Crochet Floral Wreath - Showy Decoration Whole Year Round! | Emese Liliom | Skillshare

Crochet Floral Wreath - Showy Decoration Whole Year Round!

Emese Liliom, crochet teacher

Crochet Floral Wreath - Showy Decoration Whole Year Round!

Emese Liliom, crochet teacher

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15 Lessons (1h 17m)
    • 1. What will you need? Tools and yarn.

    • 2. What will we Crochet?

    • 3. Puff Flower

    • 4. Puff Flower - Pattern

    • 5. Hibiscus Flower

    • 6. Hibiscus Flower - Pattern

    • 7. Irish Lace Rose

    • 8. Irish Lace Rose - Pattern

    • 9. Corkscrew Spiral

    • 10. Corkscrew Spiral - Pattern

    • 11. Irish Lace Button or Pistil

    • 12. Irish Lace Leaf

    • 13. Irish Lace Leaf - Pattern

    • 14. Making of the Wreath Base

    • 15. Assembling

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About This Class

First we start with these uncommon patterns:

  1. Puff Flower
  2. Hibiscus Flower
  3. Irish Lace Rose
  4. Corkscrew
  5. Irish Lace Button - we use this as a pistil
  6. Irish Lace Leaf


I carefully choose these patterns, because I wanted them to be not so obvious. So when you look at the result, not for sure you can make it just like that. It also took me a while to find out, how they are made, therefore I find them very exciting.

The Irish Lace Crochet is especially close to my heart. This is a trend in crochet, which I find really special and it is pretty different, although using the very same stitches.

In the end of each item, I will explain the pattern, also you can download and print them too.

In the second part of the course, we will make the Floral Wreath.

I will use a different yarn for the wreath compared I am teaching the items with, hence this would have been too thin to demonstrate with.

I use the British terms, but I attach a dictionary, and I will also write up on the screen the American crochet terms when they are needed.

Choose your favorite colors, get the right yarn, can be solid colors, or gradient, buy a wreath base, get some ordinary pins, and lets start it!

You will enjoy every second of it, (I do ;)) and in the end you will have a fabulous floral wreath, which never withers.

Link for the thin yarn I use in the lectures:

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Emese Liliom

crochet teacher


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1. What will you need? Tools and yarn.: way need to start this project. There are some items which are mandatory and there are some items which is optional. So not all of these things are necessary to have. First of all, what is necessary to have for a breath is a state of form. Ah, circle. And this you can buy on the Internet anywhere where they selling craft materials. This particular rest base is 18.5 centimeters wild, but it's really your choice. So you choose the size what you like for the practice. They are going to work with a thicker yarn. Compared Teoh what the outcome is going to be and for the thick career on I'm going to use ah, half millimeter hook while the end the final result. I'm planning to do our off this yard and this yarn, as you see most off the yarns, they always have a recommendation in the label. So this is saying between two and three millimeters, I'm going to use a three limit three millimeters hook with this. Okay, then the next monetary thing is a pair of scissors and a darning needle. Also, we will need pins that these pains are decoration being so you see, there's this lovely bobs in the end of it. But also there's pains which doesn't have anything in the end off them, and this is going to be invisible when you attach things to the breath. The centimeter is really optional, so we can really do it without it. And Theis still labels, as were optional and going to use it, but just only a little and only one color. But it's absolutely your choice, and this can decorate absolutely lovely the breath. So the outcome is going to be very pretty. So once you have all these things or the monetary things. 2. What will we Crochet?: way. Let's see what we are going to learn. During the scores, I decided to teach them with a thicker yarn because before the breath, I'm using a much much scenery on. But for the practice, I suggest that if these are really new for you to practice in the slightly thing, a victory on this is going to be easier This way. Now the first thing we're going to do is a puff flour. And if you see, I was trying to get items which are not so easy and over years to figure out how they actually made. So this is a quiet special item and if you make a love these you can actually saw them together. And you can make a lovely baby blanket. For example. I have a niece and I made a baby blanket full off part flowers. To her especially. So this is a pretty special one. And also I was trying to get ones which I really, really three dimensional. Now the following thing is is a hibiscus flower. You see, it has five battles, but you do as many patrols as you lie. And also, if you look at this one you can really wonder how was this actually made? Because you can't really figure out in the first place. How is this made? And also this has a thickness. So this is not just a purely flat flour. The next thing they're going to do is coming from Irish lace. Scrushy and Irishness. Scrushy I'm so fascinated about they have the exact same Cochet posts us regularly existing , but they do something really special out of it. Now this rose is coming out of Irish place crow shape and this, you see, it has two layers or you could do actually as many as you like And this is also three dimensional. So it's not just a flat thing. The following thing is a corkscrew Spiro, This can be used as ah pistol for for a flower what it can be use just other is So this is also a very nice and pretty decoration of item. The following thing is also coming from Irish lace crushing. When I saw this the first time in my life said, Oh my God, I need to figure out how is this made? Because this is like I can't really understand how how actually this This is coming together and this I'm going to tell you the secret in Irish. Let's go she they call it a button. We can also use it as a base there for for for a flower. Let's say for this you see, it's really pretty and the last thing is also coming from Irish lace crushing. This is a leaf. I usually do them totally irregular. Just it feels. But you can also do it really precisely when you write down exactly the stitches and you make it totally, even and symmetric. But this is coming also from I actually discussion and you see he is the veins. So it's really, really cool. Better we're going to make. So if you're ready, let's not waste time and let's start. 3. Puff Flower: flower Start Need asleep not And we make five chain stitches. Don't make it too tight, so you don't have to put it too tight. So make sure that a t least in the first change against each into three for five. And now we stage back to the first stage with a slip knot, and this way we close the circle. Now let's go to the next round, make one chain stitch and now we do 10. Double Chris Shays. I'm stitching into the middle of the foundation circle and why I'm doing the 10 Double Crow Shay's, um, according the loose end within. So I'm working this in into the stitches, and this way I'm preventing it from damage later damage. We started with 55 Chain Stitch of the Foundation Circle. So that's a general look. Thumb that now. 10 crush able fetal it. 12345 Another 51 to three. You have to move it a little bit. Maybe just to make sure that this works fine for five. And when you got to the end stage the first and the last stage together nicely. Now we have the middle off the top flower. Now let's go on for the first petal. Have to make four chain stitches. This is going to set the height off this petal. And now four. They are once on your book and then stitch back into the foundation circle. Great. They are full three and pull it up. So when we made the four change the chase to set the height, this is determining how much you can pull it up and make sure you pulled this up. Pull this up this much as the four chain stitches are. So before they aren't again again stitch into the foundation circle and pull. They are up until you reach the height off this four chain stitches. Now we move to the next Jane Space for they are again and get into the next chain space and do the same. Pull it up and one more time. Now all together we do this four times two times into this change space two times into the following chain space. But how much you have to do this. This can vary a lot, especially depends on the thickness off the your. So now I made it four times bread Dion and pull through the whole thing nice and easy. When you do this, you have to turn the hook downward so you can pull it through without getting entangled. Media, there's not. This part is crucial. So you pull the yarn three breath, they aren't again. And when you make this final stage making a little bit in the back. Okay, so this is going to sit in the back like this. Don't worry. We'll do this again. 12 three. And we stitch back into the next chain space. And now you just position it nicely with your fingers. The first petal off the path flower is just made. Next. Move one and do the next battle. By the end of it, you're going to be a perfect professional puff flower maker. One to three 44 They are known stitch into this chain space and pull it up for the dawn. Stagen, pull it up. When I moved to the next Jane Space for they are stitch into the next chain space. Put it up for their own stitches in Put it up now grab the orange, turned a hook downwards, pull through the whole thing completely. And now you have to push this battle a little bit towards yourself. And this is how you make this final stage three chain stitches and speech down into the next Jane Space. And you have to position it with your fingers to be right Now. Let's do it now. A bit more faster. 123 43 way. Theo. Theo. Way, way May cease petal as well. Now, you see, we started with five chain stitch, and they ended up with five petals the same way. If you started six chain stitches, then of double cross, she will go on the first round, and then you will end up with six petals. And this is how it goes. So you can also make four petals. Then you start before chain stitches and you put on eight double Chris Shays. So this is the mathematics behind. I cut the yarn poor loose and through. Okay. And if you like, you can just stitch them together. You want to make sure that we don't get damaged on the way and you can pull under this yours through both off the loose ends. We'll be here to and here you go. We have the first puff flower. If you made my grocery basics course as well this flower is there also. So you probably knew this. 4. Puff Flower - Pattern: flower. How is the drawing? The crush? A drawing looks like for this. Always an arrow is pointing where the Croce starts. So this is where we start and we made five changes. Teaches the boat means a sleep siege. So this is where we join the beginning and the end together these lines in the British English That's a double Cochet in the US this is single crow shape. So we made 10 the double Cochet and sticking to the English terms. Sorry, Americans. But I'm I'm writing everywhere up the American terms as well. And you can find additionally the dictionary as well as an attachment. Then they started to make the petals. We started with four changed, which is this is this This is setting the height off the Peto and then the entire Peto sits on to change space and into each of them. We made two loops and since the four changed chain stitches are determining the height off the petal, this is a pulled it up. And then we had to times two loops. Then we close the whole thing down with a stitch on the top. And then we made three more chain stitches and came back to the foundation circle. Then we started over against the four change stitches two times two loops, block the whole thing down in the top and then come back with three change stitches. And this is how we got the part flower. As I said, the thickness off they are matters a lot, so if you do it with a thin early on, probably you have to do more. 5. Hibiscus Flower: eyes going to be a hibiscus flower. Hibiscus flower has melo flower. They're actually very similar. They have five petals. So guess what We started five changed to choose. So we make a sleep. Not. And we make five changes to cheese. Make sure that, at least in the first chain, you don't make this too tight because they have to stitch into this. So 2345 stitching to the first chain and this way again before a circle. Now let's move on to the next round. Make one change. Teach. This is setting the height off the next to and we make 10 double co Shay's. I'm simply just teaching into the middle of the circle, not into the chain stitch just into the middle of the circle. And you see the order they made to double crashes three, four once again, Like always, I'm holding the loose and did it, and I'm working this in, so I'm secure it for damage. Five. Big move. It sorts. Getting into the right place. Six, seven, eight, nine. And then Okay. So where we got to the end stage? The first and the last stitch together with asleep Not very good. So now we have the foundation off this flower. But now this goes slightly different. A za plum flower. This part is the same that do four changed the cheese. 1234 So this way they said the high and we're going to work one Peto into to change spaces . Okay, but now we're going to make double trouble crashes. So that means you're going to four there twice on the hook and then speech down into this chain space. So you see, now we have four loops on the hook for the double trouble crash A You have to grab. They are poor through to grabbed a on again poor through to and four through two. So this way, this is a double trouble. Cochet. This is four chain stitches. Now let's move on to the next chain space warm to and into the very same chain space make to double treble crow. Shay's into here, So basically, we have to double trouble posts in here and here. Besides that, the 1st 1 here is out of chain Jane Stitches. It's in that Harvey Gore I love these down with the stage and I four they are on the hook and I'm stitching into the chain line. And the first double trouble Cochet posed a stitch between them and then grabbed. They are, and you have to make sure that you make in this very loose. Otherwise the outcome will be very nice. So make sure that you do this really very lose four. They aren't again stitching too. The chain line and the first double triple crash A between grant the yard and pull it out. But you see and doing very nice and lease and do it all together four times like this. Basically, we're covering covering these posts with the on. Now, once you have or four times you have made it. Then grabbed a are and you pull through each three this time the pool through these three loops and come out again Grandi or again Poor through city. Good day on. Pull through three grabbed A are four through three and we have covered the double trouble posed video are let me one were states just to finish this thing and they But now we have to get back to the foundation circle to make the next petal. How we do this very simply. We just go back by doing Double Crow. Shays one to three for you. Save it. Came back to the foundation circle and now I'm stitching back into the next change space and the first petal is ready. And this is also a three dimensional, quite thick I Tim. So this is going to be not a regular flat flour this way. Let's do the next metal. One, 23 for for the arnold twice stitching to this chain space. And for the double Trevor Crowe Shea, you pull the young through every two loops now moving into the next chain space an idea or the four boasts, and I stitch between the chain line and the first post and covered them full times with the yard. I have to say that these numbers, how many posts are doing you doing? How many times you covering the post? Their depends very much on the thickness off the your PR obviously thicker yarn you use, you can get along with less posts, less time covering them. But if you if you use a very thin one and we will, you see that the number is going to change. So very likely. I'm going to do more than three double trouble Crow, Shays and more than four times covering them. But we will see, but also a You just you just have a look. If you like the result or not. And if you don't like the result, then you can hire the numbers. So, have you have the second petal, but effect. So now I just need to finish be the remaining three way. This is about the end. I'm pulling through the last loose and through this loop and make not on both ends. Okay? And what you can do, or so to secure it, is the Pull it under these yards, grab the yarn and pull through one off the petals. We ended back, right? So on the back, off the off the flower you pull through under do yours and what's sticking out? You can just cut it off. And he really have the hibiscus or medal flour. And as you see, this is a nice, sick three dimensional sing. Okay, so we have a second. My work done 6. Hibiscus Flower - Pattern: the roast points where we started the crash A And then we made five chain stitches. This is the foundation circle. Then in the next room in the foundation circle, we made 10 double Cochet. In British terms, in American terms, this is single Curuchet. And when we got to the end of this row, this isn't here. Then we made four chain stitches. This is setting the height off the petal. They only made into the same chain space. One more double trouble crash a move to the next change Next chain space. We made another two double trouble Chris Shays and then because these when we got these very full times four did these cross shaped post video on the ended up on the top and then the double crashes. We sleep back to the foundation circle and this is her one. Petter was done. Then the next 14 chain stitches or together the chain line plus three double trouble crashes into to change spaces. Then for the that posed into you're then came back to the foundation. So when you for the yarn with the when you for the post they are, make sure that you don't include the original chain line. You see, we didn't fold this warning, so I only fording the crash a post. So this is how we made 7. Irish Lace Rose: next we're going to make is going to be an Irish lace rrochet. I found Irish Lee scratch shape patterns really fascinating. And they're really, really beautiful. Slightly different than other bettors. So we start again. Me, the sleep not. And once again we started five Jane stitches. I suggest this you can change if you want, but I suggest if you do all the flowers with five chain stitches, then keep it here so they do all of them with the five chain stitch start. If you start all of them with the six with each ends up with six petals, then do it that way. Somehow, this little thing is giving a nice look and a nice comfortable study. Look off the results. So the flowers that people will not understand it. But when they look at it, they feel so much nicer than if one of them is turning with three. The ones that six. The next one is starting with five. So this is giving a bit of a continuities off. The items were making so now we made the foundation circle out of five chain stitches. And now let's make double car Shayes on top And since they started with five chain stitches , once again we make 10 double crashes on top. And as you see, I'm securing the loose end by stitching it into the work. So so far I have 1234567 eight, nine There. I just teach the first and the last stage together nicely. So we have the foundation circle off the Irish laced Rose. Now we make five changes to cheese again. If you have started with, let's say six chain stitches in the foundation circle that I suggest you keep this six here as well. So now I have three full five escape. This is in this one. So I escaped one chain space and I stitch it down into the following one. Now the next 112 city full five. Skip one stitch into the next one. Water to three full five escape one stitch into the next one. 12 three for five. Skip this one stitching into the next one. So we stage into every other chain space. 12345 And speech, though here Oh, it was a bit stiff. So now we have five little holders here, you see? Now let's make the body off these petals because this is only this was only the foundation off these plateaus. So now I make a double crash a one and then I make a trouble, Cochet by folding the yard on the hook. Now I have three loops on my hook. Grand, they are 432 grand. They are pulled through to again and I'm making three out of the trouble crashes. 432 And then 432 grand A on 432 And now we make one more double cross She And as you see, this has formed a really nice petal like shape here. Now let's move on to the next foundation Off the petal. One double Karshi three grabber crow Shays one Teoh three and one Double Christian again. And this way we get this curve, which is going to be a very nice And now I got to the end of this row. So I'm just going to stitch into the beginning Me, the sleep not live in the slip stitch. So now we have the first role, the first petal rule ready. Now that comes the trick because until now I say a cool What's the big deal about this? But now comes the trick. Really? So now we make five chain stitches and it's possible that we have to make more. Look, I'm measuring this chain line to the petal. Yes, they have to make more, more, more And one more goods quite thick. Your because this this needs to be stitched down here between where the two petals on meeting in the back, in behind. So I'm stitching this into the connection between the two petals from behind that I'm showing this to you. This is how it looks from the front. But in the back we made the foundation for the next petal row here in the back. If you can't see, then you did it right. Let's move on. Let's do it for the next battle. We made altogether seven I thing now, so three, 4567 And this is nicely reaching this part with two petrels who needs in the previous row? I'm showing how it looks from behind, and I have to really matter how maney stitches you do. The point is that this should reach comfortably this point and Also, it doesn't need to be very loose because it needs to hide behind the petal we already made . I wanted to three full six hand stitch it where the two petals meat from the first room in the slip stitch. Very good. You see no difference from front, but in behind you See now the chain lines. Now let's make the petals to this line as well. Now, this is longer. So we make one double grow she into this chain line. I'm not stitching into the stitch itself. I'm stitching into this whore gene line. So I'm making one double Kroc unfolding this battle of them so I can work nicely and do Trevor Crowe. Shay's one to three for five, and then one that will crush a And these petal is finished. And as you see now, we have two layers off petals here and now it starts to be exciting. Right? So let's move on to the next one. I fall this petal down from the previous row, so I can't really access the this chain line behind. Do one that will Cochet and five trouble cause shape one to three, Truell five and Juan double Christian again. So the second Peto is ready. See how nicely it's coming out? Two layers of petals. And this is what's giving these three dimensional look as well. One Double Cochet. Five. Trouble Crow Shays one to three full five. Closing the battle with weight No way. So we have a secondly year off these petals and you could carry on. So if you would make between line here is, well, connecting it to the joint off the two petals so you would make the lines here and then beard the petals on top. Obviously, you have to make two more. The trouble Cochet is because it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger. You would get more, more, more layers to these throws. So this is really nice as special way of making a rose. I'm finishing off. Finishing off has two points. Has to be invisible. It has to secure the loose ends so they they won't don't get damaged during the users. The item you just made, I'm putting this through and I'm going to tight to the other loose end. I will not cut this off this time because we're going to make ah be still and this would help to to locate the pistol, to attach the peace deal to these throws. So Irish Lease rose. 8. Irish Lace Rose - Pattern: police rose once again, This is not such a such an easy one. So the federal shows where we started, we started with five change stitches. Then we put 10 double crashes on top and then in the next through these, keep one the worker she and made five chain stitches and teach them down into every other. Ah, double Cochet, Stop! Then when big be finished with this. Then we started to make the body off the petals themselves. Which one petal includes one double karoshi and three trouble Cochet and one double crashing the And so this is what gives this nice curve because the double crochet is obviously a shorter from a trouble. Cochet Once he finished with all days, then the tree came along and behind the maid. 2467 Chain stitches from the from where the petals meat. So where the joints are so behind the made this extra lines. And in the next row, we being the next crow shit posts on these extra lines, which is wonderful. Cruciate. 12345 I will crush a and then closing with wonderful Christian again. And this is forming these more late years, and this is resulting this multiple layer rose. You would continue with this so you could carry on and make more, more, more layers. 9. Corkscrew Spiral: make a corkscrew spiral, which is quite exciting. Item can be used as a general work decoration, all elements, but also can be used as a pistol. We're going to use it as a decoration element, I guess. But we were seeing the end for this. We make then change the cheese. But this is really up to you. So this you do as long as you want. Now, here especially important not to make these chains to tie because they have to stitching to these chains. 1234567 89 10. I hope you see that I'm doing it fairly Lose now. Once we reach the the desired length, then we do two more change stitches and then we start to make trouble. Crow, Shays and I stage back into this chain stitch. So this is the 10th chain and I do a travel crush A and into the very same Jane space. I do one more trouble, Cochet. So basically it's like we made three here, and from now this is what we're going to do, some going backwards and I'm making three trouble. Kirsch A's and into every single change space to three. As you see, this is a constant increasing one to three going further into every single chain space. Do you make three trouble? Koshis weren't too city. And you can see it already starts to curl up because the constantly increasing and this is what we want. This is her. The course group Speidel is forming three trouble crashes into each chain space. Move on. I use this pattern quite often with the hippie schools flower pattern because the hibiscus flower, anyway, has this long be still. So that's not around one, but a long one. So I'm using it quite often. Theo. You see, this can be as long as you like. It can also increase as much as you want, so there's no really Roozen it. But to have this despite or effect, you have to increase. You see, this is how we have the spinal corkscrew Speidel. I usually just making I loved here twice, and this way, I it will be equally easy to attach it to anything. Okay, so this is the core screw spiral can be much longer. Okay. Can you imagine several next to each other? So this is how 10. Corkscrew Spiral - Pattern: screw Speidel Pattern looks. This is a fairly simple thing. Does This is a very decorative, so we will really use it for our breath. Basically, we started with 10. Change the cheese, but it's really up to you. So what? What Your project is demanding from you. And then when we reach the desired length, then we made two more. Change the cheese. This is setting the height for the for the crash IPOs and then into each and I went back and each into the each change space I made in the beginning to because to chance stitches in equals toe one. Yeah, because she and then later on, into each of them three tribal clashes, which is a genetic drastic and constant increasing. And this is resulting this spiral effect. So this is how it looks. And you can decorate little things really, really nicely and and smartly with this little effect, So course will Speidel. Penton, This is 11. Irish Lace Button or Pistil: so from Irish lace Cochet and I found it really exciting to figure it out. How it's how they make it, because it's in the first look. It's not so obvious at all, and this is not really this regular Cochet techniques, but this is an often used item in crushing, especially when we're talking about Irish discussion. So how we make this is that you get think they are and you twisted there are two fingers grand they are, and pull it out like this like and take your fingers out and then go into make the stitches on like this. At one point, I'm going to reduce the size off this loop like this when I carry on. Now, when you reach to the end of it this point, don't stage this loose end in animal. Okay, so I leave this out and I move on. So I made the stitches on top of the previous stitches. The double crashes. I've seen little ways have people do it. One of them is more complicated than the other. Oh, some of them are like, really science fiction. The using all sorts off additional tools and they twisted around their fingers and hands in a really, really complicated way. Um, I think this is This is this is good enough where these do the job. So, you see, I again I love this out. So I'm not people's teaching it in. So where it waas? I just go around it. How many times you have to go through is depends on how, uh thick or how big button you want. So I could stop here if I like. I could have stopped a bit earlier. And once again, if you work with sicker Yorn, you don't need to do so many rounds. If you work with Athena rearmed. Yes, probably you need to do some more rounds. I'm going to finish it in here, cast it off, pull this really sleep. And now comes the trick where this could actually even work like this as well. On in Irishness Christian. They use it like this also they make it bigger. So that's that's an item. Ones were a decorative item as well. So I hold the whole thing nicely in your head and hold this loose end from the beginning and gently but firmly pull it. You see what's happening said closing. And now, once it reached, it's closed. Totally. Now again, finish the the loose ends are making I'm tying and not here as well. And this I can work in or with this I could attach it to a flower. This can work as a button. This can work only by itself. So this is a decorative element by itself as we're just alone. And this can be nicely used us pistol. Now let's go back to the Irish lace Rose. And remember, I didn't cut these loose ends off. So, for example, if I want this to be the pistol of it, I just pulled these ones through here. Position it in the middle and I can tie these on a knock them together in this way. See, how beautiful is this? It's really a special warm, isn't it lovely? 12. Irish Lace Leaf: I I'm going to teach here. This is going to be an eye. The chalets leave. And once again, as in my opinion, at least, all the Irish lace grocery item. This is very exciting and very specialised. Where now this one will not have a piss ized pattern discs This time eso I'm just making around, um, amount off chain stitches and once again make sure that you don't put it to tie because we need to stitch into them. And I'm going to go back The double girl Shay's over the way long. This is going to be a really Freese. I leave. But if you want to make it totally even then you make sure that you ride down how many stitches you make on the right side and on the left side. I will not make this do this now, so I'm just doing it really freestyle. It comes as it comes. Okay, so I make to change the chief and I'm going to swap to this side once again, I'm going to teach the loose. And with it may came double crow Shay's and in the same time saving securing the loose end from the big, okay? And from stage. Okay. And from here, I'm going to make somewhat chain stitches and then turn. So from here, I'm only going to stage into one live. So instead, off both of these loops, I'm always stitching into the back loop. So this is the front off my work that I'm only stitching into the back loop only and this well reserved A nice better, which is really fitting into this leave scheme. You see, I'm stitching only to the back loop and it's four main This line, which is really taking good to this better. It's fitting into this leaf thing. Okay, I'm moving to the next side and doing double Co Shay's stitching into Well, Meanwhile, I turned it. Tonight's the front group, tonight's Frank who bully. You have to decide which one is the front of your work and which one is the back of your work. And make sure that you're forming these lines where the front is. I'm suing. She did. You are so you seen a It's really nicely forming these lies. Okay, that's no one. Make some change teaches because I want this part to be longer and I'm coming back now what , Chad? Because I have turned. So when I'm going back now, it has to be really the back loop to form these lines. Ces, I'm stitching into the back loop. - No , I think you got the idea. Cast it off. Okay, this can be sold in here. I think this is the them said can be just no problem. Cut off here. This I worked in a swell and here's a three style leave now let's see. Looks without raise. It's cute, isn't it? It's nice. 13. Irish Lace Leaf - Pattern: way made is an irregular Irish leaf. I'm saying irregular because it's it's totally not the regular thing. It was really random. But if you want to make it, really even then you can just count the stitches and you can design the way you like it. This is a fairly simple thing. We started with change. Stitches turned back, made double cross Shayes on top and then turn around double crashes again. In a one point when I felt like to it, I went away from the original part off my work and I made some more. Change teaches. Turn back here. And now here. This sign is when you work into the back loop only. So this is the sign for back loop only. And this is resulting this nice pattern, which is really fitting into leaf seem so when you work only to the to the to the back lip , you will get these veins, these lines which is really fitting into leaf thing. And this is how we went. And you just do randomly as you like, unless you really want something precisely. And then you have to design it and you have to come the stitches, that's all. Okay, 14. Making of the Wreath Base: Theo, I think this floral breath we have the rest in a junker. So we already made the cover of it. We have the items, we have the pains and I have the same three way thing, - Theo . 15. Assembling: Theo, I think this floral breath we have the rest in a junker. So we already made the cover of it. We have the items, we have the pains and I have the same three way thing, - Theo .