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15 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Crush It On Pinterest Course

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About This Class


Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas.  It’s a place you can find and save recipes, uncover parenting hacks, get style inspiration along with ideas for DIY home makeovers, and a ton of other ideas to try.

It's also a great resource that can garner tons of free traffic for small business owners and online marketers.  

But if you don’t set up your Pinterest account the right way, you’ll miss out on growing a larger customer base, and instead of attracting viewers you’ll be distracting them.  

In this course, you’ll discover 13 easy hacks to brand your account so you can Crush it on Pinterest.

You'll learn the following:

  • The best way to set up your Boards
  • How to name your boards
  • The importance of using keywords
  • The best image colors and sizes to use for the most impact & attention
  • The best way to set up your Pinterest account
  • Why it's important to use links and keywords in your Pins
  • Why you should include your location on Pinterest boards
  • How Amazon and Google can help you on Pinterest
  • Why being Niche specific is so important and much more...

NOTE:  This course doesn't teach the basics of setting up an account, but focuses on the most effective methods for naming, positioning, and using Boards and Pins in efforts of growing a Pinterest following and increasing brand awareness. 

Pinterest Accounts Reviewed:  Not all accounts listed were reviewed in this course.  However, they all demonstrate the most effective ways to set up your Pinterest account to promote your product, business or services and increase brand awareness.

Style Me Pretty 
Napturally Curly
Natalie Jill Fitness
Pop Sugar Fitness
Garden Answer