Crochet Floral Wreath - Showy Decoration Whole Year Round!

Emese Liliom

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15 Videos (1h 17m)
    • What will you need? Tools and yarn.

    • What will we Crochet?

    • Puff Flower

    • Puff Flower - Pattern

    • Hibiscus Flower

    • Hibiscus Flower - Pattern

    • Irish Lace Rose

    • Irish Lace Rose - Pattern

    • Corkscrew Spiral

    • Corkscrew Spiral - Pattern

    • Irish Lace Button or Pistil

    • Irish Lace Leaf

    • Irish Lace Leaf - Pattern

    • Making of the Wreath Base

    • Assembling


About This Class

First we start with these uncommon patterns:

  1. Puff Flower
  2. Hibiscus Flower
  3. Irish Lace Rose
  4. Corkscrew
  5. Irish Lace Button - we use this as a pistil
  6. Irish Lace Leaf


I carefully choose these patterns, because I wanted them to be not so obvious. So when you look at the result, not for sure you can make it just like that. It also took me a while to find out, how they are made, therefore I find them very exciting.

The Irish Lace Crochet is especially close to my heart. This is a trend in crochet, which I find really special and it is pretty different, although using the very same stitches.

In the end of each item, I will explain the pattern, also you can download and print them too.

In the second part of the course, we will make the Floral Wreath.

I will use a different yarn for the wreath compared I am teaching the items with, hence this would have been too thin to demonstrate with.

I use the British terms, but I attach a dictionary, and I will also write up on the screen the American crochet terms when they are needed.

Choose your favorite colors, get the right yarn, can be solid colors, or gradient, buy a wreath base, get some ordinary pins, and lets start it!

You will enjoy every second of it, (I do ;)) and in the end you will have a fabulous floral wreath, which never withers.

Link for the thin yarn I use in the lectures: