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17 Videos (2h 2m)
    • Introduction

    • Project Overview

    • Selecting Yarn

    • Tools & Notions

    • How to Hold Your Yarn

    • How to Hold Your Hook

    • Slip Knot

    • Chain Stitch

    • Single Crochet

    • Finishing Off & Weaving in Ends

    • Double Crochet

    • Whipstitch Seaming

    • Pattern Reading

    • Starting Your Scarf

    • Gauge & Customizing Your Scarf

    • Joining a New Yarn

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class


In this introduction to crochet, you’ll learn the first two basic stitches of crochet as well as how to start and finish a project while practicing on a simple dishcloth. Then apply what you have learned to make a fun scarf in your favorite color!


All you need for this class is enthusiasm to learn! Whether you are brand new to the fiber arts or are just looking for a review of crochet basics, you will find resources and tips helpful to even the experienced crochet enthusiast.

Class Objectives:

  • Become familiar with standard crochet terminology, information about yarns, tools, and notions
  • Learn and practice yarn and hook holds, slip knot, starting chain, single crochet, double crochet, whipstitch seaming, and how to weave in ends
  • Introduction to pattern reading and gauge

Suggested Materials:

  • Medium or worsted weight yarn (4) in a light color and smooth texture (cotton recommended for dishcloth; fiber of choice for scarf)
  • H,I, and J crochet hooks
  • Locking stitch markers
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or Tapestry Needle(s)


Resources include written patterns for both projects with photos and charts as well as links to Crochet Guild of America and Craft Yarn Council webpages for students needing further visual aid (i.e. tutorials for left-handed crocheters)

17 of 17 students recommendSee All

After my grandma gave up on trying to teach me crochet, this course did what she thought impossible!! The teacher is flawless in her calm and step by step approach. It's impossible not to follow! THANK YOU!
Connie is an EXCELLENT teacher! The way she works step-by-step through the process of learning the stitches while creating an actual usable project was so helpful to me. I tend to want to jump right in and this method of teaching suited me to a T. Thank you so much for the excellent class and I can't wait to take another one!
Great class and teaching style, instructions are organized for the absolute beginner to the seasoned crocheter.





Connie Lee Lynch

Owner/Designer at CrochEt Cetera by Connie Lee

I'm a yarnaholic. Fiber enthusiast. Artist at heart. A creative being.

My husband might call me a hoarder... but we won't talk about that!

Crochet is my passion, but I also enjoy making jewelry, painting, drawing, cross-stitching, scrapbooking, and even doing a little knitting. Reading, hiking, and simply spending time with my family are also favorite pastimes. My latest obsession? Nail art.

When I was about twelve, my mother made me learn to crochet, which I hated because she had me make a doily, which I saw absolutely no point in! Through high school and college, I found little to no time for crafts of any sort, unfortunately, but after an eleven month deployment with the Army to Kuwait, I realized that I missed it quite a bit. I relearned how to crochet upon my return and did a few custom pieces of jewelry as well, but it wasn't until after I got married in May of 2009 that I really began to get back to my creative roots.

Thanks to my wonderful husband, who is amazingly supportive of my attempt at becoming a starving artist, I have once again fully embraced my love of creating with my hands, primarily in the form of fiber arts. I spend most of my time crocheting (around the housework and whatnot), primarily custom orders and special projects, and have recently discovered the joys of designing my own patterns, which I hope to be the next chapter in my creative journey.

Or that's how it used to be before the latest member of the family came along. Now I spend most of my time chasing after my son, who never EVER stops moving. Even when he sleeps. He probably gets that from me...

But he has only made my passion for crochet grow stronger, perhaps in my desperation to hang on to part of what makes me ME: creativity. 

And I want to share that with YOU.

So come along with me on this little adventure and enjoy!

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