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Cryptocurrency Investment Winning Strategy & Fundamental

teacher avatar Derrick Lee, Financial Trader/ Investor/ Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (2h 56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Video 1 Tools

    • 3. Video 2 Criterias

    • 4. Video 3 Filtering

    • 5. Video 4 Analyze coins in my watchlist (Part 1)

    • 6. Video 5 Analyze coins in my watchlist (Part 2)

    • 7. Video 6 Analyze coins in my watchlist (Part 3)

    • 8. Video 7 Determine what coins to ignore

    • 9. Video 8 Fundamental research

    • 10. Video 9 Setting alerts and determine entry point

    • 11. Video 10 Revision and recommendations

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About This Class

In this course, you will learn step by step what to do, what tools to use and how to filter, pick and buy cryptocurrencies at the right price at the right time selecting the only coins that have the potential.

Meet Your Teacher

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Derrick Lee

Financial Trader/ Investor/ Entrepreneur


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1. Introduction: in this course. Are you teach you? How do you trade crypto currency and find the white coins that has the potential? Um, what I mean is, when you look at these shots, you find that off them have, um they jump increasing price in a very short period of time. Usually within few months. The sharda used to sport and does a coin that have the potential. And off in the course, I will show you step by step, pick on, find those coins. Um, that have 10. Sure. Like for example, look at this one. The price from around silver foreign C one and November. Oh, dissemble. And then it jump up to steal 0.12 more than 10 times increase in price. And within the months in January, so December, generally within a month to price increasing more than 10 times. So, um, those coins that, um, you have Teoh, um, until early on and before the price jump up in discourse on despite show you step by step to pick does coined that well, will help you learn d fundamentals off Cryptocurrency training and find a way coins that, um, like coins to create for in a consistent way. Systematically check out the cost for more details. This course will teach you everyone. Mentos, you need to master clemency creating So in this cause include discovering were twos. Show you what kind of two she can use Teoh to systematically trade Quito and quite years off which corn you can which years ago 40 Trade on have potential future does. How do you mass futurist? That means that there's a lot off Cryptocurrency kinds that how do you quickly determine which coin have to potential in which kind that don't have so he will be a quick, systematic way for you to know how to figure those that use on. But also I would analyzed the coins that I discovered, um, on why it didn't see my abortionists and why I keep an eye on those coins on. I also have some examples off the coins that I don't think that people don't have to pay too much attention on those, um, and the difference between those kinds within my Watrous Endo stat that it's not on why I ignored of a stat isn't in my watch list. So that very much difference between consequence they have those kind of other contact, every contact different so that the fundamental functions are different. So that will directly influence the deprives that the Cryptocurrency can I constantly have the potential Teoh increase in price because off the menace apply on their usefulness off those kinds on the utility off it also pit, um have a big impact on the, um, comprised at interest E coin. So this, in discussing, showed how to do fundamental research us well and how Teoh what homework on back me to, like, push that you need that you have to use, like, setting alert and finding out the entry points before entering a trade. Andi Also some wise everything that you be learning and some communications. So you and yet it is that basically the whole come calling stat after you watch every lessons off them are useful Teoh to learn the strategy Is that how can have capture coins? Um that have, um, potential to increase in price in movements that because the have moved back movements that , um apart from that those that don't and how Teoh cap your it set alerts and determine in plain before price movement and basically every think you need to learn on the fundamentals and tragedy to you trick because there will be including discourse. Pick it up. Um, washed. Oh, of course it be, um, essential for you to, um obviously learnt the fundamentals and distributed out I mustered. 2. Video 1 Tools: this course, I will show you how I do my research to find crypto currency that has two potential to 10 times in issue investment. So the perform that I use is con sport con sportal com dot au Because I'm in Australia so clean, spotless depend from the use. They has the most collection off coined. I can buy and sell instantly. So you can see the more than 5 50 I think 50 you 100 coins tagging trait for and they secure day back by Clint. But doctrine Australia basically visit government 40 that, um um make Moeti coins for accountable that, um u s leave. You are in different country. You might have to be sure to find which perform that has the most of 40 and the most coin that you can trade instantly by self Basically calling sport. It's four years. Andi, I'm sure you the two stat I used to um um basically do a whole trading of Quito. Um, well, calling index is the one that I used to store my watch lists to save the potential coin that has t put on your upside to spike, um, for 10 times a give you 1000% increase. So I will show you in the next video how I do my research on the logic behind. But this one I will show you the tools that I use. As you can see, there are only 20 on 20 coins that time It is in my washer. Lister has the potential, and I'm sure you do you the logic behind outdoors that why I chose to be my watch. It's first night. Does that Tutu's well, well calling intact and close bullet And what well calling index Basically our only world where you met away from. They have the most collection of coin, Donna. So that's what I used to store my Socialists and Google. I find news that and basically do your research on the individual coins. But first, before I find the individual coins to do further research in the next video, we'll show you how I do it. 3. Video 2 Criterias: quite the RIA first. Quite you, really? I look for in every coin a speck spike like this one us. As you can see, lowest point is on Super on five the coin and the job up to you on 30 maximum from history you can tell Trade his fee on for 30 so you get on 60 times potential gain. That is to kinda look awful. Fix fighting as you can see Big Spike within few days Still 0.5 The ladies are on trade Was trade at Super Five in 2017 October mid October Basically, if you by buying and what at $1 And so it handle which makes 10 times your profit licious within a month because two months, but not a long time, you know, Like from $1 tender from 2017 October meet auto body $10 which is December, December within two months. So 10 times your money between two months That is the charter Look for expect with short picks fights within. I feel a few months, a few days, a few weeks and big potential And this is not the shot there look for as you can see the lowest point trait only a short time. Um, from two dozen 19. Um, March started March and today's two dozen 20 February late February. So just around a few months of trading time, I own a year trade around a year, but not much movement. Well, I look for a spec movement, this one from $20 at maximum 50 only two times your money. So, basically, if you buy a $20 per coin and sat at the maximum 50 obviously you it's hard to cash everything. But even though if you catch everything, you only double your money and how long it takes from March to June. British three months. But not like the chart. He If you've been three months, you can 10 times your money. That is to going back over, but not this one. This one freed three months, you only can maximum get double. We should first low and not that big spike to slow us off a child and not enough put into. So it's not that saying that they can't have a big spike like it be coin, which makes ah have potential. Tiu have a 1000% 10,000 send 100,000% increase drum. But just wait. You had it takes too long. No, not the good kind out for So it's the first criteria Big potential X pipe in the short period of time and at a multiple, many multiples at least 5 to 10 five. Plus, I think I say we've seen a month five plus five plus times your initial investment. You feel in the months from from the history that that there's like got night that local in the second criteria body, um trade volume and market cap. So obviously the larger the market cap, the more trading volume. As you can see, 269 billion market cap. You have a large volume of trade morning which gives you liquidity. It makes you more. You see your two by itself instantly. So which is less whiskey. So it will go down this zero that quick and yet you can buy so like basically any time and a small market cap, I don't trade them just a basic got nine you get. It's not like set in stone, but 30 million bank cap a minimum. Oh, say rich, you can see the the smaller microcap less for treat morning, which makes you hard, is so even when you have a big, big, big spike. Basically, it's hard to trade. Don't don't don't. The Bytom is just unless you only hope for long term. But which is not that the, um the more that I go for. Well, I look for Big Spike Lee refuting this more time for a small period of time and shop your time. Ah, this coin, it's this small cap Might Michael crap onto me. Dad won't trade a secrecy. Don't much move from here for basically a year. You don't see much movement, the maximum it is going down here even and orchestrating them. It's going to Syria. So you see, they basically the whole years from 2019 to 7. Tony, they don't have much movement because no one is trading them to have a big drum in the price you need trade volume. So the more people they trade, the more people buy and sell. That is obviously, the higher the price they have to offer to for people to buy Bitcoin, so the higher the price. So if there's no one by no for, you know, trip on him. You couldn't know you coached to no liquidity. You can't get much, um, increasing this price. So trade volume is very important. And also big Spike has the most as the, um a lot, despite potential in a short period of time like this one. At least five times we've been a month, I would say there's a potential that has a history to show. So the next video, I will show you how I do to research on it's going to find out What about the potential and what coin I would put it into my watching this which comprise off Kerney in my trading perform, available in March 18 perform sport that I used Sony 20 of them, you can see this are all coins are currently at my bushel is that has the potential that I will consider by, like reasoning like within a few months time that I would buy Obviously I will by autumn. But I would look for the movements when they have the potential spike within a few days, drum to double within few days or to 10 times between few months that those are the coins that I wash that has the potential. After I do my research that I will show you how I do it. Um, yeah. Watch the next video. Show you how. 4. Video 3 Filtering: in this video you show you step by step how I feel her all the coin that between those that doesn't have the potential and to those that have the potential that I will put it into my wash lists to watch closely on the movement that have the potential spike Backdate. So I dio iss open on the chart off every coin that within the training perform that used So obviously I won't do it. Um, open every chart, um, in this video, but in in your research bring step off selecting coins You have to wash Teoh, Feel the off them. I did. I did it when I before making my watch lists. That is to step there. You have to do if there is 100 coins we've been treating before. Yes, you look at average shot, but don't scared it will won't take long times to feudal. It is very obvious that you can determine which client has two potential coined that you just don't have Teoh pay too much attention or so obviously be kind you have to look for obviously is in every port body motionless because math my quite euro Boucher ***, bike because tell silly Dola to $20,000. So this how many times So you can be a billionaire to sip it, simply buying Bitcoin if you bought body at the white time, Daddy's to be kind out for about many mode. Pull off increase. So if you buy $10 $100 be kind, you gather millions just within E. You know, um, that that is the coin that I look for. But now the price is already checked up, so there's no I won't say Don't have to potential, but I wanted by coins that trade at $1.2 dollars, $10 then goes up 200 easy Arctic goes up $200 because the trade volume obviously already there. So the pricey, already factoring to trade for years that people really holding. So if they more people by at the lower price, then there's a much high potential. So, obviously, if there's a spike against tell that jumped from a low price, he 600 to to thousands richest alone 53 times between months off to to you see if you bought that 600 and some are dissemble meet symbol on goes up to 2000. That are, uh, January early January. So within a month. So I'm free to four times we've seen a month. That is the calling that I trade. I would Trade, obviously. Is, um and And freedom is in my wash list. You see, there is only rice, That which is similar to discharge. I only look for pattern that has a history that have mobile game multiple times of gain, which is this one. The maximum gain that you can get is around free to fought four times from 600 to 2000. We've seen a month in a short photo shopping time. That is the kind Allah for which this is so similar. So it's on device writes, and it's breaking the, um, break. Um, breaking up the point. Um, was it tough? Um, breakdown, um, pick up breaking up point where she seeing support resistant. Similar that I don't have to be exactly have terminal. Do you? Yes. You can see they have potential. And on the next couple video, I show you how to do research. And obviously you have to know if fundamentals, but the basically the price, um ist if trade for him that the a factor prize so steep volume. It's very important factor that push up the price and it history on passage three they look for is very important. So Whipple they have potential. You can see for soup from 5 to $4 but just not enough movement. Yes, you can see two dozen 19 to 2 times 20. Basically, it's flat, so I just ignore this one, although they still have potential. But if it's on the rise, have that. But they just not enough multiples. Ah, basically flat. No, nothing happened. So next one, you look for the maximum. So So you look at maximum chart that, um, has the most dollar. So from 400 to 4000 which is 10 times but it's still rice. Ah, similarly, some same states. No, not much movement from two dozen that reason movement, even though the trade volume is increasing, but just not moving. So two dozen 19 to 2020 whole years, not much movement. So I would just ignore this. So this is the quiet he, like feel doing that. I do that. See which one I put into my washing this on actually show you all my wash nous that and explain to you why I choose those coins. Um, between other coins. Um, into the next video, I show you exactly the reason behind why I trust us going to put into my watch list. 5. Video 4 Analyze coins in my watchlist (Part 1): video. I will break down with you on why I would chose all the coins that by watch list. So I'll go through or the constant i e my watch list and show you why I chose to. So the first ones appendix? Um, because see this A big spike. He from still point She was your show. 60 su points. You will see 15 and lowest point Right now it's around fewer points your Cosco free. So you can see if from the history If you can cash it from he to he 15 you get about five times off the game. Um, is in a short timeframe. So despite kiss, um, just within, you know, filled days from to turn 19. May off 13. Furtive off May So meet knight to around June. So it's within half a month, 15 days and you get again off around. Doubled own double from he nine to on 18. So at the bottom. Right now, he But this potential gain to gain five time this So you can see that that this the potential to Dane like they had to put him on. This kind of has the potential to wish up to 18. He and right now is only at free at the bottom and is, um, to prices increasing quite quickly. So it's an idea. So coin and it's gaining more mental me. It has potential to spike up to back up in a short time. Proof of time. Um, Lucy, what if new coin, But it has a relatively new coin on the platform. And but there's quite a lot of trade volume 50 minutes and the body cavities on 71 million . So it's not bad. It's quite a large enough cat that I would go to all the trade volume, a daily trade, William around what ever Lean just is quite a good option when it has so in indicator to So I put on notification. I'm sure you know individuals at house you put on the occasion, but just you can, like, find any out of notifications on nine or in your path of that shape. It's not, um, t important, but it's a good, good twos to set it up, but it's quite important, but it's not. Um, no. Um, well, I would talk about India's feeding right now, so, um, you can see um that when, like, it was just starting point. I can see it's like guinea momentum within two days. It's the spike. Expect I would do a by on that. But not now. Not showing any big movement currently? No. Some not. We've in continuously, um, jumping up and down soon. Probably. But when that there's a fix fight, um, within few days, I definitely by field to check how it goes. And this one key Kiva, which I bought, um, is performed really good. So I'm planning to buy more. So I buy. I brought it at, um point su 0.8 or 777 Assume 0.6 are owned up. And then it goes up steadily escaping momentum and trade volume is increasing. Quite a quote, decent trade volume and all in 60 millions. Market cap. Great microcap around 150 minutes. So definitely I quit. Stopped. Look at coin to look at curse. As you could say he like the lowest point ISS around 6.1, and it has potential to go up two full, so you can tell there's around a man in multiples off gain potential game so you can do the math. So if you go some $1 for example, we enter $1 is gaining momentum in two days. I think you spiked up within two days and spike up very quickly. As you can see past. He had April early April to be April at the Layton April. So was in a month time. Get a four times of your money, basically, if you brought it at one. So, for example, where 1.5 as she got so that $3 you get a quick free times at three times double your money . Quick, very quick, quickly within a month. So definitely like at Wandell now days and potentially to go up two full so and a skinny momentum. So I definitely by feel and checked a few days. See how when there is a fixed black and our animal, that's how you should do. And it is gaining momentum since two dozen Funny, and now it's February. Let's keep going, and it's getting more trade boil. So this definitely like a chance to have potential. Teoh have four times your investment within few months. Definitely goods. Good. Want to look at this one at the next one. And Jeanne, I'm not sure if I put down see why, but it's a good coin to look at the matter. So is have you can see picks, fights within two days. I can tell. Hey, as you look at the graph, you can we you see spot it. And John is quite big from soup on four, I still free to super seal 0.0 Free to steal for free. So every 10 times your money with Ed a month I can see I can tell you so you can see it. ISS from February early February Super free hours you point c were free Teoh mark early march. So if in a month a few months time can 10 times the money on this world destiny that big movements start with big movement and big enough trait of trade. Borneo here, six million and digging a bargain Cava 100 meters. So definitely a calling that I watch out for uh, yeah. Then does it Becks fight with being a few days, for example, at this time, I would definitely consider by few and check it. Ah, potentially 10 times e put it on a potential 10 type of year investment 15 months. So it has the potential gain up to allays super free. So I would definitely look at this one. That's why you see my watch list. So the next one ce coin, although it doesn't have much movement for the whole year. But this potentially fix bikes from you can see here around the city with point C, were one who sue point one full so 14 times potential 40 times your investment. We've been a very stop your time. That is what we look for, only coins that has potential showing potential in the history that you can't have a fix exploit within shopping time so you can see just by looking trap by assuming at the highest , like at the all the maximum history trade country you see on Sue points you it jumps since he two points one at around early December. Ah, early January. So within a month, what you are calling is out for is big drum within a month. So this 1 14 times you feel about that is a potential that this one has to put country drum from 14 times. If you look so definite looking at on. Why is in my watch lists? Because I can see he is slowly, slowly gaining momentum. Higher trip for him, it seems, is getting up like sued. I don't know what went, but I would definitely in my washes and also put a lot when the price jump, Um, continuously trump within a few days. Few weeks continuously, like this one. Big comfy in a few days. I've definitely by Philip track it and then double down when big spite happening like out. For example, when I am If I'm checking this coin saying students 17 off late Amido off December he I I can see that s gaining momentum since November. So I track it and I'm putting in my washes and bit to late November. And then it said, set up alert. And then when there's big spiking like up onto, for example, like still points you want to, you can see a big room with Bean like at in mid December and now by Phil and then see high school And then when? After a few days, it has a big spike and I would double down. Although there's no history behind he before 17 But if there's a history show that this'll Point has two potential Teoh John multiple times a few months, for example, when I open up until here aan has any movement of Sisi Ah, by Phil he at Super Super off to and then when there's a big spite too soon points before which already doubled my money, I would double it down for four more and you like when this potential to gain like 14 times so already doubled my money. But I'm looking for about double time, so return on my investment, so I would definitely look, look by Filmore he and then wait for you to, despite within a few few weeks, mix one. And that is when what I think is happening. What he is slowly gaining the momentum like ISS in back in 2017. November November. So right now it's this the pattern ISS iss like similar to November, so I check it. But for the next fight happening, I think you are they happening and no actual when you happen or if it's going to pepper. But it will be watching this and I've definitely set some alert to show. Let me know when it's has a continuous six bite and who go to Mitchell on, um, maximum charge. Hoist maximum to look at the history. How much potential? Maximum potential gain from history you can get so they don't see upon serious sex. Teoh Soup I 28 So you can tell this 45 times on four or five times games with pain. A few months. Three months. November Teoh March. So we've seen two months. Five time, you know, um maximum, who tends to gain of five times to and not too bad, but is in my washiness. It's because it is happening. It is gay Nemo. Mental Slowly. So seize. Um, since January, beginning off January to now February. It's repeating it like it has, like, stink showing up showing here since, um, say it's 2019 because from hey at Los Point to he is up upward trend. It has two potential five times. As you can see from History Leaf. There was point from here to the highest body at least five times, and it's gaining more mental here, and it has potential to increased. Must be in a few months. So definitely is thinking it will go, um, pop up up, Teoh. April or may increased multiple times. At least double, I think, as you can see already. Double here. 14 Teoh on 10. He when he took 12. Teoh 22 Early Taveau 24. A boat between the month. Two months, Two months. So already double he. But it has potential. You have five times increase of young investment, so it is gaining momentum. So? So I would report the field a few coins and I definitely double down more, much more if it goes higher. But I will put in too much on that this one because not like the others kinds there has potential to have stolen champion past Hickey off 14 times. 10 times That goes out the concert. I love 10 times pretension test 10 times game, but five times about one. And it's clearly, um, gaining momentum. So I cash out. I feel many, Um, yeah, but not putting too much. But I definitely at least cash in the field when it doubles or tribute Put people, I won't take maximum gay but put away trouble. My money went out seven it when I people with my money or a bullet on the next one. Be talked town. So from North Point to close your CEO Seo six Teoh Super zero 0.4 four Time four times That , um not my favorite, but still acceptable. You We can catch Harper with only double your money with me a few months. He big spiky from May or May 2, Late Bay. Two months only around double money from he suppose he would. 10 to 20. You need double it within a month. So not a bat one. And so I would not put too much. But putting in the field ASUs is gaining a few Momenta Me Peru break food out by a few more when it matured. Expire within two days. Few weeks to continuously like this one continues trend although it it won't always like, go straight up like he and Big Spike like he but a skinny momentum So And even though that's not much volume already gaining momentum. So So I was still looking it Not that tape volume and backing hat does or is quite your idea. Look for check out the last video on criteria. Uh, market cap and trade volume are quite important because if you that if you don't have a dust yourself when it's so to when it's gaining, when you able to cash out only when you have a really profit a lot. But there's no one to sell to you, you basically there's no not enough liquidity to do anything. So, um, for safety, go for larger cap. Ah, but warning. But not all. Um, last cat. That hurts the big spike that I'm talking about because the I would say already saturated or already have a lot off people putting a lot of money into it. So the movement percent Asian. He's like a big, um, blue chip stock in the stock market. You'll see explain within a if they stop at blue chip stocks at double within a year. It's oily Mac having a very good performance, but it will have the motive all times like 14 times 10 times Tribune or three times your investment within months that, well, it rarely happen in blue chip stock. That's why I trade crypto currency. And although that's not much fun, demented talk about no much, Um no, you're like what the coins are about. Sometimes that people are trading it. People have putting money. This, um, trade volume people paying attention to it. Um so large enough, my cat, Enough Makudi. I know to worry about it. If that's the mark capital capitalisation on the path of least secure work about that too much and off course I won't put in. And then I got into Bitcoin and also stop changing. But it has the potential to like profit many, many notables between the buns if very short period of time. That's why I love, like trading it. Ah, back to the stock. Um, some 0.7 point one, because I want soup on one, uh, soup on 12 to supine for double my money within a around about two weeks. Okay, so no, that one. And he's at the bottle. So and it's scary momentum. So that's why I put in my wash list and has multiple game continuous gain since June 20 for around the screen throughout the month and ask anyone momentum. So it has potential to get back up. Teoh 2.24. So see your point so to to Superman's 20 if you probably within a couple of bums half above . Maybe, but I will try to too long for that, Um, but different by few. But we he not now. I didn't buy this one. Um, right now, but I probably by when this. Sure, sure. It is a big spike within a few weeks time and the different cashing in by a by a few coins off this one and then track it. See if this continuous picks fights. If there's are by a few more around here, probably wait until, um super to and cash out. So I haven't by any off this one, Kerney. But I probably by feel if this within these few months there it goes up to sue consumes six . A definite by feel, and they cash out on by fume or when it doubles. Oh, well, see, 1.1 and then cashed out to so double it the public double within a few months of that one. But we'll won't put it too much. I look, I like the, um this one. This one. Yeah, that the previous one that I shown that a potential 14 times gain on I forgot wish calling , is it? But, um, for now, this one is potentially double. We've been shopping of time, but I definitely love 10 times those corn that have put in 10 types so well in the next video in Part two. 6. Video 5 Analyze coins in my watchlist (Part 2): tone you in the previous videos that I have 20 um, coins that corny, my watching this, Um, so I analyzed often. Why show you why they are in my watch list. And in the next couple videos, I also kill you. Why? I won't put artists corn set to be in, right. Watch this pulling Not right now, But it probably in the future, will be. But why food? All those coins that Kerney and not in my virtue, which is around I'm food. Who allowed ah, 100 uh, coins and picked 0 100 plus and picked around. Now I put it picking around 20 points. So I feel around 80% of them. So I'll show you in next video. Mix your videos. I'm sure you why? I feel her does. But right now, just ended eyes. Um, all the points in my watch this why pick them in motion? But to that, you know that Although there in my washes, I not all that I bought coins but brought them. I didn't bought off them. I only bought a feel coins in my wish list. That because that's because there's a lot that contact any momentum and is green almost for continuously for months. So it's gaining momentum. So but not all of the coins, like this one. I won't buy any of it right now, because, um, just not in the in the trend, like, just not big enough. Um, you can see since October Teoh Nevada. It has, um, quite a few Already. I would missed it. Um, the spiky. So right now I won't buy. It's quite high here as they omit almost which reaching the maximum, um, historical high 1.4 is close to the historical high. And if some of turquoise that, um, you may sit like this game begin here. If you missed it, probably put it in the washer. Listen, because it's a continuously they are big spike within a month continuously. So it probably if I if that's going to drop back down here Oh, he and then I would probably buy feel And And when it is, um showing pop it like he ah, go back down here and then I will watch carefully. And when it picks like a on he from super free to Super 500 a few days, and I have definitely I feel, but I wait until drop and drop back down because as you can see like that the pan off this coin IHS Big spike not to back but gradually spite within a few months and then drop back down and go back up and drop it down. But it is not a big movement, but actually, if you, um brought from super free Teoh Super to get a four times gain preparing bond so definitely would be in bumps around. So you can just by looking at the child, you know, just sit from he afterward in the web from about four times not that one. And it would probably repeat a priest soon, so it dropped back down pretty quickly, so I would definitely cash out The weapon went when I was a few multiples, like double my money or double triple. What could you go? A definite cash went with the triple. I should put my money and now I'm putting too much of it because it is quite volatile. But what we'll do is what you want. What you will Inpex fight with him in months and many multiples or only four times but still all right. There's not a lot off coins like that. The ones actually before that as potentially 14 times your gain from the history. Shore, like 10 times to 10 times is unicorn like we've seen a month does that Those are putting more money into it. Andi Next one. Some point, you're free to see what I want. How many times did it? Three times. 3 to 4 times. Three times. I mean, uh, Nevada to fabulously um, our three months not long. It's like, not not, like, other kind that I like mawr, which is within a month. Although he meets to wait for three months. Uh, it has potential to make money. That's what you want. Why not put it in the Washington says hi goes but they probably I won't buy, buy, buy this coin like, um, between feel within this months off for months putting in my washing because it's quite a relatively new coin. You don't know its potential like you can see begin from he already around double pretty hard. Only 1.5 times your money with him. They two days, this one within two days. So this is why I put it any my wash list. It's because this big spike is quite where within a field, a staffing within a few days, and you really almost doubled the money. So this kind of pick spite and enough trade volume, the trade volume I quite like it. Um, this is quite short period of time. Big gains within the quite shocked copy of time. Almost double within a few days. Not within months. Not leaving few weeks. So that's why you see my watch. You can double your money within two days. Why? No putting. Well, you're watching this right, although is going downhill, but it has to put hand sure to have big gains. So Anoosha went, but I probably by a few when it go back down and let rebounds. So ego back down like this one. He anybody go back up rebounds after he believed by food, But I don't know when I don't have exactly what price are buying, but I definitely putting malicious and fully like. Check it a few, uh, FB week or so and then see how it goes and definite putting alert when they expect gains are definitely consider. I make for further decision to see that by it, but never putting alerts where the prices, which is up to certain points. The nickel report Credit. Um, it was zero point seal to to supine one watt 12 So how many times? Um, six times. Oh, in six times within comes a tab. Aw, February. Um um five. Um, five months for months? Yes, five months. So far from side on you, they would get six times your money. Six times your money within 600. Not about. Do you can make money on this? Uh, is gaining momentum? No. Sure. How high can go. The bad thing is that it doesn't history to show how you all pass through the historical high reasoning. So I don't know when it's gonna go up to you, but it has put help You like Bitcoin If you continuously hoped for a couple of months, You definitely. Since the beginning, you definitely contest on a lot. So, like this one, I don't expect people we like Teoh like cash out like since the beginning off the spike TV and just cash out in the media going to make you can make a decent amount of money many multiples, like be calling if you can. For example, in amedo early middle to the late middle or at the Beetle off the rise, you going make many multiples of game. So that's what I do have you putting too much. You don't give me too much into it. So you can also research with Mementos made on the view. Just Google. It is not much a big, big secret off speech searching. You can just copy of the name of the coins and then Google it and see what kind of coins, what service and Producto benefits it so far. Why people buying it on what function get and any news, big news So so showing in the next video. Um, so every last this one is because six times that you can see, um, but enough shape volume. But the reason I put it in my Washington's, although it doesn't have much ST e show how much he can rebound, the only which just 50 a maximum high he. But you can see he the volume is not too much on five million's, but you already but or a long 20 maximum tended five minutes a few minute, one minute. But the volume is not big, but it only gain six times. My audibles only contention gained six times potables. So definitely check out this one, because nobody, um right. But it has potentially game many multiples, even though it has low trading warning. So you can imagine if it has much more Kate Bolduan, like no, have even half off record 1/3 of the coins trading volume. This are this coin. Well, jump up at least 10 times if there's such a big trade volume. Um, much more in future, but definitely the fundamentals and the news off the what it could cause over influence that trip for you. But that's what we talk about it later. But Kernan, even though it's low bony, um, he can see a lowball in below below 500,000 a day. I would consider it. Oh, and my car only 55 million's no cap. No, Michael, I say small, um, so definite putting in my washiness and see how it goes. I bi fuel because it has potential to like gay multiple times in at no low trading volume. So I put it by feel here because that's only gain momentum. Break foodie um, d resistant here. Breakthrough. Sewell points you ate. And so so definitely by feeling within this wage and then not too much. But I will see how it goes, how much potentially gets when it gets high volume. So I won't put in too much. Definitely, like when you trade equipped or stalks by an actual end. Every investment that this put on show do you lose money. But the big date is what I look for an expectorant shop. You've time so that that's what that's why we're putting everything I got into it, but definitely like dis important. If you can put in a field and cash body post many multi post between three months and so defi definitely consider drink quickly, even though I don't know, like not not everyone knows the like. If it is actually the big future Cryptocurrency. If it's a big fuchsia, not your like it's like in the Internet beginning off the Internet stage, I would say early, like people skeptical about Internet at the beginning of the rise of the Internet. But it definitely has the, like the potential to be the next into the next Internet is at the early stage of currency . So, um, but that definitely has potential. I know. Sure. Fundamentals. Not everyone knows how how Cryptocurrency goes, like even like a lot of big players like Facebook announcing having a neighbor, Khan stewed and China announcing they having that old Cryptocurrency sued Moshe where? But you know, big companies, food companies and even countries like, um uh, looking to get into a Cryptocurrency space. So and also the market crept nose off already at a coin combined. It's a big market, so doesn't liquidity, So why not put in a food fuel up to visit the field? But it's what you do with your money, right? If you want to make money right, you take risks. So within a few days you can get a few months. You can get many multiples. Why no putting in a field? But if it's your last dollar, I say, guess, get more jobs and get some trade deal. Putting everything you got. If you need to pay Rand's our car, get asked. Transport food don't put in there but dead job. But if you have spare, why not play field? Uh, therefore you can say from $1. This is approximately this one. I love it, but not not right now. I don't love this coin right now, but I love this car because yes, for $1 to adult into 100 or 1000 100 so not within bus, but within 1/2 a year. Within that you can have 100 times a body 100 times in one day within a year. What kind of you rest what you could get in really state. If you doubled in a year, it's nearly impossible, like usually double within tenis your temper, sing capital gain in real estate or there has left. But what kind of investment, like the other than business, what our investment you could get to have. How did your time Teoh money? BaFin A year, right? I I don't like it's hard to cash everything, but even if you bite a 50 wise 200 you get a double within a few months. We've seen a few months and especially it showed potential to get get from one girl to have hundreds. And he's right now as $4 $5 around. Why not put it in your washer it and see how it goes. It almost slap for years. But, um, why, when I guess more higher trade volume like, Oh, right now, it doesn't have a point or show about fundamentals, but I definitely research more on this one on fundamentals off this one. But if you can, if you can tell if there's 50 millions, I want four Dominions trade volume. If you get back to trade body much 40 millions from he from right now to get back to for millions, it has the potential 200 times more money between the years, poorly within 1/2 a year, a few months. So I will probably wait for the volume or the price rise continuously. So again, a moment of his not enough momentum. He so I won't waste it too much, she But it has the potential to 100 times you just this one, although I love the potential game, but the volume is and my cat just to s'more. So I won't, even though it they could, despite foot. Like he if I can see a potential gain from he only but by both feel of it, because the show history that Are there any 10 game momentum he bore Trade William, Play ghost back down. So it's not quite ah stable before. Not enough money, cap. And you know, for him I loved the potential game, but not the trade volume And my cat. Ah, no sure that the fundamentals But I do feel recharged on that later. Show you how to do it And I'm sure you have to do it. Just go and yeah, just putting my lotion. It's different. I'm not sure when I will by a field, but just love to put in games or using on and probably will be already set up some alert. But yeah, just putting my washing because, like you can't after the next few windows I show you when I feel to the unwanted coins could currently untradeable coin. That ghost is just a few of them. I would just never by probably we're being a but he was a few years because it doesn't have an issue. Feed that it has two potential game that, like this one, put his gain or 100 times we've seen once. But some of the coins, like people have it just doesn't have the trade border capital like cap and also the potential gain history that I showing that there's a potential. So just know every coin that you have to train so only you only have to trade, feel to make many multiples and in the great thing, is trying to repeat sometimes. So if you ho ho does that has you profit from before? If you some of the coin say you problem before, just keep it in your watch list, I would say, like and then put it some Trent Lott and this one us. I love this one. Why? Because the fundamental of it and I'll show you later off the video. Why? I think us is a big one, and it's quite big cat. Six minutes 16 Billing. Six billion cap Not minutes. Six billion and treat volume off a $1,000,000,000 a day. So it's always a big, but I will say I have noticing since around who doesn't not 18 into the 17 Ah, I already like in the newsletter on I know the fundamental off I've seen like it should show up in Kabul celebrities and like some of the those that and the life actually crypto currency. So if you follow closely to the news Oh, um, people that talk about crypto currency, your s quote, um, show like they appear a lot quite a lot. So those are the coins that has a fundamental I'm talking about it that those coins are a peon media R p in the public. Even like some people that are talking about coins. Expert, you can say I'm not sure if that's any crypto expert, but if it happened, a p like those coins that, like liberal Facebook liber coins that appear in public, those potential break would like coins. I definitely pay attention to it and look at it. Fundamentals. And the potential came off soon called C was five to free. So how many times see your point? C 0.5 to 30. So if 60% no, 60% 60 times morphine. Three Mobs November Teoh April November to April 2 6/2 a year, six months, half a year Gas, 60% gay A 60 times 60% 6000% of but deafness 60 times you gain within. But of the six months happy it ISS, although is getting back down he, but it that's volatility. Uh, it has potential to go back up, at least backed up to 10 disks, for sure thing, it has potential because of the trick for him here. And you could tell he just will be tripled him. You're going to see that the treatment is quite steady because of the fundamental Basically usually. So, basically, if the fundamental off the Cornish good, that would be big trade bowling and right now, tripling its not too high. Ah, but there will be a lot of street boil. So it's kind definitely a good look and probably set up alerts when he goes up to your own About Tad pole definite by feel and pull, Um, but already quite quite break. So you can pull it by feel at bottom he But now put by a fair few he and wait for your time , But I didn't. But by right now, Well, because this is not like, clear trend is going up, um, always feel he s So that's why I probably wait a few a little longer on if there's a fixed fight with two days. A few weeks considered by on probably like showed off its 20 or 24 hot pull itself. If I brought in at 10 or eight a black and we caught up to 14 I buy fuel and then sell a few 20 and 1/2 a 20. I fought off it plays six, play a before and then the left, 1/4 off the left. Wait until see how how big it goes. Do you want me? So I buy through he on by a few more heat when it goes up continuously goes up to he so impressive the trend. So it goes up to 10 if in a few months, a few weeks and then it continues to go up to 16. Don't definitely not consider buying boy. It doesn't go up. God put for by a few more. At 16 or 14 he and then self your boys. She goes to appear on heat and then so few, much more. He on here this area and then wait. Very few hope I feel off where appeal if they see if it's a big game. But you say usually within half a year time If I tell you she hold. But are you profit along the way profit, if you like. Doubles a few multiples along the way. So so you what? Uh, I could close your stock. You cash out of fear when you go out when you can profit by not white, white, white. Why not take the profit so white weeks it Or when you can take a few profit and buy a few more? Really? If you want to buy more if you really think that morning to scare me much more So the next one. So I don't want to keep a very long video videos too long. So up over there, um, break it down to a few parts. Um, there this would be the part. Two off the river ice off my wash list. So this will be my last kinda in the last in this part. So hot. 30 minutes. Um, pa video. Maximo. Try to keep it. That Ah, this one. Why? I put it in my wallet. Shoelaces. You see. Oh, my God. Here. Late January to early February. Doubled board and doubled between two months. You feed a few weeks or you doubled within three weeks. No. Sure, how it goes, so I won't put in too much into it, but the train is clearly up, and it discount show on potential, too, despite at least double within the structure of time. So putting motion and electric boating on the market cap. So I'm not sure the potential, but I won't put it to wash off this one. I'm no short of fundamental of it, but I do some research on it if I'm going to buy. But because the trade volume is quite high already, or if a Tamil into to 20 million, like 20 minutes trade more than 200 million. Quite a big trouble, the trade volumes. But, um, the only get doubled. So not my free foot. So but no sure how you can goes because off the wealth, if new content it is a new coy. You can tell he, but they already have free being like a cat. So there's Stephanie potential off the coin property to find a man who is very good. But the volatility off the only potential game explain just e. I don't think you expect I won't unless I won't expect it. Like the previous chords. A few people calling that has potentially to history off 10 times between a humor because those as you can tell that the previous calling that have a history off 10 times 50 was those are not drying cap like the cords or this one big cat. A few billions, definitely not in the village that can have, usually not. So you should to have 10 times potential 10 times game within a few months. So you already which is which, UM, three billion tap. So the chances off I'm putting toe X pipe off 10 times with feed or five times within three months is quite it's more. I would say so. But if my washing this is because off the fundamental and the so um, very short piece of time off the double of my own money. And right now the key point is that right now, as in February is on the up, and it doesn't those cones that doesn't have history off. How high can goes, and it's a new coins. How high can goes poorly. Like in like Bitcoins, you can say, like usually Bitcoins like you started that $1 then now having door 100,010 thousands so definitely has has potential when new Cohen has that much market cap. I was saying that my d fundamental off it, the utility off the coins to be quite good compared to a goddess out of court. So that's why it's about watches. So this one has thesis chi high potential, like recalling because of market cap. And it's a new coin and it's up otherwise, recently, so decisive. I'm not sure how it goes you No one knows how it goes. Well, the only which is the maximum high. But because it's a name calling, um, it has to trade boredom. I love coins that have trade volume because this is how you get the coins up price the price get up if they like the best. No trade volume, no microcap. How the calling is going going to buy something pricing noise by the reason the price is going up because people is got by supply and demand. Single more people demanding person. You jump up because no, like people like, really pay a high price to death Bitcoin now and not a love or for that enterprise that people are looking for And people went when a lot of people looking for high prices. And if you go up like in everything supplying the managed, like applies by now you never business crypto. Definitely crypto trading. So So I'll continue my relies on my watch in the next video. 7. Video 6 Analyze coins in my watchlist (Part 3): que name she made so always goes to the maximum history trip History Always the first week and the second thing Minimum to maximum. Um, seven. Super 5 to 7, which is 14 times. Oh, say's out. Um, usually not maximum lowest to highest. You see, What I see is Lois at maximum picks. Bike fixed fight like this one to he here too. He How much to how much here to here? How much do how much? So $1 $25. For how long? Just by looking at the chart. It's a yearly chart. Yes, ive 15 months if in bonds. So the house true early drink to June. Two of them are you for a few weeks. You the next time you can double your money? No, no doubles five times, Five times your money. And if you meet weeks. Come on. This was good. And in my cap to billions for, um footing. 100 1500 alone. 1,000,000 day trade bowling. This will. This is a good one. Why, dude? Earlier, during a meet you to late June two weeks, five times the money in two weeks. Crazy only crypto or stop, uh, feel business signing will. What? Can you find it five times your money? If you know week, three weeks. So definitely trade border for millions. Like any coy's above a 1,000,000. It's good in Kedah, and it has, like, a steady trend off above billions. It good to go good to go. And the market? You have a both 30 million to 50 million minimum, I'll say, like above for three million or about 50 millions around you. Okay, but most importantly, straight volume in my cab. So, like above 50 balloons say don't have Except. But if it does put hand show big spike notable gains a few bucks go for it. Why not go? Just don't put in too much If this not not the cab or one is not big enough, just put in a film. Very few put sentence off the trade volume. But small, big, big giant are just kind of Michael crab. This is, like, depends on your preference. If this put him to begin that, like this one by, um, uh, five times within two weeks. Good. Good. Do you put in your okay? Tests? Morning. It's quick to currency. Is training Okay, so this one 2.5 to 7. It's just double with morning double, but it's repeating between two mostly stubbled, and this will definitely I'm not sure if it's gonna happen again, but you can see there is potential in and you can see this potential like for Big Cap, this one like this one to me and 20 minutes. Very, very big number Morning. But it gets to five times. So the volume or don't turn 200 millions A very big trade volume before drying cat to me, I would say, like above a 1,000,000,000 is a giant tap two billion, this one only 200 million trade volume and gets due to five times within two weeks. Is it good, Corti Potential big potential. And it's at the upside look like no no pics pipe like this one continuous green day for a couple of months. It probably dropped between three weeks. He it dropped a little bit. He Right now he dropped a little bit today, uh, shoot back up well, and you can see he What do you can see from nearly it Seems like a big GOP. If it got continues two days, probably he can suit back for months. Shot looks chart. You can see daily activity. So, like only red day a word relatively back where there is no, like great job downs. Bike down, no spike down, but breakdown like like No, I told her big break down. But if a few cents per guys know so yes, lie to this today. If you go a little bit, yes, they look much bigger but sent a sweat to get a big again. Sometimes Teoh the momentum or but to attract buyers or more volume. Sometimes it drops, but the momentum you can see for dollars to $7 for Harmony Day, Seventh of February to said the ball here, 16 for February I wake is in a week. You can double your money within a week, almost double from $4 cell door, almost double of in a week. This is Google maturity. So when it's on the rise of soon back, sure. So the rise he c c. I would probably by if I if I'm you. Oh, it's just me a life of he or he because they spread your uptrend since he to it. No, like highly like less possible that would drop back down. This is upper training can see here for entire be almost entire year from May 2 February, almost a year. This gradual uptrend. So I will definitely best's short if I can short Crittle. I won't definitely won't shot this one. It's the moment of the sea and concede of shape. Boredom is woman stab very well, meaning good indicator. The test potential spike up volume this sudden spike volume from seven. Free me in a few minutes to hundreds of millions. It's like despite like you never know any school in spite, So I would definitely buy. Feel he now and wait for it despite because it's just upward trend for you and the potential up gate put Edinburgh Spy. It's five time within two months. Two weeks, not two months to reeks. Fact everything. Two weeks So it's Sky Sky's. The limit is currently at the um, maximum is recently it, um, record high, but it's quite a new, relatively just a year foot. They just trade for years since 2000 a late 2008 on September all begins that you see all time chart He it started at October um, August. October. Agassi, uh, on a trip for you and every self. The biggest game. Put it okay five times in two weeks and it's on the rise. Going continuously for years. This stop never stop. Sees trading. You can see for super Awadallah seven though it's never stopped where I think the mobile intermixed there and the trip Quantum's there potential. Big spike. Yes, there and potential Upward and Mr the Market Cap me say the trade volume daily Tree bullet was there. Everybody's there. Yes, when they say good, good, good one that I would definitely separate this at 22 class off march in it. Wash loose. You can separate it, some that have. You can do whatever you want with your watch list. You get safe like, um, five time potential five times and put into 10 times or potential big times, whatever the name of it. And then you group grouping together. So your group like stock that has potential gain in stoppage time all you can potential. Um, I'm back. You know, so potential big potential big gain. And to the current cool. I like that a a or B or the sea or there's just a or B class A of talk, whatever you name it, so you can separate it. The high class of the meat class on both class watching this. What do it we want? Like definitely some, some not coins are made a difference that made a difference. Born difference. Oh, this difference or not every conscious it's stiffened. So some of although summer attention like or in my Washington's potential. But some cause just has passed his field that we'll have the highest potential, like this one or the other that had 60 times past history of 10 times 14 times 60 times those and this one. Those are the high class for the top lushness that I would put it into divided up. Um, those are paid most attention to and new taxable. 1st 3 course. Maximum shot from $7. 2 24 Cover time soon, huh? 28 100 Maximum 7200 and 80 $7. 280 How many games? Um, 40 times. 40 times four hit Hizbollah divorce. This is a good one. If you feel buds. January Teoh at July to January. How many days? How months. How about seven like generated, Um, do you fly to camera? So it iss five months, five months against 40 times a game. Potential game, catch half of it. This party, you get a form of it. It's 10 10 times with it back for sample. Oh, he is the all this one. For example, $80. 80 you saw at 160 a few weeks. You double your money. It's cleared up Should a definite bite since he owned he when he started and yourself by a few more. He and selfie boy self people here. So why you grab yourself by feel beginning? If he grows up, then the third time it goes up, I will pull yourself. I knew and it goes up a few more like yes, have harbored and self more self you more even though it dropsy I'm probably like still hold a few it when he I've not. Even though it goes up to 240 I put a steel hold very few, but I got yourself down a little bit even though if you grade yourself that you don't get a troop three times 10 times off the, um, £15 of like only get the profits already Got the five time profit tripled over a bubble. Corporal, we've got to profit a quickly sell down and we've got a problem. So I just went Teoh, See how how much it goes. But it dropped back down here. Oh, so so everything he Yeah, that's what I do Many jobs, but big drops momentum this again anymore. Um, so yeah, but even though I already public because I probably like up until he I won't buy any more. So because I think since he from 6340 we have 60 you need 180 maximum. Only only able to gain free times my money. So I three times is only, like a decent within a few weeks or a few months. Thes important. Don't expect too much. Um but expect. Like expect those that has to Propecia like those in my washes Marchioness that I analyzed . So this is always in my watch list because 40 times past can a couple above 40 times going about like any any. Any concept we've seen 10 times within a few months is agreeable. It would be put the fighting up with you like a few for much better performance or gradually, like have gaining momentum. That was pretty much flat for hoodie, but it's scheming momentum. CFC since beginning off the bugs out of the beginning. Two dozen 20. I didn't buy this one because it is Just know enough clear indicator that is showing up inside. Like if he when this epic spite he this one big game off big big week games. Oh, he when it would you see how would definitely consider buying, um, $40 of definite by winning course up to 40 or 30. Even I love your problem 40 but depends on the the momentum it rise up to 40 within a few days. I've definitely by much more like So how much you put in, Um, when you put in and how much you putting it depends on the momentum. So how the price goes up recently, So it is suddenly a big spike, like he or he or he definitely chipping more because of the momentum. But the ball like spike expect the larger the despite, the more people pay attention to the coin, the more attract both shape podiums, especially if the coin capital market. Respect enough on the tree has a regular trade. Boredom definite has the potential. You attract much boy more people to buy if this because people see conceded data. So it increased 50 times 50 few weeks and they were a truck. Definitely attract a lot of buyers that drive up applies. So definitely my watches to wait. Definitely put in the work that when people let the prices studied, goes up between three weeks a lot. So I wait, I'm giving you a look. Hit my inbox me by email attacks. So probably will buy it. Soup, I said. I'm predicting First off, the whole year off their stagnation off who is a problem? They will goes up to 40 within having evil move that Because just because this good, good potential history game history, potential game history. On 40 times, I think a motion before I'm 40. So, um, Times profit so definitely put into picking through every few weeks. So everything but and reasonable. My cat. My cat. Thank you. Know. Okay. It's a big one bash. First thing for us. Maximum trade for you. See Wow, begin Just by looking at track like first you look at a pattern off the chart if their specs bite like this suddenly big green, a few big read. But you still have to look at price. Not just that big green. It doesn't if the price is spread off the prices. It's not big, even though that the child is a big green. It is a better, but you look at this. 400 at the bottom, he went, is beginning off the big spike for good. 1000 18,000 so four times, four times four times a week. Seen few months. So definitely a group one. Not the top one, but a good one. And since it begins for, um, like $10 it's single good to now 1000 potential 2000 although it doesn't happen. X fight. I won't trade around here. I'll definitely won't consider training around here because it just doesn't have to expect that. Look for it. Any time. You can go back down any time. Just sincere, probably like the Big Wet here. It has the potential to go back down, down, down, down and back up, down, down, down, down again. And it never, never, never spike up it probably never break up. Never spike up the price so I would look for contact has suddenly begins like this one big green. But I will check out when it goes How Go see city Big bricks bike within a few days. He so, um ah for any stock that from single digit or double digit $2000 it has a fundamental at its reflected on the market. Cappy believe so. From single deputy for the it must have come from the Mantis to attract the bias to have that much off back cap off a shape Williams to wish up to $1000 points. So although it goes back up to us free tickets, I only 100 50 or we didn t from $2000. But what? Our first priority is snow for the potential. Okay, Africa. It has the potential, but not africanus of yuko potential too. This one from single defeat before definitely has the potential of fundamentals. And look at the trade for you. Study above one money indicator. So why I watch it recently? It's because of the recent, um volume job from Come on. A few millions, 200 million so that I don't know why the sudden this much more trade volume in the stock at this aren't coins. But definitely something is happening recently. So you can see since November this Sydney Olympics jumping trick. Boy, something is happening on this one, So definitely check it more often on this one. Unusual, like bowling jumped. Every cause that has said a suddenly increase in case volume increased. Not just surprised that the trade war him, he said. The drum from Dublin 200 million It definitely something is happening. So no show what is going on, But you can probably google it and see what's going on and news, but they will check it out. But the thing I don't quite look like it's that even though the trade born in spite up, but the price doesn't since moving going anywhere. So I'm in this race and unknown so, but but because of the fundamental, pretty fundamental a probably Google more this one. But not now, Um, but when it it's study spike up, we definitely we do some research before by and then because of the single day treated for the gate price gain and the sudden volume increased a great market cap and trade boy, I would definitely check it out more often and thinks like any momentum. No. Sure. Recently. Yes, you do, You big day. Jumpy. So it seems like small movement, but no sure to watch it up. Continue today. Check it out. Um, we once a week, I will be a few times a week. Do you check it out every time you today. But they don't have a set in the Lord when there's a potential seven game like this one or the previous one coined that reorganized definitely says alert when they reach a certain point price because it never know. You never know what when it's gonna jump up suddenly. So, like this one from 2018 they would be December to early January. So within through two weeks alone, within two recent hand dollar to 90 toe helical. So this was very good potential because it's $10.200 or 10 times your money within two weeks definitely has shown potential from the history, although the whole year the price going nowhere for a whole year. But it has the potential, this one. That's why similar foolishness, but I won't trying sense any price it look when in which 10 and check out the momentum. Howard, How a sudden How Southern is the price up? And the book boarding trip volume is suddenly gaining and depends on that depends on does volume gain and the Conte like how suddenly gains and price, price and volume, price and volume, how suddenly gains and anyone just which the handles are set in the which the $10 judge the past history of it and how How, said a spike up did Herman, How much are by? And we are by And but definitely this one has supported you to 10 times your money from two weeks. So not that capital the big giant would a few 100 meeting. It's not bad, definitely. Look at this trade for you and close to you lot capture. People are paying attention to this one. You see, not a lot of what it means is that not a lot of people holding this coins at a high price. People are watching, treating a lot of it every day because check body is quite close on half, half off the market cap is trade boarded a tree border. So people are paying attention to start trading a lot. So even though it doesn't every kinda has a you good trade volume, Ah has a positive three off potential game. Definitely. Watch out. Next one. So five more to go. So a this one will be the last and lifespan by washing stocked up on my watch list. So e it goes like that. If you watch off this Siri's off watching my last in my washing, you can see that are a lot of factors that brought into consideration off how much chip in how much I buy when thereby what prices sent load and what was with determined wish one which coiner group. We showed that top a lot of factors that measures like price, more Liam trick microcap price on something big spite and continued growth, a big wolf and big day. Those are the factors that we mentioned that you definitely consider what to determine which coins out with me in your motions and which, when you re buying and when and on the went to buy booze top ball, that price alert and the research and back to lice for $2. 2 $50. He so 25 times pretty tight time seen January. So I would say August August Teoh January can you to focus for four months, four months time. You can get a 25 times call foot back in important potential. Maximum corporate off 25 times around that. So definitely not like good back. But that for good still gets. I were good about 10 times from you for months above 10 times potential gain that beautiful so must watch. Okay, it seems like any momentum here. Sudden big spike in a day. So then explain cape on him. He lost your wise What's happening here. But is that a big drum? So people are paying tends to be on it, So why not pay intention whenever unexplained pension, That's when everyone is paying attention. A. Certain codes is when they coined. That is but much more buying so, and that's when the prices has potentially go up. Saturday before we went, especially this news because of the muse and that will be born in ST One and definitely will shop recently recently this But for the whole year, there's not much happening here. But this, like great. Like enough trade volume, steady enough trade volume for the year. So and it seems like we've been in the field. He against the tiny here. It picks kind of big green here. Certainly. No, no, you what happened? But it seems like it's what it wants to spike. I love the works like, because that's when you get put into proper form. Uh, so we feed few days it so it doubles within a few days. See? But you can never catch it because it's just no one is hot. Britvic. Why? I said the double roofing food. Just a few days, like 10 days you've seen a week, It doubles. So definitely is going something happening. It's going on. It has the potential to Southern jump up in your friend females. So we've seen a few weeks, probably or a few weeks. We marched seven. We certainly happened properly like what happened February. It doubled in February, so something company is skating. Something is happening in the stop before my potential 25% for 25 times gate potential 25 ton gate, and now the price is back down to the original almost over your prize. So what it means for you, that is has this contest in potential? Um, we cover back Teoh way history Historical high, which is $50 around. So so which is? You can't have the potential to cashed exactly. Catch every 25% 25 times gain on this one. You can catch every of it if you can't touch every bit. If you catch Tonia 10% at 20 times 20% 20 times a day where it's shown us sudden put it spike between a few weeks or few months. It definitely can cash 10 times easily. So this was definitely could Kotal listen so I can kept Puglia high. I probably have a high times to catch 10 times plus profit on this one. So and not that market capital B kapo say a 1,000,000 day for millions. Not not bad trade boy Good one to watch. So pretty. He went on set trailer Look on when it wait for the big spike and do when desperate Why? I don't do issues 8. Video 7 Determine what coins to ignore: um, those coin that it's in my wash nous So now we look at the pics, Some off those coins That why I didn't choose to put in to my watch lists. So, um, look at this one. Um, it's not involved. Watch list ISS because basically, this one doesn't have much movements for the whole year. Um, doesn't seem schooling out anywhere going anywhere soon, so I may not be. Look at it. Um, at the moment. On other, there's the big spike. He is quite good six times potentially from the past. But it was like two doesn't 18. So two years ago. So for the whole two years, it doesn't have much to do. He in not don't know when it's going to have tea that expire again, and there's no recent indicated it's going up. Um, like he the indicator. Hey, So, um, check out the, um um, the coin market. See if they but it any coins that has potential, like sudden drop changing, um, in a price. Lucky. So you can sometimes kick out those that have suddenly, like, heavy, increasing price like the highest price increase. And there may be movement so but um, if those are not in your abortionist, those coins don't have to pay too much. Attentions sometimes stay just like not going anywhere. But you can have a look sometimes, Andi, but this one, um, and the prices, Or if religion from silver dollar to free digit. Ah, sue point something to free. Did you? So it has already gone up quite a bit underprice. Not sure how I wish, uh, higher. The price came, goes, um, so in another one. And it's a wealth of new coins, so not quite interested, and it doesn't have much going on. So $5 to tender and this hanging around $5 to $7. So seems like not going anywhere soon. And it doesn't have the history to show trading history so that it has the potential maximum. You can double your money and this relatively new corn so you don't have to think about so next. Just quite quick. You can see it like, just by looking at child. You know that, um, the coin is not going anywhere soon. It doesn't mean that it doesn't have any potential information about just not going anywhere. Suit. And you can see a super free to $6. Not bad, but this sounds, since two doesn't 18 early to the attention of the whole two years is just like thes 1st 1 not seems like nothing happening and CNC like especially flat. So the whole year and this is have any indication that it's going up? Does that has indicated a steady going up? Gradually, you may have been a a good to putting your watch list, but not this one, not your heart. When he's going. Booths to Price. So no and next one elected volatility of this one. Um, if you like, you can put it in your watch lists. But, um, just, um, reason it is going down here here for the whole year. Cease 2000 and 18 for two years is going down here for a and no case, it's not going anywhere. Seems, but the potential is good on. It's almost three digit, $80 the highest. You can go to $1000 for you. It seems like no look going anywhere soon just seems like going down here for how you two years and you, if there's going down here for two years um, you may wait a little bit longer to get the fact that you're looking for he in here? Um, yeah, you can put it in your, like, long term. Watch this. Maybe if there's, like, a big movement continuously for few weeks, a few months, you pay more time to do it. But, um, a good eight potential gays. No bad, but, um, not going to pay too much intention. I rather already have a quail look going, Teoh, be potentially my washing itself. Seems like maybe another few years for it to get 2000 again. I'm not sure, but seems like from the history it's not happening much happening. Um, this one, it's just going up and their own and up and down and doesn't have much big movement. It's not the one that you like to do by, um, I guess. Well, a lot of big movement you can see per year since 218 the biggest movement ISS late to down 17. Super. Afraid to say yes to 1.2. So I'm four times if you can catch everything so it does. It's not worth it goes just too much risk. And it's not? No, no, not a bit too much big off a movement for you to cash potential gain or in four times it's not too attractive. And it's not going anywhere soon for her year. So for the whole year, the biggest gain you seem to Super six. Um, it's quite for a long time he to catch, um, two times. Not good enough on this one going down here, you see? And never get back up are dead in Houston. Quite a new coins is treating since late 2018 so you can see just fine. Okay, Shot. You can just the recent e. Just look what you look for. If you look at the recent years and if it's not breaking food and it doesn't have much break games, as you see and in early 2019 they seems promising he But after, But it is 40. It's just not going anywhere. For it seems any momentum for from January to around April, it seems going up. So what? When, when he is steady going up, you can put into washiness, but it just doesn't happy like, um strange Teoh go up again and it it just for a whole year. Just it's not going anywhere. So, um if, um, it continues to grow, get higher. You may have no, but look deeply cascade here. That buys quite short the green bar, you see. And it takes four months to get to he It's no, quite they could look Ah, just for the whole year doesn't You're not going anywhere, so you can just ignore that. So basically, you can I buy it just quite quickly That just view at the food shot. You can know that with a whole year not going anyway just by looking at it, This has a big green. What do you look for in a chart? Is that it's big green. But like this word that green and also you have to other than the queen by still look at the price. How much is from the anti end? How much is it? How much from that he do you? How much is it? Well, you still have to look at the price Other than that they had the decisive the bar. Um, basically, you get the idea 9. Video 8 Fundamental research : know when you find a coin that you would like to buy then, um, you do do research, and you can see he we are just one. I brought some around. He sue 10.7. And that brought a fume or he cedar 0.8. And it keeps going, um, at $1. Now, um, I brought this cornice re cursed the Momenta. Miss gaining, if you can see for basically for what it for four months free to for mercy, it's keep going. And Eloise four times potential earnings. But I can see them. Um, the trading volume, despite recently and eso I research on the fundamentals of it. So basically, I just go, go. You know, the name of the coin, and then I look for signs that may catch my eyes. Um, so you can check out the treaters from the network of the coins that it, um the It's from the network key. KBR Never. So you can look at the numeracy and also what I looked. He is ah, final news that saying this coin is now available on Khan base. Ah, and check it out. And therefore, if the new coin is available in Coinbase Such a big trading platform that it it it means stairs a potential. But it's going Teoh have much more vote changing volume through the platform ascendancy. The news is quite new from February 28 calling basis one off the biggest crypto currency trading peple. So I think using the U. S. So, um, when When this coin is available in the face, it means some people are paying attention to it, and it's quite an important kinds. And also it has two potential Teoh. It came before it has to potential Teoh have more trade volume. So? So which parts may increase person? Um um give his more study Trey podium. Um, I saw the treater before that. It has which some trait, certain trade volume. Andi Recently. And now you see, on a new model launching so between, like upgrading. You can see. Um eso um he was talking. We serve, um just just network a, um, have some news as saying, like, it just say so like it's doing something, something that can move forward. The surprise. Potentially. Andi, you can have a look at this. Does NIOC and yeah, you can just determined I use your logic. 00 Judgment. If you think that, um, if those are news that you can see the trade volume increase biggest trump in the last 30 days, so you can see the potential of it. And you can also check out of the coins that have, um, biggest for, um I'm a spy for him. He can see Andi people reacting to it. People are treating it. Ah, so quite a hype. As long as those hype and people paying attention to it, there will be trade for him. And the more trade born him is that, um Then the more price higher the price is going up, um, liquidity, because more trait for him and the more liquidated the better and just basically Google and have looked at inside off on what it does. You can also go Teoh the official website and see what this coin does. Um, what is the usefulness of it on a good look? Um, if you think that it's a literate one on Deacon by Fillmore and see how it goes. Uh, maybe by at the, um he disliked did. And why did this? I see this continues up Andre increasing trade volume. So they need to see 50 million from a few minutes to Dominion. So a big jump in volume that means people paying attention to it. Something is happening. And so I did some research. I think it's quite good off Port 10 shows. Okay, so a lot more when it which he thinks aerial free to four door and and because he studied going up If, like it keeps, um it has see a potential. It is shown like it keeps going up for two weeks at buy more when it doesn't expire. It hasn't happened yet, but it is going to happen that I think so. Yeah, that's how you do it. We should. So the next one what? Once you did some research on another coin. So, like before, Even before doing the research, you sense, um, alert, which is the next video. So you set some alert, and then when it hits certain pipe price point like this one that I sent around, he wait Just decided in point that I think it's going to break through because you can see at one point free lower is the I'm latest, um, priced at least. Oh, um, and the, um you can get in the idea that it folks around here, it breaks through. Well, this area is quite a recent high for the whole from the entire year almost doubled the reason high for the whole year from 2019. You know something is happening, so I paid more attention to it. Yes, you can see a soup on four last see, and then it breaks through from Steel 0.8 here. So that's that's why the point I act brought he is because he's it doubled the using high, and it's showing steady going and, yeah, it's just put it into your alert. And when When it's those coins in your fortune is hit certain points, then you can know what to do and do more research on it. 10. Video 9 Setting alerts and determine entry point: alerts. Um, I said, um, bloods on ethic coins in my watch lists? Yes. You can see there are certain price point at it, which is a certain price point. I get an email notification SMS and implications, um, saying, uh oh, so inclined out in my washing, as, you know, meet my desire and three point or something like that. And does, um I have looked with you to see why I set certain pipe foreign and you see some some coin set. Not I don't have a tick. Um, um this, um only, um I would have bought it. And it's only in my wallet that I already constantly keep tackled on the price. So does that. I don't have to pay much attention to does that heaven, which to serve empire falling. But although you can also look at the trade volume on so so you can see he biggest changes . Um, just look at those that have to be big, Biggest changes you can. I have looked at some some of those and if continuously for, like for few days, over for a few weeks, continuously Each the same, same name, same same coin, same same same name that off the calling that appear over and over again for for the entire months off entire week. That voice, for example. Um, the 1st 1 I pronounce it in, uh, in the steamy. Um, if, like this one coin, like, 40 anti months our entire week that it keeps showing up in the top on change movement, price changes, possibly pipe. Largest positive part of price changes. Ah. Then I look at it further and put in my wash it and set some price alert. And after you determine which price to field are and wish price which coin to filter, we're calling you. You want to pay more attention than you said and and a lot on those in your watch lists. And so this one, um, beat her turn ptt. I think so. It's still points. He was still 14 So super. Seriously, One voice on he. As you can see, I'm quite conservative around the entry level. I want to make sure that the prices which high up here at least Abboud, which means it gives me like the indicator that it has to strange Teoh double a prize, which means it can go high are. I don't expect to catch everything because some some some I'm calling that just go up and down, up and down around this area. It's not going anywhere for the whole year. That's why, um, I won't like a list around. Just a personal choice I want I love Teoh around have been ducked a boat, the coup in price to set that as my alert. And I know that if it's within few weeks the time that it which doubled it, has the momentum and the trick bored him to carry on further on the price. So the next one Dash 400 I said, At 400 there is only 1 50 He I said it sent different quite high. Um, because, um, I know that these and we are our free $100. It's the breakthrough point. It just basically for the entire year doesn't break through on 300. So I want to make sure that it at least it breaks food 300 and not handing around 300 to 400. They were for a very long time, like a lot of coin death, so that's why I like you, said it higher to make sure that on in, for example, free months time that it jumped from 1 50 to 400 which which is quite a explosive increase on the price that I know that people are paying attention to it. And slowly and gradually people are more catch on with the news on sit concede a price jump highest from the highest. For example, he didn't see, like the highest change in price. In four hours they increase and then start Suck that the coin start appearing appearing on this, um talk price increase area, then. Okay, people are more people us buying gradually and maybe some coins have some new features. Upgrade our new partnership or something happening with the points that costs courses it. So you can also further do some fundamentals before before by. So what I would do is like if it which 400 I will check out the fundamentals of it, do some research just basically Google. You can good forms and YouTube channel or someone to YouTube channel. If it talks about that coin, you know, our trita or the coins are some officer website off it. Any update, news from disclosing, for example, Dash. Then you know that it's hot. Been born new small information about both play. If we're talking about the kind, it's gonna feel up the price, you're gonna jack it up. And then next thing you know, judging from 400 to 800 you exit or to wow this one from, uh, 400 to 2000 and then you exit you maybe extended fill in when it the vote. It's not bad point. You cash out at 800. If you bought that 400 you already double it. But it shone have still had potential. Just determined. Look at the car to see how long you hang in 800. And but I was still hold a film. Or, uh, if I brought from 400 it goes to 800 then he has to put it because it has to put him through to drum up to 2000 you see. No, I don't. He this area Sudan next one us $12. We should see. Um, the last one. I put it at 400. It hired much, much higher than the point here for the newest high in 19. It's because this point thescore is, um before I saw it at free digit from seal point, Southern Teoh sing some single digit to free digit. So I would like to see higher increasing the price before, but much Mom Booth on that and this one, um you can see a gradually, um, increased from $12. Oh, here. So it he looked me. Oh, way Which half dollar and I would continues Sometimes it, Although which tough dollars? I may still watch it closely, particularly on this particular coins when it wish trapdoor. And then see if there's a big spike living days, two days and then I will make the movement perfect example. When you wish Trump dollars and it's sudden doubled to 14 off $16 within a few days. And now we're nt to just want to ensure that it is going somewhere it iss exploding. Like Hey, um, does, um, I just want to make sure it explodes. So although it different, What I said said it. He although he said I said they $12 but I was still watching feel a bit longer before I entry um Acto f c T Kendall, you see, on you can see I don't have, like, a particular strategy or set and stone like strategy. Say, on what price point do I send my alert? Um, because, um, I want to make sure that I can pay some. Some Cohen said I would like to pay more attention when it which certain no point or the $10 because it has potentially something suddenly jumped from he to hear within few days. So I want to make sure I catch most off the game. Ah, I want to wash the mo mentum. The reason the current I am my watch list is because I want to wash the moment how the how the coins momentum going. So if if which tend alof example this one, I will see that this is momento became a double. But I know sure when it's going the boat and up to 10. Also, if it doubles suddenly this some some kind of moment pushing it up device Ah Oh, what closely for for the entire weeks on other hit alert And then I was watch TV um momentum and the chart de event development off the charts t determine when I'm going angry . So, for example, if he just those candles can do charge that the queen candle is small, small, small, small. But if get bigger like, hey, I would start to entry and I sell a bit more. I need double Ah, So sometimes, um but we hit your alert. You still have to see if they can goes. CanDo can does a big or small or how what price to work and to end the candle. What price toward prize. And then for how long? Every days off the how many green days, Um and then you Then you go on and determined Am I gonna buying right now? Should I look for a bigger jump for in the foregoing weeks and months? So, yeah, that's how I said my looks and I'm not going to show you wish alert. It's the best you will not through. The point of this course is to show you the fundamentals and show you how behind the reasoning off how I choose to kind what, like basically from researching coins. Teoh filtering Teoh alerting to buying to researching basically from 0 to 100 from end to end. How I reasoning behind how I do it, but exactly the steps. Oh, exactly. What coined? You don't have to follow exactly the method. Oh, what tools to use. Basically, this is what I do. Um, well, if because but not off you from Australia, which, um is well from so not not every platform have the A secure, um, by the local government that is in your country has see a four g d back you up to if you because basically most come trading perform Quiet, Couto Where fire or I dont like passport and dr Allies in something like that that if you have the so that that's to protect you Ah, not every not every perform allowed What kinds allows the country that you are formed to do training So dealing research to find out which training perform best for you and watch to use for your alert Basically the alert features available in close support that I'm currently using right now on. But yeah, um I also use other training Perform that I will show you next video that this one is just for we search, um, and for an hour perform if you're from Australia our command that one, because that one is nor threat lower course and, um, but and also regulated and has a lot off option for coins available. Tradition is the one that I used to do My research, Basically, if this to coin that not every going are available in Khan Sport, that in this perform Dachau showing you. But if you know, sure, if yet another performed available should and he should be available that specifically force training that want that I'm showing you. But if if you are in no other country like us, um, maybe that that more more options, um, so you can do a whole lot more research and have not more procuracy. But if you have, like, 20 coins in your march release anything, you too much have a lot off. I put an Joe for your gains, a lot off calling movement. There has the potential to, um, give you the O returned that you love 10 Ted. 10 times you're returning free months, sometimes something like that, which is no bad and yet makes one. Um, I will, um, conclude everything and, um, just basically, um Where? Pope. The whole course 11. Video 10 Revision and recommendations: about, um, from the beginning to the end Will I do show you again? Step a step. How I find the coin that has to potentially to have many multiples off game. So again, um, open every child off, um, coins that available in treating perform you choose. Look at it. Well, usually do is from the highest market cap to lowest. I don't pay much attention at the bottom of the, um, microcap there because not much shaped volume. They're happening. No, no, no People paying attention to it on No. From e um blood. Longest history. And look at the anti chart off the coin and then from end to end. Like how much? How much gain can I have And from how? What? From what period of time off the how long it takes to get from Dad from the jump. Biggest spike. Uh, he do he how long it takes? So to determine how long I'm going to hope that coin two from basically the train history, it's the most important. So it gives you an idea what the coin potential can't be. So from anti biggest drum from end to end, how long it takes to take Herman. Hello. I'm gonna hold How? What other entry points on exit points on Also, also, look at trade pulling daily daily volume. He and a black cat there on Yeah, I go back. If it's coin that I'm interested, I would put it in my watch. This, um, whatever. Watching this you use, um And you can use one of, ah to you need And also if I'm going to trade it, um, soon. Also, look at the reason movement a few months ago for the years ago, when the coin is going, going sometime. Called instead for the entire years, not moving anywhere. So, um, like, this one is not moving anywhere for the entire year. So, um, I won't pay too much attention to those. Maybe it's a good thing. Um, maybe if gain is big enough like pecan an imperium on the whole This one that are put into my watch lists, but a different one that to separate it from the tradable on recently treatable. That means to the three coins student can be trade or the quality of coins and the big also , you can you can set whatever like, um determining determining the chi hard kindness can be like some some coins that potential higher from the show from the history. Don't you can separate those and you watch it do over you that fit you your style trading. And then also next after I at it and it to my washing this. And then I go ahead and set find the up points that price point that I would like Teoh pain more, more close attention to and set in a lot when it to suit to notify me when it hit certain calling hit certain price pulling and I have paid more coast attention to those on May be Put it to another. Watch this if is too styled it you look for you would like to go for That's it You then go ahead and do most at what? Whatever it helps you. And then it's after you alert me, which to a certain price mind I would like look closer on that particular coin. I would do fundamental research on it on basically Google. The important thing is to look at news official website What the kind us ah, like tweeted a secret to, um to see how much people are tweeting about it. What, what they're saying about it like a forms that what people say about that coin is steady enough hype on news like, for example, this one like this coyness newly available on some big trading powerful Mrs Equis side. So I thanks coin are featured. In other news, you can also follow some news that are, um so you can like, Look, look at those things news and look at some of the more you know, the better. So you know what is happening? What what kind to look for. So before also, some other than, like, look at a child. You also from ghost from watching the news some some in full first and then to before before look at a chart and then first from the news and then the chart looking a chassis. It has the potential game, that ability that shown in effect before in the history. Then you can determine it one of the way that should. You can look at those news, um, then determined if it's going if right now it's the entry level that you want by looking at the chart pattern, recent chop head and also the news. Is he hard? The news is hard, it's people is. It's the trade volume. Also, the trade volume is quite important. Imagining this, I did so if this sudden jump in the trade volume, for example, from a few millions Teoh 100 millions, then it's a good sign that people are paying much more attention to it and potential jump in prices, not guarantee. But it's good in Kale and also before entry has also look at the recent movements and for the entire year, for the time Moms week. So look at the strength off the movement. Devote 30 and how long it takes is their big trump. I love pink bikini Kendall charred. Ah, different. A lot of small, and it can, um, indicate that it's gaining momentum. But you also have to look at the price, Um, and from end to end, um, maybe the price at the charge looking good, but the prize percentage increases. Not that much sometimes. So the price or the object up to five digits, you know the way it has to potentially, he goes to second your six digit pickling, but yes, you pay close attention Teoh much. Um, which point you're gonna entry and why you're gonna entry that Is it because this indicator that oh, some history that's shown for feel continuously few months for weeks, it keeps having Big John fix bike, the green chart. Big candle chart bar on big volume increased, um, before. Determine if the point that you entries is the best off course. You want Teoh and heard, Uh, but not not the lowest point. Our command, because it can, like, it's hard to come in. It is the first point. But when, um, prices suddenly, um, increasing for a few weeks And the trip volume is increasing and that the percentage of increases high that it seems like people are trading it and skinny mo mentum. And then determine your price that you want to entry. And basically, this is it on. If you're from Australia, I would command this one shift. Ah, 50 IQ. I know how to pronounce it. But this one I would do research using coin sport. Ah, you can have like, um unless he you can see what I can like. Look at it. Um, have a list off coins that show show you. Exactly how much increases? That's the best feature I like. How changed in a day? Some some course that increase 50 times percent. And then, of course, I would pay more attention to it out those and see if it's any potential on it. So sometimes you waas a few times a week, you can check out the change on you can identify some corns, so some big you can also watch some news on the foursome news, another of the crypto. But look at the fundamentals if certain big name coins that has or change increase in love change and price increased in price. We've seen today their new pay more close attention to it and then also said, um, coin set. It's not like a lot of the coins, like week on a cereal that has the last news then, but still like it, appear many times at the top chart off the change, then you like, look at it. And this recent will commend this training before we all share because, um, Dix earned and prize the fee off. The portray is much lord and kind sport. This words which mean the price that, um, the platform on you. Take Teoh When you trade profit date, they make the feet and the spreads are low law. The better, Like a strange way. The currency, this is spreads that the performed the provider sell you at at the official weight. It's difference, and they profit from the spreads. And careful he This one is, um, but law and the coins that available is has a lot of controversy edible on. Not not too bad. 70 plus other constant has more, but despite you can see 5% sue point feet, it's quite a big spread if you trained a lot. Ah, also they have bank transfer that I I must, um you spank transfer our people. And they also have in that mobile app. So which con spot doesn't have? And they have a lot of straight boredom on a Yeah. Then they are available in Oshawa. So this one, if you're you know, sure that I would recommend this one. Um, yeah. If you put Linke for you to register if you would like to use this perfomance your trading powerful if, like oh, like I command you to adjust to both corn spot for we should rush. And then if those coin that you could buy it's not available in this performed. But despite at corn sport on most likely micro crap like those doesn't have much market cab . Our love trade volume are not available in both perform or just available in Khan sports. So distant that doesn't have to pay much attention to those kinds of. But maybe those coins that you want to trade our only in this path from that he So, yeah, um, I was Souto link that you can use on basically it because, um, just whatever country you're from, just we do some research on see which one you'd like two years on. What to do you like to use? Um, basically, this is how you find the coins. That calf many multiples off potential game in the shop here of time. Have you like it on If you, um, one more from for me that one more current news and I want to show you want me to show you what kinds that I'm recently looking at and what kinds I'm I'm buying or board. I updated every time I buy and sell callings, and any time What if you want to know what contact in my watch list and also updates and news that I would like Teoh keep you updated. That can help you make more judge better decisions. And but you money help you? Um, I would have a separate. Um, basically, you say, um, close circle that if you're interested, you can subscribe it that I'm I will be making it that available. Sue people Teoh, pay a month. The subscription for you won't be only expensive. Just a Kabul, like maybe $20. Something like that. That F month You get 2010 to $50 on that wage, What won't go too high? And that just won't be too expensive. But it would get to be updated on the latest Krypton ears and the wash it's that I'm looking at. And what kinds are we trading soon Or, um, what I brought any time I've any movement, I will notify you or any other new start or financials. Also other opportunity for you other than crypto currency. I can also keep you updated on and basically share with you what? I think my followers are close circle people from who subscribe will be interested in Andi . That can help you give you a more value. Are you give you a update to you either through email or video up their new newest video or analyze off the coins, Other analyzing coins that if you buy into Well, I'm saying then you can life make your decision before buying it. I will come in like you just deal research on research as well. So after I did some research that I think it's quite profound or have maybe put him to a big impact on that coin, I also keep you updated. So, yeah, basically, if you're interested in, you can look more on on the subscription. Um, I would provide you more in four, so stay tuned peace.