Cryptocurrency 101 - How To Invest In Bitcoin and Altcoins 2019

Mubarak Shah, Penny Stock Trader & Teacher Extraordinaire

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13 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. What Is Cryptocurrency

    • 2. What Is Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?

    • 3. What Is Bitcoin?


    • 5. Crypto Exchanges CoinBase

    • 6. Crypto Exchange Reviewed GDAX

    • 7. Bittrex Crypto Exchange Reviewed

    • 8. How To Know When To Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies Technical Analsys Support & Resistance

    • 9. How To Analyze Cryptocurrency Why Volume Is Extremely Important

    • 10. How To Analyze and Review Initial Coin Offerings ICO Vivid Token

    • 11. ICO Reviews How To Analyze ICOs and Token Sales Zero Edge Co

    • 12. Ripple | What Is Ripple? Learn When To Invest In Ripple in 2018

    • 13. Bank of America Threatened By Crytocurrency; Blockchain replacin


About This Class

Are you interested in learning how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies online? Have you ever wondered how to buy a cryptocurrency?

This course is the perfect guide for you and helps people learn about the cryptocurrency market, how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and emerging cryptocurrency trading strategies. The cryptocurrency market is a great place for traders because of its volatility and transparency of information on trades being made in the market.

It's important for new investors to understand how cryptocurrencies are valued and how they are traded in the market. Online cryptocurrency courses, like the ones taught here, can help you begin trading cryptocurrencies with confidence and proven methods. 

This Cryptocurrency trading courses can be accessed from your home, office or any other location where internet service and a computer or laptop is available. You will learn the basics and fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, including live trading examples from experienced traders. Then you can move on to advanced classes for arbitrage, shorting, and other techniques.

What Is Bitcoin? How To Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and universal payment system. Because it does not operate under a single administrator or central bank, it is considered decentralized. Bitcoin is the first digital currency and has the highest market cap of all digital currencies. Bitcoin is considered a "reserve" cryptocurrency, as it is most commonly used to buy other types of digital currencies, known as alt coins.

Bitcoin can be bought from a person, organization, or a cryptocurrency exchange. In order to buy Bitcoin, you must first have an online wallet in which Bitcoin can be stored. Alternatively, Bitcoin can be stored in a user account within a cryptocurrency exchange. 

Other Alt Coins - Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple

Alt coins, or alternative coins, are all digital currencies other than Bitcoin. These coins offer various advantages in their technology or implementation, which set them apart from Bitcoin. These advantages effect transaction time, trading fees, and volatility. The most commonly used alt coins are Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.