probably find when you walk into the to the room that already feels different. They're already feels clearer and fresher on a little bit more upbeat than it did before because you cleared all that this out. So go through that process first, then bring in the crystals. The cleansing crystals does just keep, and they'll keep on top off you. Base don't want to intimately, maybe once a month to do this clearing process. Um, obviously, in the summertime, when it's warmer weather, you've got your windows and doors open all the time, and you'll find that it's clearing out, which may also be why we all feel a bit more upbeat in the summer and love it more bogged down in the winter because you've got all our windows and doors close and everything's just festering inside. So blast all out. Burn your incense if you want to as well on, bring in these cleansing crystals of clear courts. No courts adventuring, maybe simunic ICT for some detoxing as well, particularly this time of year. Andi, put them where you feel you need in your home. So collectors that clear quartz is great for the main living area because you're gonna have , even when you have visitors round pretty much where they're gonna be. So it's great to just have these that doing their thing on you, and you may want to have it in a child's room. If they are in particular need of it, you can put it into They don't even see it, hide it if you want to, just so that it's doing doing its thing. Opposites. Very young Children. You've got small crystals. Make sure that they're not within reach because you don't want small crystals going in smart, tiny mouths. But it's again, it's up to you. It's up to you where you feel it's needed in your home and play with it. It's well, it's flexible. It doesn't have to be certain staying. 6. Raising and protecting energy with crystals: Okay, So now your energy has being the cleanse on. You've got rid of that big back clock off Negative ALS just stagnant energy out of your home. It's now time, Teoh. Keep it positive on Keep the energy vibration raised as well. So that, um, everyone in the home can feel good on uplifted on in happy, happy space just in a nice place to be so to have some Chris tossed around. As I mentioned in the previous video, Clear quartz is really, really good because it not uninterested, absorbed the negativity. But it gives out this grape uplifting positive energy as well on another great stone, for that's what were brought in earlier is this is my century. I have this on my desk. We'll talk about that more in the work section. But eso Citrin is a great crystal to have around the home. You can buy it in rip up from really small up to really big clusters. However you want to do it because it gives out this great, um, motivating energy. It's a really good crystal to battle against fatigue, feeling lethargic or just feeling really sluggish. It's a really good one to help you feel a little bit more vital, little bit more vibrant and motivated and limit more driven. And but we'll get up and go about it. So Citrin is a really good one tohave in your home. You might want to put in a home office. A teenager's veterans, whichever you want to do it just keeps, um, it just it just keeps the energy lovely, high and motivated. Um, tigers I another crystal, which is really, really helpful because Tiger's eye is, um, a balancing stain, so it works very, very well to help balance emotions. It helps keep um, kind of mood swings and check. It helps with, um, kind of feeding a bit. Lost, anxious. It can help to balance things out and bring you back to center and not be floating awful feeling all wobbly. So tiger's eyes a really good one as well. Teoh give off a nice grounding energy and another lovely crystal to have in your home is rose quartz. Now Rose courts. The beautiful pink stone on it is the love stone, so it's it's to do with everything to do with love. Andi, affairs of the heart on bond so you got your family relationships, friendships. It just gives off this wonderful, loving, happy, comforting, soothing healing energy. So having that in your home is great because who doesn't want to live in a happy, loving home, Right? So various courts is an absolute ideal one to have their to Andi. Amethyst is another great one, because amethyst working with various courts, actually a lot of the time helps with relieving stress. It helps relieve tension. And again, it just gives off this lovely, calming, soothing energy. So those two together as well, really lovely ones have around home. Um, but another element off keeping the energy in your home uplifted. Andi, why you wanted to be in a good place. It's to protect your home from negative energy. So you may have cleanse Jaheim. Have all these levity crystals in that great really working well for you. It's a lovely space. Then someone comes over, they bring with them. They're negative energy or their sticky segment energy. And they bring it into your home. Andi, it's it brings in. It will fill your home with negative energy and it will start. Teoh cling to other things. So you want to protect your home from that you wanna? You wanna put up a lobe of an energy barrier so that people can come round and they can come to your safe space and feel happier, Feel great. But you know that when they when they leave, they're not necessarily leaving all of their negativity behind when they go. So a great way to do this is to keep some protection. Crystal's by your front door, so a lot of the protection crystal's are. If you find black crystals, they are protect. Generally protection Crystal's so you can keep your home protected from negativity by. You can either keep a piece above your front door. You could have it a side table by your front door. If you wanna make a feature off, um, or even to stuck in the corners of the ceiling, even just small tumble stones. Just put them. They're just so it's like kind of the threshold of your home is protected from negative energy, so you can use black stains such as black obsidian. You can use a black tourmaline. You can use human tight. You can use smoky courts. All of these dark stones have a protective element about them, and there will help repel negative energy and keep the kind of barrier that energy barrier in your home on its not only by the front door, which is obviously a great place to put them. But it's also good to have protection stones in the living areas or in bedrooms if if people have a tendency to bring maybe negativity home from work or school and things like that, and it could just help defuse that negative energy. So, um, as I said, she could have them as an ornament. Or you could just have them as, UH, really small pieces and just put them up in the corners. Just just used to attack. Just stick them to the corners of their of the room just so that they're just giving off this nice energy barrier for you when you can also create grid as well. If you wanted to create crystal grid and have it set up in your home so that no matter what it's always working towards protecting your your home and everybody in it against negative energy eso you can if you have a look in the crystal academy, there is a course. They're all about creating these grids, and you get grid templates and everything else so you can. You can try that out, too. It's a very effective way off just having a constant, um, channeled energy going. For whatever reason, the grids could be used for many different things, but it's a great way to just have something. Was there working in the background. So yep. So you want to keep your energy nice and high with the stones, like Citrine and Rose courts and Tiger's eye amethyst that we talked about on keeping the negativity at bay with using the Blackstone's like black, obsidian, black tor 1,000,000 human tight stones like that on will keep your home, uh, home energy levels out of really lovely level. 7. Why use crystals for work: so crystals for Why might you need to use crystals in your workplace? Well, we spend a lot of time at work ticked. If you work full time, you probably feel like you're spending most of your most of your week is in your workplace , surrounded by many, many different people with each with their own, um, energy and their own energy baggage that they are occurring around with them. And it's just flying backwards and forwards and different energies everywhere, particularly if you're in a job where you are public facing. So if you work in the service industry, we work in retail. You have no idea who's gonna come through that door and what energies they're gonna have with them or what route they're gonna be in or how they're going to react to things. So there, ah, many different reasons why you may want to make sure that your energy field is for one protected onto that. It's it's a good level for you to kind of just very happily and comfortably get through your work day. So when you're at work, there are lots of different elements that you may need. Teoh tune into energies for so it could bring a lot of stress. Being in the workplace can be very stressful. You could be dealing with feel feelings, overwhelm if there's a lot of work on. If if people haven't come into work, your short staffed or you're on a deadline and you just may feel overwhelmed on that can that can sometimes be really quite debilitating. Feeling overwhelmed because you just feel that well, if I'm not going to get it done, then what's the point in even trying? You just feel so you can you can get to a point where you just feel like you just can't do it. Um, so therefore, there's also you may also need help with motivation at work, just to keep to keep going and feel upbeat, especially on a Monday morning. You may just it may just be a simple is that Monday blues that you want some motivation before you may want some energy help with creativity. If you're a creative industry and you may just have blocks and you just may not be able to move forward or just see what you need to do, and you just want to unblock that and just get your creative juices flowing, then crystals. Creative energy can be really, really helpful, and you may need physical energy for your job as well. If you're very physical, worker may need to just have something as simple as keeping you going on. But also, like we said, there's a big mix of energies in the workplace and again, if you work with the public and even bigger mix of energies. So you may want to use crystals for some protection to keep your energy field protected from other people's energy. You don't want to be taking that on or taking it home with you. So there are many different reasons we may want to use crystals at work on In the next video, we'll talk about which ones. 8. Which crystals and how to use them: so which crystals might be useful to use in the workplace? Well, going through Theis use we spoke about in the last video with stress on overwhelm a wonderful crystal tree to use for that is amethyst. Amethyst is a great stress reliever. It helps relieve tension, and it helps relieve tension in your head. And it can help calm really busy minds. If you're feeling very overwhelmed and you've got a lot of worrying thoughts and your minds just going out just running over time in there, then amethysts can help. Just bring that in. Chek calm it down and help you feel a little bit more centered on bond. Help relieve those symptoms that amethyst is a really great one for that. You may want to use it because again, it's it's It's an issue that's to do with more to do with you rather than external factors using amethyst. For this reason, it could be really great if you just have a piece in your desk drawer in your bag or something, just so that when you when you get these feelings of just being stressed, overwhelmed, you can reach for it. You can hold in your hands, and you can just, um, just take some time. Even if you're able to step outside for a few minutes is even better just to hold it and just feel just feel that energy on, Take it on with you. You can also, where is jewelry as well? With AM, assists are very popular. You can get in necklace form in rings in bracelets as well. So just having it close to you and you may want to just you may want to wear all the time or just pop it on when these feelings hit on Just having it. Their toe, hand to grab is really, really helpful when it comes to motivation and creativity. I did mention earlier on about a tree, so situation is a great one. Let's just have sat on your desk because it always be giving off this great motivating creative energy as well. On If you need an extra burst, you can pick it up and hold it on day, like when you're really trying to think of something or on block something in your mind so that an idea can can develop but having it there on your desk or if you're not able to have on your desk in your desk drawer, then it's just there in your proximity, giving off this motivating creative energy on again if you if you want to have on you all the time so you're on always getting it. And you can, of course, whereas jewelry. But is no, um as essential because no as, um, as a internal thing like stress in the overwhelmed. But if you just want some great creativity is of great motivation than having a piece of situation sat on your desk pretty helpful when it comes to energy, physical energy on just not feeling so sluggish or lethargic and quick. Situation can help with that as well. But you may also want to try Tigers I tigers. I is very good at balancing and energizing because it will balance, um, the moves that we have sometimes when we have no get up and go when we just think, uh, I can't be doing with this, it's usually because we're going through some kind of we've got, like, an emotional battle going on that we may not even be aware of when we just think, Oh, I just competition with it can't face it, Can't do it then tigers. I could be really helpful with that because it helps ground you and eliminate those, um, eliminate those feelings and just make you feel a bit more balanced and give you a bit more a bit more of a lift. The Tigers I in situ ring together from really, really help for that. And then when it comes to protection, it's very similar to the stones that you would use to protect your home is to protect your workplace. Is your war your space within your workplace? On that is again to use the Blackstone's dark stones like black obsidian Andi Black tourmaline. Now, if you are a front facing customer facing in a job service industry, something like that you may wants where Tor Moline. So that no matter what, you've got this nice protective energy around you. So no matter who you encounter, you know that it's there on. You can wear these again it where it's bracelets, necklace, which you could, but you can hide under your under your clothes if you need to. Or ladies, you can put peace in your bra just so that you know that it's there all the time. Or just simply you put in your pocket entrance pocket. It's fine. Just have Tom a lean or back of city in with you. So that you know that you've got this protective energy against whatever may come through that door or if you if again, if you want to, you could have pieces on your desk or in your desk drawer. Teoh just have around you just so that you know that your whole area has got a nice, um, how the threshold where this negative energy is not gonna it's gonna find it very difficult to get three. So, um, in terms of using them for for work, then that's those are the ones that recommend. Also, another great use for black tourmaline is if you're worried about, um, energy being given off from electron ICS like your computers, your mobile devices and things like that at work, because that could be an awful lot of them around you again. Black tourmaline can help defuse that for you as well. If it is that something you're concerned about, that's another reasons up to place some maybe by your computer on your desk as well 9. Crystals where ever you are: so the. But there will be crystals that, uh, over particular to you and how you feel in yourself. Crystals are a very personal thing when it comes to using them for your personal reasons, because everybody's energy field is different than it all depends on the energy from which crystals that you connect with. That's why in your learn, or, if you'd be using crystals for a long time, may already know this. But if not there things that you could learn in the introduction to crystals, where we talk about how you tune into crystals, that how you choose the right ones for you and how you know which one is for you in which one is not. It's very personal. Andi I again and all of my courses videos my 1 to 1 clients. We talk about crystals, and I can, obviously, with with my knowledge and experience, I'll recommend crystals that I believe will help Andi. But I very rarely only recommend one is usually a collection, not because you need to use them all, but because they're ones that you need to try out to find which one connects with you because it would be the same for everybody. Everybody feels crystals different me on will be drawn to different ones. So again, with a lot of these crystals that were talked about in this course, it's a starting point It somewhere for you to get started and see what works for you amongst these ones that you can use for your personal energy reasons. Really? So when we talk about crystals for you, these the ones that are going to be once you almost exclusively keep on your person there just for you to use, they aren't. They're tuned into your energy. You've spent the time with them so that they that the energy from the crystals and your energy can could link up in the yours. And you don't want anybody else to touch them because you don't want to mess up the connection that you have with these crystals. So having um, crystals for you is a very personal thing. You you'll feel that you want to keep them with you there, ones that you'll keep on your person, or they're ones that you'll keep separate from other crystals because you use them in meditation or your call on them at some when you need them, you may sleep with them under your pillow or depending on what it is that you want to use them for. So it's a very, um, it's a very personal thing. So in the next video, we'll talk about some of the reasons and some of the ways that you could use these costumes . 10. Crystals for you: so crystals feed from the different reasons that you may want to use them. So very, very common reason that people talk to me about wanting to use crystals is because of emotions. Andi wanted to feel a bit more balanced and no one end of the scale one minute on the other end of the scale, the other. It's about kind of keeping those emotions in. Check on just feeling a little bit more to learn more balance for a little bit more in the middle. So I ideal crystals for this is when I did mention earlier, it's tigers. I It's really grateful feeding, balanced and helping ways when, for example, symptoms of anxiety can help you. Feet can help you make you feel like you start catastrophes and things, or you just feel really, really worried. All of a sudden you start on. Did you just kind of feel a little bit like ask things of running away with me here, then the tigers? I can help you remain balanced, undeliverable, centered and grounded. Another great one, particularly for women, Um Stone about balancing emotions is moonstone, I say, particularly for women, because moonstone, it's a very feminine energy to it in the sense that the moon works in cycles. Andi. So therefore, it tunes in very well with site the hormonal cycle off female body of the monthly cycle. Eso It's very it can be very helpful, particularly if you have issues with around your monthly cycle. Then moonstone can be really, really helpful. It's also really great with things to help with fertility. Andi, you're anything to do with the reproductive system or if you have bad PMS or period pain. Things like that Main Stone could be really, really helpful. So to help balance emotions, tigers I handle moonstone are great ones again to keep on your person. The all of these crystals longer talk about in this video are ones that you want to have close to you. And once that you use personally for you, whether it be in jewelry, keeping them with you or doing short crystal meditations with them in on. By that, I mean just taking 15 20 minutes lying down or sitting up to be some way you're not going to be interrupted, holding onto your crystals or placing them on your body. Andi, just spending some time allowing yourself to relax for at least 15 to 20 minutes, just absorbing the energy crystal. Matt interpretations can be a simple Is that so? So yes. So Tiger's eye on moonstone are great for balancing Imation's. If you have issues around anxiety and depression, um is extremely common now for people. Toe have anxiety issues of mental health issues. Um, on did something that is talked about awful law when people are asking about crystals. So one of my favorite Christians for this is Smokey quartz. Smoky quartz is it's a gentle stain, so it's not. It hasn't got like a very isn't a covert overpowering energy. If your needs crystals, it's It's one of the darkest own, so it does work very well for Palin negativity, which is great if you're in an anxious state or you're feeling very, very low than protecting its negativity is ideal. Eso it does that, but it also helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression as well, so it helps to raise energy vibration. It helps to calm an anxious mind. Um, it's very soothing and healing at the same time as being very protective, and it's also grounding as well, bringing you back, bringing you grounded when your mind takes you racing off to somewhere that you've created in your own mind. Smoky quartz could help me feel grounded. So for anxiety and depression, I would certainly recommend that and again, doing things like these crystal meditations whilst holding onto these crystals is a really , really great way to just focus on them on but just allow you to tune into the energy and take it in was really important. Onda again smoky quartz is an excellent once aware and have on your person for those reasons as well. Now we also spoke about fatigue, so some fatigue close to be a very personal thing. A lot of people suffer from chronic fatigue. People can have adrenal reasons for fatigue. There's lots of medical reasons. Why you may suffer from fatigue as well as mental health reasons could help you help you, so it cause you to suffer from suffer from fatigue. So again, if you're anxious all the time or depressed or you're just oh, constantly worrying or you're obsessing about something, it's draining it. It does drain you and does leave you tired, and you do end up feeling fatigued a lot of the time. So having a crystal on hand to help with that again, I'm going to say Sit tree, which is one of the ones we've talked about a lot in this in these in the schools, because it is a very important stone. It's very, very popular. For that reason, Andi, it will help ways. It can help with these things now if you have. Oh, you believe that you have a health issue or medical concern that's causing this. You feel that you have got mental health issues. Crystals can help, but they are not the complete answer. You do need to speak to a medical professional, your health practitioner. You need to speak to somebody because you have made that May or if this certain medical, if certain medical conditions almost certainly going to be some kind of medicine, you're going to need to be prescribed as well. Crystals are a complementary therapy. They are something that that work alongside professional medical advice. Is there not a replacement of professional medical advice? If you do have any health concerns, physical or mental health concerns, please do speak to dr as well on use crystals to complement whatever advice they give you. So using situating can help with feelings of fatigue and sluggishness. If you have trouble sleeping, a lot of people have trouble. Sleeping again is a knock on effect from lots of other elements in our lives we could have . You could feel really tired and then the second you your head touches the pillow, bang your brain wakes up on you. Mind is racing and there's no way you can fall asleep. Well, Chris could help with that, too. So they're all, um, there was also a lot to be said for a proper bedtime routine using electronic devices at bedtime. All of those sorts of things aren't gonna help, either, so there may be things that you want to take into consideration as well assed, having a proper winding down routine before you get in sped. But then and then crystal energies can also help throughout that routine as well. So amethyst is a great one. Just place under your pillow will have on your night stand. If you're not comfortable with that, Um, Andi Also sell a night is a really good one as well. It's it's really helpful with clearing the mind, calming the mind and allowing you to drift off to sleep. Um um assistance. So our this and selling I, either or both together will be really helpful for that. Um, on the from a physical point of view for pain management as well. I have relatives who, um, have conditions such as fibromyalgia, which is something that causes them pain every single day. Um, you could have things like, Well, there were so many conditions that can cause you pain every single day. Andi again, Health practitioner Dr. But, uh, you can use crystals to complement that too. If you if you want to help things along the way or just just feel surrounded Western lovely energy, then road tonight. It's a wonderful stone for pain management because it's it. What? Its energy works as an anti inflammatory. So rodent like it's a really great one to hold close as well as am a fist is also, um, has kind of energies. It quality to it, particularly for headaches and migraines. I use a lot for headaches. I place it here on my brow chakra while I'm let down or or sat down, and it it really does help to kind of relieve some tension in the head as well. Whilst maybe while she waiting for your painkillers to kick in and things like that, I'm there. Just great things toe have carrying around with you as well, because their energy is soothing and healing at the same time. So for pain management, you can use road tonight on a Metis. So when you're using crystals for a very personal reason, like all the ones we've just talked about, it's very important to tune into your crystals. It's not a case of just picking one up out of your collection or just buying one in a store bang. It's gonna work as covered in the introduction to crystals courses. You need to do a little bit of work fast, so you need to make sure that the crystal is cleansed, running it under some cold water, just washing off any a previous energy on, then spend some time tuning into that crystal. Just on that is this again. It's very simple, keeping it between the palms of your hands and just feeling it and just letting it tune in and let it connect to you. before and do that before. If you're gonna be keeping it a pass or a pocket or something like that, do that first, so that is properly connected to with you so that when it's what's in your pocket or in your purse or something that's not immediately touching your body. Then you're still tuned into the energy and you're still getting the best you can from that crystal. So I meditate with them is another great way again. Like I said, just taking 15 20 minutes holding the crystals or placing them on your body on. Just have some uninterrupted, quiet time. Allow your self to relax. Try not to focus on anything in particular. You don't have to completely clear mind. Just think of happy things if consider, and something that makes you happy so that you're in a nice place. Your energies in a nice place while you're absorbing this lovely crystal energy. So that is a way of using crystals for your all of those crystal ways of using crystal. Sorry for yourself, for you personally in a self healing capacity. Onda again take a look in the academy. There is a course that was all about self healing on. We really go into using crystals to self heal and to balance on different shack. Ra's in your body. Different different reasons why you may be feeding the way your feeling on how to combat them, using crystal energy as well. Eso that is how to use crystals for you. 11. Thank you: Well, thank you so much for joining me on crystals for every day. I hope that you've taken away a lot off this information on new knowledge and you're gonna be able to apply it to every day, life and start really enjoying using crystals on noticing differences in how how you feel, how people around you feel how your home feels, etcetera. I always love to hear from you. I if you would like to contact me, there will be their contact details in the during the community section where you can email me or find me on my website or follow me on social media to keep up with the other things that I'm doing. I also do weekly YouTube videos. I have a weekly podcast as well confined on soundcloud our genes. Um, just just keep up the crystal knowledge, just keep on going with it. It's something that does grow over time. Your experiences with it will grow over time, and your intuition will get stronger on the benefits that you feel from. The crystals will get stronger too. So thank you very much again for joining me. And I hope that you carry on or video starting embarking in your crystal journey that you're excited to do so because crystals can really brings so much to your life. They really, really can on and take a look around the crystal academy. There's lots of other options in there. If you want to learn some or I'm really drill down into that, take a look at my look at my website as well. If you'd like to speak to me, want one as well? Andi, I've put some links below this video as well. For you to be able to do that for you, check out of the course is also if you'd like to purchase your own crystals and start building your collection or adding to your collection. There's a link below for you to do that as well. Andi, I hope to see you saying by