Creperie 1-2-3: How to Make French Crepes | Julia Baurain | Skillshare

Creperie 1-2-3: How to Make French Crepes

Julia Baurain, Content Author at Swirls and Spice

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5 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction to French Crepes

    • Making Crepe Batter

    • Cooking Your Crepes

    • Crepe Filling and Topping Ideas

    • Your Delicious Project


About This Class


Learn to make elegant French crepes in less than 30 minutes.  First, see the techniques for making traditional crepe batter with three main ingredients--eggs, milk, and flour.  Second, learn how to cook beautiful crepes on your stovetop.  These can then be filled and topped with your favorite add-ons, like berries, whipped cream, syrup, and more!

As you practice the basic technique of making crepes, you can also try different crepe recipes, such as gluten free and dairy free versions. When making your crepes, feel free to post any concerns or questions you have in the class discussion section here.  As your instructor, I would love to see you get great results!





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Julia Baurain

Content Author at Swirls and Spice

I am the creative force behind Swirls and Spice. I've spent the last seven years developing recipes and creative handmade projects to share online.

Prior to blogging, I lived and worked abroad in China and Vietnam, spending seven memorable years there. I love to bring back the authentic flavors and aromas I miss to my North American kitchen. At my current blog I also share traditional and gluten-free recipes. It's quite a thrill when I serve a gluten-free dish and no one can tell th...

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