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Credit Repair 101: Raise Your Credit Score FAST!

teacher avatar Alexander Rich, Online Entrepreneur and Marketer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Credit Repair 101: Raise Your Credit Score FAST!

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Who am I?

    • 4. Credit Basics Part 1

    • 5. Credit Basics Part 2

    • 6. Credit Basics Part 3

    • 7. Your Credit Score Part 1

    • 8. Your Credit Score Part 2

    • 9. Your Credit Score Part 3

    • 10. Obtaining Your Credit Report Part 1

    • 11. Obtaining Your Credit Report Part 2

    • 12. Understanding Your Credit Report

    • 13. Disputing and Settling Debts Part 1

    • 14. Disputing and Settling Debts Part 2

    • 15. Disputing and Settling Debts Part 3

    • 16. Disputing and Settling Debts Part 4

    • 17. Dealing With Collection Agencies Part 1

    • 18. Dealing With Collection Agencies Part 2

    • 19. Dealing With Collection Agencies Part 3

    • 20. Increase Your Credit Score Part 1

    • 21. Increase Your Credit Score Part 2

    • 22. Increase Your Credit Score Part 3

    • 23. Increase Your Credit Score Part 4

    • 24. Conclusion

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About This Class

Learn How To Delete ALL Negative Items From Your Credit Report and Improve Credit Score!

It is possible to repair your own credit and raise your credit score. All you need is a proven to work technique and a few dispute letters from this video course.

This easy to watch and easy to follow video course has helped many satisfied customers to remove negative marks from their credit report. We will cover:

- Credit Basics
- Your Credit Score
- Obtaining Your Credit Report
- Understanding Your Credit Report
- Disputing and Settling Debts
- Dealing With Collection Agencies
- Increase Your Credit Score

Why should you take this course?

After taking this course you'll be able to fix your credit report, raise your credit score, stop collection calls and get loans or credit card applications approved.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexander Rich

Online Entrepreneur and Marketer


My passion is to inspire others to live rich life! To me, "rich life" is a life when you have no regrets, when you live it to the fullest and try as many different experiences as possible! 

What is your meaning of a phrase "rich life"?

One of the components of rich life is freedom. Freedom of choice what to do, freedom to travel whenever you feel like it. Financial freedom is a big part of rich and interesting life. 

That's why I'm fascinated with online entrepreneurship! Being able to make money online is AWESOME! It gives you the freedom I was talking about earlier!

Would you like to learn how to make money online?
Would you like to become financially free? 
Would you like to travel more?

If your answer is yes, the... See full profile

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1. Credit Repair 101: Raise Your Credit Score FAST!: Let me ask your question. Do we want to repair your credit? Do we want to raise your credit score? What if you could improve your credit score without spending hundreds of doors? Create repair companies and lawyers? Imagine having a great credit score and being confident that any time you apply for a loan creative card, your application will be approved. Imagine how your life would be different if you have great credit. Would it mean you in your family could live in the house of your dreams? Or maybe you could enjoy driving that particular car. You always want it. How does being confident about your finances feel to you? It can be really frustrating and embarrassing to find out that your long create card application was rejected. Calls car breaking It is to find out that the car off house you really, really want it is not available to you because of your low credit score. My name is Alexander Rich, and I know about this problems from personal experience, but I've learned how to repair home created and raise created score. I wrote the book that became an Amazon bestseller, and now I'm publishing a video course, Here's what we're going to cover in the scores credit basis such a what? A creative score East and how it's calculated. I'll show you how topped in create report in dispute. Negative information that hurts your credit score. Do you want to stop collection harassment? I'll show you how to do that. Lastly, I'll show you practical steps to raising your credit score even higher. After watching the scores, you'll be able to fix your crazy report. Raise your credit score, stop collection calls and getting along or create card application of crew. Let's get started now. I can't wait to see you inside the course. 2. Introduction: Welcome to credit repair one on one. My name is always on the reach and thank you for investing in this course. Why is it important to have a good credit score? Because Bet Grid can really hurt you financially. It can also negatively affect many other areas of your life. The best credit your home loan application will be rejected. You may not be able to transfer forms. Apartments management companies will sometimes check credit scores. You will not be approved for great crazy card offers. You have to pay a higher interest rate on any long or credit card. It will be hard to get approval for your car law. You may be in jeopardy off getting certain jobs, especially if you want to work. Put established company as they will check your credit report. In this course, I'm going to show you step by step. How credit repair works are walking through the simple dispute process that will bring results. Also, I'll show you effective tactics to raise your credit score so you can get long or great card obligation approved. I can promise that after watching this course, you will be able to fix your credit raise your credit score, Stop collection colt and improve your financial situation. The credit repair to fix you a while to learn have been proven to get results. All you have to do to improve your credit score is to keep watching and then follow the tips I'm going to show Take control of your finances right now. Get the greatest core that you deserve and enjoy the new life you're creating. 3. Who am I?: let me tell you for I am and why I decided to create this course In 2003 I moved to United States because I was looking for changes in my life while exploring new places and new cultures. It was a great experience, but in the beginning there are tough times and it was hard toe always make ends meet to make a long story short. Within a few years I went from Mo created history, bad credit history to his car Adopt history. I've had great guard obligations denied I've had to play and 19% interest rate. When I financed my first car, I had collection records. A couple of years later, I had financed my second car at the 21% interest rate and maxed out all of the crazy card that I had managed to get. My bank was so happy to have you as a customer because they were making good money, charging me overdraft fees on a regular basis. One day I decided that this had to change. I could not and would not live like this anymore. I started research how created systems work. What it creates quarries and factors that would hurt or improve your credit ratings. What you're about to learn is what I discovered on the way to a debt free life. These tips and techniques work not only for me, but for hundreds off people who have improved their creative taking control of their finances and a currently living I had their life. Lastly, I would like to debunk one of the most popular trade related myths around. You cannot repair your credit by yourself because it's too difficult. Credit bureaus and banks and other creditors wants us to believe that so they could keep making more money off. But in reality it is so far from the truth, any credit rating, Gambian group. And it's not the rocket science at all. If I was able to dramatically improve my credit, the lip negative items from my credit report and race credit score without spending a fortune lawyers created repair company. You can do it, so all you need to do is take an action and watching this forces the first important step. I'll see you in the next lecture 4. Credit Basics Part 1: credit reporting companies. There are three main companies that keep track of your credit record experience. Equifax Inference Union. These companies. I depended from a charter and may have different information in their files about your created history. Each of these companies calculates a credit score based on the information in your file. These three credit bureaus are called the Big Three in the credit reporting field. Although there are other credit reporting companies, more than 90% of the lenders use one of these three companies when making their decisions. As we go through this course, you will learn more about this cos your credit report and you create its court. When something is so important to people like their financial future, there are bound to be many people with false information. There are many common misconceptions out there like you cannot repair your own credit, which is not true. Also, some credit repair companies claim that they will fix your crazy overnight, which is not true of well. Additionally, the credit bureaus do not make it any easier to clear up these misconceptions because they called their practices very closely and do not tell anyone the actual formula they used for calculating your credits court. This course will expose all of the secrets of the creative bureaus, the crazy repair companies and much more. Anyone can repair their own credit. If you are able to watch this course, then you are able to repair your own credit simply by following the process. I'll show you. You don't have to be a genius to figure out how the credit system works. All you need to do is follow the step by step instructions that will be provided throughout this course. At this point, you may be asking yourself, Why would I even bother trying to raise my credit score? Is it really worth the travel off Learning about credit repair? The answer is yes. It's definitely worth the trouble to find out about your created history and to do something to improve it. If you are not happy. Videos, Court 5. Credit Basics Part 2: hello crazy score can impact your life in many different weights. One of the more obvious ways is through a alone availability and interest rates. People with higher credit ratings will receive a better interest rates on along that people will log credit ratings. Sometimes the interest rates can be as much as a couple percentage points different between a good credit score and a bad friends court. A lower interest rate can save your money and help you stay out of that. Here's an example of how the difference in the interest rates can really change your monthly bills. Imagine that you are about off life for $300,000. Home mortgage Loan, According to the information founded my bike on dot com. Your interest rate could vary from as law 3.7%. If you have a very good created score, tow US highest 5.3%. If you have an average greatest court, remember, all craze course are between 308 150 it's better to have a highest four number. If your credit score is currently in the low category, then you are probably paying the highest interest rate possible for a long Let's imagine that you are currently have a credit score off 620 points. If you are able to raise your credit, score about 720 points before applying for a mortgage, you will say more than $100,000 over the course of your home mortgage long. Let's take a look at some of the details behind these calculations. In the table on your screen, you can see two counts, one for a credit score of 620 points, which is well below the national average. Great score. The other column is for someone with a credit score off 720 points, which is the normal credit score range. It's not even a great friend court, and you can still see the savings in the first example. When you have a credit sport in the low range, you're paying $1662 for months to your mortgage company. However, if you could raise your credit score before applying for the mortgage, then you would be paying only $1379 per month. That's a monthly savings off $283 which doesn't seem like a lot of money. But when calculated over the course of the long, which is 30 years, you're saving much more than a few 100 bucks. For a 30 year mortgage, you will make 360 monthly payments on each and every one of those payments. You're saving $283 over the course of the entire law, you will say 100 to $1838 which is a lot of money. It is very important to know and understand your created score so you can work to improve it. A higher credit score will allow you to pay less interest on your loans and save you a lot of money. 6. Credit Basics Part 3: heading a good credit score is important. Toe other aspects of your life. In addition to saving your money on home and car loans, here are some other reasons why I should try to improve your credit score. Job applications. Some employers will look at your credit report and credit score when deciding whether or not to fire you for a job. Well, you may not agree with this practice. It does happen. And the higher creatives quarries, the more likely you will receive a job offer from the company. You really want to work for credit card interest rates, just like when you're applying for a home or car loan. Great car companies will adjust your interest rate based on your credit. Score. The higher credit scores, the better the interest rate you will receive. In some cases, crazy car companies may even offer you 0% interest rate for one year just to have you as a customer. If you have a good credit score, any loan application, sometimes you don't care what the interest rate is. You just need a long and you needed. Now, when a situation like this arises, the better your credit score. East the more likely you will bear proof for long. Sometimes people with low credit score will be declined for loans, even those with high interest rates. For watching this course, you will gain the knowledge and confidence you need to repair your credit. Keep on watching to find out exact steps to take to improve your credit score. 7. Your Credit Score Part 1: When a company wants to determine what type of created you have, they often use your credit report and credit score to help make that determination you create. Report has information about your accounts, balances, payments and more. However, the one thing your great report does not always contain easier created spore. Ukraine Score is based on your credit report information, but must be requested separately from the credit report. Your credit score is a three digit number ranging from 300 to 850 points. The higher the number, the better your credit for credit scores. I used to determine what interest rate you will receive on many loans. Your credit score is also used to determine whether or not a bank actually wants to lend you money in the first place. What are the different types of trades course? Well, there are many different types of crazy course available. The most popular crates court is the Baikal Sport, which is used by more than 90% of largest U. S banks to make their lending decisions. Other types of crazies course include the vantage score and the pike or suspensions poor. Additionally, there are three large created bureaus which all have their own credit reports and braids course, equal fax and union and experience 8. Your Credit Score Part 2: with higher pica credit score. You will have access to lower interest rates, more long options and, as a result, will save significant amounts of money throughout your life. Obtaining a hi Fi co credit score may sound complicated and scary, but once you understand what is included in the score, you will find that it is much more manageable. How the fight credit score is calculated while the exact thermally is not released with, probably, there is a breakdown off. What factors in tow Calculating your microcredit sport. Let's take a look at each category so that you can understand what it means and how your actions can impact your credit score payment history 35% of your by calls for as the name implies, this category includes information on your payments to different lenders and shows your payment history for the last seven years. In order to score well this category, you need to make all of your payments on time and for the amount due. If you do make a late payment, the amount is overdue as well as how many days overdue it is. All this practice will back your credit sport. However, if you have made late payments in the past. Don't worry too much. The more recent the late payment is, the more it counts towards lowering your score. Likewise, if you late payment was a long time ago, it will have a smaller impact on your score. Amounts boat. 30% of your Baikal score. This category reflects the amounts. Are you all on a variety of different types of lawns, including revolving and installing a pounds definition alert? Revolving account is an account that does not have a fixed amount of payments, such as a create car count. Installment down is an account with a fixed number of payments for the life of the long. Examples include student loans, mortgages and car law. The amount old category includes the number of different accounts that you have opened and the amount of money that you owe on each account. This category is used to calculate your debt to credit racial on your revolving accounts like a trade cards. In order to calculate your there to praise racial, simply divide the amount of money. Oh, by the total crazy card limits on all of your great cards and multiplied by hundreds. Let's say you have a great car with the $400 balance on it and the $5000 raise limits 400 divided by 5000 equals porn 08 or 8%. In order to increase your credit score, you want to lower your debt to credit ratio. If you want the skies for possible, you should not use more than 5 to 10% off your creator Lin. Your credit score is also based on the amount of money you still all on your installment accounts, such as mortgages, car loans and student loans. The lower your balance on these lawns in relation to the original long amount. The high your credit score length off. Crazy history, 15% of your vitals or the longer you have great account, open the high your score will be in this category. In general, you need toe. Have a create account open for a couple of months in order for it to count on you create history section. Additionally, having accounts opened for more than two years will help move your grades for us. Well, this category looks at both the time since the account was opened as well as the time since their last account activity. Crazy After you pay off crazy part, do not cancel the card. Instead, keep your crazy open, but with a small 5 to 10% violence, so that it can help your credit score. Open Credit card accounts will contribute to the lane off Crazy history section, even if the reason small violence on the card additionally, but keeping the great are open, you are increasing your available credit women and thereby lowering your their creative ratio. New credit. 10% off your fight for sport Every time you apply for a new credit card for new long, it goes on your credit report and impacts your prayers poor. While this is not to discourage you from opening new accounts, you need to be careful about how many towns you open at a time. This category includes information about how many times you apply for long, how many new accounts you recently opened, how long it's been since new accounts were opened and what percentage of your counts on your account if you are in the process off looking for the best rate on along, the credit bureaus will only count one of the increased against you instead of penalizing you for all of them. The rule was designed to allow you to shop around for the best interest rate without damaging your crazy. It's poor in general. Any requests for the same type of long within a 30 day period will be treated as a single request when in terms their credit for types of credit use 10% off your fight sport. Ideally, you want to have a variety of types of credit on your credit report. Good mix. So afraid to raise your credit score and should include book evolving and installment accounts. It is important to have a good bounce between the different types of praise accounts like mortgages, car loans, student long trade tarts and department store hearts. The most different accounts you have, the better. 9. Your Credit Score Part 3: now that you know how the bike Oh, praise for its calculated. You're still probably wondering how guy find out what my fight fails. For its first, I'm going to show you how to obtain your through Michael Spore, because this is the score most lenders use. However, keep in mind that you have to pay a fee depending on the service we choose. There are auctions to obtain your grades for free, which I'll show you later in sports. One. Go to www My fight for that Tom Steptoe. Click on the product Stop. This will take you to a page that explains the different products available to you. If you want to find out your grades for, then any of these packages will provide you with that information. Iowa, which packets you choose, depends on which are the features you are interested in. Step three. Check your credit score depending on what back at you Purchase. You will see between 1 to 3 credit score. The great spores might be slightly different from each other due to different information on your phrase report and different ways. Teach Traded Bureau, who spawned different aspects of your prayers for step four. Investigate the details of your credit support. Your credit score is not just the number magically selected from thin air in order to learn what is impacting your greatness. Poor checkdown analysis provided to you when you purchased your sport on my fight website, you will see an indicator that tells you whether your score is bad for great. Then there is a breakdown off the different categories that impact your score and how did you do, and each of them pay attention to the ones you did not do as well, since those are the where s you will want to focus your attention when taking action to repair your credit. What's not affecting your Michael's for it may sound like your praise for includes anything and everything. However, there are some pieces of information that I never included in your credit score. Let's see what's not impacting your score. Michael looks a wide range of information on the page report. However, they do not consider your race, color, religion, national origin, sex and marital status, your age, your salary occupation died off employer your employment history where you leave any interest rates being charged on the particular crazy start or other accounts. Certain types of inference. Whether or not your participating in the greatest counseling off any time ending somebody. Ukraine's court is basically a number that is calculated based on many factors, including your payment history, how much that you're carrying, the length of Ukraine's history and more. This is important to understand as you begin to repair your credit action step. If you want to find out your true five credits for and don't mind paying, he goto W W W My fight for the calm and get a crazy reports with your ratings. If you would like to find out your credit score for free, visit following websites and sign up with both of them. Pretty sesame dot com and creditkarma dot com. 10. Obtaining Your Credit Report Part 1: There are a few ways that you can obtain your crazy reports in order to get free. Corpus off your reports from each of the recreated bureaus Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. You should visit Www anyhow. Praise report that Come Everyone in the United States is illegible to request one free copy off their credit report each year. This report will include everything that is recorded about your credit history but will not include the credits for number. You'll have to pay additional fee to find out your actual crazy sport. You should review your credit report at least once a year to ensure that everything on it is separate. Check the different accounts and ensure that they're all yours. Check the balances and ensure that they reflect the actual balances that you are carry. Basically checked everything that is written in that report and ensure that it's true in this lecture. I'll show you how top Daniel Crazy report from each of their three big craze reporting bureaus. In the next lecture, we will review the different sections off their fourth, and I'll explain them in more detail. Option one requested online at www annual crazy report dot com auction toe requested by phone at 187732 to a 2 to 8, and the last option is to requested by singing a completed form to the address on your screen. If you request your credit report through the mail, goto the weapon dress in the text file listed after this lecture and print out a form, then mail. It's the dress shown about and wait for your crazy reports. If requesting reports online, you should have immediate access the reports. If requesting them through either the phone from well, it will take up to 15 days of them toe. Process your request and, well, your credit report. With the long delivery time and the possibility of your report being lost in the mail, it is much better toe further. You create reports online instead of using the phone or mail auctions. If ordering your reports online, who is a better, simple process to follow First governor together all of your information that you will need to complete the application. This includes Social Security number, date of birth, current address, previous address and the full name. You will also be asked some security questions when you're feeling out the application to ensure that only you can request your P o p o 11. Obtaining Your Credit Report Part 2: credit monitoring services. There is another way. Top paying crazy reports from all three credit bureaus. Most created. Monitoring companies provide you with access to your credit report from experience from union and equal effects, along with the crates court from each credit bureau. How does traded monitoring work? Credit monitoring services offer you protection against changes or access. They're afraid it pile without your knowledge. They constantly monetary or crazy pork for any changes, such as opening or closing off counts, any enquiries changes in your personal information and any other type of activity that you may not have initiated. Ive a credit monitoring started the text activity or a change in your credit report. Then you receive immediate notification so you can compare if the activity legitimate by having a service Fantino in Monitor your credit. You protect your credit rating and your density of, well, typical credit monitoring service teachers there at some core features that most credit monitoring services over their customs, which are an important part of their overall service. If you are considering signing up with a credit monitoring service, you will want to make sure these include credit monitoring teachers immediate alert off new credit increase. Immediate alert off new accounts opened late. Raymond Alert New employment information reported. New address report. Notification off Change in public reference reported alert off significant pray it's poor changes. It is easy to understand how important your credit score east to your personal success and stability. You are probably asking how much IT quality credit monitoring service costs. Fortunately for consumers, there operated monitoring services that offer high quality customer cared. Deliver excellent monitoring services, and they offer trial off their services for just $1. In addition to monitoring service, you will also receive a current credit report from all three credit bureaus. This will allow you to make an initial review of your credit file and ensure everything is correct. All noticed any mistakes that are currently on your grade before most of the services listed on screen have a one door trial with instant access to reports and great force from all three credit bureaus. My favorite he's created check total dot com, But please know that I'm not affiliated with any of these websites and I don't receive any commissions. Traded hat. When your Wandell trial is over, credit monitoring service will charge you a monthly fee about $2030 depending on the service. However, if you decide to counsel the trial most of the times they will offer you a 50% discount on their service. Tell him that you're still not interested, and they will not down the price even more. I was able to get credit monitoring service, or just for 99 a month ending summary. You create report and credit score I important for you to have. As you begin to repair your grade. You need to know where your standards of today and what you need to focus on first action step. Get your free credit report at www annualcreditreport dot com All order your report from one of their great monitoring services I mentioned. Make sure to get reports with your created score from pull three credit bureaus. 12. Understanding Your Credit Report : what's in the crate? Report a great report. Convince a lot of different information. While it might seem overwhelming at first, if you'll look at it section by section, it's not go over well me at all. This lecture will let you know what to expect in your credit report, and we'll provide you with a detailed explanation each section. If you find something in Ukraine report that is not accurate, you can dispute the inaccurate item with the credit bureau, and by law, they must investigated the basic sections over Crazy. Report. Great summary account information, increased negative information and personal information will discuss each of the sections in more detail throughout this lecture Credit summary, depending on which report you're looking at, this section might be very detailed or very small. This section will show you the other old summary of your credit history. While it is an important section, it is just summarizing the other information in the report account information. Your count information section will least every account that you have had within the past seven years whether or not it is currently open. This section can include many different types of accounts from trade cars to bank accounts to Carlo around many different pieces of information that lenders are looking for in that town section. One of the things that they can see they're and that affects your credit score is the average account, age and the age of the oldest town. While it is possible to get high credits for with the lower our account age, it is a commander toe private least two years as an average count age, if at all possible. If you don't currently have this, keep whatever counts you have open even with zero bounced and don't start to many new £1 since they bring down the average account age. In addition to account age, the Accounts section also includes information on amounts owed and payment history for each town. It will also inform the lender off which accounts are open and reach our boats. The amount that you owe on each account is important for lenders because they want to know that you do not owe more money than you could reasonably paid back. The lenders analyze your debt to credit ratio and are looking for a lower number. People with a top created sports had a David accreditation over last them 10%. Finally, the other very important piece of information in the Count Fortune of your crazy report is the payment history. Depending on which create report you're looking at, they may report this in a slightly different four months by the basic information saying your payment history tells lenders If you were ever late for a payment and if so, how late you worked. It also lets them know which accounts you were late for, and then putting the afraid history may or may not be counted against you. Ive and the inquiry is from a company that you are lying when you are found with. Then it will have a negative impact on your friends. For however, there are many other types of enquiries that the not count against your credits for. These include when you personally request a copy of your credit report or credit score, no matter how many times you requested. When the company request your crazy report for the purpose or unsolicited offers like prayer, who praised our offers when you request your free copia of your crazy report after you have been declined. Pretty negative information can include a variety of items but often includes information about any bankruptcies, elections, delinquencies or any suits against you. Everything is negative information in your crazy report that is incorrect. Then you have a right and obligation to yourself to dispute it. While often your personal information is not the most interesting portion of your crazy report. Because you already know this information right, it is still very important to check the section very carefully to ensure that there is correct. If your personal information is incorrect, it can lead to confusion about created and my cause of different kinds of problems in the future. The A person information includes your name as well as any former names you may have had like a maiden name. It also includes your date of birth, your Social Security number, your current and previous addresses and any import that you have worked for. There are many parts were created before. Make sure to review this lecture a few times until you're very familiar with all the different parts of your prayers before. Hopefully, you will then begin to see what credit bureaus are reporting and what they're looking for when they determined your other opiates, for this is important knowledge to have when you start to repair your home credit actions that brings out your creative report and highlight any inaccuracy, some steaks and later lectures. You will find out what the most common negative items on great report and which ones are easier to remove. It will help you to determine which negative item you first. 13. Disputing and Settling Debts Part 1: a huge part of grieving your greatest score and repairing your credit is to dispute inaccurate items on your credit report and also settle that that's you, Actually oh, we will discuss both of this matters in this lecture. Dealing with the created Burrows can be a for saving experience if you're not sure how to go about it and not full aware off effective tactics. However, if you know your rights and follow some simple steps that will be much more easier to repair your credit. The key to disputing items on your credit report and establishing a good created this thing organized knowing your rights and following a systematic process. Simple dispute trusts. First, get a current copy of your credit before the first step in the dispute process is the most important step. Que bonito obtain copies off all three of your credit reports. All created reporting agencies do not report the same information, so there will be some differences from one report to another. In previous lectures, we discussed several waste off pain. Your credit report. Probably the easiest way is to sign up with a credit monitoring service that will provide these reports for you credit monitoring services are very affordable and there are $1 trial programs available, which will provide you with all three of your credit. Report Steptoe Analyze for knocker it information. Now that you have your praise reports, you will need to review each report and identify if any information is inaccurate. First, begin with your basic personal information, which includes your name, date of birth, employment information, current and previous addresses and your Social Security number. This sure the check if this information matches exactly on all three credit reports. If you find something that is not correct, then make a note and include which created Bureau is reporting the item. Remember, if any information on your credit report cannot be verified within 30 days, the credit bureau must remove it because by the Lord they're not allowed to contain any information that is unverifiable. This is the most important thing to understand about radio repair. If created, bureau cannot verify item. They must deleted. Check your basic personal information your name, date of birth employment information, current address, previous addresses, Social Security numbers. Next, you will want to review each account on teach credit report. It is important to take your time and make sure you go through. All of that counts if you identify any errors than making out and circle the items. The check on each account account balances amount of credit with election accounts reported multiple times credit accounts, not current starters. Off accounts, either it's bait, open or close payment history type of loans. Check that Bates off each account when it was open, close or paid off. Three negative items commonly found on grated reports. While reviewing your create reports, you will want to pay special attention toe items that are negatively affecting your credit score. Credit scores are calculated with a very complicated method and take many different factors into account. However, you should be able tow. Identify the most common items that are bringing your score down and cutting and negative impact on your credit. Common negative items. Credit limit succeeded Late payments, docks, leads, judgments, bankruptcy Also, repossession charge offs and election. Right, If any off these negative items are on your credit report. Check to see if they actually your debts and lived a show Accurate amounts old If they indeed an accurate, then circle the items and pay special attention to them as their greatly impacting your credit score. Four. Disputing their inaccurate Items Disputing items on your crazy report can help you remove negative Mars from your report that will help you improve your credit sport. Disputing inaccurate items on your trade report successfully is not always in his attacks, but do is a systematic process that can help you accomplish it in an effective manner. The new spirit process four steps to begin disputing an item on your credit report. Follow the steps below. It is important to be deliberate and consistent in your follow up with the created bureaus and follow each step as it shown here. Credit reporting agencies can sometimes be difficult to deal with, but if you are diligent and organized, then you will have a success. Step one. Send out Letter one for the created bureau that is reporting the negative item on your phrases report. You can find all dispute later Examples in the border section at the end of sports. You will then need toe wait 45 days to receive a response from the created bureau. If the item is not deleted and they're reporting, agency has verified the death, then go to the next step in the process. If the item is deleted, then to the next item to be disputed on the least and begin the process again. Do not be discouraged. Give The item is not removed immediately from your credit report. Success takes perseverance. Steptoe Eaves Negative account was verified. Send out letter to and ask for the method the credit bureau used to verify the death mentioned that you intend to make a complaint with FTC Attorney General and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If they refuse to comply with your request, all the lead the item. Once again, you will need to wait 45 days to receivers forms from the craziest reporting agents give Their item is not deleted that go Want to the next step, even the item is deleted. Then begin the process all over again at step one with another item to dispute. Step three. Move on toe Feeling the complaints with the agencies mentioned in the Step two and then let the credit bureau No, you have done so You should ask them again for the lead, the item and wait in not a 45 days for them to respond. Give the item is still not deleted, then moves to step for even the item is deleted. Then begin again with a new item at step one. Step four if they refuse to remove the items from your credit report and send them a final letter stating you will be seeking mandatory in to assist you if they do not respond in a timely manner, then search for an attorney in tow. Help you with this situation. Documents hole communication. If you are contacting the created bureaus to dispute inaccurate items, it is important to make a folder and keep corpus off all communication between you and the created bureaus. This means any reading communication that you send out of them and anything they send to you. Additionally, you should keep north on any available communication you have and corpus off all emails documenting communication gives you a paper trail off events and proves a timeline off all events. The creative bureaus have to respond and take action within certain periods of time, so this is a vital part of the process. This will be extremely important if you have tow. Ultimately seek legal counsel to help you with this operation. Make an action plan. Making an organized action plan is a large part of success. I think we'll allow you to track what you have done when you need it and what's given you to be disputed. An action plan should be in writing, and it should least all of the items that need to be disputed and then each action that has been taking on the item, along with the current status of the dispute. Additionally, it is important to remember to send all communications with the credit bureaus by certified mail with return receipts. This provides proof they actually received your letter and the bait on which they received it. This also provides an important timeline for the 30 45 day waiting periods and how you work through the four step dispute crossed. If you follow the steps above. If you have a detailed action plan and stay organized, then you really have a success in disputing items on your credit report and improving your credit score. Just be sure to carefully work through each step off the process stature of limitations. As you go through your credit report. It is important to know that some debts are so all that they fall under the statue of limitations, and you may no longer be responsible for paying them on your credit report. Look closely at the delinquent sedate on each debt. This is extremely important because if you act quickly, you can end up agreeing. Tau Bay opened old that that is about to be removed from your credit report anyway. Look up the Statue of Limitation for State as well as the federal statute, because the shortest off these applies the statues Time women's start with the day the count was first reported as delinquent. If the death listed is older than Statue of limitations, then that account should be removed from your credit support. You can require such removal from the credit bureau. After the stature expires, the creditor can no longer Cirio, and the item can no longer hear on your credit report. 14. Disputing and Settling Debts Part 2: how to settle. That's your home. Once you check your credit report for inaccuracies and are working on disputing any false or inaccurate information, it is time to turn your attention to the debts you actually owe. You have probably heard about people who have settled. That's for Mayor. Cents on the dollar. It's not a scamp. It happens quite often, and the stories are really there are techniques available to everyone to stop collection agency calls and to make the stress caused by debt collectors. A thing of the past. In addition for paying ball is then you actually owe Well. It is true that these methods can take a while and will require a lot of patients. It makes more sense than hiding from debt collectors forever. Getting this done will require you to know what you are doing and understand that keeping parts of this process could cost you money before you offer to settle that less than you owe. Do some homework, which that's is it settled. Unsecured accounts tend to be the easiest that's settle. They can include medical bills, credit cards and personal long. These accounts are pulled unsecured because there is no collateral against them. So if you default, they have no alternative ways to collect money. In many cases, they will take a lot less than them out. Oh, to get something back. Graders who fold unsecured accounts often have a vested interest in getting your settle, for example, based on their experience, once a depth gets more than 120 days behind the arts off them, getting any of their money back drops sharp. Also, since people in that position usually have no assets filing suit, serve little or no purpose, since they would rather take, for example, 30% off dead now, then sell the debt collection agency of 10% the arts off. Getting a settlement is actually very good, so start negotiating process with unsecured debt. First, secured accounts tend to be harder. That's settled. Secure the council things like car loans and home long. These are harder settle because the crazies are Thessaly on the property search. That means they have the auction off, taking your car or foreclosing on your home, which they can use to collect most of the debt. You are less likely to be able to hope for a settlement that is a feeling for the credit. Instead of settling by offering a lump sum, you may need to reach an agreement with the account holder in order to pay off the debt their hubs by making monthly payments. By making this payments on time, you will be on the way to paying off your debt and freezing your credit score. 15. Disputing and Settling Debts Part 3: as a general rule, start negotiating your smallest. That's first if possible, the best time taught them to settle you. That is before the original creditor charges. Also, older collection agency, which usually happens when your payments are behind about 180 days. So now, instead of working with the original account holder, you are dealing with the collection agents. Whenever you begin negotiations, prepares to document everything that happens. Get the name so everyone you talkto dates and times you talked about the debt and keep every bit off respondents, Whether by mail or email, this is Justin Gay. Someone tries to take it to port anyway, so you can show the court that you were trying to settle the debt. It also calls when the time comes to remove the items from the credit report, and it keeps the collection agency honest. Only deal with one creditor at a time. Unless you have a lot of money and give them when you settle, you will usually have toe pay the settlement and full, which can result in a significant it through a bank account. How you speak to the creditor or collection agent also matters when it comes to getting the best settlement possible. If you're dealing with election agents, be sure to do everything and right, and when you send them anything in the mail, send it via certified mail. Return the receipt request because collectors don't always follow agreements. There are also thinks you shoot and should not say the trailer. When you are negotiating that here are some tips always people like into the point. Give them your account number and asked if the over settlements without providing them with information that verifies the debt as yours. Try to never sound desperate for settlement because that could come back to hurt you later on. Never tell them why you were the debt, because they will use the information to try to get the biggest settlement. Never implied that you can only pay a certain amount now, but that you will have more money later because they can control with a high amount on the longer payment plan before you make them an offer. No, the highest amount you will settle for you can start at 15 20% but you should know that you might have to go to 30 35 sometimes. Imagine one settle on any level, even if you do everything right when that happens and see they're hanging up and calling back in hopes of getting a different pageant, you can also wait a week and asked to speak for supervisor and make the same offer. You may also decide Wait until they send you another balance, let it and send back a control. As a part of negotiations. You should always are the creditor Oh, collection agents or agree in writing to release you from oh for their obligations for the creditor, and also to delete the negative item from your credit report, or at least mark the item of space. Be sure to get all of this in for the reading agreement to settle the debt and make sure you read everything you sign. If the creator doesn't agree to this request, don't sign the agreement. Don't pay them until the agreement is exactly what you want and side by both sides. Never give you a bank account information for a creditor or collector. Instead, over a cashier's check from your bank or money order 16. Disputing and Settling Debts Part 4: What else should I do? The most obvious thing you should do after negotiations are complete and an agreement signed is the corner your agreement and paid. Um, if you fail to honor your agreement, the creditor there has the right to reinstate the original contract, which means a cuter, created and possibly more peace to faith. The other thing you have to realize, though, is that your income taxes will like with the effective when the creditor gives you. For all part of that, they must report any amount over $600 to the arrest. And it's considered a financial gain, which means you will have to pay taxes on double check. Your credit report finally went. All is said and done. Come that another you off your credit. Four. Make sure they keep up their end off the agreement, and if you have tow, remind them off the obligation to deliver the item. Omar Space, just as you could be in trouble if you fail to pay, they can also be in trouble if they fail toe honor their part of the agreement ending summer. If you find anything on your credit report, that is not accurate or anything that you need to set up. It is the good time will take care of it. Now that you understand the basic so that settlement, you can go out and start the process. Understanding these techniques have worked for many people and save them thousands of dollars and a lot of stress. This is the part of the process that can take your craze from bad to the action step. Go through Your credit report highlights all negative information you would like to dispute . See Bono section Force that by step dispute checklist as well. A samples off dispute Letters sent collection agency at Death Validation letter. If they holidayed that, then negotiate a pedo for pennies on the dollar. If they fail to validate the debt, you can ask Credit Bureau of Delicious. 17. Dealing With Collection Agencies Part 1: if you have had bad grades for any amount of time and have missed payments on, that's your Oh, you may have already experienced calls from debt collection agencies, their job onliest search for people and collect money, and they take it very serious. Some collection agencies played by the rules, but others don't well. It is important to pay debts that you owe so you can repair your credit. It is also important to know your rights and how you should be treated. The fair debt collection practices are also known us. FBCB is a law that house protect you from collection agency harassment. This law was created because the government realized that many collection agencies were harassing threatening people. Another top take payments. In order to stop the harassment, the government created the FDC V to help protect you. This lecture will show and discuss different portions off their fair that election practices that and what they mean to you. According to the M V C p. A. All third party collection agencies must notify in writing about your debt within five working days for contacting you on form. Additionally, the FDC pH allows you a wide war ideal rights for doing with the collection agents. Debt collectors may not harass or threatening you for useful language when talking to you over the phone. If a collection agent breaks this rule, you should send them a cease and desist letter and then communicate with the collector through mail. On Lee, you can find sample letters in the bomb such 18. Dealing With Collection Agencies Part 2: when dealing with a collection agency. There are many things to think about and remember, however, there is a way to deal with them effectively so that you will increase your chances of reducing your depth and keeping this collection off of your credit report. Screen your calls. Whether you use that call it I D. System Boy. Simple answering machine screen all of your poll so you don't end up talking to a collection agency when it's not a good time for you. For example, there may be times when you are not in the mood to staying calm on the phone or you are distracted by other things going on in your life and cannot effectively deal with the collection agency at that point. Check the caller I D. And then don't answer the phone. However, don't let the street allow you to mentally avoid the collection agency, either. Just because you can avoid their holes doesn't mean that you can avoid the death. Get a name before starting a phone conversation with anyone from a collection agency, temple, their full name, the company's name, their supervisors name and their mailing address and phone number. A paying this information up front in the conversation and write it down. If someone is president, provide this information then as a different collection agent, call your banking up. Do not give up any personal information to them as it may be a scamp. Get it in writing. Everything you're agreed to with the collection agency is a legal contract. However, if you don't get it in writing, it never happened before making any payments or agreeing toe any terms as that the email or mail you a written copy of the agreement for you to review. Often you will find things that you may have not been aware of. Verify that is your death. Well, this may sound obvious. Make sure that you really all the depth before playing it. Collection agencies are able to mess up just like any other company. And my have accidentally wink your name to a delinquent account. Obtained information about your death in writing, including that current amount, the original amount, the original company and the original due date. If it is not your death, you have 30 days to dispute it 19. Dealing With Collection Agencies Part 3: just as we discussed. Election agents are not allowed to harass you over the phone to deal with the election call . You should always remain count and professional throughout the course. Additionally, it is important. Practice your message before actually talking to the collection agency. If you know that the collection agency will call, sit down and figure out what you can afford to way and when you can reasonably pay, then write it down along with other information that you don't want to forget about the call. That way, when the collection agent that's Cole, you you will be ready and waiting for the call ending somebody. You maybe already be getting calls from collection agencies while they're doing their jobs and collecting the money. Oh, it is important for them to Wayfair know your rights and be prepared for their court. Eventually, as you repair your credit and eliminate these debts, the collection colt will stop action steps. If you have a collection and you want to improve your credit score, then you will have to deal with the collect first tried to negotiate with them over the phone and either agree on payment plans. Oh, pay the debt in full, as we discussed in lecture. However, if the collector breaks the law and use abusive practices, send them cease and desist letter and then communicate through mail on Lee. 20. Increase Your Credit Score Part 1: you have already gone through their seemingly doubting task of reviewing your creative report, disputing any inaccuracies on it and settling that you actually oh, now you need to work to build a solid created history to help increase your score. While it might seem doubting to raise your credit, score your ideal level, it is not an overwhelming task. There are many things that you can do today to help you manage your finances and your created score, even if you do not have a high credit score right now, if you follow this keeps, you will increase your credit score and learn tow. Avoid beat force that my hurt your credit score in the future. First, let's start with the basics. Here are the top five easy things to do in order to build a good credit history. One. Always make at least the minimum payment on your credit cards. Well, it's obvious two failure bills in the order of importance. For example, pay a normal monthly mortgage or student loan payments before playing off additional above minimum payment amounts on your credit card. You don't want to default on the mortgage or student long because you did not pay the minimum required. Three. Create a budget how much money you have coming in each month and how much money you have to play each month. Work to bring in more money that you're spending and pay off any debt sooner for check your credit report and score at least every three months. This will provide encouragement and motivation, but the work you're doing and will also enable you to quickly find any inaccuracies. Four counts that you have already settled that you need to make sure our deleted by. If the rock hounds alone from your credit report that someone else is responsible for paying, consider taking your name off of those accounts. If that person misses a payment, it will also be on your crazy practice. In addition to these tips, there are additional steps that you can take to help build your credit. Even if you've been turned down for credit cards and loans in the past, you can open certain kinds of new accounts and begin to build your paraded through these accounts. This lecture will show you step by step approach for raising your credit score 21. Increase Your Credit Score Part 2: department store cards. In order to build good credit, you need to begin having and using credit cards in a responsible manner. A crate card will not hurt your credit score if used responsibly. In fact, you can help your sport. If you're craze. Quarry is low. However, you might find it difficult to obtain greater. You should have at least one crate card, and you should keep your balance on your card has been flagged 10% off the photo. Crazily, however, what should you do if you can? Not a pain a great car because of your low credit score. Often the solution is to use a department store. Credit card department stores such as Macy's, Sears and many others all have their own. Great cards help increase their profit. Often, these stores will offer you a great car when you make purchases as an incentive to help your for the purchase. While often these cards are seen as a bad idea because of the high interest rates. But if you have a low created score, these cars can actually help you improve your credit score. Once you have applied for the department store credit card, use it carefully. You want to pay off the majority of your balances and keep it with 05% over balance on your credit card at all times. Having as your great thoughts will help you build your reputation with the greater companies and will enable you to raise your credit score credit. See when applying for these department store cards. Don't give this courage if you're not approved. While this cars can help many people build their created sports through responsible creative usage, there are other options for people who are not approved for these cards. A security trade thought is a card that require a cash security deposit. When you opened their town, banks will use the deposit amount as your credit limit. Secure credit cards are a great option, but those with either no crazy history off those with a poor credit history who we started build their credit. Basically, a secure great start is still a traded thought, but with some differences, A security trade start requires an additional deposit. Often this will be between $101,000. After making the deposit, you will use the car just like any other credit cards you can charge purchases through it and then pay the bill each month just like any other traded part. Also similar to many credit cards, the security crazed card will charge you interest on your balances and often include annual fees for using the card. However, even with the annual fees and high interest rates, a security create card is a great option for those who cannot obtain other parts of credit cards. This card's enable you to prove that you can pay a bill from time and be responsible with your credit. Secure trade lines at banks Much like a secure grace card, a secure create line from a bank is basically a personal long that has something to secure the money. For example, you can obtain and secure great line at the bank by offering up something as a collateral such a cash car or other valuable property. A secure great line will help you build your credit score by allowing you to prove that you can make loan payments on time and that you can handle large amounts of money without driving yourself third and that to find out what offers your bank and make, ask them about their secure create lines and personal loans 22. Increase Your Credit Score Part 3: credit cards have been declared you and have been praised beyond all else. The truth actually lies somewhere in between. Credit cards themselves are not bad because they can help you build a higher created score and can even help you through the points in your life when you have a low cash flow and need a little extra money. However, in order for great cars to work in your favor, you need to keep control of them instead of letting them control your life. This section will teach you the basics. So what a great car is and how to use it responsibly to stay out of that and help increase your created score at the same time, most great cards allow you to purchase items throughout the month. Then we'll send you a bill at the end of the month with your current balance. Often, if you play your entire bill, you will not be charged any interest on those purchased. However, any balance that you do not pay in full will have an interest be apply to it and will increase your after all ballots. Repeat this a few times, and your bounds who get out of control to help you understand how credit card works. Let's first take a look at some of their common terms used. These terms will be useful in helping you navigate through the credit card companies fine fruit of rules and will help you avoid being trapped by their lack of explanation. Creatively created limit is the amount of credit that is extended to you on your credit card. If you stay below this limit, then there will not be any issues. If you accidentally charge more for your car than is allowed when your balance exceeds the limits, you will often be charged an additional fee anyway. Even have your credit card declined presence. Women's are set by the great our company to limit their risk. If you feel that your credit limit is too low, you can ask the company to increase it for your minimum pain. On each monthly statement, you will see two different numbers. The minimum payment due and the great car violence. The creative start Violence is the entire amount that you on the race car, while the minimum payment due is the amount that you must pay during that billing cycle. Often the minimum payment is much less than the full balance off the card, sometimes covering only slightly more than the interest that the created car accrues each month. Playing in full is the best option for avoid playing interest. Or you should pay more than the minimum family on your great cards each month in order to pay them off more quickly and pay less interest over time. Interest rate, a credit card interest rate, is also known as the Enel percentage rate for 80 art. The interest rate for trade card determines how much money the great car company will charge you for allowing you to borrow their money. Read the terms and conditions of your crazy card and ensure that you have a least a 30 day grace period for new purchases before interest begins being charged. The lower the interest rate, the last money you will be playing the great car companies each month. Annual feats. Some great cards actually charge you in animal feed, sometimes up to $75 or more for the privilege for using their credit card. With the number of credit card offers available in today's marketplace, there is no reason to pay an annual fee for a great card. Many crates carts have zero anil piece, and we'll still provide you with the other benefits off having a credit card. If you really want the card that is charging an animal, be because it has other benefits, such as cash back rewards. Do a quick calculation to see if you will earn more in the rewards than you will pay in NL fees each year. Credit cards will help you improve your credit score If used wisely. However, high balances on your crave cards will actually lower your credit score. Here is a quick least or tips to keep in mind when using crazy cars to raise your credit. Score where your balances each month. Try to pay off the balance each month or keep a balance of between 5 to 10% on your card. Make all of your payments on time, paying at least the minimum payment on each card every month. Try to get in the habit off paying a couple of days early in case there are errors in processing your fame. Avoid cards with annual feats. If you cannot get a credit card on your own, be patient work on these tips and the tips on other lectures to repair your credit. Then soon you should be able tow Qualify for credit card. Do not cancel your credit cards, even if you're not using them. The longer you have an account open, the longer your arrow credit history and our each account age will be. This will increase your great score over time. If you are paying high interest rate, call your create our company and ask for lower rates. The worst that will happen is that they will say no. However they might say yes. 23. Increase Your Credit Score Part 4: rial cost of paying minimum payment. We will evaluate two different options to determine what the real cost of paying the minimum payment is on a credit card. If you learn to pay more than the minimum payment each time, you will not allow you that to become so high that it backs your credit score. In both options, we will assume that you have a credit card with a current bands or $3500. No more purchases will be made on this card just payments. The interest rate is 18% and the minimum payment is 2% off the card's balance, which is higher than most great cards actually offer. Option One is what will happen if you only make the minimum payment amount. If you make the minimum payment each month there monkey way decreases. As your balance decreases as well. It will take you 482 months. That's more than 40 years to pay off your bounds with this matter. Plus, you'll be paying an extra $9430 interest as well. Auction to is what will happen if you make $75 payment each month until the balance is paid off. If you play a fixed amount off $75 each month, you will pay off your debt in 81 months just under seven years and will play an extra $2564 in interest. While this is still not perfect, it sure bids paying the minimum payments and taking more than 40 years way of your balance . I know that the initial minimal payment it's $70 by adding only $5 a month, and by keeping a fixed payment amount instead of changing it of your balance decreases, you will faII off your part much fast ending summary building. Your credit also means showing future creditors that you're responsible doing things like always paying on time, keeping your debt toe created, racial low and other types of this lecture will help eliminate that and improve your credit score Auction step Great the least off. What you will do it to raise your created sport. Either open secure trade card or secure line ready. Make monthly payments on time. Try toe, nail your that sooner and watch how your credit score increases 24. Conclusion: as you have just found out. While it may take time, create repair is not card. You can accomplish it by yourself now that you have the tools and knowledge to do so. If you haven't already been doing this, here are some tips to get you started on the adjoining doors. Higher credit for many of the tips were mentioned throughout the course, So if you have been working on these, then use this of check leads to see if there's anything you might have missed. Find out what your praise report contains. Obtain your craze report from all three credit bureaus and reviewed carefully for any inaccuracies to find out your credits for the credit score is a three digit number and is often would do. Print creditors will look at when determining what interest rate you should can, or even if you should be offered credit at all. Three. Double check each create report for inaccuracies and dispute anything that is not accurate . Use the dispute list provided in the scores and keep reading document. Trail off all communications for review. Your credit report for items that may be hurting your credit score. Create a lethal fully item that hurting your score that you want to dispute. 1st 5 creates a plan for how to improve weekend s on your credit report. If you are married, worked with your partner to create a plan together. Make the plan realistic and something that you can easily stick. Six. Follow up with the credit bureaus on any inaccuracy is that you disputed. Ensure that they were removed from your credit report. Selling. Set up a system to check your credit report frequently and to ensure that the correct information is being reported and that you are not at risk for identity of a. Check your credit score at least once a year more often if you're actively trying to raise your credit score. Nine. Get your finances in order. Use the different features available to you to ensure that you don't accidentally lower your credit score in the future. Set up automatic bill payments to as many lenders as possible To avoid gaining weight payments. School crave car companies and them to lower your monthly payment all interest rates until you're able way more on your account. And finally, 10. Celebrate your success when you achieve great crazy for