Crowdfunding Video Creation: From Start to Kick

Nick Paonessa

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8 Videos (15m)
    • Welcome!

    • Class Project Deliverables

    • Traditional 3 Act Structure

    • Templates + Pre-Production

    • Production Best Practices

    • Post-Production Best Practices

    • Upload & Delivery Tips

    • (That's a) Wrap Up!


About This Class

Learn how digital-video creator Nick Paonessa approaches the art of constructing a compelling and successful crowdfunding video. In this class he’ll walk you through all 3 stages of crowdfunding video production: pre-production (prep), production and post production (post) -- and it will cover a range options in terms of style, scope and budget. If you have an invention, app, book, movie, gadget, gizmo or even a potato salad you want to crowdfund, this class will help bring you one step closer to achieving your campaign goal!

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Concise and covers all the essentials of creating a basic crowdfunding video.
Great tips on kickstarter video production/editing.
Chris Baldwin

eLearning consultant

Thanks so much for this, Nick. I'm working on a Kickstarter Campaign that will launch before the end of the year: This is so helpful + really to the point!
Jésabel DC

Traveller & Entrepreneur