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14 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Crystal Healing History

    • 3. Why Crystals Work

    • 4. Minerals, Crystals, & Gemstones

    • 5. Crystal Shapes

    • 6. Clear & charging crystals

    • 7. Feng Shui

    • 8. Crystal Jewelry

    • 9. Crystal Meditation

    • 10. Spiritual Bath

    • 11. Gem Water/Elixirs

    • 12. Crystal Grids

    • 13. Hands on healing

    • 14. Examples of Crystals

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About This Class

Crystal healing has become a popular alternative in healing methods and modalities. With the rise and popularity of the "new age" concepts and ideas, people are now more than ever interested in the healing powers of crystals.

This course covers the basic essentials in crystal healing as well as different ways you can use the healing power of crystals in your everyday life.


-Brief history of crystal healing

-Why Crystals Work

-The differences between minerals, crystals, and gemstones.

-Different ways to incorporate crystal healing into your life.

-Different crystal shapes

-How to clear and charge your crystals



- Guided crystal meditation

-Spiritual Bath Recipe

-Crystal Healing Step-by-step guide

-Crystal Grid PDF Printables

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Erica Russo

Intuitive Life & Business Mentor


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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the crystal healing masterclass. In this class, we are going toe learn the benefits of crystals and how we can incorporate their healing properties into our lives. This course is going to cover an array of material, including why crystals actually work. We're gonna talk about a brief history of crystal healing through the ages. We're gonna talk about the differences between crystals, minerals and gemstones as well as how different crystal shapes will help us do or manifest different things. We're going to talk about how to clear and charge our crystals as well as different forms of crystal healing. So before we dive into the chorus, I want to introduce myself. That's me on the right. My name is Eric Caruso, and I am a psychic, medium and spiritually mentor. I am also the host of the intuitive souls podcast where we talk about basically everything under the spiritually umbrella. I have a lot of court. I have a lot of episodes talking about intuition and crystals and flower energy. So if you're interested, definitely check that out. It is available on Spotify, iTunes, stitcher and Google play. I have been using crystals since 2016. And really, since then I can honestly say that, you know, bringing crystals into my everyday life has truly made such a positive impact on it as well as, ah, my family. You know, I have two young Children, and they seem to be very drawn to the mineral kingdom as well, and it just makes it so. We have such a great experience learning about the crystals and cultivating them into our lives. So being in a query, Issa's well, I need to know all the things. So I really educated myself on Why did these crystals work? Why are we so drawn to them? Why are why is this trend of crystals actually like coming into society today and, you know, turning out to be pretty well respected. So I I really I'm excited to share with you everything that I've learned through my journey , Um, in crystal healing in my spare time. I am an avid hiker. I am a book nerd. I love meditating. I also like spending time with my family on my to basset hounds, Winnie and Lucy. So in me next section of this course, we are going to talk about a brief history of crystal healing. I'll see you in the next section 2. Crystal Healing History: the human race has a very long history of wearing and working with crystals. Historians and archaeologists have even traced the use of crystals in healing and in beauty rituals back to the earliest civilizations. The earliest civilisation that we have evidence of using crystals was in 4000 BC, which was the ancient Samari ins, and they used crystals in their magic, their alchemy and other formulas. If we go a little more further into the timeline, we're going to see crystal use in Agent. Egypt's and ancient Egyptian Egyptians used crystals in their jewelry, the amulets and for burying bellying royalty. Lappas lazuli is a very sought after and really royal stone that was around in the ancient Egyptians. And when we look at the Renaissance period as well as the Middle Ages, which was between the 11th and 16th century, crystals were used alongside thermal read remedies for healing. And you know each society throughout history has contributed really unique stories to the world related to the use of stones. From India to the Americas, we can find examples of the interest in and the application of crystals throughout literature and science and culture and myth, so as we go deeper into the timeline of crystal healing, we're going to see the full of crystal healing around the age of 16. 09 when a man named Thomas Nichols suggested that Minerals can't hold any healing properties. And with his expertise in science, this really kind of crushed the whole crystal healing empire that was building at that time . It wasn't until the 19 seventies, in the hippie days and the in the New Age wave that we saw a the crystal healing starting to re surface. And now it's becoming a much more respected, alternative healing modality. And this is why you're listening to this course right now. So really, that's a very brief history of crystal healing. But crystal healing goes way back again. We have seen in ancient Egypt, in Greece, in Aztec. We have seen it in, um, you know, American history with the Native Americans, and now it's becoming a much more popular and much more sought after healing modality 3. Why Crystals Work: before we ask the question Why Crystals actually work? I want to share this quote from Nikola Tesla. And he stated, If you want to find the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. When everything is cut and dry, everything in this universe of is made up of energy. From the moon, tow us to the blade of grass to the tree in our backyard, to the coffee table. In our living room, everything at the atomic level is made up of energy. So what differs a human being from a blade of grass is the frequency in which they vibrate . So when we keep that in mind when we are asking the questions why crystals actually work? Crystals contain pure crystalline geometric patterns at the atomic level, which makes them excellent conductors of energy and frequencies. Each crystal contains different geometric patterns that resin e at a slightly different frequency. So when we look at a high vibrational stone like a postulate or sell a night, it vibrates a little differently from a more grounding stone like black tor, Moline or onyx. Many of these same patterns that are within the crystals are found in ourselves in our organs and our body systems. So these crystals are really used to generate an energy, and they're especially good for really clearing energy within the human body, a k a. R. Chakras. So that's really the basic reason why crystals work, really, at the atomic level, it is an excellent conductor of energy and allows, you know, the energy of love. If you're if we're talking about Rose courts, the the energy of unconditional love is a frequency. And Rose Quartz admits that frequency where as black tourmaline, you know, the the protection, energy, the energy, the frequency of protection is omitted through black tourmaline. So that's basically the gist of rye crystals work. 4. Minerals, Crystals, & Gemstones: Let's take a look at the differences between minerals, crystals and gemstones. Now minerals are naturally occurring chemical compounds, and they are usually found in crystal ing form. They have chemical elements with separate constitutions such as salt or sore sulfur. Excuse me is added to the chemical compound. Now. Minerals are usually inorganic, which means that they were not produced by a life process. And some popular minerals are pyrite and Garnett and Micah and Hamid tight, and the photo on the right hand side is a picture of pyrite, so crystals crystals are formed with solid material whose Adams molecules and ions are arranged in a very highly order geometric structure. They're often referred to clear courts formations, yet they're also very minuscule forms of chemical elements and some crystals. Some well known crystals are clear courts Celestine Flory, which is pictured on the right hand side and appetite So gemstones are precious or semiprecious stones that are cut, polished and usual and used in jewellery. These air probably the most popular stones that you will come across, and you can take a crystal such as floor right or courts, and cut it down and polish it and turn it into a gemstone. So as you can see here, I see. I think that's a clear court tried there as well as an AM a fist. Both are crystals, but they can be treated to be, um, gemstones. 5. Crystal Shapes: in the section. We're going to talk about the different crystal shapes and how different shapes conduct different energies. So the most common is the tumbled stone, and it is a cut and polished shaped of crystal and its small chunks of stone. Um, and it will have a smooth and shiny surface. The form is a regular and sizes very, but generally they are smaller stones that you know you can fit in your pocket. This form is all purpose and radiates energy gently in lots of directions. Tumbled stones are really versatile, and they can be used for carrying with you placed in bags and bowls around the home, placed directly on the body or shock rose and her ideal for all types of crystal grids. They are really affordable, and there are other forms and a good place to start with a new type of crystal. Again, I would like consider this the best all around, Um, shape because it's easy, it's affordable, and you can use it for many things. So another shape that I want to talk about is the crystal pyramid, and the pyramids have four triangular sides and a square base, and the pyramids both anchor and direct energies, and they stabilize the energies of the earth while enhancing and projecting energies out the A packs. Pyramids work well when placed around the home, so small ones can be placed on the shock roast for shock, rebalancing or shocker healing and pyramids make powerful central stones in crystal grids to amplify your intentions, raise the vibration or to protect somebody crystal hearts. So these are crystals that are cut into the traditional heart shaped symbol. Crystal hearts represent love and our heart and connect with the energy of our heart chakra . These stones could be placed all over, um, any Shaqra for healing work, and small hearts can be carried with you to reflect self love and self care. And whatever the intention is of the stone, so medium to large hearts can be placed around the home bedroom or within crystal grids. Crystal hearts can help attract love or a new relationship. They help heal the heart and emotional wounds and hearts bring loving energies and health balance relationship. So a very popular crystal shape is the crystal point, and these air sometimes called a crystal tower so they can be stones cut into crystal points or shapes, and it is cut at the base to allow it to stand up. So it looks like a crystal tower. Like all points, the direct and focused energies out the termination point. So at the tippy top, the ends it's is a generator. So it also helps with amplifying energy and our intentions. They can be used to raise the vibration of a location, place them on your altar or within any sort of sacred space, and standing crystal points are good for gritting the corners of a room or your home. And they also make excellent crystals for the central stone in any crystal grid. So crystal angels now crystal angels, come in many shapes and sizes. They're quite minimal and not realistic. Statues. Crystal angels anchor angelic energies helping you connect with different angels or your guardian angels and small ones can be carried with you in your pocket or a bag. They could be placed around the home or a healing room for added high vibration and angelic support, protection or healing. And you know, crystal angels can also be placed at the center of angelic crystal grits. In my other course, enhance your psychic skills. I talk more about our spirit guides and angels if you are interested in learning more about your dream team and your spirit guides. So there is also crystal lawns and crystal. Juanes is a solid piece of crystal that is cut into either ah, faceted crystal point or rounded. These are sometimes called massage. Juan's crystal ones come in various shapes and sizes, Um, but the idea is still the same. They are mainly used to direct the energies of the crystal into the aura or Shah CRA's, and they can also channel other energies, such as Ray key through them by an energy healer. The rounded end or fattest end of the crystal wand is sometimes used to draw off negative energies, so this is a crystal egg, and a crystal egg is a three dimensional um, size, and the egg shape can be used to help shield hell or strengthen the aura. Crystal eggs channel the energies of renewal, personal transformation and supports new beginnings. Small eggs could be carried, but maybe a bit fragile. Okay, so crystal eggs can be held to meditate with past step passed through the aura or place through the home. You place them in bowls or use them. Um, just use them on a stand. Like those for crystal spheres. They can be used in the center of crystal grids for protection, healing or new beginnings. So a crystal sphere is a rounded crystal, and it's always man made. There's no crystal that's made like a circle, but that is because this fear is a powerful, powerful shape, making these crystals extremely powerful. The sphere crystals amidst energy in all directions equally and is helpful when meditating , as well as trying to connect with your innermost self. No, this is a pendulum it is used for. It is a divination tool, and this is the pendulum is a popular crystal shape, and it can be easily made into a necklace or, as I said before, used for the used for divination. When worn, this crystal is a great protector and healer. It also identifies imbalances in the human body. As a pendulum. This crystal can be used for a wide away of purpose purposes, mainly by experiencing energy workers 6. Clear & charging crystals: Okay, let's talk briefly about how to cleanse and charge your crystals, The probably the most. The easiest way that you can call Tom clear your crystals is through Been aerial beats. Now been aerial beats is just music or sound that has a very high vibration and frequency you can purchase. You know you can purchase a binary oh beats soundtrack, or you can be frugal and just go to YouTube and type and by an aerial beats. And there are thousands of free binary oh beats readily available that you can use. There is also smudging, which is the spiritual practice of clearing negative energy. You can use things like Palo Santo or desert sage or sweet grass, whatever the case may be, and you can find smudge kits available on Amazon if that is the way that you want to cleanse your crystals. Another way that you can cleanse and charger crystals is with sunlight and moonlight. Now Moon Lee is going to cleanse your crystals and suddenly is going to charge them, so it's always best to put them out overnight and then just take them in, you know, maybe midday the next day. That way they're all charged and ready to go. Another way that you can cleanse and charger crystals is through Ray Key. If you are a certified reiki practitioner, you can send Ricky healing energy to them. But those air really some basic ways that you can cleanse and charge your crystals. Um, again, you can also another way, um, you can cleanse and chargers crystals is through, Ah, sea salt. You can just throw some sea salt in some warm water, and you can toss all your crystals in there. I stopped doing that just because, um, there are many crystals that aren't that don't do well with water. So if is, if that's the way that you want Teoh cleanser crystals, just be aware of the hardness of the crystals. Crystals like Saleh Night an angel light do not do well with water, so just be aware of that 7. Feng Shui: Okay, so now that we've covered a brief history of crystal healing throughout the times as well as white crystals actually work and the difference between minerals, crystals and gemstones, let's talk about all the different ways that we can incorporate the healing power of crystals into our everyday life. So the first way is through fung Shui and home decor. You know, home harmony is a cornerstone for personal piece. And with fung shway, the ancient Chinese are of placement. It focuses on balance and she which is energy throughout the home, using these principles in conjunction with crystals, you can create a really beautiful and wonderful environment in which you can relax and recharge and have, you know, a beautiful flow of TCI throughout the home. I'm going Teoh be including a pdf um in the section where you can look at the Fung Shui Baja of Bagua Zmapp. I think that's how you say it, um, where it's said to help manifest certain things. So if you put a certain stone in a certain location of your house, it said Teoh, you know, help, you know, call in a certain thing whether it be for career or health and harmony or family or creativity. Again, check out the pdf included in this because that will give you all of that information. 8. Crystal Jewelry: crystal jewelry is probably the most popular way that we incorporate the healing property of crystals into our everyday life. I have included a PdF of, ah bunch of different places online that are reputable and respectable within the industry for you to go shopping, whether it be for crystal jewelry or just regular crystal, So be sure to check out that. Pdf in the in this section. 9. Crystal Meditation: another way that we can incorporate crystals into our everyday lives is simply by meditating with one in the next section, I have included a guided crystal meditation that will allow you to connect to a crystal on a much deeper level. You can choose whatever crystal you want. You know, use your intuition, but be sure. You know, with this meditation, you obviously don't want to be driving or in a busy, loud place. Find a place where you won't be disturbed for 10 minutes and, you know, close your eyes and enjoy the meditation. Relax, you know, see what the crystal has to say to you. I'll see you in the next section. 10. Spiritual Bath: another way that we can incorporate the healing properties of crystals is through spiritually baths. Spiritual bags act as a cleansing agent that help keep the Orc field clean by removing the residue of old or unwanted energy. You can put crystals into the bathtub while you soak to boost the healing properties of the bath water. Or you can just simply lay them around the bathtub as seen in the photo to the left. I have included a recipe ah that I use every single week. It is a spiritual bath. Recipe on it includes sea salt, EPS, Insel and baking soda. It is in PdF format in the next segment, so definitely be sure to check that out if you are interested in incorporating spiritually bags into your daily practice. 11. Gem Water/Elixirs: another way that we can incorporate crystals into our everyday life is our everyday drinking water and turning them in to gem water. Now, when I talk about this, this is simply your everyday drinking water, and you add some clean and polished stones to it, which will help elevate the liquids vibration while intensifying its healing aspects. You can see in the photo in this slide that there are actually water bottles out there that contain crystals built into them. These can be pretty pricey. Um, you know anywhere from 60 to $80. So if you're anything like me and you're frugal, I just toss a couple of to complete stones into my everyday water bottle, my everyday water bottle. And it does the trick. Another way that we can incorporate. The healing properties of crystals are through elixirs. Now. Elixirs are different than gem water because elixirs add powdered crystals to the water, and it creates a very potent healing liquid. This is an ancient medicinal tool that demands extensive knowledge to ensure that appropriate stones are being used in the liquid since, of course, the mineral kingdom contains numerous combinations of crystals, so ingesting any mixture requires a sound understanding of the probable and potential effects on the physical body. For this reason, you know, I do recommend that you work with a certified practitioner. If this is something that you are interested in incorporating, um, you know, regardless, you can always add a couple of tumbled stones to your water and have some gem water instead . 12. Crystal Grids: crystal grids are another way that we can use the healing property of crystals to help manifest really anything that we set our minds to. So crystal grids are super powerful because not only are we using one stones energy, but we're using an amplifying all of the energy with all the crystals that are incorporated into the grid. Crystal grids are usually mead with, um, some sort of geo metric pattern. As you can see in these pictures, you can see that it's kind of a pattern set in each one of thes crystal grids, and I have also included some pdf printable Zell's um of some popular crystal grids that you can use at your own. Leisure and crystal grids are so amazing because you set the crystal grid with an intention . So say the intention for a crystal grid is for energy protection. You would want to use stones like black tor Moline and AM a fist and onyx, because those hold a lot of protective properties within them. If you want to create a grid for unconditional love or to manifest a relationship, you want to use stones like rose quartz or pink turn tourmaline so really? You know, crystal grids are just so amazing for amplifying intentions and help manifest. Ah, your desires Again. You can check out some free printable, um, patterns in the section after this one. 13. Hands on healing: hands on crystal healing methods are also a way that we can incorporate the healing property of crystals into our everyday life. Crystal healing frequently involves the application of specific crystals to the physical body in order to assist in the healing process. There are several techniques for preventative and regenerative clearing. Um, and they're usually performed in partnership with a certified practice practitioner. But this is something that you can do, um, by yourself. So in the next segment, we're going Teoh, see how you can perform a crystal healing to yourself or to, you know, whoever the case may be, you do not need a certify practitioner to do this. I do suggest that you have a basic understanding of the crystals that you are using, um, before doing, um, any sort of healing sessions now, as you can see on the right hand side, that is a basic layout of a crystal healing session. What you want to do is just kind of focus on the seven major shock rose as well as the Earth Shaqra and the Higher Crown chakra, which are located about 3 to 4 inches above the head on and about two inches below your feet. I have also included a step by step guide available in pdf form in this section. Um, so you can have something that you can refer to if this is something that you were interested in doing. 14. Examples of Crystals: in this section, we are going to talk about different crystals for different reasons. There are hundreds of crystals out there, and it can be so intimidating when you first walk into your local new age store because there are so many different crystals and you don't know where to start. So I figured I would talk about some of my favorite crystals and the reasons why I have them, so you kind of have a place where you can start. So when you do go and purchase these crystals, you kind of have an idea of what crystals you are looking for. So the first, the first stone I want to talk about is black tourmaline, and this stone is the ultimate energy protector. It's like the bodyguard of the crystal world, and it also helps with clearing negative thoughts. And it's also a really good physical healing stone because it provides pain relief and trees, dyslexia and arthritis. So if you're in the market for a protective stone, maybe you have some toxic energy around you, or you just kind of want to protect your own energy field when you're, you know, living in a really crazy world black tourmaline is just my go to I think everybody should have it. It is a wonderful, wonderful stone, but I do want to point out that with black tourmaline and any other of the dart like really dark color stones, it's going to take a lot more clearing and cleansing in order for them to be fully cleared and charged because they hold on to energy like nobody's business, because that's what they are meant to dio. So another stone I want to talk about is Rose quartz and Rose Quartz, as you can see, is just such a beautiful pink stone, and this is the stone of unconditional love. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels, and it's the most important stone for the heart chakra. This is really a stone that is just truly all about self love and giving yourself unconditional love because you deserve it. And this also helps with releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache and transmutes emotional conditioning. So this is really a big heart opener stone. It's going to allow you to really open your heart and allow yourself the healing that you deserve. This is also a great stone. Um, in trauma and crisis. So another stone is AM a fist and AM a fist, I have to say, is probably my favorite. Probably due to the fact that it's also my birthstone am Ethicist is a mega enhancer and brings higher states of consciousness to your everyday life as well as your meditation practice. It's also a super protective stone with psychic protection. So this is a really great stone tohave. If maybe you have a negative Nancy around you that you might, you know, not be getting along with at the time. This is a really great story would have in those kind of situations. Ah, it also is a really great calming stone, and it helps you really stimulate your mind. Focus on the task at hand. So this is a great stone toe. Have it your desk at work or, you know, wherever you feel, you are trying to create something and you might have distractions. So this is also a really great stone for balancing your highs and lows, and it also promotes emotional centering. So as you can see with all the attributes, it's a really good balancing stone. It just kind of calms everything down, especially within your mind. Another stone I want to talk about is selling night. And as you can see, cell in a is a really, really fine vibration. It is a beautiful stone, and it instills deep peace and understanding. This is also a very, very good protective stone because it transmutes negative energy into positive. So really, you can go with Saleh night Or you can go with black tourmaline either or, um, there really great stones, poor protection. This stone is also excellent for spiritually work because it opens your crown and higher crown chakra and allows you to connect to higher states of consciousness. It also assists in judgment and insight. So this is just a really great stone because I personally use it a lot because I feel as though it just kind of takes away the negative thinking patterns. Okay, so I will use it all the time. Honestly, all the time. I use Saleh night, but this is also a good stone. Teoh grid your house with because, as you can see in the photo, it kind of is the perfect size to put on window sills or on top of door frames and you know you congee just create kind of like a crystal grid throughout your home, and that will also help with protecting the energy of your home. So last but not least, I want to talk about Carnelian. Carnelian is a really, really beautiful and beautiful grounding stone, and it really helps anchor you in the present reality. So if you have a lot going on, this is an excellent stone toe have because it's going to keep you in the present moment. It also improves analytic abilities and clarifies perception. It's also another powerful protector against rage and anger and envy, and it helps you connect to the Earth energy with carnelian. I always say that when you are really super stressed, if you have, you know a project that you're working on, if it's crunch time for something in your life and you are just busy out of control. Carnelian is such a great stone tohave because it really helps you not worry so much about everything on your to do lists, and it clarifies your perception so you can see the bigger picture and things. It also helps ground you, because when we are so much in our minds. It's hard for us to stay focused in the present moment. So again, these air some of my favorite stones. Um So, like I said, I use carnelian mostly for grounding. And when I'm feeling a little stressed, you know, Saleh night is an excellent protecting stone. It's also good with any sort of meditation. You complacent on your third eye, and it really kind of opens you up Teoh much more spiritually. Wisdom. Amethyst is a really good stone for someone who is very much in their head a lot. If you are someone who thinks a lot if you are someone who analyzes a lot, you're very much in your head. Am assistance such a great stone tohave Um, if that's something that you're looking for Rose quartz. I think everyone should have rose courts because again, this is the stone of unconditional love, and it helps us to be easy on ourselves and not be so analytical about ourselves and allows us to heal things that maybe we're afraid to heal. And again, if you are looking for a protective stone but lacked or Moline is the stone for you, it is a bodyguard. But again, you do want Teoh be aware of, um, you know, taking extra time and energy to clear these stones because they hold on to energy so much.