Cross Stitch Fundamentals: Stitch Your Own Hoop Art | Dana Batho | Skillshare

Cross Stitch Fundamentals: Stitch Your Own Hoop Art

Dana Batho, Peacock & Fig Cross Stitch & Embroidery

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9 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Class Overview

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Preparing to Stitch

    • 4. Pattern Basics

    • 5. Hooping Your Fabric

    • 6. Anchoring Your Thread

    • 7. Stitching a Cross Stitch

    • 8. Following Your Pattern

    • 9. Final Words

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About This Class

Ever wanted to learn how to cross stitch in one easy class, without bouncing around to a bunch of different individual tutorials? Learn how to stitch up this lovely cross stitch "Love" hoop with Dana Batho of Peacock & Fig. You'll learn fundamental skills such as selecting your materials, preparing to stitch and how to read your pattern. You'll also learn three methods to anchor your floss, how to make the basic cross stitch, and tips and tricks along the way. Whether you want to get stitchy yourself, or you have a friend you'd love to introduce to this lovely relaxing hobby, this class will teach you everything you need to know to make this pretty cross stitch hoop. The PDF pattern is included in the class. 





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Dana Batho

Peacock & Fig Cross Stitch & Embroidery

Hi there! I'm Dana Batho, designer and founder of Peacock & Fig! 

I’m well known for my easy to follow tutorials and fun colourful cross stitch and hand embroidery patterns (and sometimes quite snarky designs). My patterns have been featured in Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, Just CrossStitch Magazine, on, and I’m also a regular designer for XStitch Magazine. My tutorials have been featured on sites like BuzzFeed and Hello Giggles, and they have had millions of vi...

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