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Cryptocurrency For Beginners | How To Invest & Make Money With Cryptocurrency

Julian Goldie

Cryptocurrency For Beginners | How To Invest & Make Money With Cryptocurrency

Julian Goldie

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12 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. What Is Cryptocurrency?

    • 3. Should You Invest In Crypto?

    • 4. How To Get Into Cryptocurrency

    • 5. How To Use Coinbase

    • 6. How To Use Binance

    • 7. 8 Easy Ways To Pick Which Cryptocurrency to Invest In

    • 8. 3 Crypto Trading Strategies Proven To Work

    • 9. My Favourite Cryptocurrency

    • 10. OmiseGo - Should You Invest?

    • 11. Support/Need Any Help?

    • 12. Free Ebook

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About This Class

This free course will teach you the basics of how to invest, trade and make money with cryptocurrency.

If you need any help or advice, feel free to DM me on my Facebook Group or via [email protected]

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What Is Cryptocurrency?
  • Is Investing In Cryptocurrency Right For You?
  • How To Begin Investing Step-By-Step
  • How To Use Coinbase
  • How To Trade Altcoins On Binance
  • Easy Ways To Pick Which Cryptocurrency To Invest In
  • 3 Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies Proven To Work
  • An Example Of A Long-Term Investment - And The Reasons Why.
  • Plus FREE Bonus Stuff That Will Help You Make Money With Cryptocurrency

Meet Your Teacher

Hey, I'm Julian! I teach beginners how to invest and trade cryptocurrency. Hope you enjoy my free course and please check out my Facebook group here if you want to reach out.

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1. Welcome: Hey, guys, welcome to this course and how to invest to make money of Cryptocurrency in this video, I'm just gonna quickly cover what you learn and how to get the most out of this course. So this course is pretty packed with lows information that I think you find really useful. By the end of it, we will have covered what is scripts going see, So why, it's a great opportunity, the exciting movement of Krypton and why it's perfect for begin the traders how to get started and whether it's the right investment option for you. How to buy and sell Cryptocurrency, where you learn how to buy it, the best places to trade and how to stay secure, which is really important. You'll discover some of my top crypto trading strategies and these are the exact battle tested techniques you can use to make money of crypto yourself both in the short, in the long run and finally, I've included loads of bonus materials that I think you find really useful if you're serious about trading Cryptocurrency long term. So I really want you to get the most out of this information because once you've learned out straight crypto, you will have tapped into a very useful skill on the more you learn, the more you get out of this course of police. Go free lesson step by step. Take your time to really understand the concepts and ask questions, just drop me a message by Julian King passive dot com If you need any help, also take plenty of notes because it will help you learn faster. Remember more. Plus, we've got to take action. Once you start taking action, you'll see the results you can get with crypto trading. So without nagging you anymore, let's get started. 2. What Is Cryptocurrency?: Okay, so bear with me on this, because it gets a little bit technical. But before you begin investing in crypto currency, you need to understand what crypto is its vision, and it's true potential. That way you'll get a solid understanding of the value of crypto on why it's a great long term investment. So think of Cryptocurrencies digital money. It's just medium uses in exchange for a grass. It's the main one. Most people have heard of his Bitcoin, but there are over 2000 groups currencies on market, and later in this course, I'll run you through how to research and pick the best groups currencies for you. Now the key difference between offline currency and Cryptocurrency is a crypto uses Blockchain technology that Bitcoin, for example, transactions recorded instantaneously, like a digital ledger. It's like a pit speed network where every transaction is shared across the whole Bitcoin network. You have a global collection of computers using Blockchain technology to jointly record every transaction. So there's no central authority is a joint network, and no one actually knows who really invented Cryptocurrency. But we know off their persona. The first decentralized Cryptocurrency Bitcoin was created in 2009 by someone called Satoshi Nakamoto. He's never revealed his true identity, and no one knows who he really is in real life. Now, Quick currency is a really visionary concept. It's about changing the future of money. A lot of people don't invest in crypto just to make money. Instead, they like the concept of Bitcoin and how it could potentially stop corruption in the future and cryptocurrencies completely different traditional currencies. And its concept is very innovative. As you're about to discover, from removing third party influence to improving the speed of day to day transactions, there's a lot of benefits to it. There's also plenty of reasons why Cryptocurrency could be a great alternatives offline currencies. So let me explain. One of the biggest reasons why crypto is such a great concept is that it's completely decentralized. Unlike traditional currencies, for example, the USD Cryptocurrency isn't regulated by a central government. It's not controlled by 1/3 party, so it's pretty much immune to political influence. Also, crypto avoids inflation. With most cryptocurrencies, there's only a limited amount produced. For example, there's an estimate 21 million Bitcoins in circulation, with most of these being mined already, and to avoid inflation, Bitcoin can't be reprinted or create again like traditional currencies. Also, most cryptocurrencies are basically decentralized, meaning their value is dictated by the market rather than by 1/3 party, bank, government or company. This is about putting power and back into the hands of consumers and giving you complete control of what you could do with your money. Creates currency was actually invented after the 2008 market crash, when banks limited residents of greased with during about 50 years a day with Cryptocurrency. Once a payment has been sent, no one can reverse it. That means uses protect themselves from double spending fraud. For example, any transaction issued with Bitcoin cannot be reversed. They can only be refunded by the person receiving the funds. Also, when you send a Cryptocurrency payment, the address you send it to won't reveal that person's real world identity. Someone scripts, currency payments and spending History can remain completely anonymous as long as you don't reveal your wallet address. Of course, Cryptocurrency isn't perfect, and there are some key disadvantages you need to be aware of to before you make any investments. So here's a few of the biggest drawbacks to grips Currency festival is no secret. The Cryptocurrency prices are incredibly volatile. Take a look at any Bitcoin job over a few months when you see that prices fluctuate on a daily, if not hourly basis, you need to be confident in your investment decisions, which is why I'm gonna teach you in this course. Also the Cryptocurrency market still in its infancy and is therefore really hard to make accurate predictions about the future of cryptocurrencies. They have potential, but no one knows how file they will go now. Things like negative media and news reports about groups currencies regularly cause the markets crash. And quite often, these media reports are based on over exaggerations or speculation and with the potential auditing problems groups currencies have, Ah, lot of governments were against the idea of adopting fruits. Currencies is mainstream currencies because scripts consists of slow decentralize. They remove the need for banks and third parties. They're also seen is afraid to, and crypto trading is an emotionally draining game. You need to be a confident investor. You need to be prepared to be patient, way out your investments and handle the dips at least for a short while until markets rise again. Bottling works we need to be able to handle the swings. You should also understand the investments of very temperamental. Last year, for example, China banned I CS for Ethereum, which is basically a way of crowdfunding new cryptocurrencies. And as a result, the price of Bitcoin plummeted by $1000 within a matter of hours, showing just how unstable the market is. A little bad process, a power to send the price of corn sky high, crashing down to rock bottom. Finally, please understand that Cryptocurrency isn't a get rich quick scheme. So many beginners heir lord in by the huge profits crypto offers. But many lose out. We're buying in at all time highs only to panic. Sell for market dips. So if you need to, the game is about secrets. Currency investing as a long term earner suitable mainly for those willing to sit on their investments for a while, is extremely profitable. But it also takes a little patience, too. 3. Should You Invest In Crypto?: they were going to talk about one of the most frequently asked questions I'm getting right now. Should you invest in Cryptocurrency? It's a $1,000,000 question. I've I've had loads of people asking me if it's too late or if the market is crashing. You know, I would personally say that Really. Twins on a few key personal factors we joe explain later. Um and that's why I'm recording this video because there's a lot of things most people aren't telling about investing in crypto, and you really should know them before you get started. So I'm going to run through pretty much everything you need to know about investment group so so that you can make up your mind for yourself. Eso should you invest in Cryptocurrency? Is the market about to crash his plane? Bitcoin Biggest mistake. You ever make well before you do anything? What you need to realize is that trading crypto is incredibly risky. Ah, I personally love trading Cryptocurrency, but it isn't for everyone. And anybody experienced in the crew toe world will tell you that no investment comes without risk. That's just the way investing is. If if something is too good to be true. It usually is on about how experience or confident on expert claims they are. No one can predict what the future will hold for any investment, whether that's a stark A share or Cryptocurrency. And you really have to understand this before you put any money into crew toe. So the question of whether you should invest in groups, currency or not depends on your personal situation. What works for one person might not work for another. Now, as a general rule of thumb, you should never invest any money that you aren't prepared to lose because your investments couldn't disappear overnight almost. And there's no guarantees here and and that way, whatever happens. Even if he lost everything, you won't have to change your lifestyle. Worry about background. See on this is the golden rule for whatever you invest. What I will say is that some of the best crypto currency traders I've met have certain personality traits traits that make them a great trader, and I know this diagram list for X personality traits. But its success in cryptocurrencies dependent on the same factors to because investing has such a huge correlation with your mindset you need to have the right mentality. So here's a few things to consider when you're deciding if you should invest in Cryptocurrency and I'm gonna cover a few of them right now. So someone are you willing to analyze and learn from your mistakes because the only way to get better investing in crypto currencies by learning you have to understand where you went wrong, what would states he made and how you can improve next time. Some people just not willing to go through this process or any encrypt. So for the quick money, I'd say that's actually the wrong mindset because you have to adapt and improve from hours and hours of practice. And real winners of crypto long term will be the ones who you look at, the mistakes that will analyze how they can improve next time. Number two. Do you have a positive mindset? So when it comes to investing in crypto currency, you should be a realist. Basically, you've got to be able to see opportunities and the potential of groups currency beyond the weekly highs and lows and marked it because, you know you shouldn't be overly optimistic or outrageously negative either. your mindset should be somewhere in the middle of both number three. How competitive and self driven i e. Because investing in cryptocurrencies is undeniably comparative because you're trying to hustle your way to profits. When you buy your basically telling the market that you believe that crypts currency is undervalued, Andi is worth more than the person selling it, Um, and on a macro scale of the crypto traders, your competition they're battling against, used to see who can buy and sell for the best prices and therefore make a profit in the long run. So if your competitive and you're driven by a competition, Cryptocurrency trading my really ability because you love the hospital of trading. It's what the advantages of investing creates currency. Well, you don't need any experience. Investing and create stories requires little dizzy or experience and and yet still hugely profitable. Um, and it's not too late yet the world of crypto is just getting started, and this is still an emerging technology Onda. Also, you don't have to invest everything you own. You can invest in group, though women's a little was $50 or $100. So if you want to test the water. You don't have to worry about investing everything. However, you have to be aware that Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile, so you could take a look at any Bitcoin job. Over the few months, you'll see that the prices fluctuate on a daily, if not hourly basis is also very unpredictable. The Cryptocurrency market, still in its infancy and is there for really hard to make accurate decisions about the future of crypto. They have potential, but no one really knows how far they'll go. And finally, Cryptocurrency isn't a beverage scheme no matter what everyone else thinks. Ah, so many beginners and lord in by the huge profits Cruz currency office. But many lose out by buying in all time highs only to panic. Sell off the market dips. So if you need to the game, Miss Betsy Crypto currency advised investing is a long term earner. You should be willing to sell in your investments for a while if you need to. Now, I know stocks were really popular investment option to, but, um, you have to be a little more patient with this option. So Cruz currencies and more volatile the stocks and therefore is more opportunities for a bigger profits. And also all coins are regulated so that their decentralized and whereas stocks have to follow, much more regulations and legal constraints. And finally, cryptocurrencies typically have a limited number of Tokyo. So it might be there's around 21 million Bitcoins where stocks can often be reissued to the market and stocks a more mainstream and easier to invest in the North Queens. So it's just a few things to consider if you look in alternative investment options, okay, so should you invest in Cryptocurrency or not? Well, there's no doubt that Cryptocurrencies have a bright future ahead of them, but it's also very risky, and it's a volatile market that fluctuates often. So if you like taking risks, you're driven. You're confident in your decisions. And I say it's definitely worth checking out. Quito as an investment option 4. How To Get Into Cryptocurrency: today, we're gonna talk about how to get into Cryptocurrency, plus steps you can take to start investing and trading in crypto. I know a lot of people don't really know where to begin, so that's why I've created this video. So first off you have to realize that this really isn't for everyone. As with any type of investment, Cryptocurrency carries a certain amount of risk. It's a really volatile environment on its unpredictable, too, but it's also a lot of fun, and it can be very profitable now. Buying Cryptocurrency is actually harder than you think, because you need a crypto exchange that you can trust with your money. Personally, I use Coinbase is probably the easiest place to buy Cryptocurrency. If you're a beginner plus fee sign with up with my link in the description marks below, you'll get $10 of free Bitcoin. And if you're not sure how to use Coinbase, ill be included my guy, too. Now, coin base is great, but the only sell Bitcoin, ethereum and like coins. So if you only trade a bigger selection of Cryptocurrencies, then buying us is a great opportunity. They also tend to have the chiefs exchange rates and usually launch cryptocurrencies before most other platforms are actually included. A step by step guide to buying us in the description box that you might want to read to. Now, before you invest in anything, you have to learn how to research properly. Most people skip this stage and buying. We follow other people's recommendations online, but that's an easy way to lose your money. So let's talk about few places to do you crypto research. So to begin with, I'd start by learning more about what crypto technology is its vision and what is trying to achieve because this will increase your confidence as an investor. You alone, why it's such a promising technology on its future potential. There's also loads of information on Google and YouTube about crypto and its foundations on . You can also check on my block king passive dot com. Here, you find was the information about crypto currency, how to get started than trading tips, too. Now, once you've nailed the best basics, check out Coindesk. This site provides the latest news on cryptocurrencies seek. Engage the latest market trends and which coins fit your investment criteria. There. Also, countless subreddit is all about crypto trading with strategies, platforms in recent updates. And not just that, but on reddit Your to Find communities for each of your chosen cryptocurrencies seeking research specific information about each of the ones you're interested in. Now, before you begin investing, you should have a plan in place or, in other words, an investment strategy. It's easy to get sucked into trading, you know, whatever you want them on whenever you want. But it's only gonna hurt you in the long run is that you should plan out your investment strategy because this will stop you making the rookie mistakes. Most beginners full full. So it's a few things to think about for your investment strategy. First of all, I think about timescales and ask yourself, Will you invest long term, short term or how long you gonna invest for And do you have an exit strategy? You should also consider your budget, and there's a few golden rules to this, so mainly never invest more than you're willing to lose. Make sure you say your overall investment budget and stick to it. I also work out what percentage of your budget you want to investigate you view cryptocurrencies on profit goals are really important to because you have to ask yourself or what level do you want achieve in terms of profit and how you're gonna achieve that on? Are you gonna invest in higher or lower rescript currencies? Now you have to realize that investing in crypto currency is a game of patients. And I know a lot of rookie traders, typically Russian feeling like their missile on investment opportunities. If they don't don't fall for that trap. Trading isn't for the faint hearted and coin values Overy foll. It'll sure it's incredibly tempting to take an all in approach when investing, but that will backfire in the long room. You see, the market constantly flies up and down. It's typically rookie traders that panic sell when the market dips and ultimately lose out . So we've Cryptocurrency. You should also try and stay up today as much he can the crew to market moves so fast. Sir, if you're learning how to get into group to currency, you need to be constantly scanning for news and opportunities along. Korean prices are changing by the second as you see if you if you sign up to balance and as a trader is crucial that you keep a close eye on the latest news and updates about your investments. You know, just minor things, like a YouTube video release or even fake news from cause the market to rise of four within minutes. And finally, it's really important to reflect on your trades and analyze what you did right and what you can do better next time. And by this I mean that you regularly take a step back and evaluate how you can improve. And, ah, there's a few ways to do that so you can look at your decisions for out your crypto journey . You can analyze the performance of your specific investments. You can compare your profit and loss levels to the rest of the market. You could also look at how much you've earned on your investments so far, and check of this is over. All in line with your goals 5. How To Use Coinbase: Hey, guys. So I just wanted to show you how coined based works. This is the main exchange I use for buying Bitcoin, and it's super easy is use. It kind of looks like paper on. If you need to invest in encrypts currency, this is a place you should stop. It's actually the biggest exchange for Bitcoin in the world right now, and it's seen as a pretty repeatable company that even got officers based in the U. S. Which means they have to go for a lot more regulations than most exchanges based forever brought. So the first thing you want to do is sign up. I've actually included the link on this module on. Once you've deposited $100 or more, you'll get $10 free Bitcoin center on Queen Base, which is a pretty nice bonus. It does take a little bit of time to get signed up on. You may have to get verified purely because coin based wants to avoid fraud, and it's a pretty legit company. You'll find my instructions on how to read just a step by step below the video, so we're just gonna go ahead and sign in here Okay, so saving in. Basically, once you signed in, you'll see a dashboard, and here you can see on the top you have some links. So you've got your dashboard by cell accounts. Tools assess ings in the middle. Here you'll have your press shots so you can see the latest market prices for Bitcoin Bitcoin cash ethereum, and likely and with corn based, you could buy any of these coins on. Do you can also see the latest market prices. So if we scroll down to the portfolio here, you can see all of the cryptocurrencies you've got on Queen Base, the name of the Cryptocurrency, what percentage they hold of your portfolio, how much you actually own and what that values worth in fear. So if you scroll back up here, I'm going t by itself. So if you want to buy any cryptocurrencies on Queen Base we have to do is go to you buy and sell section, make sure you have a bank account linked or your credit card type in the amount you want to buy an click. Buy Bitcoin instantly is pretty simple to use. And, ah, if using a credit card, you can do this pretty much instantly now if we got to the account section, so on your account section you can transfer your Cryptocurrency two different accounts. So let's say you want to move Bitcoin to buy Alliance, which will cover in the next section or you need to do is click. Send on your Bitcoin wallet, type in the BTC. Address your given on violence. Type in the amount you want. Send at a reference message. If you want to label, this transaction will finally click. Continue so I mean, using coin base is pretty straightforward. There's another cool feature you can use on here, too, which I'll cover now. So if you click on your name in the top right corner, you'll get referral willing to send your friends. So you see, with this invite, Coz you can grab the link, copy it and then send it to your friends. They're interested in buying Cryptocurrency to, um, and for every friend that you refer, you get $10 of free Bitcoin. Let's go out to settings because there's a really cool feature. I want to show you here, too. So I also just wanted to mention a never really important feature of coin base the two factor authentication process, because if your story money online just as secure as possible. That's why I highly recommend enabling two factor authentication on your account, because this will help you add another layer of security. You can do this in your setting sections you can see here. Ah, and that's pretty much difficult in base. You have to remember that it's just for buying three cryptocurrencies in There's over 2000 market. So that's why in the next section will talk about how its trade overall coins in the best places to do that. 6. How To Use Binance: Okay, so I just want to show you how by announce works because it's a little more complex using coin base. Once you've tried a few times, he gets a lot easier. You'll find a link to sign up the bios underneath this video on. The other thing to note here is that on Coinbase, you've got a very limited selection of cryptocurrencies, which means you can't diversify your portfolio enough compared to balance, which hosts hundreds. And that's exactly why you should use violence. If you want to trade overall coins on market, it's a festival. Make sure you register is pretty easy to do, and if you're struggling, have included a step by step guide below. Once he's done that, you can go ahead and log in on into your two factor authentication code. Remember that when you reach the two factor, authentication is really important because adds another layer of security to your account. Once you've locked in, you see your dashboard, and we're just gonna head on over to the funds and deposit section here, where you transfer you crypto from Queen Base into your violence account. Now it's important to note that you can use our flying currencies on violence is purely for crypto, which is why you have to transfer from queen based first before you start trading. So what you do is you look for the coin you want to deposit from Queen Base in the drop down list that you recommend. It's very, um, because it's relatively cheaper. Faster transfer, plus you considerably trade agreement of all coins. This video much. You're gonna use light coin because I already have some of my Coinbase account, and all you do is go to Queen Base accounts, scroll down to the coin you want to transfer, and from there click send pace in the address he got from violence. Type in the amount you won't send and click. Continue now, just before you confirmed the transaction. Double check that you definitely have the right while address. If you don't have the right address or you send your your money to the wrong wallet, let's say Bitcoin, for example. Then you can lose your transfer, so it's really important to double check this. Also, it might take about 20 minutes for you, for your crypto to transfer to violence, but that's pretty standard. So now I'm going to show you how to use violence to trade or coins We do is click on the exchange. We come basic. I'm from here, you'll see life market prices, charts and a list of all the coins you can trade on the right hand side of the screen. Select the tab from BTC E th bmdo US DT. These are the coins you can trade on violence, and then you can choose your desired currency from the list. So let's say we want to trade TVX now. It's a place to buy order. Use this box. You can manually enter price. You wish to purchase that, But about a way to do is to click on the number on the left hand column you can, then into the amount of Cryptocurrency you wish to buy. It will give you a total, and then you just click buy, and that's pretty much it for buying Cryptocurrency on violence. Now, if you wish to cash out your holdings, own violence need to go to withdrawals hit. You. Find the coin you wish to withdraw pace in the world. The address from Queen Base here, And if you want to get your address from Queen Base we do is click receive and he to get the address again. Make sure you have these specific wallet address through the coin you want sent. Now you just copy and paste address back into violence and to the amount you won't send and click submit. And that's pretty much it for the biologics exchange what we're going to run through next to some of the trading strategies you can use for investing in crypto currency, plus how to research strong coins to invest in. 7. 8 Easy Ways To Pick Which Cryptocurrency to Invest In: easy ways to pick which Cryptocurrency to invest in now her some easy way speaker winning Cryptocurrency. But you just have to do a little bit of research first, so I'm gonna teach you the steps to do that without worrying about all the technical stuff . Now, because there's so many beginnings in the crypto world, most people don't really understand the foundations of investing. They just here, according is Good Bye and cross the fingers, hoping it'll moon some time. But make no mistake, that's a bad way to do. You don't want to be this guy. So here's some that ways to choose which Cryptocurrency to invest in. So a big part of the Cryptocurrency success is it's following. You should look out for cryptocurrencies with strong communities and loyal followers because that shows people have a genuine interest in belief. In the Cryptocurrency, I'd recommend running through some subreddit. It's due to channels and take a look at the feedback from some of their communities on see what they're saying about your potential investment. So if you're new to Cryptocurrency, don't sweat the technical stuff. Just six fundamental analysis, which means the foundations often investment so that team, their ambitions, their strengths, etcetera on understanding how to do fundamental analysis will help you make better investment decisions. And in a market where most people chasing after low quality all coins, fundamental analysis allows you to separate the wheat from the chaff. So it's a few ways to do that. So one of the top things you can researches Cryptocurrency steam. In fact, researching a vet in the team beyond a Cryptocurrency is one of the most important factors you can look into. So it's a few questions to ask yourself about Cryptocurrency Steam. So who is behind the crypto? Do you trust in their expertise? Are the ambitious do they have a proven track record of success? And now a big part of the Cryptocurrency success is the underlying technology. You have to understand how it's gonna perform against their competitors on what makes the technology stand out from the crowd. Look out for the big innovators, you know the Cryptocurrency is that will completely disrupt their industry. Every time a new cryptocurrencies released, they usually bring out a white paper to in this world line the purpose of the coin. It's technology, how it works, and it's overall vision as business. You might have to wait for a little technical jargon in the white paper, but don't let that put you off. It's 100% worth reading because it's such a rich source of insight, plus more white papers you read, the better you'll become. Identifying the long term witness on the ambition on Envision Off the Cryptocurrency is really important to you. Wanna make sure this coin will be around for at least the next 5 to 10 years? And if they're not thinking long term that you should be seriously worried without a clear vision in the mission, the coin is going to struggle. It's become a real combat, sir, or disruptor in this industry. Also, whether it's a white paper, social media, all the website try to identify their intent for the future of the coin and also look at the community to see what type of our culture is being created. Now the success of a coin is navigated by their leadership team. They're the ones who make all the big decisions on the leaders of the ones who carry out that vision. So researcher team, and look at what the virtues so far, You basically want to be assured that if they're the champions of the vision, then they can lead their Cryptocurrency to success. So a few things to ask yourself include. Have they personally worked on other Cryptocurrency related projects? Are they personally invested in the project? And do they have a proven track record off success? Is the Cryptocurrency respected online? And do they have a strong reputation? Because at the end of the day, if they have a bad reputation, then you know you probably shouldn't invest your money into them. You really need to have strong credibility and trust to be successful in this field. So it runs some Google searches, look through crypto communities and see what people are saying about the coil. Your thing here is that you want to invest in a coin that people feel positive about. You have to avoid the scamps. So if you find the coin that looks like an MLM scheme or a pyramid scheme, just get the hell out of there is really no worth it 8. 3 Crypto Trading Strategies Proven To Work: So we're gonna run through three proven strategies for 2018 which you can use to consistently improve your investment success. While some of these tactics might take a little time to learn the definitely worth testing and trying out for yourself, So three strategies that we're going to talk about today are huddling day trading and buying the dips. You also learned some of the pro Wisconsin risks of each of these Cryptocurrency trading strategies, so you can figure out which one suits you best. So they start with huddling or what's usually called holding on for dear life. Now H Audio is the strategy of buying and holding Cruz currency whilst you persevere for the ups and downs of market. Now you have to understand that the crypto markets incredibly volatile. It's full of emotion, and you're constantly battling against fear, uncertainty and doubt the market. So all of the above factors lead to extreme volatility. However, huddling is one of the best cruise currencies trading strategies you can use consistently profits, and it's tight. It's proven time and time again, as you can see in this Bitcoin shop, so why should you hate show? There won The beauty of this investment strategy is that it's very low maintenance and requires very little experience or expertise. So it's pretty much 100% passive on if you don't have a great deal of time or you don't want to constantly analyze your investments. On Ling is one of the best groups currencies trading strategies you can use. If you're looking for some cryptocurrencies to hate radio, check out my top five picks in the description box below. However, if you are huddling, you need to be very determinants. And whilst this is one of my favorite Cryptocurrency trading strategies, it requires a lot of confidence and self belief in your investments. You have to be able to ignore the foot of the market and stay calm when everyone else is panicking. Now, the second Cryptocurrency investment strategy can uses day trading. This is where you basically buy and sell Cryptocurrency on a date by day basis, depending on what you think, the market will do you next. Some people prefer to cash in their profits on a daily basis rather than investing long term, so day trading basically helps you ride the wave of crypto volatility. However, If you're day trading crypto and you want to see quick returns, you need a significant amount of money to invest before you'll be profiting off low percentage gains. No, if you're successful, the beauty of day training is compound interest. So because with Cryptocurrency being so volatile, 5% Dale against are possible. If you're a good day trader on with the power of compound interest, you gains a seriously gonna add up after a few weeks, but it's very emotionally draining. So with day trading, you're constantly taking risks, making difficult decisions and trying to be confident when everyone else around you is feeling bearish. Now this strategy really isn't beginner friendly, because if you need to Cryptocurrency as a lot of people are, this is probably one of the riskiest Cryptocurrency trading strategies, and you really need to know what you doing before you could even consider trading crypto on a day to day basis. And finally, there's buying the dips now, buying the dips. It's just a way of trading. When the market drops, see, basically take advantage of the discounted market prices essentially allows you to profit. When is the correction across the market, which happens pretty much every week in Cryptocurrency. So if you buying the dips, you should buy an increments. Well, see prices dropping. C can average out the pricey pain you can basically keep buying in the surprise fools kind of like the diagram on this page. The great thing about buying the dips is that you're reducing your risks because if you're investing, one surprise fools your average and out your bits over time. This reduces the risk off getting caught out before big correction comes in. However, picking a sweet spot for your entry point takes a little bit experience in practice because you don't really know how low the market would dip, so don't expect to get it right straight away. Ah, this is all about timing. So if you don't have the cash flow, you can't invest when the dip arrives. So you gotta bide your time and keep some money on the side ready for the next time the market dips. So whilst all of these Cryptocurrency trading strategies are my top picks, they take a bit of practice experience in strong mindset. And whenever you're trading crypto, don't think of them as a gamble uses strategies as a system instead, because if you want to make smarter decisions, you have to take the emotion out of it or you'll get sucked in and four for rookie mistakes . And each of these trading strategies are proven to work. But the most important few thing for you is to decide which strategy works best for you. So how do you work that out? Well, I'd say it spends on your personal situation and what your overall investment goalless. So if you're a beginner, the hatred the approach is one of the easiest Cryptocurrency trading strategies. But if you are more confident than day, trading is a really great option two. On whichever strategy you pick, you have to keep learning so that you can continually improve. Over time, I recommend researching as much you can about your chosen Cryptocurrency and the strategy you using because this will make you a smarter, more confident investor. 9. My Favourite Cryptocurrency: Okay, So I know have been preaching throughout this whole course. You should only over invest in the Cryptocurrency believe in of wise They're not worthy long term investment. So now I want to show you an example of a Cryptocurrency called me Sago that I truly believe in for the long run on the Reasons way. 10. OmiseGo - Should You Invest?: wanna run through whether you should invest in a me say go in 2018. Now this is one of the most exciting cryptocurrencies I've come across, and I'm going to show you why Later, however, there's still a few things you need to know about OMG that most people won't tell you. So if you're looking to invest in this guide, is definitely you. So let's take a look at what is a music? Oh, so I'm jeers. One released talked about Cryptocurrencies right now, but I think that will change as we progress. 3 2018 It's been pretty quiet so far. It hasn't really received the same kind of attention that over hyped up coins like Virgil Ripple half. However, its investment potential is huge, and OMG is one of the few legitimate long term cryptocurrencies I've seen on the market so far, and you'll find out why in a second. And they have teams across a huge amount of Asia. So including Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand on they've already announced huge partnerships with big companies like McDonald's Tyler. So amiss it goes basically an e commerce platform designed to transact peer to peer payments thinks them like the the Cryptocurrency version of stripe wallpaper, off the aim of making easier for businesses, our merchants to accept digital payments in both cryptocurrencies on fear, particularly across Southeast Asia. So imagine just how difficult it is right now for businesses to accept Cryptocurrency payments. Is she in Southeast Asia? There's not really an easy way Teoh integrate transactions with the business. Apart from stroke, which already accepts Bitcoin and therefore Misago is Soling a huge problem. Also the Southeast Asian banking industries, one of the fastest growing financial markets in the world. So me say goes, Blockchain technology is coming in at the perfect time. You have to realize that just under 75% of people itself is Asia don't actually have a bank account, which is an insane opportunity for any company that to resolve this on. The other problem with Southeast Asia's financial system is that it is very fragmented. It's not easy to link international payments and transactions together, and that's a problem that a Misago addresses nicely. You see, Mexico doesn't actually require a bank account to use, so it's an easy alternative for people living in Southeast Asia and when you combine this with the rise and economic growth of Asia and the improvements in wages, living standards and business pro respects, then you can really see the potential for Misago as a viable mainstream. Toker. So what makes it unique? Well, the imitate goes. Technology is based on the theory of this network, and it promises some kind of impressive key selling points, including lower transaction fees. Fast payments on a strong team of developers have already worked on other big projects. Like theory on the Misago project is really ambitious, too. And that shows the investment potential of the Sorkin. In fact, via Talic, you turn himself the founder of the second biggest Cryptocurrency. Ethereum is on the advisory team for a minutes ago. So if you decide to infest energy, you know that you're investing in incredible experience Team that's already worked on successful projects and as a big overall goal for the M E. Say Brandt. So let's take a look at some reasons around why you should invest in and we say good. Well, number one, we've got a really experienced thing, you know, this isn't just a bunch of ah teenagers starting up a nice go in the carriage. They have a professional, experienced team of developers dedicated to this project on, and they've worked on some big payment projects before, and they succeeded time and time again. I'll come onto that later, also their wallets. So they're planning to launch a decentralized wallet that except fear, like offline currencies, basically a zwelling Cryptocurrency. That means you have to trade without the typical problems of most mainstream exchanges, such as a fishing and hacking and that sort of thing. Also, they have minimal transaction fees. The NBC go technology is very efficient on designed to offer low fees for transactions and transfers whilst being extremely fast. That means it can be scaled up the high volume transactions and bring it to the mainstream , basically also their clients. So they've announced big partnerships. A huge clients like McDonald's Thailand, and you can see how they're going to become one of Asia's leading cryptocurrencies. They also remove the middleman. So in a see, if there's a lot of customers and business, you don't actually use banking, which means they're pretty much car from the financial world now. Mexico Vermes the need for a banking minimum and can therefore reach a huge market. They also accept fear. So one of the biggest reasons why all quite is having gone mainstream yet is because most people and investors don't oneself how to buy it. Cryptocurrency, you know on the Sago Platform will allow users to trade crypto currency with Fiat, removing the complications and intimidate and environments of typical crypto exchanges. Ah, by the way, if you're not sure how to trade all coins yet, check out my guide in the description box below the music. I also have the first mover advantage. So the one of you know, like the visual payment industries, huge writer. And if you factor in most of Asia and you're looking at billions of dollars in market share now this is gonna be a really competitive field in the future. But Misago already has the first mover advantage before the competitors have a chance to sweep in. No, his local. Why you shouldn't invest him. Misago. So there's still some things you need to consider before you put any money to this company . So, for example, it's a sleeping giant. I'm OMG won't get you, Richard tonight. It's a slow burn and it's expected to rocket impress as new technology updates arrived. So compared to most all coins, it is relatively stable and steady. But as they start launching more PR campaigns, the price will saw Andi offer. You have to think about is, Is it too ambitious? So I mean, Misago is trying and literally change the landscape of banking in Southeast Asia. But as you know that the bigger the project, the more potential for hiccups and problems along the way. So it could be a long time before Misago can reach its full potential, which is just something to be aware of before you invest also is still just a concept as exciting as a Misago is is still just a vision. So if you invest in owned you right now, you're gambling on the future potential, and it is pure speculation. However, it's still one of the most exciting cryptocurrencies around. Almost all coins are still in the early, very early stages. They're not ready to go just yet, so I'd say music guys, self business model is one of my savvy I've seen so far. Um, Andi, it looks really impressive. So let me say go is pretty easy to buy its available most of big Cryptocurrency exchanges. I've personally recommend buying a Misago from Byron's simply because it's easy to use, and it typically offers the best rates. You can actually find a link below in the description box, along with my guide on how to use by Nuts. So go and check out. No, something else to look at is the vision of a meat ago. So, like most Cryptocurrencies Misago, stepped up technology is still in the very early stages, but its vision is one that's incredibly exciting. So the idea of accepting payments from a completely decentralized pets been network is one that will appeal to many in the commerce industry, especially in Southeast Asia, and, because it's completely decentralized uses of energy coming trust in a neutral payment system rather than an institution to manage the whole payment side of their company. Plus, there's Lohse consumers that don't really want to deal with the traditional banking system on fire rings, especially true in Southeast Asia. So I love people just don't wanna deal with household arduous verification systems, admin paperwork that often comes along with banking. And that's exactly why, and Misago has such a big appeal also, and lot of people sat from Southeast Asian migrate and work between countries. So, for example, they might come from Thailand. But they work in Japan now, and if they want to send money back home right now, it's extremely expensive. So today, most people turned to payment systems like Western Union Swift. These are really expensive options, and people want an easier, cheaper alternative. Now, Misago. Actually, let's international transfers happen more freely, or it will do You want Stendhal and she's ready. Um, and they also, you know, charged cheaper race that our friend faster transaction times, which is a huge selling point. And this is going to become even more appealing when wages across Southeast Asia a typically low on average compared to the Western world. Now the other thing to know is that own jeez, fluctuations aren't quite as volatiles. My soul points on the market. But when new updates and even more new client partnerships are announced, I fully expect to me is go to perform extremely well. Also, Misago is part of the amiss, a group. Now you probably haven't heard of them before, but there are experienced team of experts who have already worked on big credit card payment projects and have been working in the industry for over four years. So that experience is really gonna pay off now. There's another big reason why I think it's a great time to investigate me so good. Because not only do they have great technology, a smart business model on official partnership with McDonald's, but they're also backed by some of the biggest voices in crypto to you see, the founder of our theory and one of the world's most successful cryptocurrencies actually tweeted that Mr Goes his favorite token system on This is a major selling point because it shows just how much confidence he has in that team. So how will OMG doing 2018? Well, the Emmy Sago Platform is just getting started, and it still has a really long way to go. Right now, it's one of the most exciting cryptocurrencies I've seen on the market. They don't just have a great business model. They've also got an incredible vision for the future of dish payments to on. I love the fact that they're tucked in Southeast Asia's financial system, which is practically screaming out for a better solution. Um, and then when you factor in the McDonald's partnership that four years of proven experience in the industry, they're solid development team and they're marked in skills this really feels like a crypto to hold for 2008. 11. Support/Need Any Help?: Okay, so just a quick one. If you want any tips or advice of Cryptocurrency, I'm always happy to help and I mean seriously, even if you want one on one support for a quick video call, then just hit me up by Julian, the king passive dot com And I'll be happy to answer any questions you have as soon as again. I'm always down still crypto, and the best way to learn is by talking to people. Plus, I'm constantly hashing out called giveaways for those of you interested in making money of Cryptocurrency. So if you drop me a message, I'll be sure to send you all of my free templates, guys and tutorials. 12. Free Ebook: Okay, guys, Thanks so much for watching this course. I really appreciate you taking the time to look through it. By the way, I just thought I'd mention that got free e book out the teacher 50 ways to make money of Cryptocurrency. This has tons of useful tips, advice on ways to make money of crypto that most people won't tell you about. There's also tons of useful information in there, and I'm giving it away for free right now. If you want to download the guide or you have to do is visit kim passive dot com anti details and you get an instant email of the guide. Plus, you find lows the Cryptocurrency blocks and she stories on there that I think you're fine, really useful. So don't forget to check out. Okay, guys, that's all from me. For now. Thanks for watching. And don't forget to get in touch Fire. Julian king paso dot com If you want any help