Crossword Easy - How to Solve Crosswords Faster and Easier | Cassie Brenn | Skillshare

Crossword Easy - How to Solve Crosswords Faster and Easier

Cassie Brenn, Freeform Artist

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8 Videos (34m)
    • Introduction to Crossword Easy

    • Step 1 - Choose Your Puzzle Wisely

    • Step 2 - Create a Rock Solid Base

    • Step 3 - Connect the Words

    • Step 4 Crack the Clue Code

    • Step 5 Close the Gaps

    • Step 6 Call in the Experts

    • Step 7 Celebrate!


About This Class

Do you like riddles, puns and wordplay?  Do you like trivia and cool facts?  A  crossword puzzle is like all these things rolled into one.

Most people think you have to be super smart and know lots of big words to do crossword puzzles.  I know that’s what I thought.  Try as I might I just couldn’t solve a single puzzle.  But that was before I learned the secrets of solving crossword puzzles.  

It’s easier than you think

I researched the strategies of past winners of The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, of Crossword puzzle constructors and editors and I read every book, article and website on the subject of crossword puzzles and I found out the top tips, tricks and secrets.  I put all of this advice into a step-by-step strategy that I call the 7 Cs of crossword puzzles.   It helped me solve crossword puzzles faster and easier.   And it can help you too!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this course

Step 1 Choose your puzzle wisely. It’s the difference between success and giving up in frustration.

Step 2 Create a rock solid base by starting with the easy answers first

Step 3 Connect the words by building off existing answers

Step 4 Crack the clue code and learn how to read clues correctly

Step 5 Close the gaps and get unstuck

Step 6 Cheat a little or how to get little help when you need it

Step 7 Celebrate and get ready for the next puzzle

So if you’re interested in learning my strategy for solving crossword puzzles faster and easier, then enroll today and let’s get started!





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Cassie Brenn

Freeform Artist

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