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Cricut 101: Working with Vinyl (Cricut Design Space: iPad Edition)

teacher avatar Leanne Chavis, Crafting Is My Happy Place

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Cricut 101: Working with Vinyl

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Uploading Your Design to Cricut Design Space (and some extra tips)

    • 4. Sizing and Test Cutting

    • 5. Preparing Your Mat

    • 6. Cutting Your Project

    • 7. Weeding Your Vinyl

    • 8. Applying Your Vinyl to Your Project

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About This Class

So you just got yourself a what?

A wonderful world of creativity has opened! In this class, I will be explaining how to work with vinyl. We will discuss the different vinyl options available and how to best apply it to your surface. This class is mainly for beginners or those who have not worked with vinyl before, but all are welcome to join!

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Leanne Chavis

Crafting Is My Happy Place


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1. Cricut 101: Working with Vinyl: before we get started, we're going to talk about the different vinyls that there are to use. So I have two different brands here. Cricket and Oracle. Cricket is not one of my favorites. I seem to have more issues with it, so I do have a few rules when buying. You want to be careful which kind who by? Because there is permanent and there's also removable. The removable will remove without residue for up to two years. The permanent is going to stay on. There is a way to take it off. Um, but it's it's not to say on So you're looking at. If you're making mugs or coffee tumblers, car decals or account is my favorite, you can find this one. Normally at Michael's, they come into the whole thing in the camera in a 12 by 12 sheet. You can also order it online from 651 by mom. Great experience there. So this one of the 651 is permanent. There is a removable version of This is Well, I pretty much always used permanent this'll. One needs a lot easier. I never have issues with its sticking, so it is my favorite joins does make a vinyl as well. I have not used. There's so I cannot give you any advice on that one. 2. Supplies: next, we're gonna discuss materials for your project so you will need whatever you are applying your vinyl to for this project. I'm going to use this accordion folder, but you can also do other things, like glass objects, ceramics. It's best that you use something that is smooth. Surface and hard Wood is not the best idea. Sometimes it'll work. Just depends. I have applied on a vinyl moneybag and it still holding up. Good. Just know that if your vinyl is not sticking, it could be because you are using the wrong surface. If you're using an object that is glass or ceramic, be sure to wash it first. You are also going to need a cotton ball on alcohol to wipe off the surface to remove any residue so that your vinyl will stick well. You are also going to need, of course, your vinyl. I am going to be using this lovely iridescent one from cricket. You will also need transportation. So when you move these out of the way, cricket does make their own brand of transfer tape, which I do have some of It's nice because when you take it off, it has the marking lines on it have an open role here so that it makes it easy for lining things up. But it also isn't the cheapest on the market. So a nice solution to that is contact paper. You can get it at WalMart. It's about eight bucks for the role. I've used mine a lot. And look how much there still is this thing gonna last you forever. So it's my go to on this one is duck Brand. Then, of course, you are going to need your waiter of a cricket one right here to get all the excess out, and you will need something to smooth the surface. If you don't have a little paddle, you can use a credit card. I did have a cricket one, but I used it so much that the edge started getting mixed in it. This one is a silhouette. It was cheaper, and I think that cricket one, if I remember correctly, comes with a leader on already had one, so this was a better option for me. All right, let's get started 3. Uploading Your Design to Cricut Design Space (and some extra tips): It goes without saying that for this project you will also need your cricket and cricket designed space, either on a tablet or a laptop. So for this project, I'm gonna be making my own design. So I'm gonna switch over to the over app. I'm gonna put Boss Babe. I like using this other out because it allows me a wider range of fonts. So the important thing when exporting is you want to make sure that you're sitting out as a PNG so that you have the transparent background. So I only got it typed. I found the font that I liked. I am going to go ahead and save that. You can see here. I haven't saved as a PNG. So it saved to my photos. So such back over to the cricket app and you are going to go to the upload. But, uh, and from your photo library, you are going to select. Since I used a PNG, the background is already transparent. So I am good to go. So we're gonna hit next. This is the demo. If you're edges air looking a little rough when you're uploading a file, you can use the smooth. We're gonna go. We're gonna save it as a print of a cut image. Since we do not have the need to print, I am going to title this loss, babe and Save. And it will now appear in your uploaded finals. And here we have it. Now, when you're applying vinyl, you want your letters ideally, to connect. If you're doing caps or another font, it will work. But the more surface that your decal has that is attached, the better it's gonna stick. So I'm going to give you an example here. I'm going to pick the Chloe font. It's a nice cursive style just so I can demonstrate. Except my tablet is being slow. Okay, we're gonna type the word dream, and you see how right now all the letters are separate, so we're gonna go to the actions and we're gonna hit the advanced and ungroomed the letters . So now our letters are individual and not connected. So what we're gonna dio is move the letters so that they connect, which can sometimes take a little bit of Finn Yngling to get them to look just right. Right. Okay. Once we have them attached, you're gonna select them all. And you're going to weld now. It will cut in one piece on it. Will it here? Much better to your project across that out. 4. Sizing and Test Cutting: I have measured my project, so I'm going to be doing it 11 inches wide. The max you can do on a regular cricket Mac is gonna be 11.5 inches. Just keep that in mind. They do make larger amounts that are 12 by 24. It's the largest you could go on. That would be 11.5 by 23 a half. So right now we're at 11 inches line and about two and 3/4 inches tall. So at this point, we are ready to get our cricket out. We're going to select. Make it just a word of advice because I do sometimes have this issue, especially if you're working with a new vinyl is to do a sample cut. So when I tend to do is just click the shapes. I always go to hearts cause I think the cute on I make it super, super tiny and you want to make sure it is a different color. And then when you go to make it, you're gonna cut that heart out first out of your material on do a double track to make sure that it is cutting all the way through your vinyl. As you can see, I have my cricket set up. Now. Make sure it is powered on and your Bluetooth is on your device. You have a laptop, you will be connecting it with the included wire. You're gonna click, continue and wait for it to find it. There we go. And select. Sorry. There's a bit of a goal air there. All right, so we're not gonna mirror that is only for when you're using iron on. We're gonna go through the materials and I'm in a search vinyl, and I am using holographic final premium holographic final. You're gonna go ahead and click that. And then, as you can see, right now, we have the heart one up. So I am going to run a sample cut to make sure that works properly. 5. Preparing Your Mat: when we're gonna vinyl. I normally use the light grip. Matt, I have my vinyl here. I went ahead and just cut the whole piece out so that it will be ready since I don't have anything in that top corner where that sample heart is going to go. If you look before you hit the okay on your tablet or on your computer, you'll see that ceiling. Get this close enough that you can see it better that it has the little numbers. So you can estimate How long did you need to cut it? So trying to get this at a good English you can kind of see it right here. Bobbling all over. So we have the three inch marks. I cut mine about 3.5. As you can see, it popped right up off enough. If you're Matt starts losing its stickiness, you can always start using it upside down. There are ways to re stick your mat as well. Sometimes with the thicker vinyls. You might need to use a regular Matt for a strong grip. Think I just didn't press this one down low enough. You can see very shiny. All right, So we're gonna go ahead and load that injured the cricket a little bit better angle here. She can see what's going on. So it's gonna hit the load button on, then start. 6. Cutting Your Project: uh, - so I was not paying attention and did not cut the sample heart. So before I take it out, I am going to use my Wieder and just pick up this edge and make sure it cut all the way through which it did. Now, if you have an issue and you're you have not hit the unload button yet, you can hit the start button one more time, and it will do a second cut without there being any shift. So since that worked, we're gonna take out our Matt and feel this off Super nice. 7. Weeding Your Vinyl: so I'm gonna cut this in half to make it easier. I already got this corner appealed up. You are always gonna want to appeal at an angle. Normally, I'll go from the top angle. But since this one is already lifted up, I'm just gonna go ahead and grab that. So you're gonna peel at a 45 degree angle, going nice and slow? You don't want to go too fast, just in case there is an issue and something didn't cut all the way through. See, like that part popped up right there. I only use my Wieder sometimes. For this is well just to, like, hold them down as I'm peeling. And of course, you're not always going to be at a 45 degree angle. Sometimes you have those curves that you just have toe Turn it around for on your little scrap. You can just throw away. I'm gonna finish reading this and then we will get onto attaching it 8. Applying Your Vinyl to Your Project: So before we get our vinyl ready to stick on my cotton ball with some alcohol, I'm just gonna clean off the surface that I'm gonna be applying my decals to. It's always a good idea to do this. Well, you're vinyls printing or before you get everything done that way, it has a chance to dry, As you can see it some pretty wet right now. We're gonna set that off to the side, and then I've got my decals right here. Boss made. So for today, I'm just gonna use contact paper. The nice thing about all the vinyls the transfer tapes contact paper is they have the markings. So I'll normally measure this measure on here and then see where I need to cut. Great thing is, it does not have to be perfect. All right, so stuff that there. So I know about how much I need this. And then we have this piece here What you're gonna dio you turn this upside down, you're gonna use your reader, and you're gonna just pick it up off of the backing that so sticky side down. But this flat, you're gonna lay this over the top and get it nice and down and only like having it a little bit bigger. Senate sticks to the table, and it's not popping up everywhere. It's also easier to peel off. It's nice and down. Wait, get the second piece done. Catch that peace and pick it up and sometimes it will snap back on you go. I got a little off their e Think will be OK, all right? And we are now ready to peel off and apply it onto our project. All right. Final step to our project. So again, you were going to peel at an angle. Make sure that your decal is coming. Oppa's you peel. If it's not coming up, like right there, send it back down for a second. I'm burnish it a little bit more. Sometimes you might also just need to peel from the office of Angle. So try that here. It doesn't need to be a perfect stick. As right now, we just want to transfer this This'll one is a very stubborn one. Incredibly suffering. You can see. I've peeled from a variety of angles on that one case. We're gonna set this down. You're going to position this and its desired location. Once you've got it where you want it, gently set it down. No, I'm gonna get the other side on a swell, and then we will burn it. This one stuck much nicer. Please be. You can always use your waiter to peel up the transfer team as well. Thats corner works better. Well, the view is good. There we go. Lost her e. I use my finger too. Get that very stuff, right? Make sure to take your time and get it just where you want it. Because once it's down, it's down. All right, now we've got it on. We're gonna burnish it within an inch of its life. Especially when you're doing lettering. Something that's going to be washed. Something with a lot of heavy, where I really recommend going over each individual letter or sectioning off the design you're doing and really making sure you get full pressure on there, making sure you get it down all the way. One of my first projects, I don't think I had it down all the way. And fortunately it was just a cup that I made for myself. But it has started to peel up a little bit after multiple washings. So just make sure that you're really getting every little piece down so that it sticks very well. I think we've got the swing down well enough. You're just gonna peel up the contact paper again? 45 degree angle and proceed. Appeal it all. If any peace starts popping up, you're just gonna lay a contact paper that back down and burnish it again. So far, though, this one looks like it's sticking very well. Way go. All right, let's get the second half burnished, and then we'll be all done last peels. You know, he's run your finger over the edges to before you peel this off all the way to make sure that the edges are fully down. And there we go. I am loving this final. All right, so there's my project. I would love to see yours film free to posted one in the project section on. I will be sure to comment. Thanks for joining