Crochet Rug Making: Beginner's Circle | Morgan Roberts | Skillshare

Crochet Rug Making: Beginner's Circle

Morgan Roberts, Designer & Maker - Owner of King Soleil

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6 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction

    • Gathering Your Materials

    • Making Fabric Yarn

    • Beginner Crochet Basics

    • Time to Crochet Your Rug!

    • Tips, Finishing, and Troubleshooting

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About This Class


I remember so clearly sitting on the floor of my living room with a mountainous pile of fabric from my mother's stash, a huge crochet hook from my aunt, and a six month pregnant belly, determined to make a rug for my daughter's nursery. The only problem was I had no idea how to even crochet. After countless trials and errors I did eventually teach myself and little did I know, that rug would change the course of my career. My crochet rugs have been published internationally and are the foundation of my business, King Soleil, now running 5 years strong! My rugs are in homes all over the world (6 continents!) from an apartment on Park Avenue, to an oceanside home in New Zealand.

I am now a mother of three, working from my home studio, still making rugs, and other handmade products, and couldn't be happier. I am thrilled to be given the chance to share the design that started it all; the circular crochet rug.

In this class you will learn how to make your own fabric-yarn using either new or upcycled fabric, some basic crochet techniques, how to make your rug by crocheting in the round, tips I have learned these past five years of rug making, and troubleshooting any obstacles you may encounter. My goal is to take you from being that earlier version of myself, awkwardly holding a large hook and staring wide-eyed at a mountain of fabric, completely overwhelmed, to a lean mean rug making machine.


Kick off your shoes, flex those biceps, and let's make some rugs!





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Morgan Roberts

Designer & Maker - Owner of King Soleil

As an internationally published designer I am absolutely ecstatic to share my crafting knowledge with you! I specialize in modernizing traditional crafts like crochet and embroidery and making even the most simple projects beautifully handmade. I am completely self-taught, so I know how to break down techniques, and love showing how to create a multitude of projects with just a basic foundation of knowledge.

You can see tons of handmade products in my shop, King Soleil, where I am ...

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