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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Is a Crystal Grid?

    • 3. Vesica Piscis

    • 4. Seed of Life

    • 5. Flower of Life

    • 6. Fruit of Life

    • 7. Metatron’s Cube

    • 8. Review

    • 9. Grid Basics

    • 10. Making Your Crystal Grid

    • 11. Finishing The Grid

    • 12. Dismantling The Grid

    • 13. Summary

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About This Class

Thought about making a crystal grid but don’t know where to start? Join Holly in this class to manifest your thoughts and ideas through the power of sacred geometry and crystals.

You will discover in these easy-to-follow lessons:

  •  the meaning behind the 5 main sacred geometric patterns
  •  how you can use these patterns to make your grids more powerful
  •  how to intuitively create a crystal grid from beginning to end

All are welcome to join Holly in this crystal class! A list of resources is available in the introduction video as it does require a fairly large selection of crystals. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Holly Taylor

Crystal Therapist, Teacher, Life-long Learner


Hello everyone!

I'm Holly and I'm an ACHO qualified and registered Crystal Therapist.  I have 3 years experience as a holistic therapist, which also includes Aromatherapy Massage.

I qualified as a Primary School teacher in the UK in 2011 and decided to change my career and follow my passion for an alternative lifestyle, with the desire to study crystal therapy as the main catalyst.  I remember this being a sudden yet powerful inner-knowing that I needed to study an accredited crystal course which ended up being a 2 year Diploma!

After years of working with crystal I have developed a strong connection to them and in turn they have given me direction, hope, wisdom and knowledge which has helped me immensely in my life.  I have a pass... See full profile

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1. Introduction: crystal grids can be used for many different reasons. Maybe you want to create a safe and comfortable environment in your home. Maybe you want to manifest some abundance in your life. Perhaps you want something to help you with an illness or pain. Whatever the reason, a crystal group can be a really useful tool to encourage these changes within your life on for them to stay present for a set period of time, for however long you keep up the crystal grit. Hi, my name's Holly. I'm an actual registered crystal therapist here in the UK I've also taught in mainstream schools, so I'm a qualified teacher. Andi. I run courses and workshops in crystal therapy in the local area. So this close today is gonna be on crystal grids and secret Gilman train. Now, we're gonna look at the crystal grids on sacred geometry together because they are, for me, intrinsically length. The sacred geometry really helps emphasize and am pop and boost the energy over crystal grid. So we're going to do this process intuitively. I'm gonna help guide you through that process so it doesn't seem as daunting. Firstly, we're gonna look at the five main shapes or patterns of sacred geometry. Andi, kind of the differences between them and how we can use those to enhance the intent off a crystal grid. The nice thing we're gonna do is how to choose crystals intuitively on. Then we're gonna have a go out just again placing them intuitively onto the crystal into the crystal grid on the sacred geometry. And then we're gonna have a look at dismantling the grid on how to be respectful off that process on how to honor the energy on the intent. You've piled into the universe. So I hope you're going to join May on I will show you the tools and equipment that you need . So if all these cause you may need quite a few crystals it house, if you have a few tumble stones, for example, off each crystal on, preferably a selection of those that you can choose from intuitively, you're also going to need a center crystal. It could be a simple courts point or crystal with properties that are going to enhance the intention off your grid. So, for example, if you wanted to make a grid on concentration while studying just to help you focus. You might want to choose a floor right point hair. Which eyes associate it with those properties. You know they're going to need a geometric pattern of some description. Now, this could be a fancy version, like the embroidered one I have here. Or it could simply be a print out from the computer both on Justus, effective because it's just the sacred geometry that you're honoring. We're also going to be introducing colors to the grid, so I'm going to use thes felt squares, but you could use any scrap of material or colored paper. It just really helps again to enhance the effect of your crystal great to use colors. So I really hope you're going to join me making a crystal growed together, and I'll see you in the first lesson. 2. What Is a Crystal Grid?: So what are crystal grits now? For me, they are a selection of crystals placed in such a way with an intent that helps manifest a thought into our physical reality. Now the placement of these Brussels is really important because they're based on Prince support off numerology on respecting the actual general shape off the jib geometric pattern . Now sacred geometry is everywhere. This isn't something that we have decided makes a nice pattern. They are literally the building blocks off the universe. So when we plays crystals in a set way on the sacred geometry, what's happening is that message is being able to be communicated more effectively to the universe because the universe understands geometric patterns. So by placing crystals on placing our intent onto the grid, using the geometric pattern is almost like the communicator, the translator to the universe. So these changes can happen. Now, before we get into talking about the geometric patterns themselves, I want you to have a think about what you want your crystal grid to do. So what your intent is going to be. Feel crystal grid because while I'm talking about the crystal geometric patterns, it can help inform your choice. You can think all that might be quite a good pattern for me to use because it enhances this aspect of my my crystal grid of mine. 10. Now, personally, mine is gonna be for motivations, and mine is a personal, um, Grid is gonna help me personally, but this could be for yourself. It could be for a friend or relative. It could be for helping the whole of humanity the whole planet, because the whole planet means help as well. So it could be anything big or small. This could be something what you would feel silly of, you know, getting a little bit of financial difficulty. Or it could be help healing the whole planet. Big, small for yourself, for somebody else. Just have a think about what you want your good today on. Let's jump into the sacred geometry on. Things will start making a little bit more sense 3. Vesica Piscis: So the first secret geometry pattern we're gonna look at today is the vessel Capisce Kiss. Now this is simply to overlapping discs is extremely simple on Quite often it gets a little bit forgotten about because people like the really elaborate ones. So this kind of looks really basic, really primitive. But this one is so important on informs a lot off biblical paintings, the Sphinx and the pyramids. It's kind of built into the proportions of how things were built. Crop circles. We see a lot of them, but we even see then in the logos of like Gucci and Chanel. They're based on the visit Jessica Piss Kiss. Now, Pythagoras said, this shape is contains within it the mathematics that are fundamental to the creation of the universe. Basic thing. Now it has both the feminine and the masculine aspects to it. All we need to do is add a Siris of straight lines to the vessel Capisce, CAS on. Do we have these proportions which give us the three numbers, which are the fundamentals of the universe? Is it informs how things are made, how things that created on another aspect off the vessel capisce case that is really crucial is that center section where the two discs overlap. It's the mandala, the Armand in Sanskrit. This translates to the Yoni, which means the holy passage. Now the holy passages kind of thought off to be the passage off the soul into this physical round. Okay, so it's that passage off your soul, so it manifests in the physical. Now, as you can understand from these descriptions off the vessel capisce case that this is the beginning, this is the very beginning of an idea or the conception off something that is coming into our physical reality. So this is the very beginning off a journey. Now, when you're thinking of your crystal grid grids that would be suitable for this type of thing is, you know, you're trying to create an idea for a business. You're starting a spiritual journey. You don't really know where it's going to lead you, but you're wanting help to kind of manifest something related to your spiritual development . It could be that you're tryingto help find your soul mate on your bringing that person. You're bringing that soul into physical form into your life so you can identify it. So that just gives you a few little ideas about the vested capisce case. But how important it is to the very beginning off the sacred geometry patterns that we're gonna look out next. 4. Seed of Life: So the next one we're gonna look at is the seed of life. Now, as the name implies, it is a seed from which things grow on develop. Um, it is basil. Seven interlocking discs. Thes seven deaths in many religions represents seven days of creation. Now, when you get to the end, the seventh day, the universe was fully formed or the planet was fully formed. Eso It kind of represents the the end of something but not know anything with really a massive long term goal. So things that would be enhanced by the seed of life would be things like wealth. You know, you might be asking for wealth at this moment in time cause you're struggling, but not necessarily that you want to be rich for the rest of your life. It might be something like a work promotion. So the world promotion now would be really helpful. It would be great to have a little bit more money, a little bit more work responsibility. But that promotion might not serve you for the rest of your life. So it's something is kind of like those little goals that you want to achieve. The seed of life is gonna help you get there, because basically, this is something that you want to manifest. Now, there's gonna help here, but it has the potential to grow. Has the potential to develop into something else that is going to serve you better later, Ron. Okay, so it represents the creation, the cycles, something that is, You know, it was no longer a thought on an idea. It is something that's now physical in our reality, but it's not necessarily serving us forever. Okay? I hope them, except of sense on, we'll move onto the next bomb. 5. Flower of Life: so the next geometric pattern is the flower of life. Now this is a really popular wine. It's kind of seen everywhere, jewelry and what not but the flower of life again, it's really important. So thinking back to the seed of life, which is the seed that things can grow while this flower represents that this flower represents the growth off that seed. So basically, we add an extra a lot of circles or rings or disks to the seed of life on we get the flower of life. Now the flower of life is very different to what it started out as which was when it was a thought, when it was the vessel capisce kits with just one extra desk. Okay, so this has got lots of desks in it, but essentially is made up of the same things. Those same things which, like atoms, it's still the vessel capisce, Cus. It's still that thought those atoms that made creation, but it's now something very different, so it represents the growth of moving away from something but still being linked to that. So it could be about, you know, you want to move away from something that's holding you back or a relationship tie from the past. You're moving away from that. You're growing you're getting. You're better than that. Now you've grown. You flourished. You've seen that That isn't helping you. And you, You want to just grow and move on from that now. It could also be about growing an idea. So see your business idea you've got an idea is no longer thought because it's actually happening. You're actually doing what it wants that you want to do for your business. But you want it to grow. You wanted to expand. You want it to go further and you've got the motivation, the drive to do that. But the flower of life is gonna help that grow, that flourish that get better. So it was much of getting rid of the old. It is about growing. You know, you might not have any past issues that are holding back. You just want to keep growing. You want your spiritual development to really get going because it's is already rooted. It's taken root. But now you want the flower to flourish and to grow. Okay, so I hope that makes a bit of sense because the flower of life is really about moving on and not being limited to your past anymore. It's about flourishing about flowering into something fabulous and amazing. 6. Fruit of Life: the nest geometric pattern is the fruit of life. Now the fruit of life. When we add two extra rings or rows of circles to the flower of life, we get the fruit of life. So we have 61 circles in this hole. Um, geometric pattern on there is 13 of those actually make up the main shape that we consider to be the fruit of life. Now these 13 rings they represent the weeks that are in each of the seasons. So we have 13 weeks of four seasons, which is 13 and age. And then we get 50 to 52 represents the weeks that we have in the year. So this fruit of life shape gives us a calendar. Basically now, because it starts telling us about the year is making us think of, say, when it comes to winter, knees out, reflecting before it turns into, You know, the New Year in January. So it gives us a time to, like, internalize Teoh, reconsider what's happened in that whole year, how we can make it better. What was holding us back on? It is basically saying that we've kind of come to the realization of what was holding us back on that we now kind of need to move on, but we can also use it as a contemplation. So if you meditated with you know your cross stores on a grid off the fruit of life, you can use that as a meditative opportunity to say what didn't work. I don't I don't quite understand. But can I please have some guidance on Wyness didn't work. You know, I'm honoring the fruit of life to be reflective off myself of my surroundings. I'm what not Teoh get an understanding of how I need to move on now. This one you may use it for, You know, a relationship that you know was toxic. And you know, you've already come to that realization. But you really want help to leave it behind because you realize deeply that it doesn't serve you anymore. It could be about changing habits that you have so you don't want to smoke anymore. You come to the realization that it is not good for you. It's not good for other people around you. But you really need help breaking those habits because you've really reflected and you realized it's a habit that you've got, but you want to move on from that now. It could be about personality traits that you might have a tree in your personality that you, you know, you keep doing. But you really don't like, and every time you do anything, I'm doing it again. But I really I really can't change because it's stopping me from moving forwards. So it could be again about a relationship that you're bitter about every time you think about it, you just really bitter. But you know that doesn't serve you to. It stops you whole stops, you let go from that and you're always holding on to that relationship. You've always got that emotional tie that so it could be about removing those those personality trains. Teoh help you move on. And actually, while I'm talking about both, I just realized that I'm actually going to do this for my moat, my grid that I'm going to do for my motivation because actually I think a lot off my motivation is almost like a habit that I become stuck. I I fall back on those Dwight laziness. Basically, I fall back on those trades and I really want to change my personality to be more proactive . So actually, while I've been talking about that is help me understand which sacred geometry person I'm gonna use in my grid. 7. Metatron’s Cube: the final and fifth geometric pattern we're gonna look at today. He's met Citron's Cube, now Metta drums. Cube has all all the other geometric patterns that we've talked about within it, so it has the fruit of life. The flower of life then, is derived from the seed of life from the vessel. Capisce, CAS. So we contains the atoms and molecules, the the fundamentals to the creation off all of life. So this isn't one to take lightly. It contains within it the blueprint, the understanding, the knowledge off, the creation of life, life itself, the universe. Now it's named after two Arcangel Mr Drum, a message on this start to be the the Creator. Really, he holds the key to creation. Eso is kind of aptly named really now, when we're looking at grids that we can use with Dennis, they're really kind of important to humanity or to a number of people or something that works on a higher level. So for yourself personally, if you wanted to use Meta Trans Cube a Z, your geometric pattern, I would be thinking about you know, the high and level spiritually things or angelic guidance. It's not something kind of trivial to think about. It is really your an understanding in your own personal and spiritual development that you understand that we're all one. You understand how we're all connected and how we communicate with each other nonverbally throughout our day. It's when you've got to those kind of higher levels, the Metro Cube. It really is powerful, and it is really one of the only ones that can kind of help us elevate that even further. So on a personal level, it's those higher level consciousness of spiritual development of angelic guidance that I would be expecting your grij to kind of, you know, revolve around it could also be about earth healing. It could be about healing in your town or or a particular country. At the moment, Australia has got lots of bushfires, so it could be for the animals in Australia. It could be for people. Industry could be for stopping the fires. Onda helping to turn that around. It could be about, um, like a sacred place that needs a little bit of earth healing, um, to help it flow better in tune with the universe because again, message Cuba understands how all of these sacred places in our in our world, in our country and our planet there will related Andi how we can create those energy lines and keep them that I said. What helps the flow in the harmony and the music, the mother asked, Puts out. So we're looking at kind of big, grandiose things that are going to help heal the planet. A lot of people are area. It could also be for five genial area on how you want to prevent that from having a negative effect on the people in your area as well as yourself. So meta trans keep is definitely one for you know, you've gone through that period of an idea of the transitions of reflecting of growth, all of those things, and you've got to the end point, and you kind of got an understanding of how the world works and on what's going on and on and how you can make it a better place for yourself spiritually any in terms of your own growth, as well as for the other people around you. 8. Review: So we've talked about five off the main geometric patterns that you can use in your crystal grids. Now, I really want you to think about before you move onto the next part of the next video. I want you to think about your intent on which one you're going to use. A. Make sure you have that clearly in your mind before you move on, because it will help, you know, inform your decisions for that as well. Now for May. For example, When I was talking, I decided that for me, my motivational lack off motivation comes from slipping into old habits of just kind of being lazy. Think, and I'll do it tomorrow. You know, that type of thing on, That's what I want to change about myself, to become motivated. Now, somebody else might have the intent for their grid of being motivated, having motivation, but they might already have motivation them. I just need a little extra motivation for one particular thing. One particular project, one particular aspect of their life so they might use the seed of life because they're just manifesting a little bit of that particular thing. So I really want you to think carefully. You know, just because you've got the same intent of agreed to somebody else, you might be coming at it from a slightly different angle. So you try to be reflective of yourself of your surroundings, of the situation to think about which one is gonna help. Serve the best. If you need Teoh, you know, go back and watch them again just to get a bit more of an idea or do your own research. Then please, by all means do do that because just by thinking about it it helps you start moving on from it already. Which is why choosing the geometric pattern for me is a really crucial part because it kind of informs the overall intent. And you've already done some reflective work before you even get started. Now, as I discussed in in each of them was we were going along. They represent a different point in an evolution on. I think these five really help you to kind of do that most effectively. You know, there are plenty of other sacred geometry patterns like the Sri and drawer and things like that, but I think sometimes it can get over complicated on actually putting them into a bit of any evolution. It helps you realize that what stage you are. What's danger? This particular thing that you want to solve our is in the evolutionary process. So before you move on, make sure you have an idea of what your intended is. Definitely what geometric packed in you're gonna use on. Then we're gonna get to the fun stuff. We're actually going to start creating it in the next few videos, so I'll see you in a bit. 9. Grid Basics: Okay, So in this video, we're going to start looking at preparing everything ready to start making your Cristal grand. So hopefully at this point, you know which sacred geometry pattern you're gonna use on. Do you know your intent? Now, the first thing to do is work out way. Aren't you gonna make the grid? So this might be a bedroom and might be dining room, a spare room wherever you're gonna create and make sure it's away from pets from Children, things that are going to disturb because you want to leave it up for at least a week. So in terms of preparation, you need to cleanse yourself. You crystals on the room itself. Really? So what I'd say is, get your crystals out, have them accessible to you where you're gonna create the grid. I would then put on some music. Maybe some incense. You want to kind of get yourself relaxed and centered on, um, cleanse everything. Now you can use to that singing bowls tinctures. You could even use incense or sage. And I would recommend doing something that is easy to do. A lot of items or room on. You could do everything in one Go then. So you want to pass the incense? All the sound I always use tinctures. So, you know, focus on the corners of the room and yourself. You know, past the tinctures over on the back of your head and round just to cleanse your aura on to get everything kind of cleansed and settled in calm and relaxed. Once you have our environment set up and you know your crystal to cleanse, then you can start thinking about obviously using them and creating the grid. Now, one thing to think about is your center crystal. And again, I would urge you to try and find this intuitively just by gazing over your crystals and see which one wants to be used. But if you've chosen the best it capisce cas as the geometry pattern that you want to use, then I would think carefully about where you want to place your center crystal on that particular one, the other ones that kind of based on a round circle. So it's easy to find Turn where the middle's gonna pay. But on the Jessica Pesky issue, obviously kind of have to circles on the middle section. It's a little bit different. Um, with with them, what I'd say is try it on and think about whether your intent is masculine or feminine. If you're not sure, it doesn't matter. The in the center. If you place an obelisk in that mandala that emphasizes the masculine aspect off the shape , you could either put something that's round in the middle, in which case that would kind of nullify that, and it would make it very neutral. So just just have in mind when you're placing our center crystal on the Jessica Piss case, you could also place to center crystals on each of the circles. That would work quite well. A balancing the masculine and feminine energies, or you could even have two points in there on that again would be a balance of the masculine and feminine energy with the placement off the crystals, you in any of the patterns you use, you want to follow on, respect the the overall shape, so you want to start placing them around in a circle or anywhere that's like, really obvious in terms of the pattern and the design aesthetically to place them, and that that's no different to the vested capisce. Guess because you could do that twice for each of them. Or you could kind of do something. You know, you might do a line all the way through the middle. For example. Of the two of them, it's still kind of based on stim a tree. Everything is symmetrical, and it reflects things. Eso It can be a little bit more tricky to kind of get into that frame of mind with Jessica Piss case. But really, try and honor and respect the shape when placing your crystals on that particular grid. So that's just something to think about. So what we're gonna do now is I'm gonna cleanse my crystals. I'm gonna get everything set up. I'm gonna change the camera angle on. We will start making great together. 10. Making Your Crystal Grid: Now I've chosen to obviously use the fruit of life, um, sacred geometry and also chose an orange and I when I was drawn to the orange of body. Quite ironic that I actually chose to wear orange today fulfilling this video. Um, also, as I mentioned, I'm gonna write my intent down to help keep the focus of it. And I just chose to write the word motivation there. Now, I chose that in oranges. Wow, just to kind of keep that color going. So I'm gonna place that underneath the fruit of life. Now, when I was looking at my crystals to use for the center, Krista decided on smoky quartz. Now, smoking what's is there is normally associate it to be, you know, protection, grounding manifestation, these types of things. But it was for me is quite a good crystal at transmuting negative energy. And for May, I was thinking of my you know, lack of motivation and get up and go is is being a negative energy that's holding me back. So I really want to help kind of trans mute that energy with the smoky quartz here. Another thing that you need to do first is create kind of a grid of this energy in a directional way. So for May, I'm gonna place thes pointing inwards. Uh, this is what kind of feels natural for May. You could also have, um, pointing this way to kind of create a directional flow. You can have them pointing outwards. You could have war than four, but funny, this kind of feels like a good amount of crystals and how I want to place them now. The name my geometric shape is oversee the fruit of life. I have all of these kind of circles to be able to guide me and influence where I want to place my crystals. Um, as I'm gazing over my selection of crystals, I'm feeling guided to use the carnelian. So I'm gonna please these all around these circular points. And as you do this, just spend a moment now to feel the energy to sense the energy. If you can feel anything different now, you know, don't rush. I just feel like you have to place everything. Just do it stages at a time. Now the next thing is popping out to May is actually filling in these circles with something else. Andi, I'm just gazing. Right. What I'm going to next is Cem, Amber and Copel. What, You're gonna point that one in now? These are, you know, it's got fire Energy issue Know that Amber is has been created in Mother Earth over thousands of years. It's had ALS, the sun beating on it all of that time. So it is infused with sun energy. It's a really warm crystal on just bringing all of that fire energy from the sun into the grid here. Now, this is actually fit in, quite activating for May at the moment, having all of this kind of red, yellow orange energy. So I'm just going to spend a few moments just gazing over those gazing over my crystal seeing if anything else is popping out to me. I do normally like to keep grids fairly simple. The more crystals you add, sometimes the over complicates things. It makes it a little bit more confusing. The one it needs to be. But I am really drawn. Teoh, use some of the six train here. Now, this isn't natural. Sit train. This is, um, just heat treated. They both have kind of different properties. But again, this is about that yellow energy bringing in some of that fire. Some of that fund, some of that creativity on, actually. What? I've just instantly placed these as almost like arrows on. Now I've done this, and I'm looking back at that. I can really see that this energy is really wanting to drive in to this smoky quartz that I have in the middle here. So again, I'm just spending a few moments just toe gays over the grid, see if it needs anything else. Actually, this falls were any complete team. Now, I'm not getting the feeling that I want to add anything else. I'm just enjoying gazing over the crystals hair and and seeing the energy in the different messages that it's kind of already sending may. So I think I'm done there. You can see that. That was an intuitive process. I didn't know that it was gonna look like this. Um, I didn't know I was going to use this amount of crystals on their in these particular places, but it just felt right, you know, having quite a few crystals of each one and it really helps. You can see I have used a fair few here on. You don't want to run out of crystals and thing. I didn't really want to place an extra courts point there. And I don't have it, You know, that type of thing. So do this when you do have, ah, a fair few crystals that you can kind of use. 11. Finishing The Grid: Okay, now we've placed the crystals onto the grid on we're happy with it. What you need to do next is to seal the energies into this grid. Now, I'm just gonna use, um, like, another quarter point. Not have. I generally use this for my light one work on you just want to seal the grid in now with my intent. Hair at this moment is to keep the energy contained within this grid and to help send it up to the universe on. Once you've done that, you don't want to place this court's point at somewhere on the on the outside edge pointing in. So I'm kind of I've kind of got it up here, pointing in you can place it also at the bottom, pointing in wherever you want it to kind of be, but generally outside of the grid, pointing in I'm gonna point mine from the top. Now that energy is is keeping that flow going is keeping it moving around and circling and keeping it contained and sending that up to the universe. Now, at this point, if you have a copy pyramid, you can place cough pyramid over the top. You could also put some incense around. You might even want to add some flowers from your garden. I mean, if I had Cem flowers of these colors that could really enhance bring in some of that earth energy or leaves. If it was autumn outside, I could bring in some of those orange and brown leaves on at that to the grid. Almost former basis. I could I could put it under each of these corners here just to bring in some of that energy. You can use lots of different things to enhance the energy off your grid. Once you've made it, you can just sit there and meditate with it and absorb the energy and help it. In my case, this is obviously for motivation. You know, I might be coming in here and sitting once a day to meditate with this grid, to feel that energy, to feel only the power of the crystals and how it's trying. Teoh give me motivation as well as put motivation out into the environment around me. You could also spend about a time contemplating how many crystals you've placed. Now. I've obviously place four of the courts points. This is very grounding number. The number four in terms of numerology. We also have a 21 each side, which makes eight of the sit train. Now eight is kind of like a balance of harmony. It's if you imagine the infinity sign, which is making up that how you write the figure. Eight. It's that balance between harmony, joy. You know all of those things. We've also got six off each of these. We've got six of the carnelian six of the Amber there now six is actually quite a mothering nurturing number. If you imagine the six with that big belly, almost a big pregnant belly, it's about nurturing that aspect. In my case of myself, maybe it is nurturing, trying to encourage that that aspect of myself, which needs the motivation so you know, have a lot do a bit of research. At this point, there's no problem getting out your phone and thinking, What's the meaning of the number six and how Why have I chosen, you know, to use number six? Why is this quite a a key number on my grant so you could do a bit of research at this point? And even if you've been guided to you to crystal the whole while. The house, this doing in there, you know? Why have I used Carnelian? Why have I used Amber doesn't make sense to my logical brain. But then when you do a bit of research, you find out why. Just like my smoky quartz. You know, I wasn't quite sure why I was drawn to it, cause I thought I don't need grounding protection or, you know, that type of thing. But then I was thinking about the transmuting negative energies, and then I kind of made sense, you know, we're getting rid of those energies which don't serve us anymore. 12. Dismantling The Grid: I really hope you enjoyed the process of creating your crystal grid on, But you have agreed that you're happy with, and it looks beautiful on that you're in. You'll enjoy being in that that certain sport wherever you've created it. Um, what we're gonna do now is have a look at dismantling the grid. Now we need to be respectful of the process on. You need to do this slowly so you don't just want to rush in and just completely dismantle it because it's kind of a shock to the system. You can get kind of ah, healing crisis from things like that. Because although it might be softer when you might not know that this Christopher is even doing anything, it is that already is in your energy field. So if all of a sudden you remove it really quickly, it's almost like a loss in your energy field, and you can feel that. So I recommend you do this this slowly, So the best thing to do is just when you created the group, create your secret space. So put some music on this and incense. You just want to get kind of with a few breaths into yourself and calm and relaxed. Then, just as we did what when we started that we kind of activated the grade when you need to do now is you need to seal in the energies of the grid. So with the point that you have pointing at the grid itself, just go around the perimeter and with your intent, your ceiling in these energies, you're thanking the crystals for the work that they've done for you. And you're just sealing those energies in on. What you're saying is that you still want this grid to continue working even when it's been dismantled, because the energy will still be present. And then you want to just place that to the signed because it doesn't need to charge it up anymore. Now, sometimes when you create agreed, you remove it in the opposite way toe how you created it. But if you created this two weeks ago, the chances are the Ural Foregone war order you've put them in. So I would just say, Do what makes sense to you intuitively at the time. But I would leave the center crystal until the very end on. I'll explain the reason for that in a moment. But for me, I actually want would want to start removing the courts point. So I'm not gonna do this because I just made it on. I want to leave it up for a little bit. So I'm just gonna kind of talk you through the process of this so I would remove the four courts points and I would put them to the side and then just let my energy settle. The the change in energy will be subtle, but just let yourself kind of take a moment. Don't rush again. You want to do this one bit at a time on the one that set Told you want to take the sick dream points, Put them to the side and again, just observe the grid. How it's changed in energy. You're honoring the process. You're doing this slowly. You're being grateful for every crystal and how it's helped this grid in terms of amping up its energy because as you remove them, it will be slowly reducing and energy on. Then, at this point, I would probably do the outer ring and then the inner rain doing the same thing. Taking your time with age until I just have the center crystal left in the middle. Now, when the center crystals left in is almost signifying, the last crystal that is on the grid is the last little bit of the memory off what this grid once waas. So that's why I like to leave the center crystal until the end, because I like to spend a little bit more time just being grateful and thanking the crystal in the energy, because this is the main one that's been beaning that up into the universe. So just spend some time reflecting on the grid on the energy. If it's made any changes that you're aware off in the time it's been up, have you felt different in these past few weeks? In my case, would I have felt more motivated? Have I've been a bit more proactive, got a little bit more done and then reflecting things? Actually, yeah, I have. And then being more grateful because you realize that there has actually done something. I'm just spending a little bit of time that, and then removing that lost crystal on placing on the side. Then what you can do is you just remove the base and the sacred geometry pattern ready for use next time. But before you put your crystals away, make sure you cleanse them the same as you did the room before you kind of started and getting into that little sacred space. So that's how you could remove the grid whilst still maintaining the energy that's there. Because although we've just taken that away, the energy will still be in this vicinity. And that's the important thing. If you're just going with it off and just shovel everything back where it waas, it kind of disrupts that energy, and it's It kind of becomes a little bit manic, so by doing it gently, it kind of settles it down, keeps it there and keeps it working just for that little bit longer, so it's not a shock to your system. 13. Summary: So I really hope you got something out of this class. Thank you so much for joining me. Thank you so much for creating your crystal bread and sending that energy out into the universe. I hope you got something out to their in a different way of looking at making Crystal Grizz than perhaps what you did before. So we've used sacred geometry. We've got a bit more of an understanding about how secret geometry could be used to in harm's crystal grids on. Then you've used crystals intuitively. You know, before you collect on this video, you have no idea what you were gonna create, what it was gonna look like on Just look at what you've made. You've made something beautiful that's gonna stay there, sending that energy out and affecting a positive change in your life. And that's something to be really proud off and to be thankful for as well for the crystals . Now, we've also looked at how we can respectfully dismantle the crystals on and, you know, respect and honor that energy that you've center into the universal. I really urge you to continue that practice whenever you work with crystals. Just be really respectful of them on understand that they're helping you there, giving you the information you need to make sense of your own life on make positive changes for humanity because even changing you as one person is affecting all of the people around you because you've changed something about your energy on other people on a subconscious level will be up to tell. That's that You're changing other people as you change yourself and you work on yourself in your own spiritual development. Now, I really hope you continue watching videos. If you've not seen a check out my introduction to Chris Stores and just how you go about sensing energy, they were gonna be lots more videos. I'm gonna adul skill share. So I really hope you following me to keep abreast of those changes on updates and lots of new videos. The come out on skill share. So thank you so much on I'll see you in the comments section and hopefully you submit your project on a photograph of your finished grid. Thank you