Cross-Stitch for Beginners: Create a Mini Monogram | Esther Ní Dhonnacha | Skillshare

Cross-Stitch for Beginners: Create a Mini Monogram

Esther Ní Dhonnacha, Crafter, photographer, dabbler in all things shiny

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8 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Gathering Your Materials

    • 4. Creating Your Chart

    • 5. Preparing Your Materials

    • 6. Starting To Stitch

    • 7. Finishing

    • 8. Final Thoughts


About This Class

Learn the basics of cross-stitch with Esther Ní Dhonnacha! Esther is a self-taught crafter who sells her work online and in her home city of Dublin.

Cross-stitch is a fun and easy introduction to needlework. There's just one basic stitch to learn, and you can use it to create designs that are as simple or as complex as you like. Work with traditional colour palettes and motifs, or create something up-to-the-minute using on-trend colours and letterforms.

Working from reference images or from your own hand sketches, you'll create your own charted cross-stitch pattern with the letterform of your choice, then work from the chart to create one-of-a-kind textile art. We'll discuss all the materials and techniques required, as well as how to mount your finished work for display.