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Crochet Puff Flower - with pattern reading explanation

Emese Liliom, crochet teacher

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2 Videos (12m)
    • Puff Flower Crochet Tutorial

    • Puff Flower Crochet Pattern Reading Excercise


About This Class

Learn how to crochet Puff Flower, which is not so obvious for the first look.

We do it together nice and slow, until you can master the skill.

Puff Flower can be used in many ways, if you make a lot, and saw them together, you can make a fluffy floral blanket, but you can wear it in your hair, on your clothes or on your bag.

I explain how to read the pattern in the second video, which you can download.

This course is for those, who know the basics of crochet, and familiar with the basic stitches.

I am using the English crochet terms, but in the meantime I write up the American terms.






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Emese Liliom

crochet teacher

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